Thursday, January 5, 2012



afternoon we arrived in Las Vegas and after getting the key to the house where we were staying we yoked up with a few local street preachers and the brethren from New Mexico and preached on the sidewalk at the Bellagio casino. As there is a different crowd at this casino every half hour as they get a free outdoor water fountain show with lights and music.

Along the sidewalk were tracts, signs, banners, Bibles raised and open air preaching, it was impossible not to hear the Word of God as the hordes of people walked by. The police came by and talked with me but we had much liberty on the sidewalk due to a court ruling via Bible Jim a number of years ago. Banners and megaphones are allowed.

SATURDAY New Years Eve the crowds on the street were large as we were out in force on Las Vegas Boulevard. We positioned ourselves by Caesars Palace and stood in front of the police barricades as that protected our backs from getting attacked as the Vegas Metro police rushed the crowd continually to pull people away from us.

They pulled at least 20 people away from us and arrested a few more. Later in the night the riot horses were coming out about every 20 minutes to keep the angry crowd at bay as these large animals walked sideways and can push a large amount of people back and keep a space between them and us. A few drunks slapped the rear of the horses and those people were quickly arrested and hauled inside of the barricades. Then no sooner than these horses would go back inside the barricades behind us, the drunken crowd would rush us again to defend and justify their sin.

The revelers would complain to the police that we were rude and called them names and the police told them “It’s called free speech, they can say whatever they want, just walk away and don’t touch.” Brother Jim Webber had a team by the Bellagio and there were other Christians passing out tracts all along the Vegas Strip. One thing the mockers seemed to be likeminded on was doing the ‘Tebow pose’ around us.

They mimicked Tebow as he prays during the game and these sinners would get on one knee with head bowed and scorn the Name of Jesus. This is a new thing as I must have missed that memo, but the heathen seemed to be on the same page. I guess anything to mock Christianity?

As the New Year began the crowd gazed the sky looking at the 15 minute firework display all around the Vegas Strip and when it was over the smoke was like fog on the Strip but the preaching continued. Here is a promo clip of street preaching in sin city and you could see the fireworks going off around us:

These people think a New Year means all their problems are over and somehow on midnight January 1, they are bankrupt with all their problems. Well, we were the reality check and they were the same sinner they were on December 31st in the eyes of God.

There was a variety of preaching as the crowds stood around us for hours and most of the photos used were taken from the Las Vegas Sun (local news paper) and few blogs.



Now IF you judged the preaching by appearance, one could be mislead and misjudge what they are watching, as in the middle of what appears to be chaos there was fruit to be picked. One guy spent some time with Brother Rolando and wanted to get right with God and not live in sin. The Lord used Rolando and ground was gained with this person and after the fruitful conversation was over, this individual gave us all a hug and thanked us for being there.

Another person heard Grant preach and stood around watching and listening for some time, then being convicted walked up to Grant and asked for prayer. He wanted God to remove the homosexual thoughts he was having and was very moved by what he had heard, after prayer he was ministered too and continued to stand around. Days later I received this email from that very person:
“Hi, Not sure who I spoke to on the strip, las vegas I am a christian but I am also opened up to one of the guys who went that night, in your group w/ a red sweatshirt and cap, anyways to find out who that was? He prayed for me and i had told him something that I have never told anyone not even to my best friend, no one.
I like to contact him, i know there wasn't anyone else wearing a red shirt besides him, he was also on the mic and he is white w/ blond hair. If you contact him I am the guy who confess that I was gay, and he prayed for me. You can fwd him my email which is ******
Thanks and please keep up the good work!
God bless

We had many people that just could not walk away as we all had good conversation as a result of the open air preaching. We started preaching by 6PM and about 1AM we walked. Now as with previous years we would need to get on the road and get to Pasadena for the Parade and Rose Bowl, but that event was not till Monday January 2nd. It is a 123 year tradition that NO parade will happen if New Years falls on a Sunday, as Sunday is Church day in the city of Pasadena. So with that extra day, we had fellowship and drove back to Los Angeles Sunday afternoon. We are thankful for Brother Webber and Tony for putting us up for the weekend as we plowed the field known to the world as sin city.

GOOD NEWS IN THE NEWS (click the link to read the full story):
Vegas celebrates New Year
“….A group calling themselves “street preachers” stood on the Strip brandishing signs that read, “Repent,” and, “Warning Hell Awaits You.” Nearly 100 people who were out celebrating New Year’s Eve surrounded about a dozen of these street preachers standing outside Caesars Palace.
Over a bullhorn one preacher yelled, “Put down the Bud Light and pick up a Bible.” The group of preachers and members of the crowd began a heckling match. “We’re out here telling them about God’s judgment,” said a street preacher who identified himself as Mario. “This is Sin City; this place is wicked and vile.” Mario said his group has traveled from all over the country and that it’s their second time in Las Vegas….”

Las Vegas Review-Journal has a slideshow with about four pictures of our banners in their 32 photo display, click the link below:


was the Rose Parade and Mark, Grant, Dale and I drove to Pasadena at 7AM where 1 million people gathered the 5 mile route to hear us preach and watch floats made only of living plants. After the parade banners followed the route and of course the ‘Occupy’ people were out and followed behind as well. Mark and Grant preached against them to the delight of the crowd on the sidewalk. Occupy did not walk the whole route as they bailed out after a number of blocks.

After the parade, we went to the Rose Bowl and preached outside the stadium to the 90,000 plus people. We had much liberty at the Rose Bowl standing at the main entrance and again many of those did the ‘Tebow pose’ in front of us. The Wisconsin fans were sore losers as some came out fighting mad and the last thing they wanted to hear was street preaching, but the preaching did provoke many conversations. The Oregon fans like their state were very liberal but were a bit courteous towards the Gospel. After the game Dale and I stood outside the gate where the players walked out to their fans as we had a chance to preach to these little gods. A few of them responded to the preaching, that they said they were going to ‘get wasted’ after the game, it was a great location as they were signing hats and shirts and needed to walk by our banners. God allowed us to have free parking about 50 yards from where we preached and it was after 7Pm when we drove home.


Brother Pat was preaching in New Orleans for New Years and was given a black eye by an angry sinner in Jackson Square and I heard of no arrests or anyone cited to start off 2012 AD. Last year we had numerous arrests, yet all charges were dropped, many jumping aboard with a few going full time


“Is not my word like a fire? says the LORD; and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?”

Are your words as FIRE to the ears of those that are listening to you?
Are you POUNDING away like a HAMMER when you preach?
Are you as LOUD as a rock being SMASHED and CRACKED?
Are there pieces flying everywhere when you SHATTER and SPLIT the ears that challenge God?
Are you willing to be used as a TOOL for the Lord and BEAT a message into people?
May this New Year, you seek and long to be a HAMMER and SMASH those harden hearts of rocks for the kingdom of God or would you rather hit a rock with a pillow?

“Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them”