Monday, August 22, 2011


“As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly”

Last Sunday
Snoop Dogg had a charity concert in downtown Los Angeles in a small club, so I did not know if the Lord wanted me to go or stay home and rearrange my sock drawer so I prayed…..sang praise and worship to myself into a frenzy….bound every principality….had a fleece answered, not once but twice…..called Dr. Phil…..flipped a coin, two out of three times of course…..and needed one more confirmation, so I did the Biblical thing and cast a lot. I figured it was the will of God and so I headed off to downtown with Mark, Angela and brother Darrell from Texas.

I received a tip from a fellow brother on facebook that Snoop is a Muslim and not only a Muslim but is yoked up with Louis Farrakhan the Chicago-based Nation of Islam black racist. So Mark carried a banner that reads “Muhammad was a pedifile” and “Islam is a bloody religion” as we preached to those walking inside the concert and a few came out just to confront us. We had people standing outside of a four story building shouting at us and in favor of the Dogg.

We hoisted the banners and we were surrounded with security that told me I was on private property and we needed to move to the sidewalk, I rejected their offer and more officers came. We reasoned with each other and I asked for LAPD to come and so they called the police. Now because it is Los Angeles and this will take the police a while before they show up, so we stood with our banners for almost an hour. When the police showed up I was then asked to move to the sidewalk and did as it was only about 20 yards from where we were standing.

Here is a preach clip made by Brother Darrell

Now one could tell those people going into the Dogg concert because they were dressed a bit different than those people walking around. The guys seem to have on their older brothers clothes, that was about 6 sizes too big and the girls going to the concert seemed to be wearing their kid sisters outfit. Because everything was about 6 sizes too small, I mean they could hardly walk in those skin tight dresses with all their assets bulging out for everyone to see. I also noticed that the males that attended the concert seem to limp, hobble and shuffle around. I recommend that the next gig Snoop Dogg has that he team up with Benny Hinn to heal these poor souls that limp, hobble and shuffle around.

After the concert was on we walked the next bock to Staples Center where the Lakers play ball and waited for the ‘Wrestle Mania’ fans to exit this venue and that they did. After watching men punch, kick and fight each other in the ring for a few hours, these people were really ready to get nose to nose. They came out waving belts, holding and swinging fold up chairs, wearing masks and waving flags, screaming and shouting at us, as we were surrounded. The event security moved in to try and keep the angry mob moving in front of us and police tried to keep the throng moving behind us but these people wanted blood. They mocked Jesus, denied the Bible and told us that they were the new youth who do not believe in fairy tales……as they just left a make believe wrestling match.

They were warned that they are in a fight with God, as they are wrestling with a holy God and will lose. One guy demanded God show Himself, as I told him He gave His only begotten Son, offered him His Holy Spirit to live inside of him and gave him His written Word too…..and he wants more? No, not going to happen, God does not jump through hoops as Heaven Declares God. After the crowd was gone we walked away with our fingers and toes and prayed that the Lord will send laborers to harvest this work.

This Sunday was ‘Go Topless Day’ and they were having a march and rally at Venice Beach, so we decided to go there and bare the truth to these exhibitionists and voyeurs. We walked into their gathering and began to warn them of their nakedness and how on Judgment Day they will be nude before a holy God. It was a clash between light and darkness at the beach as women demanding the right to go without and men wore bras. I know, only in California. The police were called and moved us out into what they called a safer area as we were as bold as they were.

For Venice Beach the topless rally was not that big, in fact it was sagging I thought for being in the liberal leftist free love hippy land Venice Beach.


“Give them, O LORD: what wilt thou give? give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts”
Hosea 9:14

Now not everything that glitters is not gold, as this public demonstration seemed to be a fight for equal rights it is was noting but an evangelical thrust by a UFO cult called Raelians. They believe that humans were created by advanced scientists known as the Elohim. They believe that the human body is beautiful and shouldn't be covered up or subjected to hypocritical laws that allow men to go topless without letting women do the same. Here is a link to this group that make Jim Jones look normal:

Cult leader Vorilhon founded the Raelians after a supposed encounter with an alien called Yahweh Elohim in the crater of a French volcano in 1973. Elohim whisked him back to his home planet – where Vorilhon met Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Moses, and enjoyed perfumed baths prepared by robot servants. He was informed Christ’s resurrection was made possible by ‘advanced cloning’ methods carried out by extraterrestrials 25,000 years ago using DNA technology. Now what does that have to do with going topless, well I think a number of men from the beach looked into this religion after seeing their followers almost naked, fulfilling the blind leading the blind.

Adam and Eve at least hid from God and covered themselves, unlike today’s Adam and Eve that boast in their nakedness, and demand to show off their nudity. After the naked parade was gone we stood around and preached to those walking on the boardwalk and had some great conservations, mission accomplished.



“Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man”
Isaiah 47:3

May I introduce Street Preacher Bill from Rio de Janeiro, who evolved from Campus Crusade for Christ and proclaims Jesus with boldness as he always seems to work with others. Brother Bill comes to the states and preaching in Africa as well, here is his testimony.

My experience with open air preaching actually began as a college student at Oregon State University. "Holy Hubert" Lindsay of UC Berkeley fame arrived on our campus my last two years, and I remember being fascinated with his boldness and how he could draw and keep a crowd. Another thing I noticed was his impact on campus. On a campus of nearly 17,OOO students [1978-8O] "Jesus" was on everyone's mind and lips! I remember seeing a Christian girl crying while Holy Hubert preached. I asked her why she was crying. She blurted out, "He's ruining everything!" I said, "What do you mean? Nobody has to stay and listen to him, so those who stay want to hear what he has to say!" That was my first defense of an open air preacher, but certainly not my last!

In 1983 I was a campus missionary at Vanderbilt University. One Monday morning I arrived on campus, only to find three campus preachers holding the attention of about fifty students: "Bro. Jed" Smock, Jed's fiancée "Sister Cindy" and "the-new-kid-on-the-block," Jim Gilles! These three tag-team preached until Friday, and again I was impressed with how Jesus became the talk of the campus. On Wednesday of that week I set up an appointment to interview a freshman in his dorm room about his spiritual interest. Pretty soon six others from his dorm floor came in and started pumping me with questions like, "What about the heathen in Africa?" I answered with, "God won't send anyone to hell for what they've done with God's Son, Jesus, but for what they've done with God the Father!"

Although I admired open air preachers and the impact open air preaching caused, I told myself that I would never do it. So much for that vow!

In 2OO5 I was talking with a fellow campus missionary on a campus here in Rio de Janeiro when a guy came up and handed each of us a flier. I read the flier, only to discover that it was promoting an all-day Gay conference and party. I suggested to my colleague that we do something, because this homo was "fishing" in our aquarium! We decided to mobilize several Christians and go pray before the event at the event's venue. Eventually everyone bailed on me, so I went alone. The location was off a dirt road in a semi-rural area, so I parked my car and walked to the event. To make a long story shorter, I ended up standing outside the event location - on the dirt road - and raising my voice so that I could be heard on the other side of the wall. I read Romans 1:18-32, but was interrupted by someone making announcements over the PA system. I waited for them to finish and then finished my reading. I then announced: "This event is about sexual diversity. If anyone would like to discuss why God says "heterosexuality" is the best way, I will be outside here to talk for the next ten minutes." Of course nobody came out, so I left. This was my humble beginning as an open air preacher.

Not long after I acquired a bullhorn and preached from time to time, especially during the Games. I had sought "virtual" advice from a group of open air preachers out of Pennsylvania, and their leader told me to get a step stool, stand on it, open the bible, read a verse and start preaching on it. After getting my stool I chose Daniel 5:27 ["You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting."] and that veteran preacher's advice proved to be good. Verses, thoughts, arguments, etc. started popping into my head and away I went! I started preaching with some retirees who preached in a public square near where a college student I was training lived in my city, Niterói. However, the leader stopped preaching one day and I never ran into those preachers again!

Then in 2OO7 Rio hosted the Pan American Games. I met an open air preacher by the name of Bill Adams [from Atlanta] - who had been invited to minister in Rio during the PanAm Games by a Baptist missionary - preaching along famous Copacabana Beach's boadwalk. Bill's ministry is called Sports Fan Outreach International. Bill told me about an upcoming Southeast Open Air Preachers Association [SOAPA] conference in the Atlanta area where I could get some more formal training as an open air evangelist. It was at this conference that I met some open air legends like Bro. Ruben Israel, Bro Cope and "now-old-kid-on-the-block" Jim Gilles! I especially loved our "invasion" of Atlanta's gay district one night during the conf., not to mention preaching at both the UGA and the Georgia Tech football games!

As soon as I returned from Atlanta I began making plans - and banners - to preach at Rio's annual gay pride parade in Copacabana. I asked two brothers [one, an off-duty cop] to accompany me. We positioned ourselves strategically at the main entry point where tens of thousands of parade goers had to pass each hour.

Meanwhile, my former mission agency didn't approve of my open air escapades, which I was doing on my own time [like weekends and after hours], so we migrated to a new mission agency in September of 2OO9. Our new agency not only approves of open air preaching, but is actively recruiting open air preachers as its evangelists! We are blessed! I now preach at least three afternoons a week in downtown Rio de Janeiro with a veteran Brazilian street preacher, as well as on campus and at special crowd-drawing events. My vision is to raise up an army of open air preachers here to make sure people are confronted with their sin and the gospel at every turn!

Jeremiah's sentiments on open air preaching reflect mine exactly:

"I have become a laughingstock all the day; everyone mocks me. For whenever I speak, I cry out, I shout,'Violence and destruction!' For the word of the LORD has become for me a reproach and derision all day long. If I say, 'I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,' there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot" Jer. 2O:7-9

Bill Hamilton