Monday, March 5, 2012



“I hate, I despise your feast days”
Amos 5:21

Welcome to New Orleans where the food in the Big Easy represents the city very well. Where crawfish, crabs, lobsters, catfish are the diet and where God considers such to be unclean food. Unclean cuisine for unclean people, where the politicians are as corrupt as the people that voted them into office and the police department can be as crooked as the criminals they jail. Where good is considered bad or bad is measured as good and where religion and tradition gives license to public lewdness. Is this not a place to open air and be as bold as the sin in the street?

“The wicked flee when no man pursues: but the righteous are bold as a lion”
Proverbs 28:1

After we arrived in town a few of us walked into the police station at the French Quarter and had a meeting with the main person in charge of ‘code enforcement’ regarding the new law of preaching after dark with large signs and megaphones. I was told that it would be business as usual, that we could preach how we have always done and that the police were not going to enforce that law this weekend. I had notified the local media as well and told them that we were going to preach on Bourbon Street and St Louis at sundown and if they wanted to see free speech in action and or see it removed, it would be at that location. We showed up, the media flew over head but the police never came and as per our meeting and that particular law was not enforced during Mardi Gras. As in many cities that we preach, it is common they will change laws, make new laws and threaten us with arrest, so this reaction is not ‘strange fire’ to us.

During that week or ‘weak’ we were made strong as we preached on Bourbon Street, Canal Street, walked the parade route, preached 6 parades, walked the French Quarter, preached Jackson Square, stood outside a local abortion clinic and this new wicked witchcraft voodoo shop that was about a block long. The hours were long as men came from Florida, North Carolina, New York, New Mexico, Oregon, California and Rio to contend for the faith in public. We worked with three local Churches and local ministers coupled with lawyers on stand by and the prayers of many. Brother Dick from Atlanta donated a new amplified system that was heavenly, as we were one big well oiled piece of machinery that knew its function.
"For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ”
1 Corinthians 12:12
The weather during Mardi Gras was cold, rainy, windy, sunny and humid. The weather is as bipolar as the religion in New Orleans as it can change from minute to minute as we were prepared for it. Every day and night we all had stories from the field. We walked the streets and preached as Jonah, we were as bold as Peter, we debated the Gospel as Paul and our preaching provoked many one on one conversations which had actual conversions. Now remember no one listens to us and our method turns everyone off. There was a soldier that I had remove his beads and pour out his drink and after that we spend time with him and we ended up praying. He was convicted of seeing the signs and hearing the preaching. After prayer he departed from Bourbon Street. A woman came by and fell on the ground crying in front of us. I spent some time with her as she was tried of a life of sin and wanted out. She was looking for us with the banners to cry out too. After spending time with her and prayer, she also fled Bourbon Street in tears. Even walking back to our vehicle a guy followed us and there in a dark parking lot, ended with prayer. Then there was this young man named Anthony, who was convicted with the preaching heard, signs he saw and the tract he was given. Anthony wanted salvation and after he removed his beads and dropped his drink we talked and he gave me his cigarettes and lighter. We talked more and prayed as he cried out to God with tears and even acknowledged what happened via the megaphone in public. I took him to a local Church where I gave him food and a Bible and as we talked I asked him about his family. He said that he and his father have not talked for years and his father was a Christian. I asked him if he wanted to talk with him, so he called his father and I spoke with him, explaining what had happened and give the phone back to Anthony as he cried to his father. He told his dad that he came to New Orleans to sin but something else happened, and that he wanted to go to Church with his father. After their conversation, the father “thanked’ me for bringing home his son. Anthony left the Church with a full belly, a Bible, the Holy Ghost and a happy father. The stories and conversations are endless as we stood as the salt and preserved God’s holy standard on a sinful street.

“But shewed first unto them of Damascus, and at Jerusalem, and throughout all the coasts of Judaea, and then to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, and do works meet for repentance” Acts 26:20

Many of these conversations will be on youtube in time as we are not quick to lay our hands on anyone or are we quick to pray for them and tell them they are sealed and saved. We demand ‘fruit meet for repentance’ as in drop the booze, remove the beads, annex the smoking and perhaps we will respond. If they are willing to do this, we are willing to work with them and God is always willing to get involved. Even at this wicked event, hearts are being pricked.
     “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light” Ephesians 5:8

To be filed under Extra Credit:
We had hundreds and hundreds of cameras around us all day and night, taking pictures of our banners and preaching and downloading those preach pictures on facebook, myspace, blogs and other internet sites. One film crew from Germany doing a documentary on Mardi Gras in New Orleans followed us on Bourbon Street for almost two hours filming and doing an interview with me on what God thinks. Also on Fat-Tuesday the ‘Travel Channel’ spent some time with us around Jackson Square and did a good interview with me next to the Catholic Cathedral as they said our preaching will make the final cut. Brother Buddy was also interviewed with banner shots and preaching on a cable reality show. This is not our intention, but we consider such as a ‘crumb from the masters table’ of our faithful service. Every night on those Streets in the Big-Easy, it rained beads, spit, beer, cigarettes on us. Street Preacher Mat from Florida was bleeding from the beads to his face, Mark from California went home with a black eye and Diego from New Mexico was punched in the rib. I have a bump on the top of my head from a full glass of liquor that crashed on the top of my head, Brother Josh had an angry woman throw her new iphone at him and 2 of us were arrested on false charges with several Christian caps that were stolen while preaching and every night we smelled of booze and smoke. Thank God for showers, clean clothes and safety glasses.
“The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil” John 7:7

“I have set you a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me”

On Fat Tuesday we started preaching at 8AM and returned back to our place of rest by 1AM on Wednesday morning as we tried to get the unsaved saved before they were drunk. We preached the parade route, walked the French Quarter and stood on Bourbon Street for over 16 hours. As we walked towards the sodomite area of course they think we only pick on them, whereas in reality we spent very little time there, but they think all we do is pick on them. As we walked that area, it rained debris from the balconies and they even tried to block us from walking the street. Now we are the ones unloving as they try to pull our banners, push us and pour their drinks on us. After that we walked Bourbon Street and off to Jackson Square where the pagans lay in wait by the oldest Catholic Church in our nation. There, we engaged as large crowds gathered and after this, we walked back on Bourbon Street towards the sodomite area. We stopped at an intersection where cars were driving by and this sodomite bar emptied out to confront us. As we stood on the sidewalk, an angry sodomite pushed me and I fell into a woman who fell unto a police car and injured her leg. After I helped the girl up, the sodomite that pushed me ran off and Mark and I caught him and held him. The office walked out from the car and took him from us and called for back up because the street was filled with angry homosexuals. When back up arrived, he told the officer to arrest Jeremy and myself, as this pleased the angry mob. They cheered as we were cuffed and placed into a police car. The officer let the guy that pushed me go and we were accursed falsely of a crime we never committed but we rejoice in such.

“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you”
Matthew 5:11-12

Now this is why we video tape everything, as that footage is not bias, is not prejudice and will not show favoritism, it will only expose what happened and homosexuals are not only perverts but liars. We have tape that shows I was pushed and fell into the woman who fell unto the police car and I even helped her up. Jeremy was no where around the area but was pointed out and with no investigating skills by the officer, he arrested Jeremy. Now as for the injured woman, she limped off and was no where to be found and with 600 angry sodomite witnesses saying we pushed her the officer just arrested us and avoided a gay-riot. We were taken to the police station charged with ‘Disturbing the Peace’ and released within an hour and back on the street preaching within two hours.

“If you were of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you”
John 15:19

This was my 30th year preaching at Mardi Gras, which is parades themed in Roman, Greek and Egyptian gods, streets filled with public debauchery, drunkenness, open nudity, homosexuality and perversion at all levels coupled with a residue of religion. All which is legal, unless of course you preach against it, than you are breaking the peace and jailed considered as a criminal. This religious celebration ends on midnight on Wednesday and this was my gift of after 3 decades from the city of New Orleans. I could not have had a better person to be jailed with, than my brother Jeremy. Wonder what will happen on my 50th anniversary……death? IF New Orleans had a coliseum, we street preachers would have been put to death and mostly by the religious sect. I will admit that I have tormented the gay community in the French Quarter for 30 years and I find it interesting that the two witnesses found in the book of Revelation chapter 11 had tormented those that dwelt on the earth. I guess I am in good company?


Brothers Larry, Mark, Richard and Johnny stood at St Louis Cathedral and reproved the Arch-Bishop as he came out after service to wave goodbye to his congregation. This time they used the Church bells to try and drown out the public rebuke but the brethren had an anti-Catholic banner flying. This was the icing on the cake as the Lord used us to promote a message of repentance and salvation by the Cross and not Mary, ashes and tradition. Lord willing (mostly us) we will be back for Mardi Gras on February 12th 2013

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 10::32-33

Here is one made by Sister Vera in Miami as I witnessed to a young man on Bourbon Street, as grace was given to him because he had a meek heart. He was moved by our banners and preaching and this conversation was a direct result or fruit from that open air preaching. We had several people cry out to God, including a woman crying on her knees and this young man that cried out to God and professed Jesus after his salvation. More coming, it was a good trip at the Big Easy. Enjoy….

Here is a clip from Buddy where a young man named Anthony who saw the banners heard the preaching and was CONVICTED of his sin. This young prodigal son was found as he wanted salvation for his sin. After he removed his beads and dropped his drink on Bourbon Street we talked and he gave me his cigarettes and lighter. We talked more and prayed as he cried out to God with tears and even acknowledged what happened via the megaphone in public. I took him to a local Church where I gave him food and a Bible and as we talked I asked him about his family. He said that he and his father have not talked for years and his father was a Christian. I asked him if he wanted to talk with him, so he called his father and I spoke with him, explaining what had happened and give the phone back to Anthony as he cried to his father. He told his dad that he came to New Orleans to sin but something else happened and that he wanted to go to Church with his father. After their conversation, the father “thanked’ me for bringing home his son. Anthony left the Church on Fat Tuesday with a full belly, a Bible, the Holy Ghost and a happy father.

Now here is a brief history lesson on Mardi Gras in America, which the word itself is French for “Fat Tuesday” a day in which you get it all out of your system before ‘Ash Wednesday’ where you are then officially sorry for your sins and with those ashes on your forehead one is forgiven, according to that tradition. No wonder the Roman Catholic Church is so big, as you get to sin all you want with whatever you want, with whoever you want and on a particular day you get forgiven. Now if you should die before Ash Wednesday, no problem, you go to Purgatory and the Virgin Mary will get you out with all the prayers devoted to her and a few extra dollars for the Church, now your loved ones have hope in Purgatory that you will soon be released. However what is missing is, the blood of Jesus? The Cross…..Repentance……and Godly sorrow….which is all quenched by man made tradition. “let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die” As stated, the theme is to party before Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of the beginning of ‘Lent Season’ where good Catholics give up sin for 47 days preceding Easter. That would be the 40 days of Lent plus seven Sundays as Jesus fasted 40 days in the wilderness, they give up something fleshly too. So Tuesday is the day you get it out of your system and indulge before saying farewell to the flesh, hence the word Fat Tuesday or what is known as “Carnival” which is Latin for “farewell to the flesh.” Therefore eat, drink, smoke, party, have sex with whomsoever or whatsoever because after Tuesday midnight you are then sorry. This Catholic Church makes Jim Jones or Joseph Smith seem normal at times. As this Carnival is sanctioned by the Catholic Church for the church established the date as a period of feasting before the fasting of lent, which can occur on any Tuesday from February 3rd through March 9th. So on Wednesday Catholic Churches worldwide get ashes on their forehead to partake and many will only eat fish on Friday as per the tradition of man, as many restaurants and fast food stands will advertise fish meals during this time.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth”
1Timothy 4:1-3


The celebration of Mardi Gras came to North America from Paris where it had been celebrated since the Middle Ages and birthed in Mobile Alabama and not New Orleans. On Tuesday March 3rd 1699, French-Canadian explorer landed on a plot of ground about 70 miles down river from the present location of New Orleans. He christened it Pointe du Mardi Gras. By the 1700s New Orleans stole the venue and established a permanent settlement for that sinful event. And some things never change, after 300 years that city is known for thieves, looters, from its police department, politicians and citizens. But Mardi Gras' roots predate the French. Many see a relationship to the ancient tribal rituals of fertility that welcomed the arrival of Spring. An ancestor of the celebration of the circus-like orgy held in mid-February in Rome. The Catholic Church, realizing that it was impossible to divorce their new converts from their pagan customs, decided instead to direct them into Christian channels. Thus Carnival was created as a period of merriment that would serve as a prelude to the season of Lent. Day Parades officially began in 1838

“it was necessary for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints”

Masking was common as anyone rich could be anyone poor, masks were worn to conceal identification. Those within the parades would toss out invitations to a fest and ball, so a common peasant can mingle with the rich. Today a priest can wear a mask or a costume and can sin in public without being known. In 1857 the parade had two floats, costumed maskers and brass bands. These parades are liken to royalty having king, queen that rein for a year, with a court and officers. Now this is not your regular parades as these parades are named after Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods. These parades honor Zeus, Isis, Mercury, Thoth, Neptune and how can we forget Bacchus the god of wine and intoxication to name a few. This is no Disney parade. New Orleans is a Catholic stronghold, counties are called perishes with many perishes named after saints. The oldest Cathedral in the United States is Saint Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square New Orleans Mardi Gras generates more than one billion dollars, with 53 parades in 3 different perishes. 1061 floats, 588 bands, 3750 parade units and over 135,000 participants within the parade. The combined parade routes cover over 300 miles with the parades lasting over 200 hours and to give you a number of what gets tossed down to the crowds from three parades. with Bacchus, Endymion and Orpheus combine they will throw more than 2 million cups, 3.5 million doubloons and 350,000 gross of beads to the crowds on the route (1 gross is 144 beads). Orleans Perish would determine the amount of trash collected to measure the revelers in the late 80’s before the age of recycling the city picked up for 12 day period 2, 000 tons, with most of that beer cans.


On Fat Tuesday the parades start at 8AM and the city is closed, no schools, banks and post offices are all closed. Its a holiday for sin and everyone is involved. Many Churches use their parking lot to make money on the route or sell food and water…but to preach against public sin? Not in their life time. New Orleans was the Birth Place of jazz. After the civil war there was a surplus of brass instruments couple that with immigrants and former slaves from all over the world, groups began to play together, blacks brought a beat, whites brought the horns and a new sound emerged. Every parade in the city has jazz music, bars play jazz, festivals and any celebration will play jazz. Even at funerals jazz is played, as bands would play somber music on the way to a burial site. It is common knowledge that the French Quarter always had Brothels where Jazz played a large role. There was an area known as ‘Storyville’ in the district, which was set up to limit prostitution to one area of town and where authorities could monitor and regulate the practice. Now this famed red light district of New Orleans or Storyville is often given credit with giving the name to jazz. This music was designed to entice and relax paying customers to drink and fornicate. Black and white brothels coexisted in Storyville; however, black men were barred from legally purchasing services rendered in either black or white brothels With the right light, a little booze, coupled with music to ease the conscience and PRESTO we have fornication.






Anyone in the Washington DC area what wish to join us on Saturday March 24th as we will be preaching at the biggest atheist march and rally in history. Many big ‘fool’ names will be there to boast in their ungodliness as we will deliver Psalm 53:1 publicly. They are expecting about 50,000 atheists to come and who knows maybe I will be arrested for ‘Disturbing a Relig...ious Service’ to join my ‘Disturbing the Peace’ arrest at this years Mardi Gras? If you are interested contact me via email as I will not give much details over facebook. The event is titled the ‘Reason Rally’ and with this gathering, we have REASON to be there and we will give this ilk a message that many Christians withhold.

After this event maybe you can join us in Salt Lake City preaching to the Mormon conference, personally, I don’t understand why these two events can’t be on the same date and the same place as they have much in common and it makes it a bit easier for me to cover them both. If you can not join u$, $upport u$ as all these events get preached at out of our own pocket. For more details contact me at: