Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Saturday was the USC vs UCLA game at the Los Angeles Coliseum and if you never preached a college football game before, allow me to give you a 20/20 of the surrounding. The parking lot looked like a ‘Occupy Wall street’ tent city but cleaner, the area was filled with bar-b-que smoke, booze was flowing, and those without a ticket. No problem, almost every tent or RV had a big screen TV, as this stadium is their MECCA and just to be by it, is worth the pilgrimage.

As Jeremiah says, we were there to BRAG ON THE GOD OF THE BIBLE and not allow the strong man to glory in his strength.

“Thus saith the LORD, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD”

These are the two major colleges in Los Angeles and winner gets bragging rights. Most of these people were not concerned of God as they have a full schedule and all it details is a brown pigskin. The language of people just walking and talking is ‘F’ word this and ‘F’ word that, perhaps both universities lack Basic English.

Police around the stadium have always given us much liberty to preach since the 1984 Olympics and since then we have done concerts, both pro and college football games, religious gatherings and any big event that wishes to seat 75000 people to over 100,000 people. They were signs everywhere and believers passing out tracts to those walking by, I must say that everyone at the game had some type of Christianity in front of them.

Now the stadium itself, is near the heart of gangland, so those same people mocking Jesus might not have a car or tires after the game, because parking your car past 10PM when the game was over is as high risk as a homosexual getting AIDS.

Sunday was the 80th annual Hollywood Christmas parade, where the celebrates and soap opera stars were out waving to the crowds on the sidewalk from their float or convertible with the temperature in the 80’s. The route is from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset Blvd as thousands line the streets to meet and take pictures of their TV, movie and music stars, whereas we came for a different reason….and it was not to see Santa. We gave a salty message to those celebrates as they passed by us.

This years Grand marshal was Marie Osmond but the LDS Church was not the Hollywood religion of choice. That goes to Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology, as they manned the large balloons like those in the Macy’s parade on thanksgiving. Wearing shirts that support Scientology, as they were of course rebuked. And you know you are having a Christmas parade in Los Angeles, when santa’s helpers are riding in a low rider and Mexican mariachis get almost the same applause that santa gets.

We preached “HUMBUG” on satan clause as of course he was the main attraction, as he, frosty, the reindeer, toy solders, papa smurf and those gingerbread people also got a good scolding too.

Now the celebrities drove by us and could not miss our banners and most responded to the preaching. So for my yearly Awards of ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ in Hollywood goes as followed.
The ‘Worst’ fallen star Award that responded with a smirk, goes to……..none other than….Montel Williams.

The most ‘Shocked’ Award this year, goes to…….drum roll please….. La Toya Jackson, as she seemed to get a jolt from the preaching and the person next to her says, ‘don’t listen to that guy’

Now, the winner of the biggest ‘Yes, I do Believe” 2011 Award goes to…….drum roll…..the envelope please…….Joan van Ark of "Dallas" & "Knot's Landing” responded and continued to Praise the Lord with hands raised.

Hollywood will not get a special place in heaven as they get preached too, as any other sinner we meet gets preached……a salty message of the FULL GOSPEL.

Wednesday evening we canceled our Bible study to preach at ‘The Grammy Nomination Concert’ from Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Where lady Ga-Ga and others performed a live concert, with tickets going as high as $225.00 per seat. As trends come and go, these are the fad setters that will cause families to separate and cause children to rebel. Many Churches speak against fads from the pulpits as we had taken that message to the ears and eyes that need it.

Brother Doug and I were outside the venue as the Santa Ana winds kicked up and holding a banner in the wind is liken to reeling in a Marlin from the sea. The wind was blowing trees, branches everywhere, moving signs as I struggled with the banner. Doug who sat in a wheel chair was able to move around preaching with a hand held sign before security caught up with him and asked him to stay on the sidewalk. This did not seemed to be a filled concert, even with Lady Gaga, Grandmaster Flash, Furious Five, Lupe Fiasco and LLCool J as even the scalpers had problems selling their tickets outside.

I will be back on Saturday for another concert with Lady Gaga at Nokia, so pray more laborers come and reap our harvest. Keep us in your prayers!