Monday, December 12, 2011

“Now you are the body of Christ, and members in particular”

It has always astonishes me that Christians do not know what their function is, within the body of Christ. I’m not taking young believers, I’m speaking of those who have been around a while. Just what is their purpose? There are those that hop from ministry to ministry, from fellowship to fellowship, from Church to Church, from evangelism to choir, to feeding the homeless, to holding a sign against abortion, to being a prayer warrior to watching TBN.

Does the eye every wish to be the foot, or the leg demand to be the ear? Just what would happen if the finger stops working because it is bored, or don’t feel at peace and is now seeking to be a tooth. Would your body function?

“But now are they many members, yet but one body”

Children, at least have some type of vision when they grow up, as they wish to be a doctor, police officer, fireman or nurse. But an adult Christian… they know their part in the body of Christ and perform at it? Christianity reminds me of many college students I’ve preached too, as every year they change their major and some might even be what I call a ‘career student’ as they don’t have a clue how to function in society. Oh but they have an opinion on society.

Is your part in the body to be in Sunday school then sit in a pew on Sunday for 45 minutes, go to a midweek service and play on the internet or watch TV? This only edifying to yourself and not God.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a young street preacher tell me, this is my calling, this is where the Lord wants me or I know this is the will of God to proclaim in public. Then after the honeymoon is over and he has bitten off more than he can chew, he moves on. Not that they are not saved, just perplexed as to who they are in Christ.

“For as the body is one, and has many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.”

If you know what the will of God is in your life, GO DO. Don’t try to explain your position, or justify your posture, just GO DO. Who cares what is said about you, what is written against you or what gets gossiped behind your back, GO DO. We are not here to please anyone but God, endure, be content and GO DO your part.

My advice is simple, you should know the voice of God for your life and because you don’t have ‘peace’ about it does not mean this is not of God. Most likely, it is your flesh that is at war. Do you think Moses was at peace when God used him? Do you think John the Baptist was at peace in a pool of water looking like a mad man? Was our Lord at peace, before the cross? Think Paul was in peace sitting in a prison day after day or what about John, after getting boiled in oil and sent to an island. Wonder if he was at peace? No, but they had a task that needed done and they endured what as required.

If I waited to feel at ‘peace’ before I served God, I would only go and minister in Hawaii. Know your reason for being, kill your flesh and be content. In all my years of preaching on the streets, campus or events, I’ve never wanted to be like someone else, I do not mimic others. I don’t read where Matthew wanted to sound like Mark nor Luke tried to emulate John, and Paul did not wish to be a Peter. But rather God used these men of character and they did their part in the body of Christ and the body functioned well.

“For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness”
Romans 12:4-8

Interesting text this Romans 12, as we find that within the body of Christ there will those who’s job it is to warn and exhort and it should be done with straightforwardness, have we circumcised this part from the body of Christ?

“Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity”



Preach Report With Pictures From Street Preacher Renier

“Hi Brother Ruben!
Yesterday-afternoon, we (6 guys in total) went to preach in Cape Town at the switching-on of the Festive Lights. There were about a 100,000 people there! Below are the pics…Greg broke the “ice” for the 1st time ever by preaching first! He is growing in boldness….

Ivan preached next…

Then my turn came to pump up the volume…

Victor with 2 of his banners… the one on the left is an Afrikaans-banner which reads: “Your knees will bow, your tongue will confess that JESUS is Lord. Do it now and be saved.”

The event was still in the beginning-stages and the big speakers on the sidewalks weren’t booming yet so we had the freedom to make ourselves heard…Preaching to the crowds gathered on the sidewalks…Close and personal…

Confronted by the Cape Town Metro Police…..trying to reason with the officer…The officer in charge told us that we need to have permission (a permit) from the event-organizers. The paper in his hands was an email that I gave him from the City of Cape Town wherein I was told that I do not need a permit if we are under 15 people. The officer told me that the email is dated April 2010 and that I need to re-apply for permission. The officer told us that we cannot preach ANYWHERE in the City of Cape Town at this day of the event and that if we refuse to comply then they will confiscate our banners, signs and bull-horns. We tried to reason with him as to another location where we can legally preach, but he wanted us out of the city … so we had no other choice than to pack up our stuff and go home. I am just glad that we started to preach immediately at our arrival so that by the time the police caught up with us we have already reached thousands of people!

God bless you, bro!

(Click on link to read the full story)

New Mexico Bible Believers in the NEWS

Run-ins common between Texas street preachers, 'mockers'
“..Breck Bishop was recently among a half-dozen or so Kingdom Baptist members who preached and held a sign that warned a long list of people, from "baby killers" to "party animals," that hell awaits them unless they repent. We swap out preaching and carrying different signs, he said. The Bible says go out and preach in the hedges and highways…..”

Gospel preachers taking over Koforidua streets
“A number of preachers of the Gospel have taken over the commercial streets in Koforidua with some of their preaching activities causing nuisance to the public.
The preachers, who are occupying virtually every space on the street, especially the Commercial Bank area, mount huge speakers at vantage points and on the shoulders of the streets thus inconveniencing the public…”

Feast a ‘sin celebration’, say preachers
“We will work towards having the protestors eventually removed and then stop using amplification. Feast Festival Chairperson Margie Fischer says they are still investigating all avenues for preventing the street preachers’ attendance at future Feast events, following their attempted disruption of the Pride March on November 12…..”

Ron Hughes: Sleaze and vulgarity
“Well, Pride March started Feast with a bit of a bump last week when the ubiquitous Street Preachers did their best to disrupt proceedings. They even had a little cordon of police officers to keep them separated from the thousand-strong throng of proud marchers. They managed to elicit jeers from the crowd of on-lookers as well….”

Budget rally steals spotlight (Updated)
“…What began as a heated debate between the infamous “street preacher” and a crowd of more than 100 students near the San Diego State Info Dome turned a protest against budget cuts. The preacher, Neal Konitshek, with his “Go to hell or repent” sign, drew attention around noon yesterday…”

Bullies with Bibles Street Preachers/Screechers at Pride Charlotte
“…..They taunted with the typical verbiage: “sodomite,” ”pervert,” ”sexual pervert,” ”homo.” All expected. But, interspersed amidst the barrage of condemnation (peppered with Scripture of course, praise Jesus) was delightful commentary such as this, when Buddy, praise Jesus, saw a woman walking with a dog: “Ma’am, don’t bring a dog into a sodomy festival. Be careful. Don’t bring a dog into a sodomy festival. You don’t know what these wicked sodomites will do. There’s nothing that they won’t do. Get a dog out of this place.…..”

A ruckus in the Mall
“….Not from the usual heathens, but from Rundle Mall street preachers, Hell-bent on rescuing Gomorrah Down Under from fornicators, sodomists, liars, drunks, cheats, adulterers and Catholics. Armed with megaphones, podiums, banners and self-righteousness, the street preachers have achieved what our civic fathers have tried and failed to do in the Mall for decades - bring it to life after dark…..”

Sod 'em! Gays howl down street preachers
“….The protesters were jeered by onlookers lining the streets, and marchers blew whistles in their faces and pulled at their signs….”

High cost of freedom of speech
“…..Rundle Mall general manager Martin Haese said the street preachers, who shout into a battery-powered amplification system, were recorded on Tuesday at a noise level of 103dB.
That is the equivalent to standing about 5m from a chain saw, jackhammer or farm tractor…..”

Christian Group Takes an 'Unwelcomed' Stand at the Occupy Wall Street Protests in New York City
“Go Stand Speak Ministries, a Christian evangelistic preaching ministry, has taken aim at the Occupy Wall Street protests proclaiming and offering a slightly different solution to our nation's fiscal, governmental and moral woes: the Bible's laws, principles of economy, government and salvation……”

Preacher sparks debate
“From time to time, fundamentalist or evangelical Christian street preachers appear on campus, and their speeches invariably become acrimonious debates among them and passing students.
Like clockwork, those debates draw a crowd, leading to more debate. But some of the comments from the crowd Monday afternoon got particularly mean…..”

Preacher explains the rise in lesbianism on college campus
“….a Baptist preacher named Micah Armstrong likes to preach the word to any students who listen to him. "Brother Armstrong" has made a career of visiting college campuses because in his words, "It's easier to influence them and also you have the future leaders so you can make an impact on the country." Armstrong thinks students who are gay, who drink beer, who curse and who "attend most Protestant churches" are going to hell. According to Deseret News, Armstrong has preached that, "Women have two places: In front of the sink and behind the vacuum."

Street preachers stir up controversy outside Salazar Hall
“…..The group of self-proclaimed street preachers arrived on campus around noon in a white Ford van clearly marked with Jesus tags. The van was no quieter in announcing its religious conviction than the individuals passing out literature and comic strips in the quad. Decals on the van featured anecdotal sayings, such as "Turn or Burn," "Jesus Saves from Hell" and "Fear God." Students casually took pictures of the vehicle on their phones as they continued to class…..”

Preachers vow to spread the word
“….A Transport Department spokeswoman said it would be concerned if the group started preaching in the train station or on public transport because it would “likely cause discomfort” for commuters. Any person who used offensive language or acted in a way likely to disturb, offend, annoy or interfere with the comfort of other commuters could face fines of up to $1250, she said…”

(Click on link to read the full story)

Pastors charged after telling 'gays' about sin
“…Now facing bench trial in court run by lesbian; Two veteran street preachers in Houston are facing a bench trial for spreading the biblical message about homosexuality – and other sins – on one of their favorite corners for preaching in Houston…..”

Mall Preachers Face $750 Fines
“…..Noisy Rundle Mall street preachers are set to face on-the-spot fines next month.
Clashes between the mall preachers and pro-gay protests earlier this year played a big part in the by-law being passed by Lower House MPs yesterday. The preachers will cop a $750 on-the-spot fine if they use amplifiers or stages to spread their message…..”

Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin
“A Christian street preacher was arrested and locked in a cell for telling a passer-by that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God…..”

Council says Mall preaching by-law essential
“….Adelaide City Council is pleased the South Australian Government is acting swiftly to give it the power to regulate street preachers in Rundle Mall. A model by-law to regulate the use of amplification, platforms and stages can be adopted immediately it passes in State Parliament…”

Street preachers say HPD officers harassed, detained them
“Two street preachers with an anti-gay message say they believe police got out of hand earlier this week when officers confronted them during one of their road-side sermons….”