Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Sunday we made ourselves ready to preach against the Dalai Lama, as the guru of happiness was due to speak at the Long Beach convention center on Sunday afternoon, however he was ill and postponed his bliss pep rally to Monday.

So we reconfigured our schedule and after work I was ready to preach against ‘his holiness’ but again he canceled out due to poor health. So maybe another time, as we have preached at him before and he can pack a room with his positive message that everyone is good and all roads go to heaven. In 2011, the Dalai Lama was listed by the Watkins Review as the second most spiritually influential person in the world, with a charismatic personality.

“Woe to you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets”
-Luke 6:26

On Wednesday, Mark and I stood outside Staples Center and preached to the Lakers fans hoping to win at least one game against Dallas.

The crowd was pompous as with any Lakers game and most responded mocking God after passing the banners as I think God had the last laugh as they were eliminated. Not much personal conversation as many were arriving late due to the drive home traffic in Los Angeles and holding a $200.00 ticket who wants to talk about the Bible? Police were everywhere, most likely because Ben Laden is involved with 72 tormenting demons instead of those 72 virgins. The added security was needed in case that peace loving religion wanted to bomb the NBA playoffs for Allah but at the end of the day the God of the Bible was the issue as the crowd had to pass us to walk into the center. Brother Mark had the crowd disturbed when he preached ‘Kobe Bryant is not god’ one would have thought he spit on their mother’s face the way they responded, I guess he struck a nerve.
The Lakers are out, the coach is gone and most likely key players will be traded, it must be tough having sports as your god, because our God will not forsake us, trade us, sell us out or decide to retire and have us follow another.

Sunday was the annual ‘Fiesta Broadway’ in downtown Los Angeles on Broadway Street, the event covered 12 square blocks and with a half million people attending, it’s billed as the largest ‘Cinco de Mayo’ celebration in the world. Why be a missionary to Mexico when you can do it here in Los Angeles as they come to you?

No sooner than I raised my banner when I was confronted by an ex-gang member that said he was convicted by Holy Spirit and he began confessing his sin to me. We spent time together as he stood and urged me to keep preaching, he was one of several meaty conversations the Lord allowed me. I did not know but I set up shop about a half a block away from the ‘Judgment Day is May 21’ cult and they were out in force at least 60 of them walking the streets with signs, shirts, caps and literature all promoting the end of the world. I admonished them that even Jesus himself does not know the date. I asked what time zone will the return be in because Sydney can be about a 20 hour difference than say Honolulu. There was a documentary crew that was filming them and wanted to interview my thoughts on May 21 and did they get an ear full.


I stood with my black large ‘Trust Jesus’ banner and preached a basic message and due to the Hispanic crowd I warned against prayer to Mary and other dead saints. The police were out in force as I was permitted much liberty to stand in the middle of the street, holding a large sign and using my mega-phone for hours. Several vendors offer water to drink and thanked me for preaching. One drunk guy kept coming back to argue that Los Angeles is in Mexico, others ask me to speak in Spanish and neither liked my response.


Over the years at this event we have given away cases of Bibles and hundreds of tracts as these people will stand in line to get something free. Most of the people walking seemed to have a bit of reverence towards the gospel and were very respectful.

Now among other things to preach at, I am considering driving up on May 22 to preach against this cult that has taken God’s Name in vain as per Jeremiah 23:25-26 for misleading millions on a date that never happened. Much money was invested, much time was invested and many people were mislead as this is a false prophet and worthy of a PUBLIC REBUKE and should be thankful we are not under the Old Testament or I would not be bringing a banner and TRUTH-horn.

We as open-air preachers must understand our task, as we are speaking on behalf of God regarding issues and that really should be both a humble and fearful thing to do.
“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God”
John Knox understood this, as he said; “I have never feared the devil, but I tremble every time I enter the pulpit” because he understood the reality of speaking on behalf of a holy God. If you comprehend that, there would be more soberness and bold clarity from our end.


Greetings Brother Ruben!
You’ve probably been wondering whether I’m still alive as I’ve been very quiet the past few weeks. Things are going well on this side in South Africa. I’m still alive and still preachin’ the Gospel! Just this past Saturday Brothers Victor, Ivan and I preached at a festival about 3 hours’ drive from where I live. Below are some of the pics…

Below is an article that I wrote some time ago on “Preaching Tips for the Open Air Preacher”. It is found on our website (www.timeforchrist.org), but I thought to share it with you as well. I know that you know all there is to know about street preaching because of your extensive experience, but if you want to post it on your website you are more than welcome to do so as I think this might be very encouraging and informative to our younger brothers who just began to plough the field! What are your thoughts?
May the LORD continue to bless your labours for His Name’s sake!
~ Renier


Pray for Brother Wayne, as he will soon have issues with his Church and even more with his family and friends (Matthew 10:34), then within time the police on the sidewalk. He made his own Christian T-shirts and God is moving him to preach in public to sinners and Church goers in his town and beyond. God Bless you Brother, endure.

“I was raised in a "church going" family & was taught that church was for social reasons. Do not take your religion too serious to avoid wrecking your social acceptance. Making friends & making money was more important so God was set aside when it conflicted w/ these priotorties. I started reading the Bible (niv) in 96, struggled for many yrs because I noticed the Bible said one way about how we are to live the Christian life, but my family, church & our ("woman!!!" minister) said the opposite of the Bible. That’s right we had 2 women ministers in the presprtaryian church I grew up in, so for most of my growing up I was not taught the truth nor told the truth. I really have struggled w/ taking the Bible, (KJV) as the Final authority in life because I was told/taught that you do NOT go against the family because they have fed us, clothed us, put a roof over our heads. You owe us (Parents/family) loyalty, respect, & don’t forget LOYALTY! We took care of you when you messed up!! I began telling my family in 2005-06ish that we owe God loyalty because He/God has provided everything we have. My Dad said 2 things 1) " I have never "seen" God in the fields doing the work, Dad was a farmer. 2) When God does things my way, then I will call him Lord. Dad asked me once, why does NO one respect my authority any more, so I turned & asked him, Dad? Do you respect Gods authority?? He got angry & walked away. Mom was much the same. In 2008 I found Jesse Morrell on you tube & at first thought that this way of preaching was wrong. My teaching of social acceptance was the reason. After watching him for a few days I began to notice something, these collage kids who will not spend 5 min in a church but would stand for "hours!!!" & listen to bro Jesse preach "hard against sin!!" after that I realized there was lots of open air preachers in the "Bible!!!" We are taught so many lies from family/friends/church when we are young about life. Now I use even little events to change someone’s mind. I was in a convince store getting a Mt Dew, the guy in front of me was 30 cents short for his purchase so I offered him a dollar, but only if he would read the Bible. He snorted... NO Way!!! & walked off. When I was at the laundry mat, I asked a senior lady what church she goes too. She told me "Get lost!!" I have a shirt that says, wimpy girly men, rebellious women be ashamed. My nephew was home visiting (he was living w/ a woman at that time) I wore that shirt to a "Family" get-together & my sister/lukes Mom gave me a real dirty look!! Thank God for Bro Ruben, bro Jesse & all the other open air preachers!! They are the "only" loving/truthful pastors out there!! Let’s join w/ them in these Last Days!!”


Brother Frank is from Georgia and God has delivered him from a checkered past life and now lives a life of a new creature. He represent our Bible Believer chapter in Cleveland and has preached from the pulpit to the public sidewalk. He is married and raising a family, yet seems to make time to promote the Jesus of the Bible and exhort all to holiness. The Lord has given Brother Long a Street Preachers voice and with his boldness, the Father is using him for His glory and service. So without further ado, here is Brother Frank.

I have been a Christian for 23 years. I was a drug dealer, gun runner, alcoholic and drug user who sang lead Heavy metal rock music in several bands (the last band I played in went professional). Jesus saved me at a little Baptist church in 1988 and was radically changed. After singing professional gospel music, being a pastor of three churches, and then evangelizing for a mainstream denomination, I became sick of the state of modern “churchianity”. You have some churches that have arrived to a state where they know it all, knowing nothing and professing they are the only “denomination or church body” who are making it to heaven. You have other churches who are little “jesus’ ” gods in their own sight, building kingdoms to their own selves. And these false teachers, hirelings and false “prophets” are damning souls to hell with their false doctrines and commandments of men; they have strayed so far from the Truth and have not the Spirit of God in them. Unregenerate, without power, they can’t help others and have brought confusion, idolatry and judgment upon the church world as we know it

After being led of the Holy Ghost to preach hard against sin and hypocrisy within the churches; and being rejected by the lukewarm complacent church-goers who do not want correction; I sought out the street ministry. After preaching a few times on the street I found out that some of the pastors and people I knew were also liars! I figured out that we didn’t need a permit to preach on the streets, nor did I need anyone’s permission to preach there either. At that time I thought that I was the only street preacher in the state of North Carolina. But upon checking out some websites, I found out that there were more radical men of God out there like me.
Brother Ruben Israel was very instrumental in focusing my zeal, along with Brother Dick Christian, who has become a dear friend of mine. Dick, who preaches like a pit bull against sin, has been an inspiration along with many others like Brother Brian Cranford, Zach Baxter, and the list goes on and on. I have been preaching full-time on the streets for over 6 years taking every opportunity to reprove, rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. I have sold out for the Gospel there are many avenues in life I could have been successful at, such as a professional auto body technician (of which I have 27 years experience). I could have been a professional “preacher” or should I say a paid “HIRELING”! Or I could have even become a professional Gospel singer and join the ranks of the rest of the Fakers! But I have forsaken it all to be as Brother Ruben said “The arm pit in the body of Christ”. This is the faith I would gladly die for.

We as a family make a lot of sacrifices to do this ministry full-time. I could be like about everyone else and be caught up in this world and its system and be successful. I count it all as dung that I may win the Excellency of Christ! My main focus and burden is on the lost, we must reach them at all costs but in order to reach them we must be “REAL” and live what we preach! 1 Corinthians 9:27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway. There are street preachers out there today cigarette puffers, porn addicted masturbators, casual drinkers and potty mouths. I would like to relay this to all of these: Get off the street; you are giving the real preachers called of God a bad name! There are brothers I preach with I would gladly die with; but, this other bunch I wouldn’t pour water on if they were on fire. We as street preachers are the vessels who hurl the impending judgment of God.
If someone asked me to describe what it was like to be out on the streets of America preaching the Word of God to this lost and dying world, I would say, “It’s like jumping off a three story high bridge, with a rubber band tied around your leg!”

Since last year’s SOAPA conference, after becoming the Cleveland GA Chapter of the Bible Believers; we are working on training and encouraging other Christians who are called out of the four wall “church” into the streets to fulfill the Great Commission in their own walk with God. There are many people who are dissatisfied with their “religious experience” because they have never realized what was missing. We are convinced that in leaving the “99 to reach the one” can not only help these disillusioned born-again souls to find their purpose and calling in God, but also build up the Kingdom of Heaven and work toward the perfecting of the saints. We run a food ministry, bible studies, trailer park ministry, and evangelize on the streets in small towns as well as large events. We are looking to disciple others in the Truth and for them to become effectual street and outreach ministers.
You can contact me at
and to view videos of street preaching visit the SOAPA Website, or Bible Brian’s U tube page, and Southern Preacher’s U tube page.