Sunday, November 13, 2011


I once sat in on a 3 week class on how to evangelize and here are a few of my notes taken.

The emphasis was on appearance and because the minister was a Baptist, he advised that men should wear nice pants and a pressed white shirt with a tie.
He stressed that one must dress nice, shine your shoes, comb your hair.
He mentioned to brush your teeth & chew mints before you leave.
He encouraged door knocking and emphasized that we needed to always smile and always ask them if we can pray for them.
Never be judgmental and do not argue or debate with them and NEVER attack their religion.
Try to befriend them as they open the door, compliment their house, yard, flowers and invite them to Church on Sunday.
If asked to leave, apologize and go and do not leave any literature.
NEVER force your belief on anyone.
NEVER flash or wave your Bible.
Ask if you can share a Bible verse with them and always give positive verses.
Do not raise your voice nor point your finger.
If you wish to evangelize on the street try wearing a colored gospel bracelet, as it will strike up a conversation on the sidewalk.
Paint faces.
Give out Balloons.
Sing songs on the street, everyone loves music.
If you feel bold, pass out a tract and always say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You.’
And if you can have a tract table, remember to bake cookies or have a candy dish and give away free water.
Always tell them ‘God loves them’ no matter who they are.

The word “REPENT” or “BORN AGAIN” was never mentioned, it was all appearance and God forbid IF you used words like “HELL” or “THE LAKE OF FIRE.”

Persecution was also taught, as if someone slammed a door on your face or you were chased by an angry dog and no one takes your tracts. In entire session we used no Biblical examples found to preach in public but were commissioned on good ideas and stories. For three weeks the room was filled with people that wanted to evangelize and after the three weeks, we met on a Saturday at the Churches parking lot, to go and do all that we were taught to do and there were only six people that showed up that day and one decided to stay back and pray.


Maybe we the common folk should start ‘Occupy Wal-Mart’ and demand everything for free?

How long would we last if we set up tents in the Wal-Mart parking lot? This anti Wall Street is nothing more than a mosh pit for socialists and soon you will see other signs that are anti war, pro Prop 8, legalize marijuana and more, because they have no real goal.

Face it, these ‘Wall Street’ protesters have an anarchist spirit that hate authority of any kind. Government, police, military, school, parents, Church and even God Himself.

I have preached at events where this ilk will push and pull down your banners, demanding we leave, all while they stand under the umbrella of ‘peace.’ Which ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is as peaceful as the religion of Islam. If these protesters are moved by the police they cry like babies and play the ‘victim card’ as the homosexual have done with the media.

These protesters are the fruit from parents who never spanked their children or grew up with a one parent home and for lack of a better word, a life time college student. They most likely voted for Obama and think they can change the world as they feel invincible and they love to blanket themselves under free speech, however these same people would rip apart our banners, cut our megaphone cord and physically remove us.

The photos used below were taken from a newspaper article, as we preached to these rebels in a park where they squatted and the police had to protect us because the protesters did not like our First Amendment right and our right to freely assemble.

Every college generation thinks they will change the world with protests, sit ins, kiss ins and signing petitions and these students are no different. They really think, they are kin to those protesting the Viet Nam war in the 60’s or they are liken to those who fought for civil rights in the south. These people think themselves to be real patriots, but are nothing more than illegal squatters or rebels without a cause and if moved or arrested have a screaming fit like an out of control child.

They have NO leader?
They have NO real agenda?
They are NOT the ‘Tea Party’
They hate America.

Here is a few articles that prove my point.

‘Occupy Madison’ loses permit due to public masturbation

Woman charged with pimping teen recruited at Occupy NH rally

14 year old girl sexually assaulted at ‘Occupy Dallas’

Man arrested for sniffing girls feet in tent at ‘Occupy Toronto’

Girl raped at Occupy Cleveland’ protest

American Nazi party declares its full support for ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Communist Party USA has joined ‘Occupy Wall Street’

3 Charged With Dealing Crack; Occupy Boston ‘Deteriorating’

CPS Seizes Baby From ‘Occupy Dallas’ Site

Man arrested for child sex assault at Occupy Dallas camp

Occupy ‘ball’ street, Rush for STD tests