Friday, June 24, 2011


Last weekend we did a missionary trip, not in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Kazakhstan, nor Turkmenistan but in Dearbornstan, or known in America as Dearborn Michigan. Home to the largest mosque in North America (opened in 2005) where almost the entire city can hear the prayer call five times a day. Where the city and it’s police are Muslim and await Sharia Law.

What provoked us to come out from the bullpen to preach in this city was last year a few Christians were arrested for passing out literature at the ‘International Arab festival’ and the event security pushed them around coupled with the police arresting them. To read this story click the link below.

Last year we worked on the details and had about a dozen men storm the streets without notice and boy did Dearborn get stunned by confrontation Christianity. We arrived from as far West as Portland, as far East as North Carolina, as far North as Upstate New York and as far South as Miami and all in between for one reason, to exercise our ‘Free Speech’ our ‘Religious Freedom’ and our ‘Freedom to Assemble’ and promote the Bible.

Friday afternoon we were surrounded by angry Muslims and the sheriff department within minutes, with banners flying and our NO-Bull horn blasting. I was told we could not use the horn unless we were inside a ‘free speech zone’ within the event. So we walked into the venue with banners raised and once we entered into the barricades the bottle water began to fly. Rocks and full bottles were everywhere and did I mention, shoes waved, yes they waved their shoes at us but never tossed them. Soon we had event security, sheriff, Dearborn police, undercover officers and riot horses around us keeping the angry mob at bay. The youtube clip below is footage of our encounter with the sheriff and the walk into the ‘Free Speech zone’

The photo below was taken as ‘breaking news’ on a local news channel in Dearborn.

We preached a very salty message, that Jesus was God’s only begotten Son, salvation only in that name Jesus, you must honor the Son as you honor the Father. Islam is a religion of blood and Muhammad was a pedophile. I could not believe how many children were cussing and giving us the finger for hours. We decided to leave early and our exodus was liken to the paparazzi chasing celebrities in Hollywood as the Dearborn police tried to keep the throng from breaking our windows and chasing us as we drove off with a police escort. Before we walked out I was encountered by a minister and a few pastors, the person I spoke with told me he was the ‘apostle of Dearborn’ as if that meant something to me. He gave me a speech that we ruined his labor in the city and whispered in my ears that he “hates everything I stand for.” After it was my turn to speak, I told him the reason we were in town is a result of his lack of labor in Dearborn and after a few more words I gave him back his business card.


Here is the news story from our preaching:

Saturday we headed out to Columbus Ohio as we set our face to preach the yearly sodomite parade and yoked up with locals and other men from West Virginia and the state of Washington. We set up at the beginning of the parade as the police gave us much liberty to use our NO-Bull horns as we lined the sidewalk.

We reproved everyone in the parade and after the last group pranced in front of us, we stepped out onto the street and followed the parade.

We walked the 30th annual parade route with banners raised and horns blasting, we had event security beside us to keep an occasional sodomite from doing a kamikaze on us. And at the end of the route we stood by the main entrance where they had their fest in the park as police watched. There things got physical as we were surrounded but parade officials jumped in the fray to keep the multitude moving.
Everyone was admonished of their wickedness and the example of Sodom and Gomorrah as Columbus saw, heard and took literature as we loved them 1John 3:18 style.

Sunday we returned to Dearbornstan where we were told that our preaching and banners had been sent via internet to the Middle East and Christians were put to death as a result of our method and what we said regarding their prophet. We were also told that the barricades were not going to be given and we were to walk on the sidewalk… if law enforcement wanted an altercation only to have them jump in and save the day by removing those detestable Street Preachers that are offensive. Well we were not on the sidewalk but a couple of hours before the Muslims acted like that religion of peace known to the world and started punching us.

“Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake”
-Luke 6:22

Brother Jeremy was arrested after the uproar and was walked out in front of the Muslims hand cuffed to show the angry mob the police were doing something. We never pushed anyone, we never punched anyone, we never tossed any object at anyone, yet we were removed and accused of starting a riot. Now if we came to fight our arsenal would not be a sign and a megaphone. After we were pushed from the venue, they drove Jeremy by the angry mob in the back seat of the police vehicle as a visual to help pacify the Muslim horde. The police detained another person but let him walk, unlike Jeremy which they took to the main station and released him without charges. IT WAS JUST A SHOW. The sheriff department took his video camera and refused to give it back, to date they are holding it.


This particular clip shows the sheriff’s moving and pushing us out of the event as the crowd cheers and throws things at us and you will see an officer applaud and shout, even egging on the Muslim crowd to rejoice. Is this professional?

The following day the news story is still top billing

After we picked up Jeremy from the station, we drove to our Bowling Green Ohio compound rejoicing that God used us to promote a message that one day just might be illegal in America. We can always pass out a tract, or talk about how much Jesus loves everyone but to boldly stand on a street and publicly rebuke this religion that we are different in many ways and if you reject the Son, you reject God. One can find books written on Mohammad in any Christian book store regarding his no prophecies, his many wives’s, his uninspired writings, his marriage to a 7 year old girl and his murdering history, however if you wish to know this truth you must buy their books. We however went on our own dime and if our message is not free speech then those same books must be removed from the shelves. No doubt we ‘made no small stir about that way’ in Dearbornstan as we await our marching order from He that will charge from a White Horse one day.

“Whoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwells in him, and he in God”
-1John 4:15

Muslims believe in Jesus, as a man of God, a prophet but not the Son of God and that was heralded on the streets of Dearborn last weekend.

“That all men should honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He that honors not the Son honors not the Father which has sent him”
-John 5:23

“Whoever denies the Son, the same has not the Father: he that acknowledges the Son has the Father also”
-1John 2:23

Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loves him that begat loves him also that is begotten of him”
-1John 5:1


This weekend I will be yoking up with our chapter out in Chicago to preach against the over 450,000 strong sodomite parade there. Below is a note from Rusty (Dallas TX) the ex-homosexual that joined me to reprove the sodomite parade in Hollywood 2 weeks ago.

Enjoy the read

I flew from Fort Worth to LA to join Ruben in rebuking reprobates marching in the Gay Pride Parade. But what I received was much more than I'd bargained. I thought I was only bringing my testimony to the streets of LA, declaring God's enablement to deliver from perversion, even as I have been delivered, declaring "MY GOD , HE IS ABLE TO DELIVER THEE!!!" And this I did. But what I received was much more than I'd imagined, totally humbled when realizing what little I'd actually brought to the table.
I'd unknowingly signed up for the Holy Ghost School of Street Evangelism, taught by the world's greatest rebuker/exhorter, Prof. Ruben Israel. The lessons were non-stop,.... keep thoughts concise, words few, Holy Spirit directed. Stay alert, speak to the moment, PAY ATTENTION to the whirlwinds of delusion, looking for that special opportunity to speak that ONE WORD in season, the Word that will fell the enemy. I learned to be slower to speak, much slower to promote agendas not related to the task at hand, quicker to listen to God, His Wisdom, His Ways. I left L.A. changed. Better. Blest!
The crowd was unreal, and at times seemed like a whirlwind of hate, of demonic euphoria, of Hell's deafening sounds of revelings. During one extreme manifestation of mob explosive shouts, I found myself weaping, totally enveloped in God's peace, thanking my Holy Father for holding me in His deliverance, never again to know the emptiness on display from the other side of the police barracades.
One reveler stood in front of me, taunting my testimony. He was lewd. He mockingly shouted , "I know you want me, and want what I have for you," as he performed his best temptings . I declared to him, "I once would be intrigued by your offerings of sinful and lewd exposures, but I PRAISE GOD for this moment. To desire what you offer would affirm a demon of lust, a demon of perversion, of which I HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DELIVERED. I PRAISE GOD FOR THIS MOMENT. A moment of vindication, a moment of validation. I am SO OFFENDED by YOU, and WHAT YOU OFFER. I now see as GOD SEES. I stand in the presence of my Holy, Glorious, all Powerful Father in a PEACE THAT PASSES UNDERSTANDING, while you will return to your home of sad delusions, emptiness, loneliness, and a future void of promise, looking forward only to eternal tormnent worse than you can imagine, unless you repent too ! " As he left, I will never forget his look back at me, a reverse "Sodom and Gororraha" glance. He heard me. The look was haunted. I know he was hit hard by the TRUTH, and I pray he will not rest in his sin , but stay miserable until repentance. Rom3:16 "Destruction and misery are in their ways, but the way of peace have they not known. THERE IS NO FEAR OF GOD BEFORE THEIR EYES!"
Many heard,... actually, as Ruben showed me,... ALL HEAR. It was a joy to declare testimony that sleeping with Tom, Dick, and Harry, and every other fairy never filled the void. Only relationship with HOLY GOD has brought Peace . Staying 24/7 in His Word is the key. If God can deliver me, there is hope , even for the worst of queers. It was a joy to endure the mockings, the spittings, the beer in the face. (although not a direct hit!)
I will always remember this trip. The hospitality (sandwiched always sliced). The rebukes and exhortations from God's HEAVY HITTER, Ruben. The victories in the streets of Sodom. Words few. Holy Ghost Led. . I am grateful. Thankful. CHANGED!!!! Thanks Ruben, THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!