Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Friday night after work I drove my work van to the Los Angeles Sports Arena to preach at the Bruce Springsteen concert as within minute of raising my banner with the laundry list of sin there were questions and people wanting to take pictures. My congregation wondered why we were there as they said; “Bruce is a Christian”…..“Bruce sings gospel”……“Bruce is god.”

I have preached this particular group since the 1980’s and by the looks of it, these were once the same people I preached at back then. And judging by the looks of that crowd, someone might just have a heart attack or break a hip in there. They must have given a free tube of Ben-Gay per ticket as these people had a free pass from the convalescent home. Some walked by and covered their ears because the preaching is to loud but they are going inside a concert where speakers are everywhere. Maybe its not the volume, perhaps it they do not want to hear from God.

I met up with Angela as she preached in a few locations as I stood by the main location. The police have always given us much liberty at this venue as they never said a word to us. The event security rushed in a few times to remove small crowds around my banner but for the most part we were not hindered. Bruce may be ‘Boss’ I said but Jesus is Lord and I must say, that white men can not dance and old white me should never try. There should be a law on the books that prohibit anyone over the age of 60 not to try and dance in public. 

As in the 80’s when I preached to these people, there were on drugs walking in to see Springsteen and Friday night they were again on drugs at the concert, only this time those drugs were no doubt prescription. Canes, wheelchairs, even blind people were what appeared to be treading towards the main doors. And being a Los Angeles event, the Paparazzi was out in force and I could not recognize anyone but one could not miss all the flashing lights when some celebrity walked by them. Angela posted a video towards the end of the night where some women said she was interested in getting saved and so I asked for her cigarette, which she gave me and I stepped on it, but later refused to give up her ticket.

Hey, God only wants ALL her body, ALL her mind and ALL her soul. Jesus can be her savior, but is He her Lord as per Matthew 7:21?
“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven”
This crowd gets emotional for hearing the song ‘Born in the USA’ but are not moved when they read or hear when Jesus said ‘Ye must be born again.’ We in America will be judged severely than most people that lived on this planet as we are drunken with a form of God.

Sunday morning Angela, Dale and myself preached at the Jewish sect of Los Angeles as they celebrated Israel as a nation, as she is now 64 years old. So much for all those prophecies by Hal Lindsey and all those books written that have been revised numerous times by now.

The Jewish community had gathered in a large park and walked out of the park and returned back to the same park with signs that were pro-Israel. The police were everywhere as if someone wanted to harm these Jews this would be the event. I saw police dogs and even DEA officers that walked by us. The police stood by watching us and controlling traffic as we stood right next to the sidewalk they were walking and there we preached Jesus THE Christ to them. Angela had a banner written in Hebrew that Jesus is the Son of God, Dale carried a banner that read “Know the God of the Bible” and I held a very large banner that read “Trust Jesus.” They saw the banners about a block before they walked by us and when they walked by us they heard an ear full. Jesus is not only your King, but He is the King of Kings. Many told us that “this is not the time nor the place to push Jesus.” We did not give them the generic message of ‘Jesus love you’ nor did we remind them that they were the chosen people of God. Instead we asked where was your Temple, what do you do without no animal sacrifice? They chanted back “We love Moses” I responded you do not follow Moses and where are your blood sacrifices.

After the Hebrew preach, we did the Mexican preach. We drove to downtown Los Angeles where several streets were shut down for a big event called ‘Fiesta Broadway’ as there are thousands of people walking the streets to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We parked and stood in the middle of Broadway Street with 2 banners raised and passed out 2,000 tracts and a few Bibles.

This annual event is known for an easy preach as the streets are filled with humans who will read our signs and take our literature. The police have always given us much liberty as many walking by will stop and wait for you to give them something.

There were a few other Christians that were walking and passing out tracts as we stood near a Church that had a booth and played praise music all day. I do enjoy outreaches like these as not every preach needs to be a Mardi Gras. We were out on Sunday for almost 8 hours and cover 2 events as many heard, saw and received the Word of God. We pray for laborers to reap this harvest so God can give growth.

Here is another news article from our New Mexico chapter who has been cleared from eight (8) ‘free speech’ arrests in Roswell and have now taken the offensive in the court to go after the city and police department for posterity sake.

Also to keep you in the loop our beloved Dearborn Michigan is getting ready for Street Preachers coming to their city again this June for the Arab festival as last year to say we ‘made no small stir’ there would be an understatement.

Sixth Circuit Issues Speech-Friendly Decision in Favor of Campus Preacher

‘Doomsayers’ find their way to campus'
“….It’s alleged that the man is with the organization called the Official Street Preachers. The organization has its own website, According to some of the student ministries on campus, people from this organization and others like it have come out to ULM almost every year….”

Does God really love homosexuals?
“…..At Gay Pride parades, there’s always some Christian group with bullhorns calling names and telling us what scum we are because we're gay. So I ask again, Does God really love lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people?....”

Stuff Fundies like:

At Gasparilla, a preacher hopes to save souls "……‘You should thank us for being out here!" Lyman yells through his megaphone. "When you step into hell, you're going to wish you listened to the preacher!’…….."

Open-air preacher offends college students
“…….You all are going to hell, said Jesse Morrell, a Christian protestor among a crowd of students near the Pirtle Technology building at Tyler Junior College. The sound of angry voices seemed to pierce the air as many expressed their opposing views on Christianity……”

Sin no more, open-air preacher condemns students
“……Preaching will reach more people in the least amount of time, for the least amount of money, and it reaches the people that really need to hear it the worst. That’s the ones that don’t want to hear it: the people that won’t show up to church…..”

Open Air Preachings Remembered
“Those of us who were around pre 1959 will remember these preachings on Sunday prior to the preaching in the halls! They took place on street corners where one had to contend with the weather, noise of traffic and nutters who just wanted to cause aggro!....”

Holy Hecklers
A crowd of about 50 people shot video, took pictures, shouted back or simply stood and watched as members from Consuming Fire Campus Ministry and Revival Open-air Mission brought their fervent message of repentance against sin to ETSU's campus on Friday….”

God, Bless the Street Preacher
“…..I’m not sure what your reaction is to or what you think of street preachers, but my guess is that if you’re reading this blog you’re probably not a big fan of them. So in the name of practical application, I’ve written out a short prayer while thinking about Ruben Israel (above) as he was at the pride parade in Chicago last year and will most likely be there again this weekend. If you have a minute, take the time to read and say the prayer with me……”

Protesters decry city ordinance
“In teams of two to three, evangelists, pastors and their supporters held placards Saturday morning along Four Seasons Boulevard as they exhorted passersby to repent……”

PREACH REPORT FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Greetings Brother Ruben! Just a short note to let you know that even though I’m a bit quiet over the emails … we are still pressing on over here in South Africa! J Below are some of the pics that were taken at the KKNK-festival at Oudtshoorn this past weekend (6th to the 7th of April 2012). In bro Ivan’s words: “This was the best preach at the KKNK-festival ever! I haven’t seen CROWDS standing still to listen to us like this in a loooong time!” Indeed, people really listened to our preaching. A certain famous South-African Gospel-singer tapped me on my shoulder and told me: “Bring the message!” We could all sense the Lord’s presence and blessing with us as we went about preaching at the event. I brought along with me a big stack of tracts and we gave all the tracts away on the 1st day of the 2 day preach! I brought with me more tracts than I normally do for a festival and even then the tracts were not enough! The people were so hungry and eager to take them! Many people took pictures of us and as a result, our message spread even farther than Oudtshoorn as the people who took the pics will take the message with them to wherever they came from. Praise the LORD! Just wanted to share these pics with you as I know that you will enjoy it to see some street-preaching in other parts of the world! J God bless you, bro! ~ Renier

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints”
Jude 3