Monday, July 25, 2011

July is filled with fireworks

This month there is much to do besides Sunday school, Church service and watching TBN, that is of course IF you are a street Preacher as we do not get summer off. These are just a few highlights of taking the God of the Bible to the streets in July.

On the fourth of July as our country celebrated its independence, so we decided to preach to the largest party in the country. Ground zero was Newport Beach and the boardwalk is stretched into four other cities. People were everywhere, having parties in front of homes and condos, going to the beach and walking the boardwalk with an American flag. As far as the eye can see people were walking and riding bikes, as was a great fishing hole to preach and remind people of freedom. Freedom from sin and freedom from hell.
”If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”
John 8:36

We (Doug, Mark, Angela and I) reminded the people as they worshipped and enjoyed the sun not to forget the Son of God as He created such.

“Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist”
Colossians 1:15-17

Balboa Blvd. was filled with party goers, women in bikinis showing off their asssets, skateboarding, music, dancing, bikes and thousands of American flags. The news reported that there were a total 117 arrests for disorderly conduct or public intoxication just in West Newport Beach. Many citations were given up to $3,000 as these fines were for unruly Parties and those that walk the boardwalk drunk. Fireworks within these beach cities are illegal and the police made a presents. We had much liberty with our preaching, our banners and even using amplification. Jesus can give you liberty from sin, we preached. God will not judge us from the Bill of Rights or the Constitution we exhorted as many believed that because we are Americans we are automatically saved. The preaching provoked great conversations by the sand, with one young man wanting prayer and a desire to walk holy as proof of his belief in Jesus.

Here is a photo of a young girl that never read that drunks will not be allowed in the kingdom of God, after reading the verse she said she would check other translations of the Bible.

The two pictures below came from the Orange County Register as our preaching and banners were part of the beach ambience.

Brother Petar from Norway flew into Los Angeles on Monday July 11th to join me for a week of preaching in Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles.

On Tuesday July 12th we drove out towards Arizona to preach at the Baseball All-Star game at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix. The police department called my cell phone on Monday and asked if I was coming to town, I replied “Yes” and was told officers were be around us to allow us our first Amendment. After we arrived in town we yoked up with our Bible Believers chapter out there and fellowshipped with the brethren. The next day we made sure all our banners were ready, TRUTH horns had new batteries and Mario, John, Petar and I made it to the stadium to hit a home run for Jesus.

We stood in temperature of well over 1oo degrees, without shade for hours preaching to those walking into the air condition dome building, with Phoenix police watching us. We had much liberty of the sidewalk as we reminded the crowds that America’s favorite past time should be JESUS and not baseball. We asked the crowd if they were familiar with God’s All star men like Noah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, James, John and Paul? The desert heat was good as an illustration when we reminded the bal-dolaters of Hellfire.
One guy walked up and blessed us with a cold bottle of water and that was God sent. There were many believers passing out tracts so at the end of the day the Lord tried every method to get His Word out. May the Father raise up more laborers to reap that harvest. It was a blessing to fellowship with Mario and John and to see the Lord raise those men up to proclaim a message to unwanted ears in their city.

Wednesday morning we departed for Phoenix at 6AM to drive to Las Vegas, during this drive I received a phone call from the San Diego police department, asking if I were coming out on Saturday during the gay pride parade. I told the officer ‘Yes’ and we agreed to the same location as in previous years on the parade route. We had not landed at our second phase and we were already working out details for phase 3, God is good.

Now the purpose for the Vegas visit was SOPA (Southeast Open Air Preachers

Association) this was its first convention out West in Sin City. With a line up of speakers in the day time and preaching in public at night on Freemont Street and Las Vegas Blvd, the days were packed and moved fast. The crowds on the sidewalk were large and endless and this is on any night of the week. This is not like preaching a local event in your city, where you might preach to the same people over and over. 98% of these people walking by you are not local but out of town, out of state and from another country. One can almost fulfill Mark 16:15 as the world comes to Vegas daily. The preaching was good, provoked many sidewalk conversations and even tossed out a number of beers on the ground to those convicted.

In a city where everything goes, we shined the God of the Bible brighter than the casino lights. Whatever happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas as God is watching and noting, enjoyed the fellowship with the brethren as we edified each other. As a BIG THANK YOU to Brother DC from Atlanta who put this event together and worked on getting a line up of preachers.

This was a piece DC had made regarding our SOPA event:

Saturday morning July 16th at 4:30AM Petar and I headed out West to preach at the sodomite parade in San Diego, while the other brothers from SOPA stayed in Vegas. We yoked up with Doug and Angela around 10AM and were getting set up to preach, when a local Church I work with in the San Diego area drove in with two car loads filled with Christians ready to fill the gap as per Ezekiel 22:30. Many in this Church are active Marines, as I did not have enough banners for us to hold. We took turns rebuking the pride parade with a mounted mega-phone and banners behind San Diego police and event security.

“Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men”
Psalm 59:2

This parade was special because this year because military was walking in the route and we also had military ready to reprove and exhort the walkers. At this rate Church there will be a gay pride parade on an aircraft carrier within a few years, flying a rainbow flag.

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”
Psalm 94:16

Here is a clip of a San Diego news channel 8 that shows our banners and a pieced interview.

Military members march in San Diego's annual gay pride parade for first time


Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter”
Isaiah 5:20

Sunday, Petar and I went to Venice Beach a city where every day is an event on the boardwalk. We walked the boardwalk, preached to those walking, provoked conversations, annoyed those living in sin as the Holy Ghost and LAPD gave us much liberty to expose sin and promote Jesus. One vender complained to the police and about four officers said we had every right to stand and speak, so he grabbed a radio and placed it next to our heads and the police arrived and had him removed. Every city has its own watering hole, where creatures come to drink and Venice is one if you come to Los Angeles, you need to pencil in.

Venice Beach is known to be sinful, worldly and liberal, regarding religion, it calls it self spiritual. Its streets are filled with tree huggers, pot smokers, pro abortionists, antigovernment, hippie type that believes in love and peace. The story below was posted last year on CNN. The video clip from the story has us preaching against women who demanded to go topless on Venice Beach.

National Topless Day, Venice Beach

(Click on the link to read or view full story

Government to consider removing ‘insult’ from Public Order Act
“…The government says it will “assess the benefits” of removing the crime of causing ‘insult’ from the Public Order Act. The law has been used to prosecute street preachers who persist in delivering anti-gay sermons in public, although some campaigners – including Peter Tatchell – say it should not be illegal to insult people….”

Pastor says gay pride rally hurt city
“….Godair said he’s received at least 130 phone calls, text messages and emails complaining about the event, privately organized and sponsored. The inaugural gathering drew 2,000 people and 200 protestors, by police estimates. One advocate, a 74-year-old woman from Colfax, was ticketed for kissing a protesting street preacher…..”

Va. Beach moves to clarify restrictions in noise law
“The City Council unanimously approved tighter restrictions on street preachers in its noise ordinance Tuesday night. The city has struggled to balance its noise ordinance since 2009, when the state Supreme Court ruled that the Beach's old law was unconstitutional and relied too heavily on the judgment of police officers.

Marriage rally to go ahead
“An Adelaide protest for same-sex marriage has been disrupted by street preachers, while Sydney’s May 21 marriage equality rally will go ahead after initially being barred from its planned location by the Anglican Church. South Australian police removed at least one of the preachers who were shouting at the protesters through megaphones and holding banners with phrases including “the wages of sin is death” and “as wax melts before the fire so the wicked will perish at the presence of God”…..”

Preacher plans parade protest
“Street Church Ministry preacher Arthur Pawlowski says he and his followers will be prominent during the Stampede parade this morning, following a court ruling on Thursday…..”

Mississippi man carrying cross to Washington, sharing love along the way
“A Mississippi man stopped Friday in Gadsden on a more than 900-mile trip to Washington, D.C., carrying a cross to tell people he encounters that God loves them…..”

Spreading God’s message in busy Quincy Square
QUINCY — Over the din of Quincy Square traffic, the Rev. Mike Croft is trying to get passersby to listen to the word of God. Sometimes he needs a bullhorn. A street preacher who likes to be called Pastor Mike, he recites passages from the Bible in his South Texas drawl and hands out pamphlets….”

Britain finds cross-party support for decriminalizing saying ‘homosexuality is sinful’
“LONDON, May 30, 2011 ( – When Dale Mcalpine was arrested and charged for saying that homosexual activity is sinful in April last year, the charges were eventually dropped, but the Christian street preacher called for changes to the law that would make it possible to express religious opinion out loud in Britain without fear of arrest and prosecution…..”

Kiss sparks brouhaha in Salisbury
“SALISBURY, N.C. — A woman was ticketed and charged with simple assault when it was alleged that she kissed a street preacher, James Edward Belcher of Taylorsville, on the mouth during the Salisbury Pride festival held on June 25…..”

Violence breaks out between Christians and gays in Australian city
“….Around 150 gays and lesbians staged a peaceful mass wedding outside parliament but members of the Christian Street Church turned up with banners calling them ‘sinners’. Scuffles then broke out and one woman who was part of the pro-gay side said she was pulled from her wheelchair…..”

I survived sign almost lands street preachers in hot water
“…..Consequences be damned, “street preacher” Jason Blakeman took a very public stand Saturday against Harold Camping’s end of the world prediction, So he climbed 30 feet to the base of a Camping “end of the world”………..”