Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here is a good visual of WHY God has always had open air preachers. As you see all the tracts on the floor, I have been to events where there is almost a carpet of religious literature on the ground.

God is wise when He has us PREACH a message in the ears, as whatever they hear they are responsible for, and can not plead ignorance when standing before God. WHY give someone the option to get saved, or WHY allow someone to say “No thanks” to eternal life. Doing it the way God wants it done is always the right way, regardless of what others think or feel. The very word ‘Preach’ in Hebrew, Greek and good old fashion Webster’s Dictionary is to raise the voice. God knows better and this picture is a conformation to those with eyes to see.

WEDNESDAY night was the 38th annual Peoples Choice Awards in downtown Los Angeles and after that event was over another was just starting, as the Clippers had a basketball game right across the street. So it was a good old fashion twofer.

Now for those of you who do know much about the Hollywood awards, I will try and explain them, as January starts the award shows leading up to the Academy Awards in late February. This perticular award show is voted on by the general public, hence the word ‘Peoples Choice.’ The first Peoples Choice show aired in 1975. The first awards recognized were The Sting as 1974's Favorite Picture, Barbra Streisand was the year's Favorite Film Actress, and John Wayne as its Favorite Film Actor. Ratings for the annual event peaked in 1977, when the 3rd People's Choice Awards attracted 35.3 million viewers who witnessed Farrah Fawcett-Majors win for Favorite Female TV Star, Star Wars won as the Favorite Picture, and Streisand and Wayne win again in the Film Actress and Actor categories.

But that was then, this is now. Here are a few fallen stars that appeared at this years Peoples Choice and waved to the crowds and I only know who they were by people yelling their names;
Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Alec Baldwin, Courteney Cox and Tina Fey.

Let me give you a lay out of the event. The black limos arrive next to the Nokia Theatre, and as the falling stars walk out from their limos, they are met with a sidewalk of cheering people. Now this is where I stood a few hours before the event started to get a good position. The celebrities would then wave to the crowds on the sidewalk and walk towards the sacred Red Carpet as they were greeting with props. Remember this is Hollywood and everything is a prop. The crowd that was cheering seated in the bleachers as the backdrop were paid screamers and all the camera lights flashing were just strobe lights everywhere around the magic carpet and it was there they would get interviewed and flaunt their dresses or latest trend.

Now because this was the Peoples Choice Awards, a number of celebrities walked to the sidewalk to thank the crowd and right directly in front of my banner, I was so close I could have pulled them over the barricades from the street unto the sidewalk. None responded to my banner in their face as they just looked and smiled, they were much to busy feeing their egos from a willing crowd and with all the cameras around them they did not wish to appear hateful.

I was asked by LAPD to move to another location and did as it was a better location than where I was, I did and was even closer than before, even the paparazzi tried to move me out of their way because my sign was blocking their view. I did not recognize anyone, even when they were right in front of me but only heard their names bellowed from others. As far as I was concerned everyone there looked plastic.

By 5PM the Award show started as it aired at 8PM Eastern Time and everyone was seated in the theater, so I walked down the street to my regular corner at Staples Center and preached to those arriving into the 7:30PM game. The Clippers hosted Miami and the game was a sell out. Bodies were everywhere as many stopped to take a picture of my banner or try to debate and defend sin. The police gave me much liberty as in the past at this venue and the sidewalks were filled with people ripe for the Word of God.

God’s timing is always perfect, as the conversations were priceless. One young man told me he was ready to leave Christianity because his Pastor pointed him out publicly and told him that he needs to start paying his 10% to the Church. This Pastor had another person leave the Church for not paying his 10%. After we talked and he was encouraged, he was ready to confront his Pastor and find another Church.

I only brought one (give away) Bible with me and after talking with another young man, I asked him if he had a Bible. He said “No” and I gave him the only one I had with me, he thanked me and walked away reading. Later that night, I had no more tracts and I had a believer come up to me and we talked for a few minutes and he thanked me for standing up for God. But before he left, he gave me one of his tracts and within a few minutes I was involved with another person. After about 10 minutes of conversation, he asked me if I had any literature, I was about to say no, when I remember I had just been given one. It was a good tract, filled with verses and the basic Gospel so I gave it away. I only give tracts to people that ask, so if I bring them, it’s just a few.

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine”

When I arrived downtown, the Lord favored me with a parking spot just 1 block away from the action. Now, my wife only being my wife wanted me to stay home because I have the flu, complete with a sore throat, fever and had been coughing for a few days, nevertheless I went as she knew I would. The scriptures teach to PREACH in season and out of season (2Tim.4:2) and last night was out of season for me, yet the Lord had me there and it was worth every hour.


I believe this is the best street preaching footage so far, with interviews, witnessing, debating, open air preaching complete with police and heathen involvement. Brother Jeremy put this piece together from our New Years Eve preach in Las Vegas. Just be advised, it is not a 10 minute youtube clip, it is over 40 minutes of a variety of street preachers, so grab a bag of pop corn and make sure that beer has ‘root’ in it and click the link below & enjoy……


FRIDAY the 13th at the Grove of Anaheim this punk rock band from the 80’s reared it’s head from the past. I guess their most favorite songs were “Love Sack” and "Rock Lobster" they were a post punk/pop rock group that had significant airplay on MTV and they are still around. We showed up to drop the bomb on them. The majority of the concert goes were seasoned citizens, we trusted they got a senior discount when they purchased their tickets and the handicap parking was filled immediately around the Grove. A taxi came by and dropped off two older folks that were both blind and using their white canes to go inside the concert. But not before they heard preaching and those with good vision saw and read our banners. The event security was out in force from keeping those senior citizens from attacking us and the Anaheim police were also called but they told the event that we were within our rights. Many of these were raised up with MTV and by the looks, have not outgrown it. One guy who was wearing sunglasses around 8PM said he was a Pastor and told us that our approach was not very Christian as he was more loving going to the concert. Unfortunately, he never read Ephesians 5:11;
“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them”
As he has more in common with darkness than light and sin then holiness. Others tried to defend their music by saying there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, that’s what God would want. There was only one way to get inside the venue and four of us were there. One senior citizen did try to attack Mark but was held back by security and something tells me these people are going to be very sore in the morning. We hope there is not a mosh-pit and these people will limit their dancing as someone just might break a hip…..or die.
Pray for other labors to reap our harvest.


SATURDAY night at Anaheim Stadium there was a ‘Monster Truck’ night as the 17 race begins at Anaheim and Brother Mark preached this jammed pack event as at this venue we can walk up to the main gates with banners and preach. This stadium is inside of a large parking lot, yet we been allowed inside the grounds and preach for decades. Any event hosted by Anaheim Stadium from a baseball game, when the ‘Rams’ played there, to religious meetings, concerts and other events, they give us much liberty to stand at the main entrance and preach. Anaheim is in Orange County, which is a very conservative section of southern California, yet at this event. Every ‘Red Neck’ from 50 miles away showed up to cheer these monster trucks roll around on the field. These people do not understand a hellfire that’s eternal, but they do understand that if they do not Repent and believe in Jesus, they will get NO ‘Macaroni & Cheese’ or ‘Tater Tots’ for eternity and that is HELL to them. Know your audience

SUNDAY was the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills.

The event started at 5PM so we were there a couple hours earlier to get good position to display our signs. Now just what is a ‘Golden Globe’ you ask? This particular Golden Calf is an accolade bestowed by the 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) recognizing excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign. This event is telecast to 167 countries worldwide, generally ranks as the third most-watched awards show each year, behind only the Oscars and the Grammy Awards.

Mark and I stood on a small side street where a line of black limousines line up before they are checked for ID’s and released towards the Red Carpet, this paramount because there is no one around but us and our signs on the sidewalk. As each limo must pass by or pause by us before they can move and we were so close that we could open the open the limo door if we wanted. No one is permitted around the Red Carpet and the closest you can view the limos is one block away and there the crowds are thick as the black stretched cars just drive by, which is why our location was prime.

Anyone who is anyone in television and film world is there, from actors, actresses, directors, producers, writers and those that fund these programs. Those involved in HBO, Showtime, NBC, CBS, ABC and such flaunted their signs from the dark tinted windows. With several hundred vehicles that passed by, I did recognize a few actors. Cuba Gooding Jr. seemed to have a few drinks inside the limo but rolled his window down to ask me a question about my sign, the only problem was I don’t understand drunk. Another limo came by and rolled down the window and it appeared to be Ozzie Osborne, as the voice from the long limo said “Rock and Roll forever” as he too sounded like he had more than a few drinks in the back seat. Paula Abdul stuck her head out just to puff smoke at Mark and many of the limos that were stopped, took pictures of my banner with a warning of laundry list of sin as you could see the flash inside the back seat. A number rolled sown the windows just to yell their sin others banged on the window as they passed.
We were blessed with a great parking, about 30 yards from where we stood and a great location, with favor from Beverly Hills police. No doubt these people were alerted to Jesus, sin and life after death.


MONDAY was the Martin Luther King parade in gangland L.A. or commonly known as South Central Los Angeles.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan made King’s birthday a national holiday, though it was not observed until 1986 and is celebrated on the third Monday every January. The weather was nice as I have done this parade in the heat, rain and wind. But the nice weather produced a large crowd, as the police we everywhere along the route. Doug used his Christianize wheelchair to follow the route on the sidewalk and preach, a number of local brothers walked the route with signs and I stood at a main artery to get those participating in the parade.

This was billed as the largest King parade in the U.S. complete with at least 30 marching groups, over 20 floats, 17 drill teams, 16 marching bands, seven color guard teams, numerous dance groups and more. As in past years there was a heavy South Korean presence, with the ‘Grand Marshall’ of the parade a Rev. Hae Hak Lee, a South Korean Presbyterian minister and a member of South Korea’s parliament. As he sat in the convertible, he looked at my sign but said nothing, all he did was hold a Korean flag in one hand and do the parade wave with the other hand, as he seemed ashamed of the Gospel.

The largest cheers from the sidewalk came for Ronald McDonald and Denny’s as the biggest hissing noise, was a tie, between the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Police Department. Both were followed by those with signs and petitions claiming Police brutality. This is not the Rose Parade nor the Macy’s Parade as tow trucks, trash trucks and bail bondmen were all a part of this parade and everyone in the parade danced to some type of loud music or banging drums. There were communist groups passing out anti-government literature on the sidewalk and a number of unions walking the parade. People were passing out flyers for testing to see if you are the father of that child, along with flyers with an 800 number for battered women and anger management classes or leaflets for family attorneys.

There was a black pro-sodomite group that pranced the route also the Hare Krishna’s had a float and did their public dance and chant in their pajamas and of course the ‘Occupy’ was there in force trying to incite the people. How can I forget the large 10 foot picture of Gandhi and another of ML King being pushed in the street. To say he has become on idol is an understatement.

The Police department flaunted their stuff as every type of vehicle they had was exposed in the parade as if to say “We Got This, Ya-all.” Where I stood was at the tip of a ‘Y’ in the road/route and they could not miss my extra large banner in the middles of the street. The Mayor of Los Angeles quoted my banner with his microphone as he drove by and said he believes in Jesus. The Chief of police, the sheriff of L.A. county, most of the city counsel and a number of local news people all acknowledged Jesus when they saw my banner.

They were also reminded that Jesus is the KING of KINGS. The very liberal Maxine Waters decided to get out from her car and walk the route around the same place I was standing and after she walked by me she almost fell down as she seemed to slip on the street by my banner and the loudest chant of the day was a tie between “No justice, NO peace…NO heath care, NO peace” and “Vote Union, Black Power.” Now, I have been preaching parades of all types for decades across our nation and never saw white folks with fists raised shouting “White Power” in a city parade….and if they did, that would be considered racist, but not on Martin Luther King Blvd. in South Central.

Many axed if I was protesting the parade others axed if I knew that God/Jesus/Adam & Eve were all black as many confessed to be saved, yet professed being proud they were black. African flags on T-shirts was the dress code for men and for women, wearing African dresses and colored hats was the fashion statement. Petitions were getting signed everywhere, from anti-government, anti-police, to race discrimination, anti-boarders, health care, more government aid and Obama needed for four more years.

In my opinion, Rev King, Dr. King, Mr. King was nothing more than a communist, adulterer who should have kept to preaching a watered down Jesus loves you message in Church. His life and politics were immoral and if he had a dream once, he is living a nightmare now. He might have preached about ‘freedom’ yet he lived in bondage and was most likely murdered by another black, yet he is the poster-boy against racism….go figure, only in America.

I guess it’s just safe to say that some people are just proud of the color of their skin and they are proud to have ML King be their leader. Is there something wrong with that…..its not like they made an idol out of the guy or turned him into the virgin Mary, right.....then again?

Brother David from Houston is arrested for just holding a sign at a marathon. He called me last week about some problems he has had in Houston and now this. He was arrested about two months ago which made the news and charges were dropped, you might have thought the lesion was learned? Note the first thing said by the officer was regarding the video camera.