Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This past weekend the Mormons had their 181st general conference held every April and October, where those in that faith come to hear from their quorum and their president/prophet. This can be likened to Muslims making their pilgrimage to Mecca, just to be by the temple of Salt Lake and near the home of Brigham Young. Members gather in a series of two-hour sessions to listen to instruction from Church leaders as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sets the mood inside the auditorium.

The conferences have been held in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1848 with the exception of the April 1877 conference which was held in St. George, Utah, it is broadcasted to 83 countries transmitting to over 5700 church facilities and airing over 18 television and 1700 cable stations. Volunteers translate the sermons into over 80 languages live during the simulcast and last year for the first time via Youtube sermons in their entirety are posted.

I flew into Salt Lake City and was picked up by two active Mormons, who drove me to a home of a Mormon where I stayed that whole weekend, knowing I would be preaching against his church. I was loaned a vehicle to drive from a Mormon, so I did not need to rent one as I drove the car donated to me to the Salt Lake City temple to openly preach against his church. I parked the car in a office parking lot over a mile away where a doctor who is an active high priest in Salt Lake City drives me from his parking lot to the curb of the LDS convention center where I preach at his church and where he gives me water to drink as I rebuke his church and when I am done, he will get his car a pick me up at the curb and chauffer me off. Sounds like a Hollywood script, but all true.

Over the years of preaching this event, there are those who I have met and are active in that church yet consider us a real judgment of God against their church for being lukewarm and they do not wish to stand in the way. These Mormons have a love hate relationship with their church, they do love their church but hate what it is today and this is where I fit in, because what I preach outside their sacred building they wish they could say, so they contribute.

It would be somewhat kin to John Wesley walking into your local Methodist Church today and hearing what is being preached from the pulpit or John Calvin walking into a Presbyterian service and seeing a homosexual priest at the altar. These active Mormons that aid me have concluded their church has altered one too many times.

Doctor John the LDS high priest has written over 36 books, writes for several newspapers and flies all over the world to do info-commercials. He has stood with me for years on that very sidewalk in Salt Lake as the weather in Salt Lake changes almost as much as the Mormon doctrine. John has stood behind me in the rain holding an umbrella over me to protect me from getting wet as I rebuked his church and warms me up with hot coffee and if the weather is hot, he gives me water to cool me down and keep my voice as I publicly rebuke his church. He knows that I have dragged his book of Mormon on the ground, waved their holy underwear and he also is used to argue on my behalf as to what the church believes. For example, the first time I went to Sale Lake I read books on the LDS and when I pointed out their doctrine, most Mormons denied it. If you gave them the actual address in their holy books they argued we take it out of context, however if one of their own expands on it, then the point is made. Not to mention, that the one agreeing with me is a high priest. I have seen many Mormon jaws hit the floor when John is called into my conversations and coincide with my points, then rebukes them for not knowing their history or doctrine. John will argue that blacks were considered a cursed people and not to be in the temple, that the Mormon gods are many and was once a sinful man, Jesus and satan are brothers and many other doctrines that most Mormons do not wish to convey.

John also joins us in June as we preached at the sodomite parade in Salt Lake City, as with the photo above (John in red cap and tie) standing next to me arguing against sin as he a doctor argued and reasoned that the anus is not for entry. He never promoted the LDS and even open aired that if those sodomites wanted to repent and get saved to see the street preachers. I know, a very odd couple, but pray for John, as he will not be convinced by pointing out Mormon theology with him. However he could get excommunicated for associating with me, as he takes a lot of heat from his own church for standing by me. He is even known among the Salt Lake City police has he lived with his brother and father and two years ago his father died at home. So when the police and corner came the office told him “you are the guy that always stands with that street preacher.”

My prayer is that John would be the Trojan horse that can be a cancer to that church.

If John ever comes out from that church, he would be a real thorn in their flesh as he as has a library worth millions of dollars with old books and info on that religion that is beyond dirt or bad doctrine and that would only happened if he were excommunicated. Now if that were the case I would be waiting with open arms.

“Charity suffereth long….Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things….”

Here is an interview of John from someone filming at the Mormon Convention a number of years ago, this has nothing to do with the documentary I worked with last weekend.

Last Friday I arrived at Salt Lake airport and had a afternoon meeting just outside Salt Lake, with a producer that is doing a film with the LDS church and will be submitted it to the ‘2012 Sundance film Festival’ held in Utah every January. After dinner I was taken to a studio and shown clips of said film, then sat in a chair and questioned about my beliefs and issues with the Mormon church. The interview was over around 1AM as I was thanked or provoking them to the Bible and how the Mormons have a different Jesus.

The producer had been a Mormon all his life and told me that he has now understood the grace of God and sees clearly how his church promotes works that only praises the individual. We spoke for several hours as I answered questions and challenged them. The trailer for this film will soon be out and I will post it.

Saturday and Sunday had banners raised around the Temple and LDS convention center before the first session early in the morning, till after the last session was over. We stood in a variety of locations on the sidewalk and I’m sure the Lord used everyone with good conversations or planted a seed of doubt. I stood alone with John nearby as he was working on a novel and wanted to insert a street preacher into the story. So that weekend he took notes of what I preached to use for that novel and if I needed him I just waved at him and he would get involved in my conversations.

The last assembly on Saturday is for the priesthood and John is really angry with those given the title “elders” who know nothing about their faith. Every ‘elder’ I spoke with I asked if they knew the 10 Commandments in order. Not one could do it and those that tried would insert new ones like “thou shalt not judge” or “thou shalt be good,” and the “thou shalt read scripture.” Now remember these people are going out to evangelize the world? Jesus hit the nail on the head when he said to the religious of His day;

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, you make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves”

I’ve never seen so many ‘elders’ with acne on their face and ‘elders’ that never put a razor to their face.” This church has tainted the word ‘elder’ as the sodomites have the word ‘gay’.


I had a young Mormon gal come up and tell me that I show no respect for her religion with my banner and my preaching. I replied that she has no respect for God and she asked “how so?” I said the Bible tells us that there is one God, your book of Mormon teaches there is one God, yet your theology says there are many gods. She denied it, in fact she agreed that there is only one God and the LDS teaches no such doctrine of numerous gods. So I waved John from the bullpen and he identified himself as a Mormon and gave her several LDS teachings on many gods and she looked as if John punched her in the gut, I thought she was going to cry. She walked away very confused.

Another said that I disrespected his church by waving their under garments, I replied that he was the one that had disrespected his church because if those garments were indeed inspired, the original under garments were from the neck, to the wrists, to the ankles. Compared to what they wear today, it was them who has shredded and disrespected their garments, not me. I pointed out that their inspired temple ceremonies back in the day was about 7 hours long, compared to today where it is about one and a half hours. If it is so inspired why chop it up as your garments, again I argued it is them who disrespects their own religion as John loudly agreed.

I had a Mormon tell me the reason he is not a Christian is because there are so many denominations that disagree with each other and that was confusion, which is not of God. He prided himself on his LDS church as to its unity, so I called John and within minutes they were both arguing with each other over changes made within the church, as I politely said “this is why I am not a Mormon, you people can not agree with each other and that is confusion, which is not of God.” He walked off more upset with John than me. That statement is used often by Mormons to prove that they are the real deal and often my response is that there is a reason for all the friction within Christianity. The devil needs to divide it because it is true, unlike the LDS church which he already has. But there are also many splinter groups of Mormons with their own prophets and their own temple and their own doctrines and all claim to have the bloodline to Joseph Smith. So they are not one big Osmond family, but more like the Adams family.


Because the weather was warm that weekend John made sure I had water to drink every 20 minutes and he was a hated-man for that and defending my points. This would be kin to an ex-Muslim preaching against Islam. If looks could kill or if the Danites were around, old John would have been murdered that day by his own.

Another asked me “How can your religion believe in the trinity, how can three be one?” Well there are verses in the Bible that can be used regarding the Godhead but I discerned that she did not have much Bible knowledge so I asked her a simple question. “Are you married?” she replied that she was, so I asked “How many flesh are you? The Bible says the two shall be how many?” She said “ONE” to which I asked again “How many did you say can be ONE?.....did I hear you say that two can be ONE…..are you sure….did you go to the same math teacher that I went to…..two can be ONE? If you can get ONE from two why can’t three be ONE, unless you have a problem with odd numbers?” She said, ‘thank you for your time’ and walked off.

One young man came out from one of the sessions and could not take it anymore, we spoke for over an hour. He agreed that the LDS church was prideful and have gone beyond the Bible but was looking to marry a Mormon girl and has been pressured by her mother to join the church. He just thought it was another Church that believed in the Bible and loved Jesus but after hearing from the prophet he wanted no part of that faith. I gave him ammo to use from both the Bible and their own writings as he will soon be on a campaign to work with that family or leave it.

I did not limit my preaching against the Mormon church but pointed out sin in the camp, such as fornication, adultery, porno, drinking and such. As many of these Mormon girls look like they were going to a night club rather than a place of worship. I preached that in a few more years the Mormon girls will be coming to conference in a G-string and I asked if they had any modesty in their closets? Some of the older Mormons actually thanked me for rebuking the LDS women for dressing like whores. I asked why an outsider is needed to admonish the flock and not the elders or their prophet nor the older women?

I noticed something odd out there, that 2 out of 10 Mormons carried a Bible with them to the religious service…..maybe because there is not much Bible reading inside?

The stories are endless with several priceless as at the end of the day we led all Mormons that attended the General Convention to the Jesus of the Bible by our open air preaching, I now pray that the Father send more laborers to reap our harvest.

“The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few”

There were a number of Christians out there exposing the teachings of the Mormon god but a man above the pack is Kevin Deegan from upstate New York, to call this brother a ‘walking library’ is an understatement. I recommend that if you have questions on what the Mormons believe, don’t buy a book, don’t invest in a anti-LDS DVD, contact Kevin on facebook. He comes to Salt Lake prepared with Mormon books, pictures, hand outs and a wealth of knowledge.


Greetings Brother Ruben!

You might be wondering how we are doing … as you haven’t heard from me for a long time, but I just want to let you know that we are still doing well over here in South Africa! We are still doing the work of the LORD!

About 2 weeks ago we’ve preached at Stellenbosch University… as I began to set up my banner at 8:30 a male-student walked up to me and said: “Long time no see!” I said: “Yes, a lot happened since I was here last time … I got married in the meantime!” “Hey, congratulations!” he replied. He continued: “Even though I do not agree with everything you do or say I’m really glad that you are here as you are part of the campus-culture! Every campus should have a campus-preacher!” He wished me good luck for the day and went away.

Below are some of the pics that were taken on that day…

Here’s bro Victor engaging a couple of students.

This past Saturday, we’ve preached at the Whale Festival in Hermanus. We were given much freedom by the LORD to preach our lungs out…

I’ve preached the most of all the guys on Saturday. I’ve told bro Ivan that if he wants to get a chance to preach then he must tap me on my shoulder when he wants to get a turn to preach as I’m going to take over if he doesn’t do that! He said: “That’s OK, brother! Preach it, bro, preach it!” As you can see from the pics, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely. Street Preaching is in my blood. I feel like preaching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I almost envy you guys in Southern California where you have an event/festival going on almost every day of the week! But, the LORD placed me here in Cape Town, South Africa so I’m doing the best I can with what I have.

God bless you, brother! I’m still following your blog on your website. Keep up the good work!