Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here is a HOT news story of a Muslim that attacked Larry and Tony last year after preaching a concert in Tampa and is now charged with plotting to attack Tampa-area nightclubs and a sheriff's office with bombs and an assault rifle to avenge wrongs done to Muslims. The Kosovo-born man made a video and stated that he wanted to bring terror to the hearts in the Tampa Bay area. The Muslim community has already distant themselves from the suspect Sami Osmakac, as they said “It was very clear he was very disturbed very angry and very misguided about the Islamic faith.” The link below is the local news clip which shows a piece of the youtube clip where he snapped and attacked the preaching:

To view the full youtube clip, click link below:

JUDE 1:22-23


WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported on the creation? (Gen.1)…..This just In from your local news. Reports of a big blast could be heard everywhere as some witnesses claimed it sounded more like a ‘bang’ than a blast, nevertheless whatever it was IT WAS LOUD with flashing lights. The noise forced light to shine, formed mountains and moved water. The environment rocked and plants began to grow, which fed animals that evolved from small ponds. Humans also advance from pond scum, into apes and now reported walking in the upright position, all due to this ‘BIG bang’ heard by many. No one knows where this big bang came from or how it was created as that does not MATTER. Because that is what people smarter than you and I have said happened, so who are we to question them? Now, there has not been another ‘bang’ heard since the first bang nor do humans evolve any longer, but that does not mean we do not understand what happen. Stay tuned for our next report…..that some people think the earth is round…HA! When will this end?

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they would have reported the flood (Gen.7)? Oh CNN would have showed all the dead bodies, floating kittens and balloted puppies around the sealed ark. We have footage taken from our ‘Action Helicopter’ of women and children that were once crying and now are faced down in the water as Noah nor his family did not assist anyone into the ship. Where is the love of God, the reporters would broadcast. How could God be so cruel to His creation as the camera would zoom in on children’s toys floating around a playground. And it will be breaking news that the story of the flood was taken from other religious writings, the Jews simply stole the story.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported the tower of Babel (Gen.11:5-8)? CBS would report what is God’s problem? We are one. We are humans made after His image and likeness and all we want to do celebrate unity and he does this. I thought God was not the author of confusion? Contractors say next time they build a tower they will trick God and use sign language and not talk to each other. The question now is, will this God now be against the Olympics, inner racial marriage, unions, world championship games, the U.N. and the one world government? As all we want to be one, is this wrong? In a related story, there will be a world concert planed to raise money for a new bigger tower at a disclosed location, with the theme song ‘We Are The World’ check local cable listings for details.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen.19:1-29)? NBC would ask why is the Hebrew God so judgmental, these people were born that way and there were innocent women and children in those cities, not to mention pregnant women and harmless babies that were killed as a result of that fire. Even the animals and birds were burnt for no reason. How can anyone believe in a God that is so intolerant, we thought God was all forgiving? Arson investigators, fire marshals and detectives are looking into the fire as arson as the cities are now a big crime scene and as soon as the fires stop burning the forensic team will go in. Police are looking for Lot and his family as a person of interest as he was seen fleeing the city with two unknown individuals. If you have seen them or know of their whereabouts, please contact 1-800 RAT-UOUT.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported on the 10 plagues of Egypt (Ex 5- Ex 11)? ABC news could report that every one of the ‘plagues’ can be explained as this has nothing to do with the Hebrew God but pure science.......
Plague number 1: The water which turned to blood and killed all fish and other aquatic life. This was done as a result of those Jews sacrificing animals next to water and the water turned red and was contaminated.
Plague number 2: Frogs, well it was mating season, don’t read more into the story.
Plague number 3: Lice, this problem came from gorillas as the zoo was in town that week, like the AIDS virus blame it on apes.
Plague number 4: Flies, these swarm of flies were a direct result from the dead fish in the bloody water.
Plague number 5: Disease on livestock, nothing more than mad-cow disease, it was a mere coincidence that it happened around the same time. It was human error, nothing more, everyone stay calm.
Plague number 6: Boils, this happened as a result of the hair lice which spread over Egypt.
Plague number 7: Hail and thunder, Mother Nature freak storm, so much for global warming.
Plague number 8: Locusts, well after the rain and hail we had an excess of grass and crops, hence we had an surplus of grasshoppers too, nothing more, no need to panic as everything is under control.
Plague number 9: Darkness, one word….eclipse.
Plague number 10: Death of the first-born of all Egyptians, this was done by Israeli soldiers as a distraction so the Hebrews can loot and scoot from the Egyptian community.
The King’s army is pursuing Moses and company and they are trapped by the Red Sea. And on a follow up report the army has not returned and it is reported that the God of the Hebrews judged them for stealing as they walked in a big circle for forty years.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported the revolt of Korah (Num.16:1-40)? The BBC reports that Moses is such of a dictator that no one can question him. Anyone can be used of God, anyone can be called of God as we are all children of God, His elect, His kings yet Moses MR. Humble himself wishes bad luck on Korah and his family. Moses hated Korah all along and had him built his house on a fault line and waited for the day an earthquake would destroy him. Moses seems to rule by fear.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported the story of Jonah. The nightly eyewitness news would sound like this, Good evening and do we have a whale of a story tonight. Reports of a mad man that jumped from a perfectly good ship into the water, claimed he was swallowed by a large fish for three days. Then after the third day the fish blew him out on land and the nutty man was seen dazed walking the streets and warning of a judgment to come scaring everyone. Well, the day predicted came and no judgment from his God as witnesses said they saw him later on a hill crying. Police are investigating and considered such a person to be on crack or some other drug, because no fish was found and his judgment story was a big lie. Fishing stories have been known to exaggerate but this one is tops them all. And on a related story, another extreme man named Jesus said he will rise from the dead after three days and used this fish story to confirm His prophecy. Police are looking into this matter and are ready to make an arrest before someone gets hurt.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported on this Jesus guy? Our investigation team has found some dirt on this cult leader who claims to be the Messiah, as those in His hometown said he was born of fornication and this cult had family ties. The mad man, aka: John the Baptist who said Jesus was the Lamb of God. Well, they are cousins. This is a family cult as not even His brothers believe in Him. Reports are, that anyone that who works with Him dies or goes to jail. John His cousin was beheaded in prison, the man that betrayed Him committed suicide. The man that denied Him at the cross was crucified upside down and the others were jailed and killed as well, in fact all of His followers were told they too would be hated. Jesus was a troublemaker from the very start of His 3 year ministry and needs to submit to the elders. He takes scripture out of context and the only reason people follow Him is to get a free meal and see one of His staged healings. He is just bitter against the devouted orthodox religion and He is a hater for not accepting everyone. The Rabbi Wolf from the religious community says; “There are many people walking around claiming to be the Christ, but everyone knows that when the real Messiah comes he will be a king like David. This Jesus guy deserved what he got”

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported the crucifixion (Mk.15:21-41) We are live at the dump site and Yes, it is confirmed that Jesus died and could not even save Himself. It was not the fault of the Hebrews nor the Romans but it was democracy that killed Jesus as the Roman rulers saw the people wanted Him to die, it was allowed. The real evil is democracy. During the execution His disciples were nowhere to be found as they ran off. His ministry was anti-government and anti-religious, He was a false prophet as Rome has been prosperous and is now home the world’s richest religion.. He just wanted to remove the government and the religious community. He lived a lie and even His followers stole His body and claim He rose from the dead. He lived a lie and even His followers stole His body and paid off those that guarded the tomb, to claim He rose from the dead, he has now been known to appear on tortillas, tree trunks, windows and chips.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported on the early Church? This Jesus guy appeared a number of times to His followers as many of them were jailed for causing a disturbance in cities and trying to start their own religion. They meet in houses and do not keep the Sabbath nor the traditions of the orthodox religion and always cry persecution when jailed. All this being hated and persecuted by others is only self fulfilling prophesy they heaped on themselves. Who wants to join a church where everyone will hate you, your family will leave you and you must live holy, when we can just burn a few animals and get on with life.

WHAT WOULD THE MEDIA HAVE SAID ABOUT GOD IF they reported on Peter leaving jail (Acts 12)? King Herod had Peter arrested and while he was in jail and allegedly there was an earthquake and this man of God fled the prison. He is now a fugitive. A wanted man, who skipped bail and is on the run, maybe he will be featured on ‘Rome’s Most Wanted’ and what kind of religion is this where their leader is a escapee? No wonder these churches or cells are underground, these are lawbreakers leading others to be criminals and they don’t meet at the regular synagogues or temples but they have their own compounds and make God look bad.

We are exhorted in the scriptures to remember those in prison, in jail and in bonds, so does this mean what we must start a jail ministry? No, in fact those verses are there to remind us that real Christians will be jailed for their faith and we should not be ashamed of them. Not that God can not changed a man in prison as I have spoken in prisons and many inmates seem to be involved with Jesus because they have the time, but after they are released they go back to the vomit from where they came from. As per the Epistle of Philemon, which was Paul writing as a prisoner in Rome regarding one Onesimus. He was a runaway slave who had fled from his master (Philemon) house and most likely he took with him money and goods. While locked up Onesimus and Paul developed a bond of friendship. Now Paul did not command Philemon to free his slave Onesimus, but rather receive him as more than a slave but as a brother in Christ and fellow believer. Onesimus was a convert from Paul’s incarceration.

“Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them who suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body”
-Hebrews 13:3

The Epistles are filled with words like;
“Remember my bonds”
-Colossians 4:18
“and was not ashamed of my chains”
-2 Timothy 1:16
“Be not therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner”
-2 Timothy 1:8
“Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds”
-2Timothy 2:9
“For which I am an ambassador in bonds”
-Ephesians 6:20

Paul was not visiting the murderer and the thief in jail but it was he that was in chains for the gospels sake. In fact most of the New Testament was written from a jail cell. As this was common for men of God in the Bible to be jailed or in prison for giving a message. John the Baptist was put in a cell for rebuking the king and was later beheaded, Jesus was arrested in a garden after He prayed. In the book of Acts we find Peter and John arrested and we find Paul getting arrested and standing before the courts several times. In the Old Testament we find Joseph in the kings prison, Samson was bound with bronze chains, Jeremiah and Daniel were jailed, to name just a few. But today, if a street preacher gets arrested in America, it is considered shameful and maybe he deserved it by saying something offensive to someone.

The only time we read about a minister getting arrested is if they molested someone or robbed their church funds. We do find Christians in other countries jailed for their faith but in America you are considered a criminal for such. Most Pastors will teach on the subject from a book they read or a story they goggled and were inspired, but nothing on a personal level. Most Biblical scholars can give you a good history lesion on the subject, from the early Church but have never seen a jail cell themselves. Most Christians will never know what’s it is like to sit in a cell for their faith, have handcuffs cut your wrists or to be chained and stand before a judge for their faith.

Yet Jesus prophesied such was to happen or was that to the early church and not for us in America today? Ever wondered why Christianity in the States have rarely tasted of such verses?

Perhaps this verse in John 7:7 can shed light on the matter;

“The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil”

Could it be that the modern Church does not testify against the world as being evil, but have more in common with the works of the world? Unless the words of Jesus are in vain, if we rebuke the world as evil, they will hate us, persecute us and jail us. No need to understand Greek to find the truth here. There is no Bible study, Church meeting, revival, seminar, Christian retreat or song that can prepare you to sit in a cell for your faith. You have tasted of BIBLE and it is good.

Fruit of Biblical Christianity vs. fruit of modern Christianity;
“For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise…..ye suffer, if a man bring you into bondage, if a man devour you, if a man take of you, if a man exalt himself, if a man smite you on the face…..I speak as concerning reproach, as though we had been weak. Howbeit whereinsoever any is bold, I am bold also…. I speak as a fool….Are they Hebrews? so am I. Are they Israelites? so am I….. Are they the seed of Abraham? so am I….Are they ministers of Christ? I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft……I speak foolishly….Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one…..Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep….In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen…..in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city……in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren…..In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often……in cold and nakedness. Beside those things, the care of all the churches…..Who is weak, and I am not weak? who is offended, and I burn not?”

Now compare that to today, or I guess that was then, and this is now;
…..he who has the biggest smile is of God. One must be tolerant and not judgmental, one must prosper and have constant joy and peace. One must sing and raise your hands high and emind God you love him. You will allow the love of God to radiate from your face and you must speak softly and never argue with others. Everything you do is in the perfect will of God and whatever sin you do, remember it’s all under the blood. You will not be hated, nor will others persecute you because they really want to be just like you. You will show the manifestation of God by driving the nicest cars, eating the best foods and living in the biggest house. No need to covet others as they will covet you and this will bring them to the Lord, no need to evangelize. Go to the biggest Church in your area because everyone knows, he who has the highest steeple has the truth and make sure you get ministered too by watching TBN, because everything rotates around you and how you feel, right? Why not, you are the Kings kid……

Dear Reuben: Are You planning on going to Marti Grass this year? Or do you know any group that is going? I am trying to fit it in my schedule. Maybe we could team up there. I am still lifting up the banners for Jesus. Hallelujah!
God Bless

Ruben, as I sit here and prepare my sermon on John the Baptist. You came to mind. A voice calling from the wilderness, repent the Kingdom of the Lord is at hand. May the Lord continue to bless your work.

Your vid makes me want to go to N.O. with you guys and do some preachin'! Y'all the shizzle!

if u were white boy u would b a kkk member, u r filled with so much hate that ppl like u should b jailed in the desert 4 life and preach to each other there.

This weekend coming up we will be coming together with christians and street preachers from 13 states in Little Rock Ark.. Operation States of Refuge. We are coming against that states last surviving abortion mill. We would love to link arms with you Rubin. But I know we can't be in every battle. But we would like it if you could keep us lifted up in prayer. God Bless!

All true believers in Jesus Christ need to be out preaching against sin and wickedness and proclaiming the gospel PUBLICLY

Hi Brother Ruben!
I just want to THANK YOU for posting my preach report on your weekly blog. I really appreciate it brother! I do not take it for granted. Thank you once again! My family is doing very well, thank you! I’m very happily married! I still have no regrets for getting married! J I have a very lovely wife who’s very supportive of my street-preaching and that helps a lot!
God bless you, bro! Keep up the good work and keep on fighting the good fight!

Ruben I found this with your picture, enjoy
Stuff Fundies like….

Wow a busy new year indeed. God bless you Bro. Ruben! From your brothers here in the Philippines!

Dear brother reuben, please note www.step-by-step.org , brother jim has developed superior,award winning, witnessing tools that you and your links may find fruitful.
love in Christ

Ruben, we will be praying here in Missouri that the Lord Jesus uses you guys in a might mighty way. Blessings

praise God that you are going to all kinds of people Reuben-- sometimes those who assume they are saved are the saddest

i hate christians & u r the reason why.

You are extreamists, you are nut jobs, you only wish to bring attention to yourselves and you are idiots. You are my slave mr fat a** maybe you should go to Iran with those signs and blow horns.

Keep me in prayers as am traveling today to Mombasa in kenya for a mission may God bless you so much! Amen

Honestly there is no way to talk or discuss anything with you hillbillys! Your only intention is to provocate! If I would hear you I would not resist! I will take out a knife and cut your throats! I woudn't care if you say look muslims are violent! Fu** you! Yes we are if you insult our religion! respect us!

what church do you attend?

Hey Ruben what do you think about using this bible verse next time the cops threaten you with arrest. Are we not citizens of heaven? a lawyer told this one today.
2 Corinthians 5:20
Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.

why would you live in hollywood with so much sin, why not move away to say Idaho or Main? i am concerned for you

Mr. Israel, if there is a god you would be the last person she would want to represent her and the bible, because god is all about love dude.

Hey brother, I had a dream with you in it! I've been getting persecution lately from this club I'm in about speaking the true gospel of Jesus Christ. In the dream, I just finished school, and I saw you and a bunch of other preachers were there outside my school, I was so happy, I remember I was with you guys and then these people, one who I recognized from the club I'm in, they were building up these boxes so high, so that no one could see us. Then, we went to a different location and I got a sign, I don't remember what was on it, but I believe there was an ice cream cone on it, and something in the ice cream cone. I prayed to Jesus for understanding, and I got the interpretation that the sign meant NO sugar coated lies, I feel the Lord has really encouraged me to continue preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
Jesus bless you Ruben.

When I saw you preaching I'm reminded of the feuds I read about between Greeks and Romans who couldn't agree on which of their imaginary friends were "GOD".
People who talk for a God are only talking for imaginary friends. If any real God(s) wanted us to know them, they'd introduce themselves personally.


Hi, Reuben,
May I give you a call to interview you re: preaching on college campuses. Your "Campus Preachers in the News" document is very helpful.
Thanks, Mark Wilson

Please Im a Christian and this is not how to preach. This just makes people hate the Word. I weep 4 u!

Well done guys we need a few like you to be in soho London to clean up the city.

Will be praying for you, and the others, as you pay a visit to Lady and her dear fans.

God bless you Ruben. May you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year, and may the Lord continue to use you in His service. All the best.


God Bless you Reuben! I will pray for you to keep you safe!

Ruben, we will be praying here in Missouri that the Lord Jesus uses you guys in a might mighty way. Blessings

Honestly there is no way to talk or discuss with you hillbillys! Their only intention is to provocate! I could not resist! Take out a knife and cut their throats! I woudn't care if they say look muslims are violent! Fu** you! Yes we are if you insult our religion! Otherways they will never respect us!

First of all I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was born and raised in Michigan, where Greenfield Village was a yearly family outing, and Henry Ford Museum was a wonder. I moved from Michigan in 1998. Before I moved I saw the muslim takeover of Hamtramck but never dreamed it would outreach to a total take over of Dearborn.
As I mentioned, I have moved from Michigan, but my family still lives there. They are not able to enjoy the once beloved sites and history.
If there is ANYTHING I can do to help bring your message, please contact me.
Thank you in advance.

hello brother Ruben ...enjoying your updates i have a expernence with a man two years ago that was watching me at a intersection and bumped a car in the rear and then when the cops arrived he tried to blame it on me anyway two years went by and he stoped and talked to me he repented and left the Catholic faith and told me to keep up the good work !!! thanks bro. Ruben you are truley a man of GOD
bro. Gene

Mr. Israel I am a Christian and you are not. I preach love and forgivness and you preach hate and judgment. I am filled with the Spirit of God and you are FULL OF SH**!!

Hi Brother Ruben,
Some of the brethren refuse to shake a man's hand who is going to hell. Some of the brethren say this is right, and some say this is wrong. What would you say? I realize that Gal. 5:12 refers to cutting off the children of disobedience who are leading people to hell, but 1 Peter 2:17 says to honor all men. Is it possible to honor all men, without shaking the hand of some people who are wicked? I thought that shaking someone's hand was a form of respect. Could you please clear this up for me?
Thanks in advance,

if christianity is the truth then why are they millions of christian converting to islam? haha u christian pray to jesus a human just like you instead of god

Thanks, Bro Reuben.
May the Lord bless you. I thank God for your consistent commitment to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have learned a lot from you.
Lord bless!
Bro Christopher

That's awesome. When God's word goes out, it doesn't return void. Give em heaven Ruben.

Kevin is a new employee/apprentice here at Living Biography (or brandfire.net depending on your project) and I've assigned him the task of assembling this slideshow video for you. He has all the photos from the disk you brought to my place in October as well as the footage from your interview that night (he was the guy helping me with the gear if you recall) as well as the footage from the actual time we filmed for the film. Feel free to work directly with him until this is completed to your satisfaction. I will oversee it but Kevin will be cutting his teeth on this one. Bryan

Hi Brother Ruben,
I went out with some of the brethren on Saturday to preach the word of God unto the evildoers. A Brother in Christ recommended that I get a tool belt; so I would like to know what tool belt do you personally recommend?
Looking forward to your next response.

Can we give Dearborn over to the Canadians?

Hi Ruben,
Just thinking of you and wanted to wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. Hope you are well and that all the ministries are going well,
Let’s stay in touch, Till the nets are full,

you ppl are stupid and ignorant. nuff said

Hey Reuben,
I just seen the videos of the Dearborn situation. I live in Lincoln Park michigan which is only a few miles down the freeway from there. I would like to offer myself as a local Christian and American to your cause. God Bless and keep the fire burning

Hey Bro,
Went by myself, but I felt the Lord tell me He was sending warrior angels with me. Didn't see any angels, but things went great, piece of cake, preached for 3 hours, had some christians come and encourage me. Found a great free parking spot, weather was great, ticked off the so called christians, got spit at, flipped off, the usual. Glad I went!
Hope things go well for you tonight with the ucla game.
God bless,

Ruben you were on “American Muslim” Sunday night on the learning channel, it showed your banners and you preaching at Dearborn MI. I told my wife “I know that guy”

ruben are you on facebook?
i live in arkansas and would like to join you street preaching, my pastor likes you too


In response to ‘Help wanted’ on your site, I wonder if you could also help me. I am looking to hook up with some one like yourself in order to become a Street Preacher. [To break my duck - if you understand]. I do not know where you are situated, but hope it is close to the east coast.

Please allow me to give you some of my background, I wrote to you lately [ October 20th ] exhorting you in the work you do, and to tell you how I wish to start preaching or such a ministry here in Ireland. Thank you for your response to it. I wish to start a ministry or something like ‘Out Door Preaching - Ireland.'

I realise the importance of Scripture like Proverbs 27:2, but, I hope you see my dilemma, is, that while I lack an endorsement - a difficult position, and without fellowship [but for times] for over 3 years, this is also testament of my commitment to the Lord and the faith [ Jude 3] and the lost. But for 2 Tim. 3:12 it would be hard to fathom being kicked out for trying to be efficient in evangelism.
I believe, my old congregation became a cult because they fear/ed the Pastor - Proverbs 29:25 - more than the Lord, and/or love him more than the truth.
I am drawn to your ministry because you preach to the lost without compromise
I would also remind you that God gave me the strength to alone admonish 100 -150 self righteous and fascist Palestinian supports, in a rally against Israel in the streets of Cork city.

The Lord has guided me to reprove my ex-Pastor many times in order to restore my good name, that I may do a good work for God. Sadly he [ and those supporting him within the ‘church’ ] will not hear because of their pride. After backsliding a while [ being drunken this Summer] - God has now given me this guidance to ask.
And after listening to a lot of preaching by many preachers as well as yourself - Jesse Morrell, Kevin Farrer and others; I would like to ask you if you would receive me in the new year, as the Lord tarries.

I am without sufficient funds just yet but in time I will have them. The great distance aside, I wish to please God - Hebrews 11:6 and with God I have enough to offer to be of use.

This letter may not be enough to persuade you, so if you need more please do not hesitate to ask{such as some bold letters I have written} { my witness can also be as bold} . I trust the Lord will guide you in your decision.
Sincerely in Christ,

If you hate Mormons then I hate fat people and people that wear sunglasses. Hw do you like that? Mormons love Jesus.

dear brother. Thanks for your brilliant site and ministry.
Here's the issue. I'm an American who lives in south Australia and when walking in rundle mall (in Adelaide) I Met "Private Frank" an older brother who was passing out Bibles to people.
I sat down to talk and he was thrilled that I was an American and an Armenian to boot. Eventually I gave him my large cross that was around my neck (he is truly beautiful and chock FULL of the Holy Spirit) Anyhow. He asked me to get him a ww2 warm army coat next time I was in the u.s. and two years later I am now here and finally got a huge package I plan to ship to him...only...I'VE FORGOTTEN HIS LAST NAME!!! I was prayin that either you or one of our other brothers might know of him...He's created quite a "stir" over the years preaching as he does - I've googled and have not come up with anything.
I think he calls his ministry Gods Army and vaguely think his last name was something like sedlack??? But nothing comes up under that name. He was all over the news years ago cause the mall folks wanted him to pay for the right to hand out bibles... We were immediate FAMILY and now I need your help to complete a two year process of being a woman of my word.
Thanks for standing for Jesus.
Your little sis'

Ruben, you don't have to yell at strangers in public! You can live a full and wonderful life and smile at people you don't know and not curse them! You can live free of fear and guilt! Reject Human Sacrifice Ruben, reject bronze age blood rituals! Put aside that for which there is no evidence and join the 21st century. You don't have to be afraid anymore!!

Photosforsouls.com is a website designed to encourage believers and to reach lost souls for the Lord, especially those who feel they have fallen too far from God's grace to be saved. We would love to supply your ministry with free gospel tracts to help carry out the Great Commission in reaching lost souls for Christ.
The tracts are available in English and Spanish on our Free Literature page!
Please let us know if you would be interested in co-laboring with us in this ministry. Thanks for your support in remembering us in your prayers!

I wonder how many Muslims you converted with that shirt on LOL

Brother Rueben,
Do you still have your Monday night gathering in the Los Angeles area? Where and when exactly is it? Can I attend? I want to get into open air preaching and witnessing much more. I am a friend and supporter of Jesse Morrell. My wife and I live in Monrovia. Is there any group around my area? Jesse didn't know of anyone, but yours. I am also a musician in two Christian outreach bands... if you ever need Christian music at an event, free of charge.... please let me know. Also, I would like to have you as guest on my cable access t.v. show, "One on One" for a one hour interview. We would also have footage in the show of you doing your thing. Thanks so much for being who you are a faithful, bold, uncompromising servant for the Lord Jesus Christ!

Use spellcheck, then burn in hell.

Dear Ruben,
I came across your street ministry on you tube. I just had to tell you that my wife and I were very encouraged to know that God has prepared a man like you in these last days to preach the gospel and the truth of word of God. We've been passing out gospel tract on Saturday mornings for past four years and seeing what you and your group do is very inspiring. You are what bible talk about least being the greatest in heaven.
Thank you for doing for the Lord what many of us Christians are not courageous to do. We'll pray for from now on. God's grace and mercy be upon you always.
God bless

Hey, Reuben. I love what you are doing for Christ. I appreciate how you are not afraid to be abrasive when confronting the wicked. I was wondering if you and your team could come to the town of Ithaca, NY for the festival that is celebrated during the 31st of May until June 3rd. It is the perfect time and place to have bold open air preachers preach to a wicked town and festival. I kid you not, this town is like a mini- San Francisco. I would tag along if you guys came here, but if you guys can't come then I understand. If you guys have anything planned between Dec. 17th until June 26th I would be more than willing to fly to the place where you guys plan to preach the word of God. Look forward to hearing back from you. Jesus bless!

You, your banners, you horns, your shirts, your message it’s so wrong... I don’t think that’s what Jesus wants.

Dear Ruben,
Yes, I am looking to start preaching by getting experience with such men as yourself. I would go anywhere I can afford, but sadly Los Angelus is a bit far for me. I am a terrible flyer or traveller. Thank you for your replies, I appreciate them. If you could pass on any E/mail address of any on the East Coast I would appreciate that all the more. Preaching at the Olympics is great, I would be glad if I got there also, to help. I have a brother living there but he is of the other sexual persuasion.
In Christ,

Ruben, people would leave you alone if you just did not go where you were not wanted. You don't have to do the things you do, you live in fear and guilt. You could be a friend to all you meet Ruben, not an antagonist! Embrace reason Ruben!

God bless you guys for having a spine and confronting sin, liars and false prophets.
Your fellow laborer in Christ.

You guys are all bikers for hire, how much to have you not come to our city? This is why there is no need for religion, we live in the 21st century, it's time wake up and smell the darwin.

Ruben, What is the process to obtain "friendly" legal counsel and fight and overturn false arrests and false charges in Seattle, or other cities ?

James 1:2-4 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing [this], that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have [her] perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothinG.

Hasn't anyone told the YOU that gluttony is a sin?

Your post on santa, Excellent!

Ummmmm aren't Catholics, Mormons Christians too?

Very good report Bro. probably the best one of the entire year in fact!
Sincerely, Dick

You are at an age where it should be made abundantly clear if it's not already, that some of the methods you choose to recruit Christians and sons of God, is quite literally, turning away more than you are bringning in. Certainly there are those who need a harder push and a harsher form of preach so it gets through their thick skulls, but ridiculing homosexuals and making quirky jokes to argue for your cause is not going to work, especially if it's the gays you are trying to convince, lol. I'm not gay, but it's plain as day to see that you are actually making Christianity look bad. If you are still too stubborned to hear this out than I don't know what to say. It's common sense, you need to tone it down, othewise, all this work you are doing is going to be a waste, and you don't seem like a guy who likes to waste his time.


My PRAYERS go out for you Ruben! Givem the REAL stuff and let the Holy Spirit speak through you and others because of HER FORNICATION God has judged her CALI-Fornication must hear JESUS preached in todays evil world

Thanks Ruben. You put a lot of work on that and its a great resource. Those tools are horrid. I think if everyone had to go through a tutorial of abortion in truth they wouldnt go through with it.

This is excellent Sir

Come to Australia if you DARE! May Allah Guide the Muslims in Dearborn because Satan has misled all other religions but Islam, Islam is the last one left in his Book, he cant mislead the Muslims directly thats why he and those work for him, try to trick the young Muslims intellectually. they are more worried about the next generation then the older ones. this is all for the comming of they're "so called" Messiah The False Dajjal. Be Aware O People Beware!.
Say 'There is no God but Allah'.

Ruben, go on Fox theres an article on a "pastor" thats opened a tat parlor to reach ppl that dont go to church...notice that its not about reaching souls for Christ. But just getting them to come to church...thats a huge problem anymore ppl go to church but dont come to Christ, we need revival. Thanks for what you do Ruben, may God bless you with many crowns for souls.

I'm sorry, but how the hell can you go to an Arab festival with a shirt that says "INFIDEL PRIDE" and not expect a severe ass kicking? This is unfair in my opinion... anyone else would have done the same. Nothing like doing a little inciting to riot... and then crying foul. How many muslim demonstrations are allowed at billy graham crusades? Yeah right. What a bunck of sad sacks.

Hey Ruben,
I found out my Dad was in prison so I wrote him a letter. I haven't seen him since I was 3 years old. He wrote me back. In it he mentioned that he and his brothers were all Harley guys. He said that he used to ride with the Hells Angels and was a member of the Outlaws biker gang. He said a lot of our family was in the Hells Angels. I don't really know the Morrell side of my family. I never knew that. But when he said that I thought of you because I know that you preached once outside of their club house at Stergis. Who knows, maybe you preached to some of my family. That would be really awesome.

Good to see someone standing up for the truth. preach it brother Reuben

My Name is Giovanni Camilleri and I'm going to be making a you tube documentary "Other than beads" at Mardi Gras this year. My goal is to try to capture some of the Mardi Gras happenings, good and bad, that most people don't know about.
The street preachers are just as large of a part of Mardi Gras as anything else, yet, I've never once seen them documented on any New Orleans film. I want to change that. Assuming that you're going this year, I would be honored to interview you, or someone on your team for five or ten minutes.
The questions will be along the line of:
How many Mardi Gras have you worked at?
Why do you choose Mardi Gras and where else do you witness at?
What is a good experience that you've had at Mardi Gras during missions?
What is a bad experience?
How much time goes into planning for Mardi Gras?
Do your preach at any other events?
If that is something that you would be interested in, I would love to make this happen.
I look forward to hearing back from you, and if not, thank you for your time just the same.

Thank you Ruben.

Dear Apostle Ruben, Receive our greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are your brother and sister in Christ. We are pastors Peter and Rose in Kenya East Africa. We thank the Lord so much for allowing us to come to your contact in the Internet through your web page. After going through your messages and have seen you have the heart for Nations.
We are impressed, interested and would like to extend our humble request invitation to you to come to Kenya, meet brothers and sisters in the Lord, visit us and share with us the word of the lord. We will gratefully appreciate and our good God will bless you abundantly. Your ministry is good and unique i love already and would want your affiliate. If you are able and come we will share more and see what God can do together to reach souls to Christ. Please know that we love you already, praying and waiting to read from you soon. Thank you and God bless you.
Yours in Christ,
peter & Rose Ogalo

Dear bro Ruben,
Thanks for offering to share with us some legal info for representation if false arrest and charges if we need it here in Sodomeattle area.
Hugs and a holy kiss (if you flossed this morning-LOL),
Tom www.saltministries.wordpress.com

Below is the link of the video of Kevin getting arrested while preaching at the Raiders game 2 days ago. Kevin tells it like it is. After Al Davis the owner died this year I remember seeing a clip of the coach preaching Al into heaven, how Al was looking down on them and smiling after they won the next game after he died.
Al Davis had a reputation of being a nasty cut throat kind of owner. Kevin lets the fans know that Al is in hell and says he hopes Tim Tebow is watching this, how you can't even talk about Jesus at a Raiders game. Good Stuff!!
In the video the cops lie to Kevin and tell him that he is on private property and must leave. I spoke with Kevin and he said he had conferred with his attorney and stood his ground because where he was preaching is actually public property. The cops didn't know what to charge him for because it wasn't trespassing, they ended up charging him with obstructing official business. Lets pray he soundly defeats this charge in court or it gets dismissed!
God bless,
Bro Mark


The Lord gave us victory in court bro!!!

God is good!! We hit the abortion clinic last weekend and preached to the Occupy Houston folks today! Everything is back to normal!!! Thanks for your example!!

This blog seems to write something positive about you in Chicago, titled “God, Bless the Street Preacher”

Not sure who I spoke to on the strip, las vegas I am a christian but I am also opened up to one of the guys who went that night, in your group w/ a red sweatshirt and cap, anyways to find out who that was? He prayed for me and i had told him something that I have never told anyone not even to my best friend, no one. I like to contact him, i know there wasn't anyone else wearing a red shirt besides him, he was also on the mic and he is white w/ blond hair. If you contact him I am the guy who confess that I was gay, and he prayed for me. You can fwd him my email which is *****@gmail.com
Thanks and please keep up the good work!
God bless

Ruben, God created us, god gave us our emotions to learn to use them properly etc. God stuck us on this rock, why should he be wrathful towards us? I have asked God to please destroy me when I die.
Eternal existence, no thank you.