Saturday, April 23, 2011


One never knows just who will call my cell phone. On Thursday afternoon I received a phone call from the Phoenix police department, where a detective asked me if I was coming to his city to preach against the homosexual pride parade on Saturday. I told him I was going to be there with a small group of men, to which he replied that they would work with me to assure our free speech. Later that day I received another call on my cell phone from an officer from ASU, asking me if I would be coming to their campus in Tempe since I was going to be in Phoenix? I told him we will be there on Friday before noon, I was then told he will be ready to protect our right to speak on campus. AND THAT THEY DID.
I arrived in Arizona on Thursday and was picked up by Brother Jeremy who drove in from New Mexico and was taken to our local chapter in Phoenix for fellowship. We worked out details and planned on preaching the campus on Friday morning, then going to a D-back baseball game, with the last leg preaching on Mill Street past midnight. Saturday doing the sodomite parade, then I would be flying back home that evening because Sunday I will be in San Diego for the nations largest ‘earth day’ event.

“We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the LORD fulfill all your petitions”
-Psalm 20:5

FRIDAY: Phase 1)


We (Jeremy, Josh, Jess and I) arrived on ASU campus and were soon confronted by undercover Phoenix police and campus police. We then raised our banners and was joined by Jack and Sandy from Wisconsin and preached against sin and the need for Jesus. We were soon engulfed with students with campus police moving in often to keep the crowd at bay, as several students had signs and tried to drown out our message. One female (?)…..male (?)…..whatever IT was manifested and tried to attack Jeremy but instead fell on the ground and once up slipped again, as campus police dragged it away and cuffed it, it sat on the sidewalk crying and angry with police. Later that day we were joined by Mario and everyone preached, everyone had smaller conversations and at the end of the day we made “no small stir” on campus. There was an older gentleman that stood with us who witnesses on campus and was excited to see and hear our method of preaching.

Here is a youtube clip with Ruben at the end of the day making no small stir on campus asking a question to two Muslims students about their faith and the more they talk the more they indict themselves.

Phase 2)

We stood in front of the stadium where the D-backs played and oddly with the sodomite parade in town they played San Francisco. Phoenix police and event security stood by as we had much liberty on the sidewalk to raise a banner and use a megaphone. We did not preach one will go to hell for watching a baseball game, but exhorted the crowd to know and profess the God of the Bible. It was a filled stadium and the sidewalk was flowing with people. This was a good hit because the major league all star baseball game will be played at this stadium and we were given much liberty on the sidewalks adjacent to the stadium, with police and park security familiar to or banners and method of preaching.

Phase 3)

It was about 9PM when we preached on Mill Street, as Jess, Jeremy, Josh, Mario, John and myself raised our banners and used our megaphone on the sidewalk. We preached into the nightclubs and those walking the sidewalks. Police were called but told those that called we have every right to do what we do and moved on. This is a nice pool as every college town has a main artery at night, Mill Street is no different as people are standing in line before going into the clubs, so you have a captive congregation. At night these people became physical as Jeremy was punched a few times in the face, at one point the heathen even turned on themselves. These students at noon that wanted to debate evolution are now acting like the same animals they believe they come from, when the sun goes down. But not all was bad, I remember this one young man that came across the street and was excited to see us. He said he was a Christian and had seen me in Salt Lake City preaching and also viewed a few youtube clips of us confronting sin. He was moved and wanted more boldness in his life to profess Jesus in public like us, Brother John spent some time with him and prayed with him. This young man looked like he was driving home from work when he saw us and parked his car, I pray the Holy Ghost move him with boldness.

Here is a 10 minute clip on plowing the Word on Mill Street


Morning we headed out to the sodomite route, I contacted the detectives and told them we were removing our license plates for safety reasons and they guided us into an area to park our vehicles, as it is after an event like this where problems can occur walking back to our vehicles. We were given a location at the end of the parade route, where we have stood before in previous years. They put up two rows of metal barricades and were very visible around us keeping the sodomites at bay. One would think this would distract anyone from trying to attack us but NO NOT THESE SINNERS. Two sodomites spit on me and were hauled off, I was asked if I wanted to press charges and declined. Another person tossed their drinks on Frank and another on Sandy as these people were also removed. Others tried to climb over the barricades and still others hurled things at us and were detained. We did not press charges on anyone yet the Phoenix police logged their ID and removed them from us. The TRUTH-Horn we used was mounted high and could be heard loud and clear for over a block. At times we were engulfed with sodomites trying to argue their lifestyle with us as their sacred long awaited parade pranced on behind him. This was the 15th year Phoenix hosted the parade and this year Lynda Carter (aka wonder woman) was the grand marshal of the 2 hour parade according to the Phoenix LGBT the festival after the parade at Steele Indian School Park had five stages which will showcase everything from drag shows to concerts and booths for HIV and AIDS awareness, free blood tests and at least three suicide prevention organizations, sounds like a healthy lifestyle no?

On the youtube clik below, it starts off with police giving us a parking location at the parade for safety reasons during our exodus and you could see Ruben talking with undercover police and showing us our location to preach with two exits if needed. The clip will show a sober message of what God thinks of their parade, as the crowd wants to come inside the barricades like their fathers did to Lot trying to get into that house.


Articles regarding our presence on the route:

Verbal Assaults rattled the 2011 Phoenix Pride Parade and Festival attendees
“….On Saturday, April 17th the Pride parade goers were verbally assaulted as they attempted to enter the gates of Steel Indian School Park's Phoenix Pride Festival……"Slit your wrists…Commit suicide…God hates Homo Sex…You are going to Hell" are all the sentiments of Rubin Israel who is a self proclaimed official street preacher with the Bible Believers. It was his group that perpetrated the hate signs and sentiment….”

Spent the day at Phoenix Pride
“….Anyway, just as I was about to turn into to the park we saw...guess who.
That's right, the protestor's from the club the night before. I guess the night before was a warm-up for the real deal today? They were behind barricades, to protect them or us is anyone's guess. I found they amused me more than they enraged me. There we were, a long sidewalk full of GLBT people headed for Pride and these protestors (who were not nearly as annoying, frustrating or infuriating as Westboro Baptist. Clearly they need more practice.) are shouting about how we will have to pay a price for our sins and how we needed to find Jesus….”

San Diego is the largest ‘earth day’ fest in our nation, held in Balboa Park.

This day one can find a booth promoting everything green, every religion that brings unity, you can sign petitions to save the whale, the rain forest and smoking marijuana or to support gay marriage. The place reeked of liberal socialist tree hugging types, the hippy ‘love and peace’ is the motto and most there believes mankind is good and tender with the exception of a few Christians. Tie-dye shirts were the dress code, men were effeminate and neutered as women walked freely with hairy legs and armpits all under the umbrella to save mother nature.
We too as Christians are concerned for the planet, but it will not be tail pipes and refineries that pollute the land, it is not the need to recycle that will salvage the planet. We proclaimed “IT IS SIN THAT WILL POLLUTE THE LAND….ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALY, FORNICATION, IDOLOTRY THAT WILL SPOIL THE LAND”

“And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants”
-Leviticus 18:25

We had large crowds around us most of the day as park security came several times an hour to move our outdoor church of earthalujah because it was stopping the flow of foot traffic. For hours we stood and answered questions regarding the God of the Bible. We contended for the faith debating that Jesus was the only way, Jesus was the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, Jesus was not a vegetarian as He ate fish and the Passover meal. Jesus did not smoke marijuana, nor was He and the 12 disciple’s homosexuals. God is not all loving, all religions are not the same and trees do not have a soul. The best quote on Jesus and trees is when our Lord cursed a fig tree for not bearing fruit when He was hungry;

“Now in the morning as he returned into the city, he hungered. And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away”

This is a photo of a guy that believed Muslims and Christians believed in the same God and it was not right to speak against another man’s religion.

Just saying “Fear God” was enough to cause problems with these people as most were shocked to know we need to fear a God of love. Jesus never preached ‘fear’ He preached ‘love and tolerance’ they said. We should tremble God as in terror and not reverence as even the earth itself, understands the concept of fearing God.

“Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still”
-Psalm 76:8

Here is a good verse to give regarding fearing God, for several reasons;
A) It was said by Jesus
B) One does not need to understand Greek
C) Context will define this word ‘FEAR’
D) And this was said to His disciples, those men who gave up everything and followed Him

“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”
-Matthew 10:28

Now if someone is going to kill your body. You are not in a state of ‘awe’ or ‘reverence’ but you are in terror for your very life. Jesus says that same ‘fear’ should be towards God for He is able to destroy you into hell. A New Testament verse, with red letters that teaches God in the context of horror and dread….go figure?

“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”
-Hebrews 10:31

"Fear God and give him glory”

On the calendar

This evening I will be at a ‘lil wayne’ concert in Orange county and promote what a Holy God thinks of this type of music and those that follow it.