Thursday, February 17, 2011


The eyes of our nation if not the world looked upon Dallas to see the mighty man glory in his might, however we were there to publicly declare the glory and character of God.

“Thus said the LORD, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, NEITHER LET THE MIGHTY MAN GLORY IN HIS MIGHT, let not the rich man glory in his riches. But let him that glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD which exercise loving kindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, said the LORD”

I have preached at Super Bowls for 25 years and this is the coldest I could recall, even colder than the 2005 February Detroit Super Bowl. With the cold snowy weather in Dallas, it was a good thing we were there, as the open air preaching HEATED UP the people walking by us. Anger will flare, if you address the ball god to these people going into their temple on Sunday to raise their hands to their altar known as sports. This people do take their religion seriously, forget that one hour cushion pew service in a heated building. These die hards can do three hours outdoors on a metal seat, without a problem. They emulate their gods well, as they are not ashamed of them. They promote them on shirts, hats, tattoos, flags, signs, painted on their faces and write it on their cars. They will argue and defend their god, trust and hope in their god, pray for their god and can worship them up to six hours per Sunday, not to mention all the TV/radio sport programs and the reading of all the blogs/websites/newspapers/magazines/etc. Now IF only these football-dolaters would give the God of the Bible this much praise and time…….REVIVAL WOULD HAVE HAPPENED YESTERDAY IN AMERICA.

We reminded these pig skin disciples that their god can move to another city and leave them for the almighty dollar, whereas the God of the Bible will never leave you or forsake you.

Now before the Sunday event I had read that the law enforcement was going to really crack down on free speech on the sidewalks in Dallas/FtWorth and the stadium. This was also confirmed by a local pastor who was threatened with a citation and arrest for just passing out tracts the weekend before the big event. So a day before I arrived in Dallas I contacted the ACLU of Texas and explained what happened to this local minister and our intentions on those same public sidewalks to see if they wanted to get involved.

Now let explain why I chose the ACLU rather than our normal free speech legal team. We all know the ACLU is as leftist, socialist, pro abortion, pro homo and an atheist law firm, HOWEVER THEY NEED PEOPLE LIKE US TO EVEN OUT THE TEETER TOTTER OF THEIR UNBALANCE JUDGMENT. And they did produce. Because we are a religious group regarding free speech, I did not fill out any pre-forms or questionnaires and I was moved to an actual lawyer instantly. We talked on the phone and based on that call the ACLU quickly contacted the city attorney and the code compliance department regarding our first amendment rights. I was assured via the ACLU that the problem with the local minister was an isolated incident and we would exercise our free speech without hindrance.

Saturday afternoon seven of us split up into two groups and hoisted our banners in downtown Forth Worth in an area known as Sundance Square, where we were an instant hit with swarms of people walking around. Multitudes of pigskin followers were everywhere and soon the police and event security were called because we were causing a human traffic jam on the sidewalks around us. The police wanted us out because we were on private property, however the director for the code compliance department came and backed everyone off as we were within our rights. The police and ESPN security backed down. This person from the code department was soon on the phone with the city attorney of Forth Worth and we were given much liberty with location, amplification and banners as this individual was running between our groups in different locations defusing police. Because the crowds around us were considered rowdy, the city closed one lane on the street allowing us to stand and preach. Also placing orange cones around us, with police and event security standing by and keeping the flow of human traffic moving. We moved across the street around dinner time for a few hours to help keep the flow of traffic on the sidewalks moving, then placed back in the street or the ESPN zone after the dinner hour.

At the end of the night, I was confronted by a police officer who told me that someone had complained of me calling a woman a “whore” and as the citation was getting written the director for the code compliance demanded the officer to rip up the ticket and after a heated debate the officer conceded and the ticket was shredded.
We preached for almost 12 hours with assistance from the Texas ACLU.


As we preached into the night, there was this guy walking his dog and saw the banners and walked over to talk to a couple of the brethren and was later sent to me. So this guy walked over and introduced himself praising the Lord for our preaching and told me a little testimony of who he is. His name is Rusty, who has been delivered from the sin of homosexuality but understood he has reaped what he has sown from that lifestyle, as Rusty is HIV positive. He told me that he grew up in a Baptist Church and this church allowed the homosexual agenda to leaven God’s standard. He asked for us to stand outside this church on Sunday and rebuke the heresy that God accepts homosexuals. Rusty pleaded with me to publicly reprove this once blessed Baptist Church that is now converted its theology into perversion.

We arrived about 9AM at the ‘Broadway Baptist Church’ ready to preach a sidewalk sermon to those with eyes to see. We raised our banners and started our message as I was soon entangled with the Churches security who asked me why I was there. Lets see……what do I do this morning…..yell in front of a church or rearrange my sock drawer?

I was soon asked to leave the sidewalk in front of the Church and go across the street, to which that suggestion was denied. Then we heard a voice crying out as it was Rusty walking towards us and stopped right next to us rebuking his once beloved Church for being the first Baptist church in America that allowed women and openly homosexuals to minister from the pulpit. Rusty and I tagged teamed on the sidewalk as the police cars pulled up one by one, as six patrol vehicles parked around us. We were told the sidewalk in front of the church is not public property and were told we could stand across the street. This conversation was filmed and will be submitted to our attorneys for free speech violation. This Baptist church was reminded that Jesus rebuked 5 out of 7 actual Churches in Asia and stood at the door of one Church knocking outside wanting in, as this verse is used to get the unsaved saved. But IF context means anything, it was Jesus trying to get inside a Church, not unbelievers
“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me”

This Church believed in Jesus, BUT HE WAS OUTSIDE, they were reading about Jesus, BUT HE WAS STANDING OUTDOORS, they sang songs about Jesus, BUT HE WANTED IN, they talked and prayed to Jesus, YET THEY KICKED HIM OUT OF SERVICE.
This Elks Lodge with a cross that considers itself to be a Church was reminded that according to Revelation chapters 2 and 3, we will be judged and punished by what Church we fellowship and associate ourselves with.


It is my humble observation that this church and denominations that accept the sodomite agenda has this in common, they are filled with blue haired little old ladies and has a youth group that allows the culture to dictate theology. Hence ripe for this perverted leaven and an easy push over for a spiritual coup d'├ętat.

We departed that church to now preach in front of a larger temple, known as ‘Cowboy Stadium’ where this congregation takes its religion seriously. Parking around the stadium was anywhere between $100.00 to $500.00 and we had a local Christian give us two parking spots at his house for free just blocks away from the stadium. We split up into a few groups to cover more entrances around the stadium. I stood on stadium property until I was asked to leave, then I stood on the grass until I was confronted by someone from the police department and told I had two options. Option one, move on the sidewalk, option two go to a free speech zone located somewhere in Louisiana. I responded hat the free speech zone will not happen and if we go on the sidewalk, it will now be a safely issue as someone might get hit in the head with our banners, which is why I stood on the grass.

I continued that there is a third option, we could stand in the street as the street is shut down and we will be far away from the stadium yet close enough to preach to these walking into the game. The third option was given and we were also given several officers to stand by if needed and later moved on. So we had much liberty with the police, the use of amplification, poles and banners. Everyone preached and everyone had conversations as a result of the preaching and signs. The quote of the day came from the Green Bay Packers fans who after walking by us would say to each other.
“Well, we are in the Bible Belt”

Special thanks to Brother Jared and Lauren who hosted Grant and I, not to mention our photographer. Jeremy who drove in from New Mexico so we can use his SUV to shuttle around in, local brothers Nick and Jeff who made time and preached with us. Brothers Jesse Morrell and Tracy Bays came in from another part of Texas and Larry Craft who drove in from the east. All these men worked with us in the icy weather, which help cover more real estate to preach at Sundance Square and cowboy stadium. I trust God will sent other laborers to reap our labor as God will give growth.

Then on Super Bowl Sunday, I say a BIG-AMEN for Pastor David and Repent Amarillo who came in with his cordless amplification, Brother Larry from Oklahoma, Street Preacher David and crew with signs from Bulldog Ministries who stood with us preaching before the game. AND one brother Rusty, whom I believe God will use mighty to aid us as we preach against homosexual parades and southern decadence this year. At the end of the day, we did not give the opportunity for the mighty man to boast in his might, as verily we publicly bragged about Jesus and what he can do as per Jeremiah 9:23-24.







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An Open Door for Super Bowl Preaching
“….Brother Jeremy Delasantos from New Mexico, and some other brethren, decided it would be a good time to preach. We gathered there near the ESPN booth, and amazingly, the city of Fort Worth wisely permitted preaching and evangelism, even with banners. Praise God for all who worked to make this happen. At first, the new, temporary city code forbidding literature (obviously meant to forbid commercial literature) was applied to Christian tracts and banners. But by Saturday, the city was instructing police officers about the proper meaning of the law…..”

Oklahoma Street Preachers
“The Lord of Glory afforded a gracious opportunity to Oklahoma Street Preachers this year. On February 6th, 2011 we preached to the fan-addicts outside the NFL Super Bowl football game. Oh! the games played at the Dallas Cowboy stadium located in Arlington, TX…….”

Daily Commentary on the Dallas Sports Scene - By Bob Sturm
"...One of Bob’s goals yesterday was to see how the Super Bowl security was for someone not using a media pass. He got to the stadium at 3:00 and had to deal with fences, railing mazes and street preachers..."

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I would like to introduce Street Preacher Zach from the Peach state of Georgia. Zach is a prayer warrior that will hold a banner, sign, cross, raise a Bible and will always take tracts everywhere he goes and you can always hear him yelling “Amen” and “That’s right” in the background when someone is preaching. Brother Zach has EVERY REASON not to go out a testify his faith as he has numerous illnesses that can restrict him never the less he will make time to love his neighbor.


This is my story on how I went from being a drunken dope smoker, fornicator, liar, reviler, rock and roll freak, deceived Roman Catholic and general dirt bag sinner to being a Bible toting, scripture quoting, Holy Ghost filled, open air preacher. It easy after I let go and let God run things. Let me take you back to BC – Before Christ.

I was raised by violent parents who suffered with alcoholism and with each other. My early years were so bad that I stuttered because of the abuse of my mother. I commented from time to time that I would have been better off raised by wolves because at least I would know how to hunt (ha-ha). I spent most of my life thinking I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof. Then in 1995 a vein inside my head started to leak and as quick as you can say aneurysm or stroke, I was no longer 10 feet tall and bullet proof. My wife, Vickie, stood by me and to tell you about her grace and strength would be another entire story. After brain surgery I found myself scared for the first time in a long time. I went back to my telemarketing job. Yes, I was the guy who called you up on the phone to tell you how better your life would be with TV Guide and other magazines. After I got saved I could no longer lie to people on the phone. But God gave me another position in the same company in customer service. Praise the Lord!

And how did I get saved? While I was still in the hospital waiting to be transferred to a rehab center to learn how to walk again, my wife’s uncle came to visit me. The only thing I really remember is his advice that when I get out of rehab and back home to find a church to attend. Prior to my stroke we had gotten into the habit of only attending church 2 or 3 times a year. After my wife, two daughters and I returned to Marietta, GA, we started going to church at Open Bible Tabernacle. The pastor was Eugene Holder, a man of God. But I was still smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. I was a total mess. But God spoke to me one day and told me how people were praying for me. He asked me why I wanted to hurt everyone. So I decided to quit going to church with the family. I was going to hide from God. My heart was so full of sin that I would not let my Jesus in. I call those my dark days. Then one Sunday I went to the evening service. I had every intention of not ever going back, but Jesus had other plans for me that night. When the altar call was made, I went down. I can’t remember why, but at that little country church at 545 Lorene Drive I got filled with something better than booze, sex or drugs. Praise the Lord; I was filled with the Holy Ghost. Life from that moment on has been different. My wife knows what happened to the sinner who went to church that night and never came back. She has no complaints.

I first started knocking on doors and inviting people to church service. Then one Sunday in 1996, a college campus preacher came to speak at our church. As I listened to his stories the Lord spoke to me and I did not run this time. He said to me that you can do what this man does - be a street preacher. Then this preacher issued an invitation to everyone to come join him at Little 5 Points in Atlanta, GA, a very, very tough part of town. I raised my hand and said, “I will go with you, preacher!” I was the only one in church who went the next Saturday. I had my first taste of hard core street preaching as I traveled to Atlanta with John Duncan and his wife, Ellen. I discovered every evil that I had heard about Little 5 Points was true and then some. From 1996 – 2000, I went everywhere passing out tracts and witnessing to everyone who would listen. I was even asked to speak at a church in Loganville, IN. But getting around was hard. The stroke left me legally blind, diabetic and walking with a limp. I also had a plate in my head and fluid on the brain. I could not drive, so I rode the bus to Atlanta which is about 40 miles round trip. No sweat! I was on a mission from God. I did this on the weekends while working during the week.

One day John Duncan told me I needed to meet his brother-in-law DC who had a ministry in the projects of Atlanta. How weird because 3 months later who do you think I met at church – one of the best brothers a man could have – Street Preacher DC. He had this trailer ministry called JAM Street (Jesus and Me). Well this is becoming a book, so let me wind up the making of a street preacher. Bro. DC and I did JAM Street every weekend until the projects shut down. This ministry is another story about open air preaching.

By the grace of God in 2003, I became a full time open air preacher. I have traveled with Brothers Ruben and DC to many different states to preach at various events. I have preached for four years at Mardi Gras and at three Super Bowls. Other places I have traveled to have been to Washington, DC on Easter (Bush era) to protest again the homo protesters Family Pride at the White House, many different Bowl games, gay pride parades, sports events and rock concerts. I have seen hundreds of people come into repentance unto Christ over the years

In closing I would like to thank those who have had a positive influence on my growth as a street preacher throughout the years: John Duncan, the late Eugene Holder, DC, Ruben Israel, Mark Cahill, Randy Brooks, Chap Williams and many others. Today I am a full time open air evangelist in Downtown Atlanta and I still do events, gay shame, rock concerts, etc. It is still a 40 mile a day mission trip, but it gives me time to talk to the other bus riders about Jesus. Check out my website or drop me a line at

Evangelist Zachary Baxter