Saturday, March 31, 2012

'The Reason Rally'

Last Saturday in Washington DC was the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history called the ‘Reason Rally’ and it was anything but reason. So what does the largest gathering in history of atheists, humanists, secularists, freethinkers, skeptics, really mean? 
THEY HATE GOD and just not any god and religion in general but Christianity. 
They publicly exposed their hatred for Jesus and the God of the Bible was their great foe. From the moment we raised our banners I was confronted by mounted police who told me that the National Mall was a permitted area and we had to move. I was told that they had a free speech area for us on the other side of the venue. I refused and I was told we would be arrested and cited of we did not leave. I refused and the officer called for back up and for a commander to come to this crime scene. Within minutes they arrived and the officer in charged looked at the banners and asked me how many were in my group, then he said we were fine.


Now the “Reason Rally’ website reads that no poles or sticks were allowed at the rally, just hand held signs and this only fueled anger as the atheists complained that we needed to go to the free speech area, we have poles for our banners and we used a PA system during their pep-rally but the police said, we were fine, leave us alone, we were within our rights.

We arrived on Friday and stayed at a local Church outside of Baltimore and the weather on Friday was about 80 degrees, Saturday the day of the event is rained all day. Sunday and Monday the weather was nice. Now I’m not saying that God rained on their parade but HE DID, unless you believe in mother nature, and if so she must have been on her period that day. From the time we raised our banners, we were surrounded with atheists that argued there is no God. We asked them over and over, this is your big day you are missing the speakers but they wanted to stand around us.

“Remember this, that the enemy hath reproached, O LORD, and that the foolish people have blasphemed thy name”

They had this event on the grass of the National Mall, next to the Washington Monument as it was ironic that this event had their ungodly rally near the Washington Monument. It was George Washington who wrote to Thomas Nelson in 1778: “The Hand of providence has been so conspicuous in all this, that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith, and more than wicked, that has not gratitude enough to acknowledge his obligations.” They claimed that 20,000 to 30,000 we at the event but we know they do LIE. I question that number because most seemed to hang around us and I would say their number would be around 10,000 to 12,000. And this is the biggest in history they have? I’ve gone to concerts that were bigger and small town fests that had more numbers than this. We have standards you know, if they can not produce more than 40,000 people we will not come.

They claim to be non believers, yet I must say it is my testimony that in debating with atheists for over 3 decades on campus, sidewalks, conventions and rallies, 99.9% of atheists come from religious homes and went to some type of Church in their life. The core reason why they lost their faith is because of the hypocrisy they saw in their home growing up or the double standard they saw in the Church they were taken. Then after a couple years of college they jump on the bandwagon of evolution and ride the coat tail of science and claim that is why there is no God. But I know better. Don’t think that God will wink at their sin for such as I know more dirt on Churches and can tell you how politics can move these Churches and I guess I could be an atheist. Now what is it like to argue with an atheist you say? Well, you will never give the right answer as they will accuse you of circular reasoning, ad hominem arguments, taking scripture out of context, being angry, not educated and not knowing facts. Preaching to this ilk was like preaching in Hyde Park in London where you have professional mockers around you.

The more they talked the more they indicted themselves, the more the argued the deeper of a hole they dug, as God used us from heaven and has noted such and it will be those very words that will condemn them on that Great Day. We do not need to prove God as the Heavens speak of Him.
       “The fool has said in his heart, There is no God”
All day we were asked questions about the Bible, other religions, abortion, homosexuality, politics, death penalty, science, evolution, the human body, sin, same sex marriage, American history, creation vs the big bang, our past sins, murder vs killing, alcohol, smoking dope, is God all forgiving, how can an all loving God send anyone to an eternal punishment and why if there is a God are there poor and needy people.

  “For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned”

When Richard Dawkins spoke it was liken to the pope addressing Catholics as they ran to listen to his words. Dawkins called on the crowd not only to challenge religious people but to “ridicule and show contempt” for them. He continued; "Mock them, ridicule them in public," he urged. "Don't fall for the convention that we're all too polite to talk about religion." Anyone with ears to hear can hear the plop, plop, polp, as the blind were falling into the pit being led by their blind glide on that gloomy day. And since there were no lions around to feed us Christians to and they did not have a fire permit to burn us, for their entertainment they had no other than the band “Bad Religion” to serenade them into a frenzy. This was nothing more than any religious event I’ve preached at, complete with worship music and speakers that inspired their followers how they are the chosen. This was the second time we preached at an event like this in Washington DC. The other time was the venue was called “The Godless March on Washington” held 10 years ago in 2002 at the same spot that attracted only a few hundred people.

At the end of the gray rainy day, once again the God of the Bible was made known to an ungodly congregation and we pray that the Father send other laborers to reap that harvest. Here is a clip put together by Bible Brian from
‘The Reason Rally’

To be filed under EXTRA CREDIT our banners were all over the news, here is just a sample. Click the link for the full story and video clips:
Can the Reason Rally resonate in this most religious of democracies?

Reason Rally keynote speaker, Richard Dawkins

Atheists unite at Reason Rally

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Richard Dawkins to atheist rally: 'Show contempt' for faith'
“….Meanwhile, 12 men with big signs warning Jesus demands repentance ignored the official holding pen fenced off for counterdemonstrators. Instead, they stood on the grass about 100 yards from the podium, each surrounded by a knot of eager-to-argue unbelievers…..”

Atheists rally in Washington for godless Click the video on this link from FOX News


Reason Rally: 30k godless undeterred by rain
“….The religious had a surprisingly small presence at Reason Rally. There were only a tiny handful of street preachers with huge signs, but they were mostly a novelty and many atheists even asked to have their photos taken next to them as a goof. There were three Christians from “True Reason” there handing out water across the street, but many people didn’t even realize they were religious and they largely went unnoticed. They actually seemed bored until I engaged them in the conversation…..”

CNN NEWS Reason Rally - One Nation NOT Under God!

Uncut footage from Fox News at the Reason Rally

On Sunday after a good Church service we went back to Washington DC and preached at several locations. We started at the Capital Building and preached that every President puts his hand over a Bible, the same Bible that speaks against sodomy and abortion. We admonished this Capital for making 1000’s of new laws every year and can not keep the 10 Commandments.

“Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof”
Matthew 23:43

After the Capital, we went to the Supreme Court and as we set up our banners on the sidewalk, we notice a gathering of people praying to stop abortion in front of the court. The minister prayed for our nation then asked the Catholic priest if he wanted to say the rosary. It was at this point I understood why we were there and the perfect timing of God. Once the vain prayers we over, I used my PA system and asked if they really think God heard those prayers? Since when do we pray to Mary? No wonder God has not stopped abortion and then the minister from the rally used his PA and said not to engage us that we were not a part of their meeting. I continued, that if order means anything to Almighty God Commandment number 1 & 2 are no other gods and graven images that get worshiped, whereas ‘murder’ is ranked number six.

We took turns as we admonished both the ministers and those publicly praying to Mary as the police gave us much liberty and kept the angry Catholics at bay.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he has chosen for his own inheritance”

After the uproar at the Court House, we jump into a waiting van and drove off to our next location. There we split up into 2 groups, as team #1 stood outside the White House and team #2 went to the Washington Monument. We had a small crowd gather around and we had questions given and questions answered as the secret service came by asked for ID and watched us. There we preached against our President and exhorted everyone that if we wanted God to bless a nation, that country must follow the Bible.

After that we headed towards the Lincoln Monument and there we stood on the steps preaching to the crowds that were there. I preached that even Lincoln could not set them free from sin and without Jesus, they are in bondage to sin.
“If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed”
I was soon confronted by the Park Police, where I was told we must move down the steps and off the Monument property. It was only about a 10 yard move, so we did and the officer asked me a question. He said I looked very familiar and asked if I was at DuPont Circle about 7 years ago doing a ‘gay pride’ event? I said “Yes” and he said I thought that was you. Either there are not many open air preachers or we must have made a mark that day seven years ago.

DuPont Circle is the Sodom of Washington DC and they had an event at this park, so we had walked into the park and were soon engulfed with angry sodomites. This same officer, wanted us out of the park but we could not move as we were surrounded by people and things were getting physical. He tried to call for back up, however his radio did not work, so he used his cell phone to get more officers at the park and the Metro Police showed up as if it were an officer down. They even had a hostage negotiator come out and talk me as if I were holding the homosexuals hostage. After we talked and he negotiated, we stood around the park using our megaphones. After the Lincoln Monument we made our exodus out of Washington DC street preacher style, and that would be using a PA system a top the van we were driving, proclaiming the God of the Bible on the streets and sidewalks.

“For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord's freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ's servant”

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”