Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Maybe ‘fools gold.’
was the 17th Annual S.A.G. Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles, or another Hollywood award night prior to the Academy Awards. SAG is abbreviated for the Screen Actors Guild, one of the largest unions in the film industry. This coveteous ‘golden calf’ or statuette is a naked man holding both a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy, called "The Actor" and it is 16 inches tall, weighs over 12 pounds, cast in solid bronze or in Street Preacher terminology, an idol.

Tenth Commandment “thou shalt not covet”

What is a SAG Award you ask? Nominations for the awards come from 4200 randomly selected members of the AFL-CIO union, with the full membership (120,000 as of 2007) available to vote for the winners. As everyone knows Hollywood needs these pep rallies, because these little gods have such shameful lives. This people get married and divorced within a month, DUI’s, drug addicts, involved with psychologists, into rehabs, overdose, fornication and homosexuality. Then suicide…..and their followers think that is a glamorous life, worthy of praise? There was more hair dye, wigs, botox, cosmetic surgery, silicone, colored contacts lens, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts, hair transplants, breast implants and powered make up, parading on the Red Carpet that night…..AND THAT WAS JUST FROM THE MALE ACTORS.

God used mainly our banners to convey a message to these little gods who can memorize a movie script but not remember a Bible verse. Who make a living on a LYING, by acting or pretending to live as another, yet can not emulate the image of a holy God. It rained most of the day in Los Angeles, however when it was time to set up shop and preach on the sidewalk, the weather cleared and the rain stopped. Either way, we were going to preach a message to the fallen stars, rain or shine. Mark and I split up to cover more real estate, Mark stood with banner raised, right across the street from the Red Carpet, while I stood on the sidewalk down the street and preached to the limo’s before they walked on that consecrated carpet of HOMOwood.

For over 2 hours we TESTIFIED and for that we will be a WITNESS on that Day to all against this event. As it will be our TESTAMNONY that God did not get any applause, but the crowd on the sidewalk roared with an organism as these little gods walked out from their limo onto the Red Carpet. We could not recognize most of the celebrities, so maybe we need to spend more time watching movies?

Prayer amid all the sparkling luster:
As these black stretch limo drove past me, I kept smelling cigar smoke but never saw where it was coming from. About a half hour later still smelling that smoke, I noticed a young man by a door way looking at my banner which had a list of sins that separate us from God …..smoking a cigar. He said he was watching me for some time and after reading my banner numerous times asked me to pray for him to not to be ashamed of the Gospel but to be bold enough to testify to his friends and family. We talked and prayed right on the spot, then fellowshipped a bit longer.

“But you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come on you: and you shall be witnesses to me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth”
-Acts 1:8

This is the purpose and function of the Holy Ghost, to give one POWER to be a WITNESS, not to handle snakes or feel cozy and roll on the floor overwhelmed with emotion BUT TO BE A WITTNES TO EVERYONE IN YOUR WORLD. This was exhorted to this young man who beseeched prayer.

The Church is commissioned to PREACH THE GOSPEL, this is not a ministry or gift, it is our duty to love our neighbor. Our modern day Church has every ministry possible, like children’s ministry, single people ministry, youth groups, music ministry, food and homeless ministry, convalescent home an hospital ministry, left handed-red haired-ex alcoholic-republican-lesbian- that graduated from community college ministry. They have ministries for everything and everyone, yet quench the very commandment inspired by the Holy Ghost.

“And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spoke the word of God with boldness”
-Acts 4:31

“And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus”
Acts 4:33



This is Street Preacher Larry from our Bible Believers Chapter in West Virginia.

Larry is a Pastor of a Baptist Church, business owner and has a heart for the lost, as he believed God had called him to the streets and makes time from his life to confess Jesus in public. He took to open air like a duck to water, as he will hold a banner, wear a sign, pass out tracts, video tape and herald the Gospel. He is a one man band, who has been faithful publicly contending for the faith in both West Virginia and eastern Ohio. On campus, side walks and outside of venues, where people gather he will let his light shine.
So without further ado………

“I had some religious up bringing when I was young but never really heard the gospel or a clear presentation of Jesus Christ So life when on I had been living with a woman for over ten years running the bars fighting and carousing, cussing, fornicating doing what sinners do .I had a man that lived down the road from me Chuck would come up and witness to me and I listened we were both wrestlers in school and I admired him he was older and a state champ so I out of respect I guess I listened. This went on a while I had my Kids in church [as a baby sitter] 2 step children boys 1 daughter from our relationship. One night at 5 till 3 in the morning I just woke up WIDE awake well that’s a miracle because I sleep right through the night until this day Anyway I laid their for a long time got up very quietly went to the front room turned on the TV and Lo and behold there was a evangelistic crusade on it was 5 till 3 they were some coming down to pray or maybe to be saved I thought I will watch this there’s only a little time left and the late show will come on.
The preacher was preaching Jesus Christ crucified and to turn to him tonight I remember he looked into the camera right at me and said something like this Christ died for you he shed his precious blood carried the sins of the whole world died for you so you may live and have eternal life through his Son Jesus Christ I fell out of my recliner on to my face repented of my sins and called out to God to save me and he did When I came off that floor that night I was a new creature in Christ there was no one around that I had to impress I just gave my heart mind, soul, everything went that night the burden was lifted my sins were gone and I knew it!! that was in [month approximate] June of 1983. The morning came I called my girl friend and the kids in the front room and set them down and told them I was leaving My girl friend said why I told her and the Kids I had given my life over to Jesus Christ I was living here in sin and it was wrong I tried to reason with my live in but she finally told me to get out!! Don’t ever call her to come to church.
I packed everything I could on that ole rusted 72 Ford truck and left went back to the ole farm place dad and moms and they welcomed me back I told them how I had come to Jesus Christ they rejoiced, I stayed out there for about maybe 2 months in the mean time I had my kids in a good independent fundamental Bible believing Church so I caught the bus with them by a trailer court and rode to church with them to keep the repore I ask about mom they said she was ok but sad.

Then they told me something that shocked me they said dad we understand why you are doing this we are saved. This brought even more peace to me then She called ask if we could start going to church together I said sure I will bring the car down 72 Dodge dart and we would go together well about a month had passed we went to a ole time tent revival
I told her I was going every night whether she wanted to or not with or without her I think it was the second night I went forward to pray for her the Lord whispered look over to the right I saw her being baptized in an ole horse trough She was saved Praise the Lord!! We were married about 2 months later I had my own business going The Appliance Dr. I was witnessing in the home and won my first soul to Christ in 1984 I was hooked!! We were married for about 7 years and I lost her to cancer but I will see her again Praise the Lord. And I believe if I hadn’t made a stand For Jesus Christ she might have been in hell today.
I stayed faithful to Church and to Christ remarried told her as we were seeing each other that Jesus Christ came first in my life if she couldn’t live with that then we needed to part now I also told her that Christ should always come first in her life. Well I evangelized for a while loved it I blew in, blew up, and blew out, Then I was called to pastor a little church that had seven people in it we went from 7 to 55 in about 10 months 38 saved born again Then I left there to start our own church Unity Baptist Church The congregation come up with that name because I preached at a home coming at that little church Unity in the community the solution for the pollution they never forgot it. As I begin to pastor this Unity Baptist Church people started coming getting saved but I felt the Lord wanted something more from me I really didn’t know what it was until I was invited to preach a Gay Pride parade by Bro. Ray Mcintire in Columbus this is where I first met Ruben Israel as I watched this wickedness parading down main street my heart was grieved I was watching Ruben as he masterfully handled and rebuked the wicked crowd with his truth horn I was well impressed.

Then he handed the truth horn to me I looked at him and he shook his head and said PREACH!! scripture flowed from me like a river as I rebuked this wicked perverse homo crowd with since I became a street preacher to much to mention and all the other street preachers I have met at the S.O.A.P.A conferences Bro. Dick Christenson for inviting me to preach at Virginia beach [The preach at the beach]. I deem it an honor and privilege to be a servant of the most high God Jesus Christ. On this note I would like to mention I was called to street preach back when I first had come to Christ 1983 The preacher had a call for to surrender your life to Christ service I came forward he ask me what has God called you to do? I told him [even as a new believer] to street preach, he was shocked and talked me out of it. I forgotten about it but my Lord didn’t and he called me back into it making my calling and election sure. I have never regretted one minute being in my Lords and Saviors service .I deem it a privilege to serve with my brothers and sisters in the faith and to cast my net on the other side.
By His Power For His Glory
Pastor Larry the word of God When I got done I knew this was right!! Afterwards as we were finishing up we were in the parking garage Ruben was telling us how we had done, when it came my turn he looked at me and said --you took to it like a duck takes to water what an encouragement! from a man of God that has been doing this some thirty years and I have been going out into the highways and hedges and compelling them to repent come in ever since that was in June of I believe 08 I would like to thank Bro. Ruben for all he has done for me”



Here are the Brethren from New Mexico making NO SMALL STIR in a Texas campus.

Students respond to ‘Watchmen of Christ’
“Between the yelling, the large crowds and the tall banners reading “Turn to Jesus or Burn in Hell,” a small group of men could be seen in the middle preaching their beliefs. On Tuesday, the group, who associates with Bible Believers and calls themselves “Watchmen of Christ,” gathered in the Free Speech Area……”


Brother Jed preaching his yearly circuit now at Texas A&M. He has been preaching on universities nationwide, Monday though Friday for almost 40 years, proclaiming a message of holiness.

Brother Jed’ returns
“Man preaches his views, stirs student emotions. Wednesday afternoon, a crowd of more than 50 students gathered at the southwest corner of the Academic Building around a man holding cane-like staff with a crucifix atop it. The man was Jed Smock, commonly known as Brother Jed, and is no stranger to the Texas A&M campus…..”

Project Jed Trailer - Brother Jed Smock at Texas A&M
This is from a student doing a documentary on Jed Smock

I get an average of 100 emails a day and here is a fraction of the good, the bad and the ugly:

Dearest Pastor Ruben
I greet you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, I'm Pastor Augustin Omana of Calvary Mountain Church here Bujumbura-Burundi, I see your website and I'm so very touching with your ministries, please I want to know more, also to be in contact with you and your ministries, we have 4 churches here Bujumbura city and to villages.We invite your ministries in our country and be able to working with your ministries.And if you will want we will send you our churches pictures, and the report of works every time. and when God will open door all the time you are so welcome to visit us and preach, teachings, if is possible organizing the leaders seminars and meetings. and we want to be your branch here.
We love you us praying for you
Pastor Augustin Omana
+2577****** or +25776******
P 0 Box ****

I've been told you guys have been to court a few times for preaching. Our church (South Australia) has been involved in alot of law issues with street preaching and we have had a big victory in our state. Our laws are different then yours but I'v been helping out a church in another state which has similar laws to the US in their state constitution. Do you have any Supreme Court Case citations that interpret the word "free" in the context of religious freedom?
In Christ
Caleb Corneloup

Yah rebuke you, I will not. See book of Jude if you are so deluded as to believe Yahweh loves you. Also see Psalm 5:5 to understand why Yahweh HATES you, Ruben!!!!!"

Dear Brother Ruben,
Thank you for your good words about me in your blogspot. Praise be to God. I will call you later this month to see watch up next on your preach-itinerary.

Your group is not Christian, you judge and hate, Jesus was about love and mercy. God loves the gays and many homosexuals will be in heaven because they love God too. I watched you for almost 3 hours and I never heard you say Jesus loves me, what kind of a preacher are you. Nobody listens to you.

Brother, I would like to talk with you about doing some street
preaching with you at Mardi Gras 2011. We have thought about doing so for several years, but after reading your article with Bro. Mark it
seem to clarify even more of a need. Any moment of your time via telephone will be greatly appreciated!
I am in Oklahoma at CST time.
Work Ph: (580) 326-**** Ext # *** All Day.
Home Ph: (580) 326-**** after 5:30PM CST.
Larry Hu
P.S. Keep up the encouragement worldwide by the website & blog.
U take the Spirit to the darkest corners thru the world wide web

I am a 68 year old Bible believing Christian that started street preaching 6 months ago, what a shame I did not do this 45 years ago. You have inspired me, I enjoy the preach clips and weekly soapbox blog, official street preachers have taught me more in 6 months than the many years I sat in Church. At the twilight of my life, I’ve now found it a joy to serve God.
Stimulated, your brother in Jesus.

you will not do this in my town,yaal best not come near me with that preching!

Dear Christian Brothers in Christ,
I would like to apply for the job vacancy you have open for a sober minded Christian. I have no problem in being spat upon or kicked and punched for it is a small price to pay for following Jesus Christ.
The only problem is that I live in Sydney Australia and we do not have a group like yours here that I know of. I know my Bible reasonably well and able to speak confidently in public. You may be able to help me in some way.
Joseph Kirschner


Dear brother Ruben, during one of your youtube video's, you mentioned a preacher of the old testement that layed naked for some time on the street, and I cant remember who it was, can you please tell me, for I cant remember which video I watched it on, please and thank you, ps, I truly enjoy your boldness, you have inspired me to go do the same, thank you, I also realy enjoyed the soap box article, lol keep up the good work bro.

Praise the LORD, brother Ruben.
Thanks for the email. The Lord is great. Tamika is fine.
May the Lord keep using you to hit satan's "biggest kingpins" with His Gospel.
Lord bless,
Brother Michael, Sister Tamika, and family

This video really inspired me two years ago, when I first saw it. Thanks so much brother for your faithfulness to the Lord, the saints, and the sinners. God bless you.

Hi brother Ruben I am sitting here with my wife wondering how all the brothers and sisters are doing. We were out at the Bellagio last night sharing the Gospel. How are you doing? What have you been up to?

pray 4 u daily Ruben for the glory of God......If you ever make an east coast run, i would love to join you in hittin the streets. Went to a local gathering tonite and handed out over a 100 bibles and about 200 tracts, People love free things this time of year."

Brother Ruben, thank you for the AZ report. I am blessed to know you as a friend.

Thank You. Much appreciated. Yesterday John 3:16 was viewed by millions of baseball fans @ the SF vs. Phil game. I got up front exposure at the post game show too, for about 10 minutes. I got flooded with e-mails right after it. Hopefully the word of God embraced, and Jesus lifted up. Thank you for your help.

Hello, Do you know what the general laws about bullhorns and megaphones is in regards to street preaching?

I find it so difficult to understand how it is an effective form of preaching? How many people have come to know the Lord over the 20 years you have been doing this? And for every 5 or 6 people who do come to "know the Lord" through your preaching, how many dozens, if not hundreds of people do you turn off? At what point do you have to realize that this form of preaching is not only ineffective, but is a blatant black eye placed on the kingdom. I would anticipate the idea that, yes Jesus turned off people to his gospel, but those people he turned off were the overly religious of the time...You have to be aware that calling people faggots, degrading and even dehumanizing them is not biblical, in anyway shape or form.

Thanks for being obedient Ruben!

Hi Brother,
I was going through, maybe the blog spot ? There was a list of street preachers and they each gave their own short testimonial. There were Las Vegas, Florida etc. and one of the guys had a document that was copyable and I lost track of it. Now I can't seem to find that brother. It was something I saw about 6-9 months ago and it was in connection with you. I could really use the document that he suggests that we all carry with us for the sake of showing to law enforcement if there is ever a question.
Do you know who it might be, where I saw it, or what the document is ? Can you help with this ? Thank-you in advance for anything you can come up with.

Brother Ruben you are the Kobe Bryant of street preaching.
Thank you

Thanks Brother Ruben. I am glad to know such a true soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to being reproved, rebuked and exhorted out of any and all complacency in areas of my discipleship in Christ.

Brother Ruben,
Do you have any 2X or 3XTall evangelism shirts? You guys have all the connections. i remember i asked you before a long time ago, but it got forgotten. Can you help a brother in this department? Also, i tried e-mailing Kevin Farrer, cryytogod@msn.com for contact...gave him my testimony (didn't work on his website, because i haven't been to any of your outreaches). i was told by Phillip Ness-Thomas as a reference, to ask you for assistance.
Galatians 3:1
brother henry.

Hello Brother Israel. I have been admiring your website The Official Street Preachers Page. I am friends with James Lyman.I see so many street preacher websites on the web, but I'm not sure how many of them are reputable or credible. Trinity Bustria (another of yours and mine FB friends) highly recommended your site to me as a place to become better prepared for a street preaching ministry. I am a novice, but I am teachable and want to engage more in publick ministry. I would be glad to have you as my friend.

thank you for being in the kingdom of God, you are a godly man and a fighter for the truth, stay strong .

Luke 6:22,23 Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake. Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.

Hey Rube
We had a time down at the Athens Ohio HELLOWEEN fest but some blessings too will post later got back home 2:00 am tired!!! preached this morning felt well pretty good –I told them last night God loves my hating!! boy did they get angry
Take care Bro.
Pastor Larry

I live in tampa and I do a little street preaching, on the bus or where ever I am, its a passion I have for God, I'm more than interested

Hello Ruben,
My name is Rebecca Barrett-Fox, and I'm a graduate student at the University of Kansas, where I am completing my dissertation on anti-gay street preaching. I was hoping that I could ask you a few questions about your ministry. I'll share them here:
1. Why do you say "Homo Sex is a National Security Threat" on one of your signs. I am pretty familiar with the Biblical verses about homosexuality, so my first thought was that since God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for sexual sin, modern nations should also expect God to destroy them for sexual sin. Is that your argument? Or is it something else (like a different Bible verse, or the social scientific argument that gay people bring disease or disorder to a nation, which leads to the natural (not supernatural) decline of a nation)?
2. Can you share a photo of this sign with me? I'd like to use it in my dissertation. I won't be able to pay you for it, but, of course, I will credit it to you. If you have questions about how I'll use it, please ask. (My dissertation is an objective study about anti-gay theology and activism and public response to it, so I don't seek to embarrass or criticize the people I study.)
3. Do you ever work with other like-minded groups? Specifically, do you have a relationship with Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this group, especially its theology (hyper-Calvinist) and military funeral pickets.
I appreciate you considering these questions. I am sincerely and respectfully interested in your answers.

Ruben I'd love to hold a banner at the Hollyweird Christmas parade. Please provide details brother.
Thanks and may the Lord richly bless you this day.

Brother Ruben,
What a blessing and encouragement! Please keep up your great work for our Lord and keep sharing your work with fellow believers. What a joy to watch and learn from all the text and videos included. If that doesn't get one fired up for the Lord they better examine themselves, whether they be in the faith!

Brother Ruben, you and your team are in my prayers daily. Stay strong in the Lord. Fight the good fight. The Lord bless you and keep you.
Brother Ron

Bro. Ruben Israel what you are doing is amazing. I watched your videos over and over and share with friends. You are hilarious and courageous. I have an idea for you about something you could say when preaching to gays etc. I am in the prison ministry in Utah and lots of gays come to our BIBLE STUDY.
You made me think of a class I had to take in college based upon a book written by a famous atheist Richard Dawkins called the Selfish Gene. I heard you say sorry I was made this way, I am a Chrisian mocking gays who say they are gay beause they are made that way. Well according to the theory of evolution they must be gay because their genes are self-destructing by not being designed to want to mate with the opposite sex. So by natural selection their genes are eliminating themselves from the human gene pool because they are defective.
Amazingly if gays just continue on as they are doing there will be no need for a destruction by God, because they will eventually eliminate themselves by natural selection!! There is tons more information based upon this this theory that is too complicated to type in an email. But if you are interested please contact me. God Bless You!! Kitty

We met in New Orleans and preached together at So. Decadence. I’m the guy who preaches with Brian Cranford. You said I look like I should be with you in California because of my blonde hair.
Anyway, for a long time I have kicked around the idea of writing a book based on a biblical look at God’s sense of humor. I’ve finally started working on it. Since you are one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met, and better yet, a street preacher, I wanted to pick your brain.
Over the next few months, please email me if you can think of any stories from the bible that show God’s sense of humor, as well as any personal stories from your preaching that show God’s sense of humor. I already have things like Balaam’s donkey, the fall of Jericho, Jonah, Haman vs. Mordecai, a coin in a fish’s mouth (with exact change!), Elijah mocking the prophets, etc.
You might be able to give me a different perspective. Also, any personal stories you have would be appreciated, like when the police made you move, and they moved you to what turned out to be a better spot. When you were in Chicago and asked if some of the lesbians would get off their motorcycles and help those gay guys hold the banner, that was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life!
I know from your blog that you are extremely busy. Feel free to just drop a random email from time to time if you think of anything while you’re driving or whatever.
I am going to try to make it to Mardi Gras this year. I hope to see you then.
Buddy Fisher

Ruben - is there a Bible Believers chapter here in NC? and if not what are the qualifications to start one? I am in the central part of the state and would like to see more become active in Street Preaching.

I really like your stories Ruben! I just read your blog down to 'gentle'...pretty funny!

Hi Ruben,
Thank you so much for your time yesterday. It was really interesting to hear your views! Could you send me your schedule for this week? Wishing you good luck in the court today!
Ps: if you are going to Santa Monica Community College today, please let me know so that maybe I can manage to fit it in.
Best regards / Med vennlig hilsen
Christopher Olssøn

Brother Israel, I am a tourism Operator
I organise alot of rural village outreach evangelism and welfare programmes targeted at reaching to the unreached people whom the world has written-off where we distributes clothings, foods, free medical treatment and build transit shelters for many homeless here.
We see people die before our very presence every day due severe hunger, deadly disease, sickness and lack of good drinking water and no shelter. According to PROVERBS 19:17 and JAMES 1:26-27 which is the basis for which my outreach missionary ministry is founded.
I would love to come to the states someday by God's grace and by the operation of God's divine favour. I will equally suggest that you extend your ministry work through us in Nigeria, and indeed West Africa subregion?
I humbly like to explore any Christ based partnership option with your church and you as an individual for rural village missionary and Outreach programme?

I hope you had a informative time in SLC. I can freely admit I am not just a christian but more-- a saint. All those epistles are addressed to saints. Unfortunatly most of the epistles were addresed to the saints beceause they had problems. Among friends and members I am fondly refered to as a religious terrorist. I enjoy posing problems and questions that will or cannot be answered in this realm
I guess you did not get a reasonable responce to ( and these things hath God ordained for the use of man only in times of famine and excess of hunger) if you tried it. I will admit again that not all of th LDS women dress modestly but in doing some issue resolving with the catholics the imodest dress of the women is not addressed at all and boy it shows--My brother teasingly said as they were coming out of mass ( wow do they look hot.) Buy the way the flaunting of the maxie pads doesnt work. I know your looking for some shock. The flaunting of garments is a flop also. It also only stirs up those who dont think anyway.

sir do you know of any street preachers near Jacksonville, Al

Hey Ruben! I like your channel especially the idea of taking the gospel to the heart of the sinner...that's how Jesus would have done it. I'm writing you this message because I am a Christian rap artist who has finished his first C.D. I posted my first single "March!" on my YouTube page (just song with lyrics) and thought you might enjoy it. I have attached the video below. Thanks for spreading God's word!

Bro. Ruben...it's an honour and blessing to know you. Keep up the great work and I'll be praying...god for you and God Bless. I've got a lot of reading to do on your page...just caught a glimpse of the 'Mormon' write up...that's a good one and so true ('not good to die by'!)!!! Right -on dear, Brudda. All the best and God Bless!!!

Ruben you are still in the trenches, year after year. God continue to Bless YOU!

I would like to say this about that ---
This preaching and banner raising in HOLLYWOOD is probably one of the most "OF GOD" ministries on the face of the planet. Most "christians" nowadays would not know what is "OF GOD " and what is "NOT OF GOD" if it walked up and smacked them in the face....so to speak.
Having said that, about that, I would like to say a word or two about the subject of - - - "REVIVAL". I sent something to my list the other day, from David Wilkerson, about what he termed a "Coming Revival of HOLINESS " etc.. That's all well and good and I sure hope that he his right and that AMERICA has such a "REVIVAL".....beginning at the Church. But, when REAL "REVIVAL" really does come.....FEW will realize just WHO or WHAT was used "OF GOD" to usher in the REAL REVIVAL.
People will CREDIT some FAMOUS PREACHER .....OR..... "Some 'SAINTS' that were 'HIDDEN AWAY PRAYING' ". Yes, PRAYER is indeed IMPORTANT and a necessary element to anything "OF GOD".....But, the REAL CAUSE of THE REAL REVIVAL will be those who chose, under God, to NOT HIDE OUT AND PRAY....BUT TO GO OUT AND PREACH . Such was the case in 1906, in Los Angeles, when the Azuzu Street Revival broke out and then spread across the world.
Many diatribes and attributions, as to exactly WHAT CAUSED this REVIVAL, have been written down in MANY BOOKS and spouted forth from MANY PULPITS. But FEW people ever heard of a man named Frank Bartleman..........Frank Bartleman was a Street Preacher, among other things....and what actually EXPLODED the REVIVAL on AZUZU STREET into being was this San Francisco had just had the GREAT EARTH QUAKE and FIRE ...... "Preachers" throughout America were then working overtime, like they do nowadays, TO EXPLAIN AWAY ANY FEAR OF GOD AND ANY NOTION OF THE JUDGMENT OF GOD . "Oh ! Don't you WORRY ! " squealed these MICE LIKE PREACHERS..... " God is a 'GOOD GOD' and He would NEVER send EARTHQUAKES AND FIRES.....no, no, no, THAT IS THE DEVIL " ......and yada, yada, yada, said all the Mickey Mouse "preachers".......
Meanwhile, back at the fort, Frank Bartleman closed himself in WITH GOD and PRAYED......Then he wrote a TRACT in which he said the happenings ( EARTH QUAKE AND FIRE ) in San Francisco, WERE INDEED THE JUDGMENT OF AN ANGRY GOD AND THAT ALL OF AMERICA BETTER GET WITH GOD'S PROGRAM AND WAKE UP AND REPENT AND GET TO JESUS ---- QUICKLY !!! Then, Bartleman took his TRACTS to the STREETS of Los Angeles, AND PASSED THEM OUT TO THOUSANDS AND PREACHED THE WORD....THIS WAS THE SPARK THAT PUT THE FEAR OF GOD INTO THE POPULOUS AND IGNITED REVIVAL AROUND THE WORLD.....And it's just that plain and simple.
Such was the case with GEROLIMO SAVONOROLA "The MAD MONK" of Florence, Italy. He PREACHED with such POWER that ALL of Italy SHOOK from the VATICAN on down..... UNTIL THEY FINALLY HAD TO TORTURE HIM AND BURN HIM ALIVE just to get him QUIET ..... His PREACHING ushered in a REAL FEAR OF GOD ---- REVIVAL !!!
Same goes for WHITEFIELD & WESLEY, CHARLES FINNEY..... ad infinitum....So, as I was telling some folks the other night --- "If there ever is a REAL REVIVAL, in America, again, the TRUE CAUSE of the REVIVAL will remain a MYSTERY to most; and they will accredit and credit EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING and remain TOTALLY and WILLINGLY IGNORANT OF THE --- REAL CAUSE of the REAL REVIVAL ......
Such names as "Holy Hubert" Jed Smock, Rueben Israel, and many others, will remain unknown and/or DISDAINED.....But, those with their EAR to God's ground and their EYES OPENED to the REAL TRUTH will KNOW and UNDERSTAND the REAL CAUSE of the REAL REVIVAL..... IF....such a REAL REVIVAL should ever grace our shores once again.

Ruben what do u recommend for a good "bull-horn"?
david Bulldogministries.com

Regarding your Don’t ask, don’t tell read, an utterly well done piece. We are watching the implosion of the world. The scriptures depict the end as appearing that satan is winning, right up to the point that the Lord suddenly returns and destroys the wicked entirely. Even so, Lord, let it come. We will not be moved, and the Lord Himself shall sustain us. On with it, I say, let the world rush to utter destruction. We will not fear nor be intimidated though the enemy threaten us with death.
Keep up the great work that you do. BTW, I am in Salt Lake City with my daughter. Her pastor preached against "these people who stand outside the temple with bull horns". I was sorry to hear it.

Dear Ruben,
My name is Daniel Guyewski, you sent some t-shirts before, I was woundering if you had any t-shirts against homosexuality? like shirts that say homo sex is sin? I am fed about with these perverts destroying our country, this thing with the military is the last straw for me. I recently moved, my new address is:

ruben what if we took a survey out on Mill Ave and wanted to find out who the biggest douche on Mill Ave was? I am willing to bet $5 that you will get more votes because you are just so damn popular!!!!

God bless you man.

Thank you for the friendship Ruben..grateful from my soul for your dedicated work toward winning souls and loving people..kindred in him forever...blessings.

Keep preaching and stand strong in faith.

Hey Ruben I just watched your "no small stir" video on youtube. My husband, our friends and I had similar experiences at Portland, Oregon Pride 2007.
Our friend made an 8 ft. tall purple banner with hot pink/neon green lettering with his vinyl cutter with the "God Abhors Your vile affections" with the (G-A-Y- in hot pink) on it. I had a WWJD (who will Jesus damn?) sandwich board with a list on one side and "Gay (crossed out) get it right you're a sodomite Deut. 23:17" on the other side. My husband had a large banner with "the face of pro-choice america" with the severed baby head on it (because planned parenthood was passing out condoms at the festival), Larry our friend had a sandwich board as well our buddy's wife videotaped as well as myself.
Anyway we were videotaping and from the beginning of the parade before it even started our friend Larry wearing a "I am the way the truth the life" sandwich board was spit on in the face. (I didn't know that message was so offensive?!) There was no cop to be found. When the parade started the cops tossed us off the street-we weren't holding up the parade at all but walked before it and onto to the sidewalk with the vicious sodomites throwing elbows and shoving/trying to trip us and their dogs ("sick'm sick'm") and we walked the whole route (only with police not letting us get near the actual street but not helping us one bit) and ending at the festival where there was very little if any police presence. The sodomites shot water guns filled with who knows what at us and when I went to get an officer they crowded around us a group of at least 50 threatening to kill us etc. ONE police officer was to be found and they didn't fear his authority one bit because I was spit on in my face and on my back from two male sodomites and he only arrested one. After taking our information down we had to have a police escort in car/walking with us back to our van while a vile transfreakazoid followed us threatening our lives the whole way. As we returned to our van (which was egged-strangely since it was a white unmarked vehicle) the police left. The cops basically did nothing to protect us-until I was spit on...afterwards we tried to get an attorney to take our case of kicking us off the public street and leaving us to the wolves but no one wanted to touch it.
The sodomites have not changed in the thousands of years since Sodom and Gamorrah they are still a bunch of blood thirsty thugs.
Anyway I really enjoyed your video and was wondering if we encounter this type of thing again can you recommend someone to counsel us (attorney) here in Portland Oregon? Any other advice would be appreciated. Grant Chisholm (mercy) was there but we missed him the crowd and didn't meet up him in the confusion.
In Christ,
Joselyn Havens

Hello ,preacher how is your ministry? in USA plz pry4 me.

I love reading your blogs brother... thank you, they are always wonderful and keep me reading all the way to the end God Bless you!

Hello Brother Ruben,
I'm not sure you remember me. We met at Mardi Gras 2010. I was with John McGlone. I am planning to preach the Superbowl this year. I am currently staying in my Rv in the Houston area. I have contacted Brother Jesse Morrell. He is also planning to preach the superbowl.
Do you know any contacts in the Dallas area, where I could hook up my Rv? If I have to I can dry camp in a walmart parking lot, I just thought it is wise to ask.
Maybe we can all work together? I understand you are spending from Feb 4-7. Are there other events happening, other than the superbowl? This would be my first superbowl preach. I can't stay til the 7th. I am privelged to go to a Men's preaching retreat with Brother Britt Williams in Mississippi. That goes from the 6-10. So after the superbowl preach on the 6th, %'m going there. After that Ilm going to Daytona Spring Break, then Mardi Gras, then back to Bike week.
Are there preaching opportunities between the 4th, and 6th?
God Bless you Brother.
Brother Tracy

I wanted to thank you personally sir for sending us the shirts so that we can use them in a new beginning journey to street preach we both have been waiting by the door for them we are so very grateful as I cant even begin to find the words that are good enough to thank you God Bless you ! Sir here is my number we never want to loose contact with you 256 404-****

Dear Brother in Christ
I am so pleased that Jesus is using you and your ministry and I pray to God may Jesus bless u a Lot I want to invite you to my country and share the word of God as people here are also thirsty and hungry of God precious work they may need your preaching and change there life and accept Jesus as there saviour.
Jesus richly bless u Amen
Waiting for your precious response...

Hello Sir:
I came across your site and oh how wonderful it is to know someone love the Lord and the harvest as much as you. Keep up the work and may the blessing always follow you.

reuben you were really a homo bear right? all you do is preach against gay people STOP IT.

Mockery is not Good bro! this is not Godliness, do you think Jesus would do the same? Once you mock someone, you are turning them off!...I Respect what you are doing brother, not every one can do that but this is absolutely not by the Spirit. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22

Dear Ruben,
Thank you for your heart-warming email and the kind friendship extended to me and I pray that God Almighty will grace our friendship to be a channel of God's blessings that will change lives and turn sinners to Christ by Holy Spirit

Hi Ruben!
Pray you are doing well. Just touching in...
I appreciate all you are doing for me... It means an awful lot.
You remain in my prayers and thoughts...
Be blessed, and stay well,

Hi Ruben. How can I pray for you and your family?

Went on your blog spot. Awesome job. Hope to see you on the streets some day. God Bless Jim
Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; Psalms 65:11

Thank God for crowning you one more year with his Grace and Love. May the Lord use you Mightily.

God Bless you Ruben

Will you be preaching at the Super Bowl in Arlington Tx this year? If so, please call me at 806-382-****. We will be leading a small team down there this year but we need advice as we have never dealt with security/police at that type of event.
David Grisham
Repent Amarillo

thank's brother Ruben ...i hope you get this message and it's not deleted ....been reading all your updates and enjoying them ...thank's brother P.S. i always like the pictures of the street preachers old and new they really touch my heart i know iv'e looked at them all at least 10 times
bro. painter

Hi Ruben,
I just wanted to touch base with you. You had told me that you were coming here to Dallas for the Super Bowl. Do you have a place to stay yet?
I am probably going to be handing out tracts there but not sure about the details of how I am going to do it yet. I envision having several people there to help me. I think this will be a golden opportunity to spread the word as I think there are supposed to be about 85,000 people there. Law Enforcement will be thick as flies there... both uniformed and and undercover. At any rate let me know what you are thinking. I will keep whatever you tell me confidential.
Luke 10:2 These were his instructions to them: "The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.

Hey My brother when and where do you guys meet?

Today at school someone asked me why Christians hate gay people, and I told him that being homosexual is a sin and it's wrong, and then he said he's not Christian and he doesn't have to be in America so why does that matter, and I didn't know what to say. So I was wondering what the answer to that is so I can tell him tomorrow.
Thank You and God Bless

We are trying to get a head count on how many are committed to coming to the KDF last week of Apr first week of May. I would say the first week of May will have the most events that you could attend. We will be hosting people at our homes in central KY and commuting to events as they occur. We expect to spend 8-10 hours per day between traveling, prayer, study, and preaching. Let us know how we can serve you. It will be great to have you here if you decide to come.
Here is our calendar and the event website:

God bless you.
Your friend in Christ,
John McGlone

Mansions of Glory Ware

Brother Reuben:
I am here in New Mexico with Pastor Joshua DelosSantos now. I was wondering how things are going with the brethren in terms of finding a place for me to lay my head out there in Los Angeles if and when I arrive there in February. Please get back to me and let me know. Thanks and God bless!
Brother Tim Gruver

Ruben, you received an honorable mention and a featured picture in my last newsletter: http://www.facebook.com/l/99e3b;openairoutreach.wordpress.com/2011/01/16/jesse-morrell-was-beaten-for-jesus-outside-a-strip-club/

Jesse Morrell

hey ruben i want it on the Street Preacher convention this june too i am just as born again as my dad is lol

Hey brother keep pounding away.

Please tell Bro. Chris, the Marine street preacher, that I sure did enjoy his TESTIMONY and ALL that he said about HOMOS in the military etc..
Tell him also, that although I do not know his RANK in the Marines, after reading of his exploits in Iraq, Afghan. AND THE STREETS I hereby christen him as ---- "CAPTAIN CHRIS" ----and hereby and herein and from henceforth let ALL fellow street preachers .... and EVERYBODY else .... hold in great HONOR our brother "CAPTAIN CHRIS" as a SOLDIER HERO on TWO FRONTS.....The Natural World and the Spiritual World.

Brother ruben I see you are going to vegas. I just got back last week was there for 4 days and will go back 2 days after you leave for 3 more. I have to work new years.
The first day I did some preaching back and forth with the other brother and signed a lot also. The next day we pretty much signed and witnessed. He said some times it is just better to sign. Both days about at least five hours out there.
The next day my friend didn't want to be out there that long so it was a short night.
The next night we went out still raining. We started walking the strip and signing. We were at this one corner and we were talking to different people about Jesus and then this one shady guy came up to my friend and I felt to go the other way and he ended up talking to him for a while I don't know how long because I hopped up on this wall over this fountain and as it went around the corner it got higher.
I started preaching. I couldn't wait or hold back any longer. I was beginning to think this trip was a bust including me. The devil was trying to convince me that I was not called to be out there preaching. And part of me was starting to believe it.
Well I put satan behind me and started preaching. I had people coming from three directions and up and down stairs and escalators. I started preaching the gospel and then preaching against sin. The more I preached the more my words grew. I started out preaching to the crowds and then I started to preach to certain individuals as I felt led to say things.
I wasn't nervous for the first time, it just started flowing. What made it easy was I was by myself so I didn't feel like the pressure of others preachers were out there criticizing me. Or that I had to prove myself to them. That is the feeling I get when I am around most street preachers and one of the reasons I think it held me back because the way they can be so critical against each other and exemplifying themselves.
I didn't notice my friend for maybe and hour or so after I started. I forgot all about him. I was walking up and down on top of this wall preaching, pointing out people and preaching to them. It went on for about a few hours. He preached a little in between me and when he did I went to another area on the wall and preached. After about three hours a security man came up and said I had to get off that wall because I could get hurt. I was pretty high up and there was water behind me that I could have easily fell into.
I hopped right down and asked him if I needed to go and he said I could keep preaching just that I had to stay off the wall. I thanked him for being kind. I then realized how long I was up there and that I was with my friend. We then walked the strip and signed and I preached on other corners.

Hello Brother Ruben,
I am not sure if you remember me but I met you at the VA beach SOAPA conference and have spoken with you before through email. To help you remember me I was the bro who said that I though people should continue to record themselves and put thier videos on youtube because I may not have been as active in the ministry or attending the conferences if people were not putting up videos to encourage me, etc Anyway, I am requesting some shirts and sweatshirts for some folks I know. I am currently making my shirts by hand painting messages on my own shirts and stuff that I get from thrift stores or clothes that are donated. I am looking to bless a brother who has a lot of experience street witnessing and who has been shot at 5 times. He wears size medium and I am also looking to bless another brother who wears 3Xl. The 3XL gentleman doesn't do much witnessing but he has been faithful to wear the things I have made him. I can make these brothers some stuff but I don't have any blank sweatshirts and I think they would like some more "professional looking stuff". If you can send me some stuff I would appreciate it. Between you and the other guys from California I have recieved two or three packages already so I will understand if you don't want to send any more stuff my way. But I know that these will be worn so I have peace requesting the sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts etc. Please send whatever you can to me at the following address:
Jason Cowan

Hello brother Reuben,
My name is Ron, and not long ago I received the call to serve. Due to the times, and time being very short now, I chose not to go the route of seminary and instead self study. I have several thousand hours of study in the last couple years since becoming serious, and then received the calling.
I am 44 and being divorced, and I am disabled. This gives me a freedom to serve which most do not have, my only tie being my Daschund PIXIE. My disability precludes me from winter activity, but I am gearing up to begin my ministry in early spring when my body is capable.
I am writing to you, and also Living waters ministries for help and guidance. I cannot hold the word inside me any longer, and mine comes much to mirror yours, yet also will be a rebuke to the church body and leadership (leadership mainly). Just like the heresies and apostasies which became the "Mother Church", I see most of the denominations welcoming the world and it's doctrine through the doors, and elevating them to service in the body. Like the recent shooting of a notorious abortionist within the walls of a lutheran sanctuary, He was an usher! The Episcopalean church has a gay bishop. Churches have classes on yoga and meditation, eastern influence. The big man who spoke for Obma at his inauguration befriends muslim clerics and this minister who enjoys notoriety is now teaching that we share the same god. God will have something to tell pastor Rick Warren!
Also my message and rebuke will be for christians, and I will be asking why people who shun fellowship, never read the Bible, Blaspheme, and live lives FULL of sin, who cannot handle hearing of our Lord. Also the term "born again" is used as if it were a bad thing by those who call themelves christian, major ignorance because Jesus taught that we must all be born again to see the Kingdom of God.
So I see my near future, and in it I see the church and body joining with the world in hating me for my message. I know you have experienced some pretty awful stuff Reuben, so I ask your advice and will appreciate any pointers you may have for me.
I just this weekend was excommunicated from my family for inviting them to join Bible study which I would teach for them. They said I preached at them (YEP). In the preocess I lost contact with my soon to be Xwife, 2 stepdaughters, and 5 grandchildren not to mention the rest of a fairly large family on her side. I rejoiced that the lord gave me the boldness, and I rest in Him, because the last year has been the worst of my life- but has been my favorite year for drawing close to him. Sounds weird, but I was able to laugh and smile after being redressed and seeing loss, praise God!
In godly love, brother Reuben
Ron Felton

I have made a pledge to try to wear something with a Christian message on it every day, no matter where I am going...even to church. So please know that your ministy has encourage me much in being a public minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am also making banners by hand painting them so if you know of anyone who needs one please feel free to share my email or contact info.

I came upon your website and well, I had a few observations:
1) There's a sign on your site that says "Ask Me Why You Deserve Hell" Alright I'm asking you flat out, why do I deserve Hell and how do you know I deserve Hell or am going to Hell? I mean, not to be rude, but we've not met and that seems a rather harsh judgment on someone's personal character.
2) You have a bold-faced lie on your page regarding Islam, I quote; "American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles". I hate to break it to you, but the American Constitution has no religious background. The only time religion is mentioned in the entire document is in Article Six, "No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." and the First Amendment, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Our American Constitution is more based on Magna Carta, not the Bible. In further point, this is not a Christian Nation nor was it founded on such ideas. Here's proof;
"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims]" -Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11, signed by President John Adams and by the writing of Article Six in the US Constitution, "all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land", the Treaty of Tripoli has the force of law.

3) As it further relates to your diatribe against Muslim, you mention the Pledge of Allegiance and the phrase "one nation under God". Well, first off, that doesn't exclusively refer the Christian God, but the point is you claim that the Christian God is loving and kind whereas Allah is not called "love". Well if the Christian God is thus loving and kind, what about the numerous instances, particularly in the Old Testament, of God mercilessly wiping out thousands of people; men, women and children. Or in the New Testament, where it discussing the apocalypse in Revelation, more destruction and death, visited upon the innocent as well as the guilty. That doesn't sound "loving and kind" to me, in today's world, that would be called "genocide". And even if you want to leave out that sort of thing, what about the cruelty of God's Laws? You talk about how cruel the Islamic Laws are, well according to God's Law, you can have your son killed if he is rebellious, you can own slaves (this is condoned in both the Old and New Testaments), you can sell your own daughters in slavery. You even quote on your website, Jesus saying that he has not come to bring peace, but a sword. If your Messiah is endorsing violence, how can you say the Christian God is a god of "love"?
Well just thought I'd bring these details to light for you.
May Wakan Tanka be upon you.
Rev. Walter Beck

I love you brother. To know a real prophet is a great mercy and encouragement. Can't wait to meet you in Heaven. Your frontline experience is a foreshadowing to the terror that is sweeping the nation and will martyr the true sheep.
Keep your face like flint and the Elijah like humor!

Just wanted to let you know that I sent a letter by e-mail to the NOPD and thanked them for certain officers who helped us and worked with us at New Orleans! I had the names and District and Badge Numbers in the letter as well.
I emailed each District because they were from different districts!
Just wanted to let you know!
God Bless you Bro!
Thanks for all your help and support!
Brian Cranford

The reason I am writing to you is because of your cult's behavior at General Conference in October 2010. I have always been a high A student with very, very few B’s or A-'s. My IQ was tested by psychologists to be 141, which is two points below genius level. My memory retention rate is above 99.7%, which is shockingly high. Therefore, I always remember what I have learned. I currently am a medical student. I speak English, Serbian, and German. In my spare time, I read all sorts of good, educational books about all sciences, including history, psychology, biology, chemistry, and physics. I am very picky with my sources, and always meta-research my sources to ensure their accuracy.
Let us get down to business though. The word “science” is mentioned only twice in the Bible. Daniel 1:4 says, “Children in whom was no blemish, but well favoured, and skillful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king’s palace, and whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans.” 1 Timothy 6:20-21 says, “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.” Therefore, opposing science is in direct opposition against God. The second most correct Bible is the King James Version, while the Bible John the Beloved hid up when he was banished to Patmos, is the pure, completely correct Bible. Fair amounts of this Bible have been found and translated by neutral scientists, and surprisingly enough, it is identical to the Joseph Smith Translation of the KJV of the Bible; proving it to be true. The Prophet Joseph Smith translated the Bible from a divine mandate from God to correct its errors that corrupt men had put in. (Jesus told him what the real Bible said.) For example, an incorrect passage is in Exodus 32:14, which states that God had repented of the evil he had sought to do unto his people. Everyone knows God is all good and would never do or will evil, more or less repent.
Also, remember to stay away from philosophy, because philosophy is a sin too. (Colossians 2:8). Evolution is a scientific fact and is real. No, we did not evolve from monkeys, or apes. Some of us are descendants of Adam and Eve, who God had physically created. Some of us evolved from Australopithecus, which is extinct because the species evolved into H. habilis, the first humans. God commanded the earth to bring forth life of all kinds in the Creation, and this includes people. God chose evolution to bring forth others besides Adam’s descendants. Had everyone come from Adam, the earth’s population would be about half of what it is now, calculated mathematically. We were all created spiritually in God’s image and likeness (aka, his genus, which is “Homo”, abbreviated “H.”). Hence, w all have two arms, two legs, a head, a heart, two lungs, a brain, a nose, a mouth, two ears, two eyes, skin, hair, a torso, a stomach, two hands and feet, etc., as does Jesus Christ, the Son, and Elohim, who is our Heavenly
Father. Their physical bodies of flesh and bone are perfect however; indestructible by anything. Our bodies are destructible and imperfect, but will all be perfected as God’s when we are resurrected. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Father and the Son, and is a Spirit. He will never receive a body, because He is needed to dwell in us who have received Him by the laying on of hands, and dwell around the righteous who have not yet received Him. Like Jesus Christ, we were once spirits in God’s kingdom before we came here to prove ourselves to live worthily to live in the presence of the Father and receive exaltation. The only difference is, is that when Jesus was a spirit, He was still the same God that He is now, and was superior to all of us. The purpose He came to earth was different from ours insomuch that He came to perform the Atonement, not achieve a level of being that He had not yet achieved. God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one God, and are of one purpose. However, they are three separate entities, as you, my cousin, and I are three separate entities. The doctrine of the trinity is false and not Biblical. How could they have been one entity when Jesus, who was not speaking, was baptized in Jordan, and the voice of the Father was heard from Heaven at the same time, and the Holy Ghost descended on them as a dove at the same time? How did Stephen the martyr in Acts 22 look up into Heaven and see Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father? You once told my cousin that those Mormons believed God once lived on a planet and that one day we could make our own planets. The only planet God the Father ever lived on was Earth, in the Garden of Eden, and He left with Eden into Heaven after Adam and Eve transgressed. Jesus lived here too, we all know that. Yes, when we die, if we are exalted, which is the reward for keeping ALL of the commandments, being a member of the true Church, having Temple ordinances, such as eternal marriage, and dying with no sin on our souls, and truly ensuring to the end, (“But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?”) (James 2:20-22.) we become gods, and inherit all the Father and Son have. They can create anything wholesome that they please, including planets and spirit children. “And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.” (Romans 8:17). Now, do not let this scare you. Notice how I said “gods” and not “Gods”. A god is inferior to a God. The only God there is, is the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). When one is exalted, they are still inferior to God, and always will be, because God holds the right of Supreme Creator, and rights cannot be inherited, but you are born with them, meaning you have always had them (since God was never created). “For thou, Lord, art high above all the earth: thou art exalted far above all gods.” (Psalms 97:9).
Here is why Lutheranism (as well as all of Protestantism) is incorrect:
1. Lutherans, as well as other Protestants, uphold denominationalism, when the Bible condemns it.
(Matthew 16:18, John 10:16, Ephesians 4:5). There is only one, true religion and faith that is completely true and perfect. Others have truths, but are not the one true Church of God.
2. "We recognize any mode of Baptism in which water is applied in the name of the Triune God, whether it be by immersion or pouring or sprinkling." (Mr. Schramm, W. L. B. p. 136).
However, the Bible says that there is only one correct baptism, and it is baptism by immersion by one who has the authority and Priesthood. (Mark 1:9-10, Ephesians 4:5, Romans 6:4-5, Acts 8:36-39).
3. "The baptismal command includes children. The command reads: "Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19, R. V.). Since children are part of every nation, they are evidently among the ones to be discipled and baptized." (W. L. B. p. 139).
"Original sin is the depravity which is born in us; it is the inclination to evil which we and all men have inherited from our parents. Ever since the fall of Adam, all men who are naturally begotten are conceived and born in sin." (W. L. B. p. 65).
Refutation: However, the Bible says that infants and anyone under eight years of age must never be baptized, because they are not accountable and are pure, and all such are saved in the Kingdom of God the Father, and thus all such be able to see Him. Also, the Bible states that no one is born with sin on their soul, and that no one can sin at all until they are eight years of age. Thus, they are as clean as God for that time. (Matthew 19:14, Ezekiel 18:20, 1 John 3:4).
4. "What is Confession? Answer. Confession consists of two parts: the one is, that we confess our sins; the other, that we receive absolution or forgiveness through the pastor as of God himself, in no wise doubting, but firmly believing that our sins are thus forgiven before God in heaven" (L. S. C. p. 79).
However, the Bible condemns this too, and states that Jesus Christ is the only one we go to to absolve us from our sins. (1 John 2:1).
I am justified; you bashed my religion first. I am in defense here. You never attended any college, nor did any of your friends. Not one of you can possibly know more than I know. You people are cattle, and that is how you should be treated. You are a hate group. I courageously forced one of your men to stop harassing our women, and he backed down in fear. Deep down he knew that his women were all whores just like the rest of his people, as I told him. Oddly enough, like you, I used to be Roman Catholic. I read the Bible just like you did and came to know Catholicism was all a joke. But remember, Protestants are all offshoots of other churches, so they in no way can hold any authority. No where in the Bible does it say you can get authority from the Bible. You must hold the Priesthood of God. I know everything there is about the LDS faith, I examined it, sifted it as wheat, tested it with the Bible and science, and know that it is God's Church. Not a single LDS doctrine contradicts the Bible. I love the Bible. If I saw anyone defile it, I would make them stop immediately. I would never join any religion that had doctrine contradicting the Bible. The Bible is the infallible word of God. So is the Book of Mormon, which I have read, along with D&C, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Bible. The Book of Mormon could not have been written by Joseph Smith. It was translated in one month by a man who had the education of a third-grader. That is IMPOSSIBLE. The book has over 100 names and 536 pages. It says that Jesus is God in the Book of Mormon, and that we all must worship Him. The Jesus they mention is the same Jesus who was crucified at Calvary. He was the same Jesus born of the Virgin Mary, the same Jesus who healed the sick and cast out devils, the same Jesus who suffered in Gethsemane, and the same Jesus who resurrected three days after He died on the cross. The Book of Mormon testifies of all these things, and we both know that Satan cannot testify that Jesus is God under any circumstance. Satan also cannot take the forms of two people at once. God the father AND Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. He was not crazy. I am very familiar with psychology and nothing he says resembles schizophrenia or delusional disorder. Your cult's behavior, however, is another story.
Here are some myths you believe about the LDS faith that I will rebuke and dispel:
1. We can become Gods and equal to God.
2. We support polygamy and the FLDS Church is the same as our Church.
3. We believe God was once a man like us. (I hate this lie more than any of the others).
4. There are more, just list them if you want to be corrected on them.
1. We can in NO WISE be equal to God. I explained already.
2. In times of old Abraham practiced polygamy. Check Genesis. The reason we had to is because people like you were committing genocide against us. We needed to keep our numbers alive. God commanded it. Read D&C 132. God put specific guidelines, that each wife had to give her consent, and the other wives had to be virgins and betrothed or married to no man. If the first wife did not give her consent, then the husband had to only keep her, and he was free of having to do polygamy. This is the only commandment God ever gave that was to be followed if another person gave you their consent for you to follow it. This is because it was a temporary commandment, like the Law of Moses, which commanded we sacrifice animals as a means of repentance. Read OD 1 in the D&C to know that God, in 1890, forever forbade this practice to continue, because it would never again be needed. The FLDS Church is different than our Church. We are two different churches. It is a scientific fact. We do not affiliate one with another. We regard them as apostates.
3. Just read D&C 20:17. It says that God is the same unchangeable God from all eternity to all eternity.
Our Church believes that the Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price are all EQUAL, that no part of this is above the others. The Bible was spoken by God and recorded by Prophets in the Mediterranean Region. The Book of Mormon was spoken by God and recorded by Prophets in the North American Region, about 1,590-2,760 years ago. D&C is all latter-day revelation by God and recorded by whatever Prophet is in his Church when he reveals it. The Pearl of Great Price has books that were missing from the Bible, which the Bible gives examples of. It also has a summary of Articles of Faith and also restoration that were made in the Bible that were too long to include in the Bible itself. These needed to be made because people pollute the Bible with their trash. NIV and NRSV, as well as the NAB are perfect examples of polluted Bibles. You do not interpret the Scriptures. You read them. What you see written in ink is the word and meaning of God. God does not speak in secrecy. 1 Nephi 20:16. Yes, that is from the Book of Mormon. You want another verse? This one should shut up such bums: "behold I say unto you, that as these things are true, and as the Lord liveth, there is none other name given under heaven save it be this Jesus Christ, of which I have spoken, whereby man can be saved." 2 Nephi 25:20. The Prophet Nephi spoke these words circa 559-545BC. If you want to be paranoid and not believe me, look it up yourself. I bet you have all the time in the world, seeing that you guys have no jobs.
Prophets, whether it be St. Matthew, Peter, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Nephi, Moses, Alma, Mosiah, Moroni, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Thomas S. Monson, etc., are HUMAN BEINGS and can commit error. They can sin, and they can make mistakes. Jesus Christ was the only one to ever live without sin or error while he was accountable. That is in the Bible. All that crap (if it did not offend to God, I would call it something else) that Prophets have said, such as God the Father was a man like us, that we can be equal to God, that blacks are inferior, Adam was God, etc...is what it is. You know what "it" is? CRAP. They were foolish errors made by the Prophets which have had a terrible effect on our reputation as a Church...even the Church of God. They are clear violations of Holy Scriptures, and if I had it my way, the members who believed those things would be kicked out from the Church of Christ. It sickens me to death that so many LDS people believe these things. Most of us do not, but there a lot who do. The Scriptures say that in the last days, even the elect will be deceived by Satan. However, I testify that all LDS Prophets and Apostles are Prophets and Apostles to God. Though they sin, and make mistakes, none of those mistakes ever go into the Scriptures, because it is not the word of God. There are eight other books that contain pure Scripture, but are uncanonized (not in verse and chapter form). They are: Strength of Youth, Hymns, True to the Faith, Family Guidebook, Teaching Guidebook, Branch Guidebook, Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth, and Auxiliary Leaders Guidebook. Rarely do Prophets reveal new Scripture. The last time was 2006, when new information was added to Strength of Youth. In fact, only Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Joseph F. Smith, Spencer W. Kimball, Wilford Woodruff (he revealed the will of God to end polygamy forever), and Gordon B. Hinckley. The others were just links in the chain, so to speak. A Prophet can only exercise his keys as Prophet when God has something to reveal to him that is new. This, as you can see, is rare. Because I know Prophets make mistakes, sometimes grievous ones, and still acknowledge and sustain them as Prophets, that shows I am a true believer. The Church would never let any of the extraneous crap that I have mentioned enter the Scriptures or Temple, because those words are not from God. None of that has ever entered these places at any time. I know this for a fact. I made sure of it before I joined. Oh, another fact: The Missionaries did not teach me, I taught them. Just so you think they did not confuse me. We do not support gay marriage, so why protest us like all the homosexuals have in the past? You lower yourselves to the level of homosexuals by doing what you were doing. Maybe it is because you are all homosexuals.
It makes me sick that you people defile the Lord's Day and protest another Church's Sunday services. Only trailer trash, like the bearded, spotted leper I told off that Sunday, who sounded like he smoked 20 packs a day, would do something that low. He was insulting our women, even after the immodest ones left, and only modest ones were leaving, so I made him stop. I let him have it with what God thinks of his women, the filthy little tramps. Have you people even read the Bible? I do not think so. If you did, you would erase that perverse website of yours immediately. Not to mention, if you are a Calvinist, and believe in total sovereignty, and that other TULIP crap, then you definitely are NOT Christian. John Calvin was a pedophile and murderer who claimed it was God's will every time someone sinned. Read Jeremiah 19:5 and that tosses all of that pervert's ideals down the toilet. He also tried to say that God would save somebody in their sins. What a freak-nut. I also saw some white trash burger, who looked like you, defiling a Book of Mormon by putting it all over the ground, in front of the audience, on Youtube. Had I been there, I would have taken that right from him, and gotten right up in his face, and made him stop. What a loser. The ignorant SOB then said to some guy that he was not going to be a god, which is proof of his lack of intelligence and knowledge on the Bible, which says we inherit all God has if we keep all of his commandments, but we will NOT EVER be equal to or greater than He is. Please tell me that was not you. In Psalms 97:9, it reads: "For thou, Lord, art high above all the earth: thou art exalted far above all gods." If you truly believe in the Bible, you will accept what it says in ink. Boy, if I was there that day...he would have never done that again.
Also, there were visions and revelation given in times of old, so there most definitely can be today. No where in the Bible does that say that those things would permanently seize. Crazy people deny visions and revelations...it is like denying there is a sun in the sky.
If you choose to come back in April 2011 and protest, instead of protesting God's Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) which you do NOT want to do, protest the percentage of members who believe that God was once a man. Protest those who abuse their wives and children. Protest those girls who lack modesty. Their skirts can come down to the knees, but NO higher. That is God's law that was set forth. Their chests must be covered, as well as their shoulders. Protest those members who do not and would not defend the Church of God against you guys in the previous times. Tell them you have come to protest the individuals who do not keep the commandments of God, and who do not believe in his Scriptures.
Joseph Smith had three wives, not fifty. Brigham Young is the one who had about fifty. Also, a lot of that crap is made up, about what went on in our Church in times of old, as neutral sources of science and history have proven. Baptisms for the dead are not spooky. 1 Corinthians 15:29 tells us that the early Christian Church performed these ordinances. What is spooky is some weirdo who does not know the Bible at all because he interprets it instead of reads it. Not to mention, Malachi 4 tells us that the hearts of the children would turn to the fathers, and vise-versa. Prayer circles are of God too. How can you compare that to worshiping Mary? That shows what IQ you must have...maybe 82? And you people have the nerve to say shame on the grandparents and parents for brainwashing our children. (I am mainly talking about that leper I told off.) Did you know that intelligent people cannot be brainwashed? The vast majority of LDS people are well-known for being super intelligent. We do NOT brainwash our kids. Why do you think we obey God and have our kids baptized at 8 years of age? You brainwash your kids. You baptize them at infancy, because in your error you think God will send innocent child to hell. That is not in the Bible. Jesus says to let the children come unto Him, for they are already saved. That is in the Bible. They must see Him to do that. You are the ones who are brainwashed, because you are the unintelligent ones. It is a psychological fact, and I know that field VERY well. I minored in it. For goodness sakes, you are so stupid you cannot see that our Temples clearly have windows. How dare any of you say we are not Christian? We believe Jesus Christ of Nazareth is God, and the Messiah. We keep his commandments. You are a hate group. You are not Christian. You hate groups make me sick. I almost joined a neo-Nazi group when I was younger... and you know what? The Book of Mormon brought me to Jesus Christ and I no longer desired to sin ever again. It lived true to its word, that the Book of Mormon brings one closer to Christ more than any book. That is true. We have the Bible and have had it for a long, long time. How many people have lived the Bible's teachings over the years? Very, very few. That is why another witness is needed (2 Corinthians 13:1), and it is because we already have the Bible, and know enough about it, that the Book of Mormon has such great power to bring people to the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob. Thus, I repented of my former wicked ways and promised to endure to the end so I could ultimately be saved, because we are saved only after all we can do. (2 Nephi 2, James 2). God never would have accepted me into his kingdom as a neo-Nazi, and He will NEVER accept any of you protesters into his kingdom because of your wrong and hateful ways. You people do not have souls, just like the rest of the hateful.
You have no right to respond rudely, or insolent in any way to this. You guys started this war. All I ask is to be able to attend my services without having to look upon such trash. Others desire that right to be acknowledged too. I am acting solely in defense of God. I actually believe in the Scripture where it says to confound your enemies in D&C 71:7. You are like the WBC. You spread lies and hatred. You bear false witness against your neighbor. You break even the simplest of commandments. The Evangelical church even acknowledged that problem and apologized to us for it. I suggest you do the same.You all will be in my prayers. I do this in the defense of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, his Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), and my people, and do so, in the all-holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Dear Sir,
Greetings to you in highly exalted name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is Pastor Simon Alle from India. Hearing about your Christian Ministries has made me very glad to contact you.
We praise God for the tremendous service that has been entrusted you. The visions and goals you have for God’s glory are valuable and appreciated. Thank God for the given privilege for us to be the Co-workers with Christ in God’s field. I believe it is God that directed me to find you in the right time. We pray that your organization may be richly blessed as you serve the Lord.
Reaching out to those in need has always been very important to us. With the help of faithful prayers and financial gifts of friends and partners like you. Elohim Ministries will able to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of many. We conducted gospel crusades, short-term Bible schools, Pastors’ seminars and children, youth, women retreats through which many have been blessed. Our ministry is mainly focused on interior villages of under developing districts of our state.
Elohim Evangelical Ministries is an independent, interdenominational, evangelical Christian organization with a vision to save souls, plant churches especially in unreached rural areas.
Now we would like to extend our invitation to you to India for Pastors’ Conference-2011 with you. I strongly believe that God is going to use you as His mighty vessel in India too. Would you please let us know your vision for India and your willing regard tie-up with you and willing to visit us in India for a Pastors’ conference with you? I will be glad to hear from you soon.
Yours in His service
Pastor. Simon Alle