Saturday, October 22, 2011


It was a cool night on October 22nd 1979 where I was alone in my bedroom and there before God, I cried out for salvation on my knees. No one led me in a ‘sinners prayer’….I was not moved by worship songs on the radio….I had not just watched a TV evangelist…..I was not at an revival meeting…..nor read a book… was not because I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and needed to be set free… was not because I did not want to go to hell. I was out of high school for about a year and understood all I knew was about God and that night I prayed to God. The next day I went to a Christian book store and purchased a KJV Bible and began study it.

My testimony is not very Hollywood, as I never seen the face of Jesus, never heard voices, the lights in my room did not dim, not even an angel appeared to me. Many people assume I was a ex-biker, drug addict or done something really bad to do what I do today, but nothing is further from the truth. I simply sought the mercy of God for my life as a youth and it was granted.

About two months later, I had questions on things I knew in the Catholic faith and what I was now reading, so I made a appointment with my local priest to discuss these matters. Now this was the same Church we grew up in, when to school at for years, until my father could not afford 5 children at this school, then we went to public school.

The meeting lasted about 15 minutes with the priest telling me that he was the one schooled not me and that I should not read that Bible as it will only confuse me. Before he walked out from the meeting, I was told to come to mass on Sunday and keep the holy traditions. I agreed, that I would be there on Sunday and grabbed my notes and Bible as the meeting was over.
I went to mass that following Sunday, however I was outside on the sidewalk with my Bible raised preaching to those going into Church. I knew these people by name, they were my neighbors, my school mates, friends, why even my mother was inside. My message was do you know the God of the Bible. That same message I’ve been preaching for over 30 years in public from coast to coast. And I must say, that one day in front of my old Church on Sunday killed my flesh more than any other preach I’ve ever done since.

By early 1980 I was preaching all over my hometown and Los Angeles. We were having Bible studies at work and hanging Christian signs on street poles at night and decades later not much has changed. As I look back on my youth, I thank God I took advantage of my youth and did not waste it on sin. I credit my parents for being my stepping stone and instilling character in me

“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw near, when you shall say, I have no pleasure in them”

October 22nd 1979
is my birthday, my personal Forth of July and a day I will always be thankful


Harold Camping is back in the news and says this time the end of the world is definitely Oct. 21.
The false prophet of Family Radio who wrongly predicted doomsday back in May, says the real end of the world is now Oct. 21. In a message on his Web site, Camping declares that next Friday is the day as he said, “at this point, looks like it will be the... final end of everything.”

With mud still on is face, Camping explains his May prediction mistake in another post on his site, as the May 21 was the “spiritual” End of the World, but the October date is the physical judgment. He said all those earthquakes he predicted, well……they apparently came in the form of “man-quakes,” since mankind shook with fear from the Rapture and the book of Genesis describes man as made from dirt. Why yes, why didn’t I see that back in May, how foolish of me and to think I had called him a false prophet.

Those who weren’t saved on May 21, Camping says, “will be annihilated together with the whole physical world on October 21, 2011.” But Camping says that he isn’t making any big promises this time…..oh really? “I really am beginning to think as I restudied these matters that there’s going to be no big display of any kind,” he said in an audio address after suffering a stroke in June as a judgment of God for taking His name in vain no doubt. “The end is going to come very, very quietly”…..yeah sure Harold, so quiet that it will not happen, so I am making plans to rearrange my sock draw on October 22.

I must report that from the sidewalks around America his followers are not out there promoting this new date as they were back in May with signs and tracts. Me thinketh the atheist groups gained membership since May 22nd 2011.

Well October 22nd has come and gone, with calls to the ministry in Oakland went to voicemail and were unreturned. Several followers who were contacted also declined comment. Camping's daughter Susan Espinoza wrote in response to an email request about Friday's doomsday scenario. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we at Family Radio have been directed to not talk to the media or the press,"

Camping, who suffered a mild stroke three weeks after his prediction in May failed to materialize continues his rapture date via his Family Radio International website. On the website it reads:
"Thus we can be sure that the whole world, with the exception of those who are presently saved (the elect), are under the judgment of God, and will be annihilated together with the whole physical world on Oct. 21," and by the way, God's judgment and salvation were completed on May 21, Camping says in a message explaining the mix-up in his biblical math.

Camping, a retired civil engineer, also prophesied the Apocalypse would come in 1994, but said later that didn't happen because of a mathematical error, and May 21 never came due to a mathematical error and now October 21 has come and gone….and what another mathematical error?

THIS IS STRIKE THREE AND THAT MEANS HE IS OUT… mathematical error there.

Hi, this is Evrod Cassimy from CBS 4. I’m working on a story about the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and was wondering how you felt about the policy being repealed officially starting tomorrow. Can you give me a call as soon as possible on my cell phone below? Thanks!
Evrod Cassimy
Anchor/Reporter CBS 4 NEWS 1044 Lincoln Street Denver, CO 80203

Greetings in Christ from Ireland. My name is John a born-again, new creature in Christ.
After finding yours, and Larry Keffer, and Kevin Ferrer’s style of preaching on the internet, I am encouraged and have written [ to the others and now yourself] to exalt you - you are a great encouragement, and I pray that by the grace and will of God I would get the funds to join someone in order to learn those ways and attain that bravery.
I am a lone Christian [without] fellowship - estranged from my one time brethren and congregation - I do not believe in denomination per se [now being both ex-Catholic and an ex-Baptist] and I appreciate your stance on home church after being through what I have with my former one.
The Lord has made me free from diverse and excessive sin [ born again 21st June 2000]. And I was baptised by a Baptist Minster and attended church for 8 years which ended quite dramatically when we differed at length in doctrine.
Since then, I witness to my lost family and by post to people at random, and to Government members, state bodies, newspapers and radio stations.
I had a letter printed in a National newspaper, when I wrote correcting a “journalist’s” claim that the Queen of England had the copyright and royalties to the Holy Bible.
God also gave me the strength to admonish 100/ 150/ 200 self righteous and fascist Palestinian supports in a rally against Israel, in the streets of Cork city.
I have challenged my ex- Pastor periodically and extensively to prove - 1st Thess. 5:21, his doctrine and/or stance, to no prevail. This has soured my relationship with nigh on all of my old congregation.
I’d like to ask, I think I heard you to say you are a Protestant [Am I right?] are ye of a denomination and does the LORD add to your [church?] or do preach in order to get sinners saved?
Regardless of your answer, I do believe in your ministry, as the Scriptures say God’s word will not return to him void [Isaiah 55:11] and the great Commission is evident from Matthew 28 :19,20.
And I hope come the day you and those who serve like you will receive the fullest reward. If I may, I wish you would look at sinners without your sunglasses - most everyone would acknowledge eye contact is so very important.
Again, because for first hand experience, I pray that I can join up with a ministry -{such as yours [it is evident the Holy Spirit is with ye rather than some evangelism I’ve seen this side of the Atlantic]}- and this would influence a friend from my old church to come with me [ that is, in Ireland and without separating him from his brethren].
I believe it would be otherwise unfruitful and counter productive to go preaching or witnessing alone - Mark 6:7 convicts me of this, would you agree or is this is a cop out?
As the Lord tarries I long to redress people who are duped and blinded by Satan.
I would appreciate your prayers for my lost family and my ministry.
God Bless,
Sincerely in Christ,


If I ever get a chance to say something to you it would be only two words, lose weight you fat pig.

hello I just wanted to tell you i ran across your videos on youtube by accident. honestly I am very glad i did... Christian here , woman of gender or female rather but very bold in nature I have always been that way with Gods belief.. also.. just letting you know awesome job im so glad someone out there is actually taking a stand and moving forward and speaking for God.
one day i was driving and God has been placing in my spirit in these last days no one is going for him he really wants bold people to take a stand and go for him.. honestly this is awesome to see others going.. and doing.. he needs all the help he can get ..
thank you so much for what you are doing maybe one day I can meet you guys on the streets,,, just to let you know. i am a author getting ready to do some pubishing for God... will be praying for you guys..
Sheila Woolum.

You people would not know Jesus if you fell over him. You are HYPOCRITES bringing bad repute to God's name. Where in the Bible did Jesus tell you to harass people and condemn them? You were told to bring the gospel - GOOD NEWS - to every creature. Shame on you.

Hey brother I added your web site to my web site at

I live in California I support you guys.
Let me know if you are street preaching in California and I might be able to join you guys.
My cell is 951-534-****
My name is Rich
God bless you guys
p.s. How can I help?

Thank you for how you preach gay pride parades, I lived the homosexual lifestyle for FIFTEEN YEARS. I know firsthand that it only leads oneself away from God. I learned one very important thing after fifteen years in the lifestyle...homosexuality is a FALSE REALITY. I may never lose same sex attraction however I have made a conscious decision to follow God's way which leads to true life and happiness. God bless you all.

God Bless you Reuben! I will pray for you to keep you safe


Ruben, thank you so much for doing what you do. May the grace of God fall upon you and other street preachers. I can feel the Holy Spirit though your labor.
God Bless

Ruben I was there in Dearborn when your group came and destroyed our city. I told you I was with your little group, and when you gave me your little paper I tore it up. First, I'd like to say that you're an immature fat man who is in desperate need of attention. Second, grow up. I'm a proud Muslim and I can only say that Islam is one of the Peacefullest religions in the world. Dearborn is a Peaceful community where we all love, know, and care for eachother. You just came out here for trouble and got it.

Hi Reuban! I was just writing to see how you and Mark are doing and
whether you guys have been hassled any more on Venice Beach. I trust
and pray all is well!
Under our God's grace and mercy,
your attorney

reuben, God bless you for your continued preaching to the sodimites in my community. Today, they , the city council are trying to get a noise ordiance passed in the quarters. Some of the bars are fighting the ordinance because they feel it would hurt their business. I see a hidden agenda behind all this. I believe they want to shut down the street preachers who use truth horns . God bless, Hope to see you soon
brother lou

Hey Reuben,
I love watching your videos you upload on the net, espescially the ones where you talk to muslims and gays. About time someone told it how it is. I also love that you discuss repentance and encourage it.

Ruben you are the real terrorist and the US is not a Christian country. Plus King James was a faggot and killed his own mother.

I live in Australia, and like you I was put off by hypocritical catholic and anglican church, but instead of going to Baptist Church or something like that I ended up Orthodox. I know you probably think we are pharisees, but we also preach a message of repentance and daily we pray Lord have mercy on me. Unlike the Catholics, we are taught to live the Bible in a special way. We also believe that we are saved by grace through faith, and that it is God's grace that saves us. You would find that we have much in common, espescially teaching on ethics. We have a record of one of the lowest institutional cases of abuse, because our ministers must be married and we live a strict life.
People need to hear the truth and I like that you tell the truth in your unique way. My family are Bible believing Christians and I wish our nation wasn't as secular as it is.
God be with you

Ruben Israel is a circle jerk and a inbred idiot.

Amen Ruben! The reason America is falling away, is because the Church Dropped the Ball a long time ago. Or, there would have been Disciples of Christ on every Corner of America, Warning the Populous; of God's Impending Judgments coming on USA! I stood outside a Church off their Property, holding a Sign with "Jeremiah 7"; and Proclaiming the Message the LORD gave me. One Strong Anointed Word was, thou shall not commit Adultery.
The LORD Jesus had me Speaking over their Parking lot, as people were getting in their Cars, or getting out of them; with back to back Services! They called the Police, and had me thrown in Jail. That was one of my First Love Churches, that forbid me from attending their Church when I started Obeying the LORD to Evangelize for HIS Name's Sake. They kicked me out of that Church, because they saw me on the Streets Proclaiming the Gospel, and holding Signs for the LORD Jesus. Which they said; made some of the Congregation feel uncomfortable; so maybe I should find some other Church to attend

Every city I’ve seen you at you cause problems, people are angry and yelling then police are called. Do you get paid for making a riot for your jesus?

Praise God for you Ruben!


Hi Reuben,
I was wondering if you can be forced to leave a conference that you paid to attend at the Opryland Hotel if they don't like what your T-shirt says? My T-shirt says that this organization is "a sham and a shame". I will not be approaching anyone at the conference but I'm sure that attendees and staff will be asking me about what my shirt says. And when they do, I'm going to tell them the truth how this organization is deceiving people. I saw nothing on their website that prohibits me from wearing a shirt that says something against their organization.
Also, if the police can force me to leave, does this organization have to reimburse my registration fee and ther expenses? I'm gong this Wednesday so please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you again for your advice.

Praise Jesus' Holy Name! LDS is an occult straight from hell. Lord keep your hand upon brother Ruben as he does Your will Father God. In Jesus' Name, AMEN!

God bless you Brother Ruben, you will be a pillar in Heaven.

Ruben I would love to meet you brother...To fellowship with a true frontline spiritual warrior for Christ as you are encourages me to continue witnessing to people I meet out there. You are receiving all of the ridicule that is all for Christ and just pick up and move on to the next sinful gathering for another dose of satan's arsonal while praising the Lord Jesus. I admire you brother. The Lord has His hand on you and those around you while you sprad the Gospel to this sick & dying world. I pray that the Lord continues to give you strength to persevere. In Jesus Name...AMEN!

Are you an ex Mormon Ruben?
Why do you hate our Church so much are we that bad that you must come to our holy Temple in Salt Lake?

Brother Ruben is witnessing to the lost in general. As far as witnessing to christians, I believe if a christian comes up to brother Ruben to disbute Ruben's claims then the christian should be informed as to the intentions of Street Preaching. Brother Ruben is called to do what he does and does a good job with that calling. Praise God for brother Ruben and other's who are Street Preaching

Good stuff Ruben! Love the picture and quotes - thanks for your inspiration.

Mr. Israel in one of your videos, you refused to shake a Muslim's hand. Why? Doesn't 1 Peter 2:17 apply to them as well? Honor and respect are synonyms: please clear this up for me. Thanks and God bless Brother.

bro, have you had any run-ins with the "Marin Foundation" in Chicago? They 're a group that tries to "build bridges" to the Sodomites there

Ruben, a few of us will be at the gay parade in Ft. Worth next Saturday. How can we connect with your people? We haven't been in touch with the police so we don't know what they are saying.

hello brod. i'm a filipino, a street preacher, just migrated n US here in freshmeadows, queens, NY, i'm just 2 weeks here. i attended once at time square church in manhattan.

LOL you guys are like embarrassing yourselves, you look should respect other people even if they are doing something you don't agree with, so stop, stop it now.

thank you very very much Ruben, your email really helpped me out with preaching the word, thanks for your advice, really thank you

GREAT job Ruben

I live near Denver, do you have a chapter around there I can join?
Denver needs street preachers like you, how do I join Bible Believers?

Praise the Lord Brother Ruben. How are you doing brother? I bet you are very busy sharing the Blessings throughout the streets! God Bless You & Your zeal & ministry for HIS GLORY !

Hey brother, I have been through so much confusion lately and God has led me to your videos again and I felt the urge to confess my backslidden state where I stopped fasting like crazy for God and praying like crazy and reading the bible like crazy and focused more on worldy things and basically I think that the way my heart was made is that I'm usually cold or hot, rarely every lukewarm, so I went overboard one day and just started working out like crazy and took some kind of pre-work out supplement that really raised my sex drive and then started overeating after my work out and then jack** o** to porn and now God is letting me know that I need to start fasting and praying way more like i used to when i first got saved and I just ask you bro to please pray for me because the days are getting closer to the end and the pressure of temptations are much stronger, Thank you and God bless.

Ruben, I appreciate you and your wife opening your home for bible study. I thought about the group while at church. Not knowing someone had posted on your wall "Go to church." We read more bible at your house then sometimes church speakers have in an offical building. The church I went to yesterday said alot of neat stuff but maybe one scripture. I have learned alot from you since coming here in May. You have added more backbone to my life and helped me grow. Thats all, see you Wednesday. I love facebook and just wanted to publicly thank you

Ruben,I see the censorship of the Anti-christ has been busy on yor Utube page.
Holy Men of God Preach Southern Decadence 2011
This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech

God Bless you Ruben and keep on preaching it like it is in the WORD! There are MANY that would have just passed away if not for your ZEAL and total committment to the LORD... Love you brother

I was just watching some of your videos and I just thank you and praise YAH that HE has given you the boldness to glorify HIM in this way.

guess what the bible also says, stone jews and prostitutes, why dont you go and do that idiots? scared shittless? or the bible is just a piece of shit, a story book

you guys were regret it when you stand in-front of god and Jesus and the rest of the profit is under his almighty throne and god ask Jesus if he told the people to worship him and he says no,that day when is no lying going to help you that day god well be the judge and your hands and legs skins and all your body well be a witness to you.and god well save the ones who feared him and did good in this life so they are not Equal to the one who promote hate and corruption in this life.go back to god.

You are the reason I hate Christians. You are not preaching, you are provoking and mocking and it seemed you only wanted to start a fight. So stupid. Religion fosters hate... I can't wait until religion is wiped off the planet one day.

Dear Pastor Reuben
Receive our greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are your brother and sister in Christ. We are pastors peter and Rose in Kenya East Africa. We thank the Lord so much for allowing us to come to your contact in the Internet through your web page. After going through your messages and have seen you have the heart for Nations.And the message of love.
We are impressed, interested and would like to extend our humble request invitation to you to come to Kenya, meet brothers and sisters in the Lord, visit us and share with us the word of the lord. We will gratefully appreciate and our good God will bless you abundantly. Your ministry is good and unique i love already.Love is the greatest commandment Jesus left.
If you are able and come we will share more and see what God can do together to reach souls to Christ. Please know that we love you already, praying and waiting to read from you soon.
Thank you and God bless you.
Yours in Christ,
peter & Rose Ogalo

This pastor in NY wants to know where and from whom he can order "our type" of evangelism shirts in the USA. Please send him whatever contact info you have and kindly Cc: a copy/reply to me to know that some of you are taking action with him. Thanks so much.

Ruben, you may not remember me, but I remember sitting across the table from you at Jed's Street Preaching conference. Ever since then, I have had the highest respect for you and your heart in what you do. Your line of work requires you to draw hard lines so that you may have an answer. I tell you now though, there will be Catholics in heaven. The same as there will be calvinists and moral government theologians. I'm not saying that the RCC has much going for it in the way of how a church should be ran, but then again, most street preachers don't either. Most are not part of a fellowship of believers in the way the Bible would exhort them to be. They are the hand without the eye, the foot without the rest of the body. But would I lump all Street Preachers into the same category because the majority miss out on the beauty of the gospel? No.
I appreciate all you do for the Kingdom.


Hi Ruben,
Can I join your team in your street preaching endeavors?
I am a great videographer and I would love to join to and obey the LORD by preaching the gospels to all the world!
Please call me at: 954-649-****

Will you ever be in Atlantic City, we would love to preach with you.
We are a small group that passes out tracts every weekend but there are a few of us that feel the need to open air. I watched your videos, seen your website and read your blogs and I wish to be there one day.
Brother Frank