Saturday, January 15, 2011


While most of the states are snowed in or frozen under this ‘global warming’ we were able to leave the keyboard and go into the outside world and publicize the Name of Jesus.

Last Sunday we stood outside Mann’s Chinese Theater to reprove the movie-dolaters that the real celebrities are located in the Bible. Now Mann’s Theater is a great watering hole where the disciples of Hollywood come to pay tribute to their gods and Hollywood Blvd. is liken to MECCA. This theater has hand prints and foot prints of celebrities on concrete slabs as many lay on touching these stones and the crowds are endless. So we exhort them that there is no “Take Two’ on Judgment Day and to “forget the movie, read the book, Black Book-Gold Trim-Red Letters” and the need to get ‘Born again.’

Now outside the Theater there are people dressed in costumes of spiderman, batman, superman or look alike celebrates that are willing to take a picture with you a for a dollar. As we walked up I noticed a look alike Michael Jackson and I started in on how could anyone take a picture with Michael, a known pedophile, a homosexual and a known drug addict? Oh, did that provoked the followers to defend him and his music as we were engulfed with those that consider Jackson a saint. The Bible reads in 1Peter 4:18:
“And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

If men like Moses, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Peter, John and Paul were BARELY saved as per 1Peter 4:18, you think Michael who overdosed on drugs and slept with young boys is owed eternal salvation? GET REAL! MJ is most likely dancing in eternal fire to get those flames off him as you read this blog. We attacked their fallen gods like Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix, John Belushi and Elvis as the wage of their sin was suicide. Jesus came to give us LIFE, not death as per 1John5:12.
“He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life”

This Temple of film is the holy-land for entertainment; it is the home of hundreds of movie premieres complete with screaming fans and flashing lights. Mann’s Theater has rolled out that sacred Red Carpet where only ordained people can walk into their holy of holies. The question I’ve been asked often regarding Hollywood: “is this not that city pure evil?”
No, Hollywood only produces what America wants. America desires murder, foul language, killing, smoking, fornication, homosexually and glorifies wickedness because this is this heart beat of America. Hollywood loves that money and we know ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’ and Hollywood is moved to film these movies. As with politics, Hollywood represents the heartbeat of America well.

The crowds were reproved on spending hours at a movie theater, watching TV or DVD’s yet not reading the Bible for 30 minutes. Knowing all about Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, or Oprah Winfrey but are not familiar with Ezekiel, Amos, Micah, James or Stephen in the Bible. The outdoor congregation did not take this very well as one person yelled at Mark punching and kicking and missing Mark within inches another demon manifested with an umbrella, as she threaten to kill Mark several times, poking him with her pointed umbrella and swinging it like a bat. And like clock work, these demons fizzled out, as inspiration will always out last enthusiasm.

Every 20 minutes you will get a new crowd of people making their pilgrimage to Mann’s Chinese Theater and of course there were those that stood a watched us preach for over an hour, and said “we were better than live TV, cable or satellite and with no commercials.” Preaching in Hollywood one never knows who or what they will see on the sidewalk, with that said we bumped into a stampede of people walking in their underwear. I guess this group was protesting clothes or something, who knows? So we had a message for them too, as this was something Hollywood writers could never have scripted, street preachers and a large group of people in underwear arguing in public. Yeah, this is something you don’t see in Nebraska.

Monday I was at home sitting behind my desk giving an interview with journalists from Norway that are doing a piece on ‘Religion in America’ when my wife rushed in my office with phone in hand and said “I think you need to take this call right now.” It was a call from Arizona as two street preachers who were just about to get arrested for preaching at the college championship bowl game and were calling for advice. Shortly after our conversation Jeremy (N.M.) and Mario (AZ) were arrested that day see link below for awesome details:

“Does this happen often?” said the two journalists sitting in my office, “Yes, almost every week we have a street preacher getting cited or hauled off to jail for preaching Jesus on a public sidewalk in America. If Free Speech goes, Freedom of Religion will be next and Freedom of Press will soon follow” was my reply. We street preacher are the ‘yellow canary’ in the coal mine and if we should die, the rest of our rights and freedom will follow in America. We are fighting in courts across this nation just to preserve Free Speech laws which are being challenged by hate speech, provoking a riot, trespassing, public nuisance, fighting words and public disturbance charges.

On Tuesday Mark and I were in a West Los Angeles courthouse for a citation we received in Venice Beach for standing on a public boardwalk while holding a banner. We had legal counsel to plead on our behalf, and what a blessing to have a Christian officer of the court speak for you. After giving a “Not Guilty” and the judge asked what was the offensive not being familiar with that city code and she was told ‘street preaching’ she looked a bit dazed. The charge against us had been changed and now we are charged with breaking some vending law….go figure….as a date was set for court, she reminded our lawyer “make sure you bring the Constitution with you.”
This like most cases will most likely get dropped as the one in New Orleans where Grant from Portland and I were cited for a noise violation, our legal counsel showed up on our behalf and the charges were dropped. But this is not the case in other cities as the police seem to want to pursue certain open air preachers and set precedence to stop them.

It is good to have Counsel as Jesus on Judgment Day and have our crimes against God blotted out as mankind begs for mercy.
“So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God”

Now we find two extreme examples of men standing before courts in the New Testament, first we find Jesus who never said a word and second Paul, who could not keep his mouth shut in court. He gave his testimony, used his Roman citizenship and debated his cause that almost persuaded a magistrate to be a Christian. So we have a large option to work with today if arrested or cited and as a spiritual man that judges one should know just what to do.
“But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man”

After court Mark and I preached at Santa Monica community college, as this is not one of the big universities in Los Angeles but it does have lost souls walking around on campus. The highlight was this gal that came from a divorced family where one parent was Christian and the other was Jewish. Well she had questions and she was given answers to those very questions as we were joined by an older Christian woman who assisted in the conversation and encouraged this lost soul. Another young couple stopped and asked for my Bible because they had a question on a particular verse in Revelation and after given them my answered they were thankful and walked away. On a campus, one ever knows what question will be asked, one minute you might be answering what God thinks about homosexuality, the next minute might be abortion, then drinking alcohol, death penalty, drugs, evolution, politics and any current event.
“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear”
1Peter 3:15

Our banners seemed to be appalling to the students walking by as we exhorted this institution of learning that FEARING GOD is the beginning of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

On Friday we preached at the 16th annual ‘Critics Choice Movie Awards’ at the Hollywood Palladium. What are the ‘Critics Choice Movie Awards” you ask? It’s the Broadcast Film Critics Association which is the largest film critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing approximately 250 television, radio and online critics. The BFCA presents its Awards each year to honor the finest achievements in filmmaking.

Here are few Hollywood gods that came on the Red Carpet and worshipped by fans praising their presents:
Morgan freeman, Jeff bridges, Paul McCartney, Susan Sarandon, Woody Harrelson, Adam Lambert, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock and Samuel L Jackson to name a few.

Mark stood with a banner right in front of the Red Carpet as Doug and I stood in the back side of the Palladium as we testified and preached to those VIP’s giving out the awards, singing, etc. during the venue. Mark had a long conversation with a Muslim, while the Lord had me talked to a few Hollywood gods in their comfort zone. I had a few yell from their limos, others took pictures of my banner and yet another recorded me preaching with his cell phone. Comments from the dark limousine windows were “I’m a Buddhist” to “I’m whacking off in here” and even a nice “Thank You” as I could not see in but the eyes of God are everywhere observing.

Now for the Official Street Preacher Awards:

The “I BELEVE AWARD” goes to……..drum roll…….

…….Ashton Kutcher

As when he drove by, he unrolled his window to read my banner as I said “Read the Bible” as he said “I do” to which I said “Obey it” as he responded “I do” to which I said “I don’t think so” as he replied “Why” and I said “If you were a REAL Christian, you could not be a celebrity”……as he drove off.

The “SOURPUSS AWARD” goes to……..and the winner is……

………Mat Damon

As he just looked bitter and too pompous for Jesus.

And the “LOOK OF DEATH” Award goes to……the envelope please……

………Michael Douglas

At least I think it was Michael Douglas, it resembled Douglas but very much aged and a grumpy Michael. As he drove by, I said “Believe in Jesus” and he replied “don’t be so judgmental” I said “How is Believe in Jesus judgmental?” as he drove off he looked at me and said “Because, it is……….”

After every New Year, Los Angeles will present awards for television, film, movie and music at a number of locations until the big day. The Academy Awards and with the nice 78 degree weather we have, it is a great fishing hole in the wintertime. Several limo drivers give me the thumps up and purposely slowed down by my banner so those seated in the back seat can read. My banner had the laundry list of sin on it as one driver even said he “would look up the Bible reference” on my banner. After the black limousines were inside and the event had started, we unrolled our banners and preached at Staples Center downtown Los Angeles at the start of the Lakers game playing against the New Jersey Nets. Street Preacher Mark stood contending for the faith at a temple where Kobe is considered a god.

Saturday I preached downtown Los Angeles with my large “Trust Jesus” banner and passed out several hundred tracts on the sidewalk. Ever considered being a missionary to Mexico or any Latin Country? No need to travel, come to downtown Los Angeles. These people do have a bit of reverence towards the Gospel and will take literature with a smile and a ‘Thank You.’ I get a few cases of Chic tracts donated a year and I could pass out at least a case in Los Angeles on any day of the week. Saturday was a good day with inspired conversations and bundles of tracts and five Bibles given, I now pray someone will reap that harvest so God may give the increase.

Pray for us as Sunday will be the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, then off to a RAVE concert that evening and do the Martin Luther Day parade in south central Los Angeles on Monday, pray that we may trumpet the name of Christ to ears that will hear.

I would like to introduce Street Preacher Chris, who serves both in our military and as a soldier of Christ. While his stay in Southern California we worked together and he is faithful proclaiming Jesus. Chris had made several trips to the middle East and when he returns after 6 months of duty, I would get a call from him saying, “I’m back, where do we preach, what’s next?” He would put down his rifle and pick up his spiritual sword, this man is ready for action. He never complains, works well with others and if given a task does so without question, all while raising a family and serving in our armed forces. He is truly an American hero and without further ado, here is Street Preacher Chris.

Testimony of a Fellow Servant
The following is the story of one open air preacher out of many. I want to thank all the Brothers and Sisters who took a interest in me, had patience with me and helped to mentor me along the way.
My name is Brother Chris, I am 42 years of age and currently am on year 16 of a 20 year career in the United States Marine Corps. I was saved on Mother’s day in 1998; I surrendered my life to the work of the gospel in March of 2000. My family and I moved from San Diego California to Jacksonville North Carolina in April of 2000 were I met a man named Bernard who started to disciple me. He introduced me to street preaching, well a crude form of it anyway. We used to stand at a major four way intersection and preach to the people in the cars as they waited on the light to turn green, crude but effective. After about a year of this I started wondering if we were the only ones doing this type of ministry and started searching the internet for others that preached on the streets, to my surprise I found many others preaching in the open air. As I searched the Lord led me to Brother Reuben who I contacted and he invited me to come preach with him at a ST Patrick’s Day celebration down in Savanna GA. The trip was very enlightening and allowed me to network with other preachers and learn how to effectively reach people one on one on the street. There were many preaching trips to follow but none opened my eyes to the sin that is rampant in America like the Trip I made to New Orleans Louisiana to preach at the summer of decadence. Since then I have preached at many Gay Pride parades and have warned the wicked in the streets across America.

As I mentioned earlier in this testimony I am a U.S. Marine on active duty I have served for 16 years, I went to Iraq 4 times and Afghanistan once, I have led Marines in combat and know what I am talking about. Recently as you know the United States Government in their ignorance purposefully revoked the long standing don’t ask don’t tell policy. They lied to you when they said a great percentage of military members were indifferent to the repeal of DADT, the truth is something like 56% of the military as a whole did not want the policy to be repealed. The Marine Corps Commandant threatened to resign over the repeal of DADT. There is a saying going around the Marine Corps now it goes something like this when I enlisted in the Corps it was illegal to be gay, now I need to retire before they make it mandatory to be gay. Sounds like we were sold a bill of goods just so 2% of the population can live in sin. Remember when our elected officials assured us that they will integrate the sodomites into the military gradually and in stages? I am here to tell you it will cost way too much money to properly integrate them. The infrastructure would have to be overhauled to do it properly so instead we will have openly gay men and women taking showers with us, sleeping next to us or sharing a bunk in very tight quarters. At first they may be beaten up because the proper desensitivity training has not been performed and good men and women will be kicked out of the service for committing a hate crime. The hate crimes laws will have to be put on the books and we have no choice but to allow gay marriage that’s right we will have no choice in this matter anymore. Our elected officials are going to ram gay marriage down our throat; they have to in order to give the sodomites their benefits legally. These people are bad news for our nation’s military. They are the opposite of good order and discipline and will help the decay and decline of America as we know it. Yes folks Homo-Sex is truly a threat to national security.

To all street preachers I believe that many of us may be changing ministries from street work to jail ministry from the inside out after we are arrested for hate crimes. Don’t shy away from your calling keep warning the wicked and sounding the trumpet of God.
A Fellow Servant of our Lord Jesus Christ