Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Weekend From Phoenix to San Diego

The game plan was to raise banners and preach at ASU on Friday, that evening preach on Mill Street and on Saturday preach against the sodomite parade, then on Sunday preach Earth-Day in San Diego. Each event had different banners and a different message and Father God honored our petitions as we completed what we set out to do.

“We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the LORD fulfil all thy petitions”
Psalms 20:5

Friday Mark and I headed out to Phoenix at 5AM to meet up with other street preachers to expose sin and proclaim Repentance with the need of being born again in Christ Jesus as we seemed to have caused great disturbance everywhere we stood and promoted the standard of God. The Phoenix knew we were coming as I do notify cities then I arrive, only because the ask me to. This is so that officers can be around us and we could preach without harm.

We met at noon on the campus of ASU home of the ‘Sun Devils’ as 12 of us just stood with banners raised in the free speech area and answered questions that were asked. Fridays have always been known for lite days on campus, then couple that with 100 degrees outside and yet the Lord provoked small crowds to gather around all day under the watchful eye of the campus police. Of course the students tried to compete with our banners so they made homemade signs with markers and a white board, then stood around us as we debated the Bible, creation, homosexuality, Islam, abortion and many other issues. Friday was April 20th which to many is known as 4/20 or smoke dope in public day as this was done on many campuses out West but Arizona is a very conservative State they did not. However they did have a booth on campus and we stopped and preached at it before we made our exodus from the campus. They had signs promoting 4/20 and rather than smoking dope they were rolling up what appeared to oregano and toked that up. This was the weakest 4/20 protest I have ever seen.

After the campus we have fellowship at the brother who hosted us and was on Mill Street later that evening as eleven of us stood ready to contend for the faith. This is the night life of that campus as we stood outside two clubs preaching to students standing in line. We have much liberty on the street as we used a mega-horn non stop and the later we stayed the more things were physical with the crowd. The Tempe police came several times and mounted police watched the crowd as we needed to move back a few angry students that pushed and shoved. One young gal came by a few times screaming at us as her friends held her back and each time she left crying. The student at noon on campus is a different animal than the same student at night that is going out to party and open-air preaching is not what they want to hear. This is like trying to remove a bone from a dog in heat, so it can be brutal and fulfills Bible as per
“men loved darkness rather than light.” 

Just before we called it the night, the city police made a heavy show around us as we returned back to the house around 1AM.

Saturday was the parade day and I had already worked with the police on where we would be standing and location for our cars to be parked as it can be a safety issue walking back to our vehicles after these events

We were given a location at the end of the route as everyone in the parade saw our banners and after the parade most walked the route into the park where there had their fest. This is where we were set up as they walked by our banners and heard our preaching. We stood behind two rows of barricades in the 105 degree heat, with both uniformed and undercover officers standing around to keep the peace in this chaotic event and that they did. Even with the double barricades, a few sodomites tried to get over come at us as one spit of Brother Diego. This sodomite was detained, questioned and had his ID checked, Diego told me that he did not want to press charges, so I informed the officers that we were not interested in pressing charges and he was later released.

Everyone had a chance to preach as God gave these people many different messages but preaching to sodomites is like trying to separate two dogs in heat. They do not want to separate themselves from this sin and why should they, the Church has told them God loves them and they could be gay Christians.

This was their 32nd year of publicly promoting their sin with a parade and festival. This year’s theme was inspired by Lady Gaga; “Born This Way! Feel it. Live it. Be it.” They were not born that way, no matter how they feel and if they continue to live it, they will die in their sin. “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” Within the festival’s main stage they danced to country music Chely Wright, singer and songwriter Vanessa Carlton and 70’s disco group the Village People. Other activities included art galleries, drag and burlesque shows, and the Miss Phoenix Gay Pride 2012 pageant, oh and did I mention the booths where you can get tested for HIV, AIDS, depression, alcohol, find a pro-gay drug rehab, or get free KY-Jelly and condoms. Only with a sodomite fair will you find those stands but then again these are the people who attain these events.

Sunday at 4AM we left Phoenix for San Diego and the last leg of our mission, as we will preach at the annual Earth Day Earth-Fair in Balboa Park is the largest free annual environmental fair in the world. Each year, the Earth-Fair draws over 70,000 visitors.

Mark, Dale and I stood by the main artery with banners as city police and event security kept the people moving as crowds would gather from time to time to hear the open debate. We proclaimed how as Christians we were concerned for the earth but we believe other things pollute this planet. This would be is sin. Many were offended when I said that I was going to eat spotted owl and bald eagle for dinner and if trees had a soul and spirit, why did Jesus cruse a fig tree? Everyone wanted to save everything, as their were petitions to sign and save the whale, save the rainforest, save the dolphins, save the fur, save the water, save the air, remove God from the dollar bill and allow smoking dope to be legal. But few were concerned with saving their souls from meeting a Holy God one day. Mother earth was the god of the day in San Diego, however we have much liberty and favor with the police to speak against her. Brother Mark did most of the preaching as Dale and I answered questions and were involved in many good conversations. It was a long weekend that covered over 900 miles proclaiming the standard of God to a unholy people.

Here is a clip that was sent to me, taken from a student at Long Beach State where we publicly preached against Islam, complete with banners, mockers, questions, large crowds and police moving students back as they gathered to close.


Need a thorough history lesion on open-air preaching

Here is a link that anyone who open-air preaches should like as it is ‘Fruit From Biblical Preaching’ and the result of those who hear this preaching. Great verses of crowd reaction from outdoor preaching and if you are not getting this result from your open-air preaching, SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG WITH YOUR METHOD. Enjoy and remember you are not alone.