Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Déjà vu Prop 8 is back!

Sunday morning Doug, Mark and I drove 7 hours out to San Francisco as once again Prop 8 is in the news. Monday morning the California Supreme Court will hear verbal arguments to overturn Prop 8 as unconstitutional. The hearing starts at 10AM with each side having one hour to make their case to a panel of judges

You must give credit, where credit is due and while the Church sleeps, these sodomites will not lay down and take this Prop Eight law laying down. They spit in the face of voters from the Golden State and so much for democracy as they have continued to thrust their beaten agenda in the back door, via the court system. California, unlike some religious denominations does have a standard and has rejected ‘same sex’ marriage not once but twice.
Imagine that, as leftist and socialist as this state is, it has ruled against same sex marriage for the second time. All while churches allow sodomites to teach from pulpits and federal laws are made that are pro-sodomy, not to mention anyone who disagrees with the sodomite agenda is a hater, California says ‘I don’t think so.’

These ‘Prop 8’ protests were not just within the state of California, it was national as protests occurred in every major city and it went global. With countries like Canada, England, Spain and Australia to name a few that protested in public. The reason is simple, what happens in California will impact our country and what happens to America can influence the world. These sodomites have been marching under the umbrella of ‘Human Rights’ and are claiming to be kin to blacks regarding civil rights. And if I may call a spade a spade, it was the Utah Mormon Church that dumped beaucoup money into California’s “Yes” on 8 and bailed us out.

Monday morning we (Doug, Mark, Kevin Israel and I) arrived at the 9th circuit court of appeals an hour before it was to start and set up shop across the street, as I pointed my TRUTH-Horn at the assembled crowd and blasted away for over a half an hour of non stop preaching. After the machine gun preaching had stopped, the sodomites had speakers on a sidewalk pulpit and I then responded to each speaker. Preacher JK soon joined us as we were all standing in a STRAIGHT line facing the 9th circuit building and taking turns preaching, talking to media or addressing smaller crowds.

The news media were everywhere, with eyes on that courtroom yet could not help but report the action outside on the sidewalk (see the media links below). The police were favorable and gave us much liberty to herald what a holy God thought of that assembly.


“For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark” -Matthew 24:38

And just as the ‘preacher of righteousness’ Noah warned of the coming judgment to his generation before the flood, in like manner we have been warning this generation of this giving into same sex marriage or face the judgment of God.

There was also an active Church from Sacramento with smaller signs that also contended for the faith, this Church is primarily Russian and over 1000 strong.
As things heated up outside the police moved in behind us and used police barricades to separate the ‘Prop 8 Yes’ people from the ‘Prop 8 No’ swine. One transgender made no bones about his/her/it’s stand, as he/her/it continually yelled “I HATE YOU” and “Get out of my city” even homeless people jumped into the fray as it seemed to be good old verbal bar fight. Police moved in quickly if anyone got to close to us and the media kept the cameras rolling.
At the end of the court session, we waited and reproved those involved in the verbal arguments as the media also swarmed on them for personal insight and interviews.

Something tells me the three judges already have their minds made up and will favor the sodomites. I believe they will wait the full 3 months to give their ruling so it will give the appearance of being fair and exhausting all the evidence.

EVERY Church in California should have sent 2 or 3 people out there, because if these judges would see bodies out there demanding the will of the people, let alone God that just might alter their decision.


The Lord made ‘No Small Stir’ outside the courthouse as we promoted “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man (OR GOVERNMENT) put asunder” on our sidewalk service.

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THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN FROM THE SAN FRANICISCO CHRONICLE WITH THE CAPTION: “Outside the courthouse at Seventh and Mission streets, groups of demonstrators assembled with competing messages invoking biblical condemnations and declarations of equal rights”



KTVU NEWS 2 (news clip)

ABC 30 NEWS (news clip)


Gay Marriage Fight Reaches Next Court Level
(AP youtube clip)

Prop. 8: Dueling Messages — Does Size Matter When it Comes to Signs? (Video)

Prop 8 Appeal Hearing Draws Crowd Outside San Francisco Court
“…..A small group of same-sex marriage opponents also showed up, carrying messages including “Ninth Circuit vs. God’s law” and “Homo sex is sin.” …..Across the street, the handful of same-sex marriage opponents amplified their message with a bullhorn, calling the larger group “sinners.” ……..Mark Steven, 53, of Los Angeles, said he traveled to San Francisco with several people from a non-denominational Christian group called the Bible Believers to speak out against same-sex marriage…..”

Anti-Gay Marriage Protesters Demonstrate Outside Prop 8 Hearing
“….The demonstrators held up signs condemning gay marriage as lawyers inside argued the merits of their case. The signs read “Those who hate real marriage should not have the right to pollute it,” “Homo sex is a threat to national security” and “Homo sex is sin.”

Large Crowd Gathers Outside Prop 8 Courthouse (video clip):
Same-sex marriage supporters carried signs with messages such as "Life feels different when you're married," and "We all deserve the freedom to marry."

'You better get used to being discriminated against'
“….Where does God fit into your equality?" said Prop 8 supporter preacher Ruben Israel outside the court. "California voted loud and clear. Why can't you people accept democracy? You better get used to being discriminated against, because when you meet God in Heaven, he's going to discriminate against you in the lake of fire…..”

Ratcheting down the hate
“…..the accusations hurled at the other side. Signs at rallies, broadcast nationwide on FOX, CNN, and MSNBC shout “Homosex is sin.” Cries over megaphones that gays are damned to hell. Just look at the anger and hatred in the eyes of the protesters. It’s fair game to dehumanize your opponent……”


Ruben Israel, street preacher
“…..His name is Ruben Israel, from Southern California and he is a self proclaimed Street Preacher. Since 1994 I have made his portrait at Mardi Gras…..”

Picketer preaches faith
“….He has to show up and start saying false, rude accusations about the religion and about the people,” said Amir Bertuni, one of the students who attended the festival and witnessed the picketing. Mark Steven, from the Church of Bible Believers, protested at the same time as the Middle Eastern Student’s society’s ME to OC Festival…..”

Loathing on Campus
“…..Over the next 20 minutes, the crowd grew and confrontations started to arise. When Brother Matt shouted that every “potty-mouth[ed]” lesbian was going to hell, it caused a large stir that made the crowd grow even more. A girl on a cell phone said, “I’m a lesbian and this is my girlfriend on the phone.” Not even startled by this open announcement the speaker looked her right in the face, with a stare that I had seen millions of times throughout my young religious stint, and told her she would ‘be skipped across the lake of hell like a flat stone.’…….”

Members of NM churches charged in scuffle
“….Joshua De Los Santos, pastor of Old Paths Baptist Church, said his church has preached at other religious groups without the "animosity" members encountered at Church On The Move.”God's word tells us to preach to every creature. ... That might include some who are trapped in false religions, according to the Bible," De Los Santos said. His church's website says it uses only the King James Bible, believing "all other versions have Satan's fingerprints." “

An Uncomfortable Message
“….The First Amendment preserves the right to free speech for all Americans, however misguided a message. University Police Chief Tom Dewey spent a few hours keeping the peace during Brother Matt's message. He said time and again the United States Supreme Court has ruled that free speech in public spaces, such as the Quad of our publicly-owned university, cannot be censored by the government, police or administration. "While some people, perhaps even the majority of those present, perceived last week's street preacher's language as hateful and offensive to certain groups, the fact is that his speech never crossed the line to ‘fighting words,'" he said. Dewey said that campuses have consistently lost battles in court when enacting content-based bans on speech. The street preacher who was here last week has won settlements against campuses who have violated his Constitutional rights, Dewey said….”

Campus Preacher 2
“Tһіѕ guy wаѕ οח campus tһе οtһеr day shouting аt people trying tο scare tһеm іחtο repentance. I’m חο doctor, bυt tһаt doesn’t seem Ɩіkе tһе mοѕt effective way tο share teachings οf a loving God”

Traveling preacher hurls insults, opens dialogue
“…..two SOU students who are in his "flock," came to do "crowd control" by reminding students that the problem was not Bourgault, but them — because they were giving Bourgault attention and trading insults with him. "It was intense, out of control, but it created a teachable moment," said Frechette. "God fully redeemed it. The door was closed and Matt blew it open. I was in the dorms Tuesday night, teaching — and God was the topic at SOU for the first time in many years….”

The Willard Preacher
“This is the first hand account of the Gary Cattell, The Willard Preacher, an Orthodox Christian street preacher who preached the Gospel at Pennsylvania State University, in front of Willard Hall. I’ve been a ‘fan’ of his for some time, and I’m very happy to be able to publish his story…”

Open Air Preaching in the USA Nov. 28, 2010
“We are just finishing up a one month outreach of the west side of the U.S., having traveled six thousand miles. Ten states, thirteen campuses, a couple of churches, streets and parks, thousands of tracts, books, and other outreach materials were handed out. Several men and their families traveled with us to share good news in this once great God fearing nation of ours…..”

Brother Matt draws crowd to Library Lawn
“Voices were raised where frisbees usually fly. As the crowd on Library Lawn began to swell to nearly 300 onlookers, Matt Bourgault's message of repentance and redemption was just getting underway Wednesday afternoon…..”