Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last week we preached at what I thought was a concert at Staples Center, but it might have been a hooker’s convention instead. Usher was the performer and most girls seem to have worn their younger sisters clothes or maybe girls today just don’t know how to do the laundry, as they wash everything in hot water and everything shrinks…..go figure?
Mark, Dale and I stood with banners flying and Sister Angela walked around passing out tracts and preaching to the body of people walking around this venue. I would say that 80% of the people that said something claimed to be a Christian and if questioned about the word ‘modestly’ they would respond instantly by saying “don’t judge.” My banner had the laundry list of sins with a large WARNING as one mother holding her 10 year old daughters hand said “I guess we (looking at her daughter) will be going to hell.”

A number of people were complaining to me about Mark’s preaching, as he stood across the street from Dale and I, so when they walked by they said “that guy over there needs to watch what he is saying there are children here” to which I said “who would bring their children here?” And continue by saying “what they watch on TV or mtv is nothing compared to what my brother is preaching.” If you open aired for any length of time, you know heathen will try and draw a wedge in-between preachers, by saying “I like your approach better than his” or “you know how to talk, unlike that other guy” and how can we forget “I like your sign better than that other one.” At the end of the day the concert goers, heard the Word of God as we had much liberty at this venue.

Friday Brother Rusty from Dallas flew into Los Angeles to assist in preaching against the sodomite parade in West Hollywood. This was Rusty’s first time to open air and he is an ex-homosexual with a testimony of very checkered background that God delivered. After I picked him up from the airport my wife (Colleen) and I took him out to lunch to get better acquainted with him. We later went to Wiley Drakes Church where Rusty continued his testimony on Pastor Drakes TV show, complete with live callers. We toured the Church grounds, where he feeds and houses the homeless in Orange County and my wife donated a large box of toys for his homeless ministry. She gets toys, books and clothing for children with needs and gives them out to families that live in hotels and a step away from being homeless. Later that evening we fellowshipped with Rusty and enjoyed hearing what a LIVING GOD can do to a fallen human being.

You can read Rusty’s testimony in his book “The Lavender Lie” One man’s escape from homosexuality.

Saturday we (Rusty, Angela and myself) went to Hollywood Blvd to witness at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater where one can find hand print and shoe prints of celebrities on cement slabs, the place is a main artery in Hollywood where the crowds are endless.

The crowds were exhorted to forget the movie and read the book, the Bible, black book, gold trim, red letters. We took turns and preached a message to these movie-dolaters and many were shocked to hear Rusty’s testimony of how he had sex with “every Tom, Dick, Harry and every fairy” he preached how God delivered him from a male prostitute and even saved him from HIV and AIDS. People stopped and were in awe. Of course it would not be Hollywood if we did not have mockers, I mean California style. It was cat woman, Harry Potter’s wizard, spider man, the Hulk and Michael Jackson look a likes. At one point they called the police but were told we had every right to say what we said and drove off. The Harry Potter warlock stood and yelled “o lay o lay o lay o lay” for hours over and over. Cat woman manifested into a foul mouth whore as you know you a preaching a Holy Ghost message when movie icons get upset.

The preaching provoked many good one on one conversations that were very fruitful with questioned answered, prayers given and a sober Word from the Lord given to those wanted or not.

SUNDAY was parade day, it was the 41st annual parade, with well over 400,000 sinners strong marching in public for their sin. Oh how the 21 century Adam is much more bolder than the Adam in garden. Adam sinned in the garden and tried to conceal his nakedness, he hid from God, he was ashamed, not the Adam of today. No, this monster is proud of his sin, will walk in public proclaiming his sin, loves to expose his nakedness and demand everyone except him. Once we raised our banners there was an instant crowd, as the Bible says “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to me”…….and boy were they drawn to us. The police set up two sets of barricades coupled with police yellow tape, complete with uniformed officers and SWAT police which stood around to key the sinners at bay not to mention emergency vehicles parked nearby us.

You know you have made no small stir when you cause police dressed like this to stand next to you, so you can exercise free speech. The preaching was nonstop for 4 ½ hours as everyone with the parade heard and saw the banners as with everyone that walked by us heard the Word of God. Therefore I can say that we led everyone that came near us to the Lord, now we hope they will do something about it. Rusty gave his testimony over and over and to the parade goers he was a gay Benedict Arnold by saying “he was not born that way.” Rusty’s testimony was how God delivered him from the demon of sodomy, as he was a male prostitute with HIV and having sex with countless men. All while thinking he was a Christian and forgiven, because his Baptist Church says so. Then one day after being convicted, he cried out to God saying “I HATE YOU and I hate your scripture” and it was then that he felt the love and mercy of God. His sin of sodomy stopped, his drugs stopped, his drinking stopped as fruit meet for repentance. He admonished the crowd that God delivered him from masturbation as he testified that he has a new mind, a new heart, a new lifestyle, as he reminded those hearing that they were not gay and there is no joy in that lifestyle.

After the parade, the police moved in because the animals were restless, now keep in mind that these are the same people that demand you be tolerant of them and that you except them. They just do not wish to return the favor and had it not been for the presents of law enforcement around us, I doubt I would be writing this report. Unlike most Churches where they shout “AMEN” and “THAT’S RIGHT, PREACH IT BROTHER” our congregation (see 2 pictures below) shouted “SHAME ON YOU” to us.

“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”
Galatians 4:16

After the event was over as with many other cities, we were escorted to our vehicles and removed from the parade route by the police. This was my 31st year preaching at this event and something tells me that those people I preached to back then are not alive today and most likely in flames of fire. This is why our message is so urgent. In Luke 16 we read about the rich man in hell being in torment and sees Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom and would be content for a finger tip of water to cool his tongue. This man in torment said to Abraham “I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment”
Now if this rich man could come out for just one hour, he would have one message, he would WARN PEOPLE OF THIS PLACE OF TORMENT. Not tell them how much God loves them or if they ever lied, but to testify of that fiery place. I do believe if we could hear from just one of those homosexuals I preached at back in June 1980 they would sound the same…..LET ME WARN THEM OF THIS PLACE. Well, that I have been doing for 3 decades.

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This was Rusty’s first homosexual parade, so I guess I am a bad influence on him as I took him to his first ever gay pride parade

Brother Brian drove from North Carolina to New Orleans to give aid to a local ministry and took young Nolan to the streets out there. If this clip does not move you, well you are flat lined.

The brethren from New Mexico preached against the sodomite parade this weekend in Albuqerque and made the local news

Brother Kevin and crew preached the sodomite parade in upstate New York and these pictures made the local news paper

Protesters holds signs at the corner of Lark Street and Madison Avenue, waiting for the arrival of the Capital Pride 2011 Parade & Festival on Sunday, June 12, 2011, in Albany, NY. ( Philip Kamrass / Times Union)

I would like to introduce Street Preacher Matt from Wyoming, he is faithful in open air evangelism and often preaches alone. He has 2 events he is targeting in June 11th in Spokane Mt, and June 18th in Bozeman MT. These are sodomite rallies, even in God’s country they rally and march and God will have Christian resistance there to promote the standard of God. Matthew is praying about doing the Burning man in Nevada this year, as this event was moved from San Francisco to the desert. If you feel compelled to join Brother Matt, you may contact him at mattmurr123@hotmail.com

Street Preacher Matthew from Wyoming

During the last 2 years I have been traveling to a near by University and preaching in the free speech zone. I have had to put in massive amounts of time studying the various doctrines. Some major doctrinal changes that I have undergone as the Lord lead is first of all what I believe about the atonement of Christ. By the Lord teaching me I found the patristic view or also called the classic idea or Christus Victor view of the atonement and it changed the way I preach. Another mile marker came when the Lord quickened me to balance out the goodness and the severity of the Lord in my preaching. (Rom 11:22) By going deep into preaching on the goodness of God found in the atonement I can then toggle switch it back to preaching on the severity of God by saying that the New Covenant has a much sorer punishment (Heb 10:29) than the Old Covenant because it is based on relationship through grace rather then on Law abiding found in the O.T.

I preach at the farmers market on Saturday mornings. Last Saturday a man who has harshly heckled me in the past walked up to me whittling a piece of wood. At the end of his stroke he would point the knife at me. As I backed up he came towards me saying, "Are you afraid!" I took a video of it and showed it to the police and they only gave him a warning to stay away form me. The city of Kalispell has been adding up all the calls of people complaining about me over the last years and they are bringing charges against me for being a public nuisance, disturbing the peace and obstructing commerce. Nothing is official yet.

During the last 8 years I have had about 15 people come with me to witness or preach at different times. Only one has had his own zeal to continue. He and I disagree greatly in our doctrinal beliefs, but we find common ground in other areas. We are a team that holds together because we both put Jesus first. The hardest part of bearing this cross for Christ's sake has been that much of it has been going out alone. Alone to the events. Alone to the bars on central street. Alone to face off with the mob of unbelievers. Alone to face off with the police, but through it all Jesus has been saying, "Go" and he has been with me.

I have my own window defogging and cleaning business that the Lord uses to bless me and my family of 5 with. The work always comes in on time to pay the bills and support the ministry. Last year I went to Sturgis N.D. bike rally alone. I had no money to go up until the day before I was to leave the Lord blessed me with a nice size job to pay for it all. Several other times I was traveling to go preach and a job comes that is on my way to the preaching engagement. Finding a church family has been a great struggle because most do not embrace the biblical message of repentance and holiness. Finally, the Lord led me to a small (underground) home group. They have the biblical message and support me in my preaching in many ways.

Matthew Murray