Sunday, November 28, 2010


We drove out from Los Angeles to Arizona early Friday morning to preach the Phoenix NASCAR and yoked up with Street Preachers Jeremy, Josh, Caesar from New Mexico and Grant from Portland. After we scouted the NASCAR field we drove to ASU, where the brethren were already causing a stir on campus. The crowd was thick, the campus police were standing by and banners were raised high above the crowds. I set up my 2 foot scaffold ladder as we took turns standing towering and exhorting the students to Jesus Christ.
The open-air preaching provoked smaller conversations that I would call very profitable. For example there was an atheist that told me he was offended that Christian students on campus do not preach on hell. He said “If they knew I was headed for hell, why would they not warn me?” Another older person that stood around for over two hours was astonished at the bold preaching and was surprised to see and hear sinners react to the Word of God. Every human emotion was touched as the students were angry, laughed, screamed, listened and a few wept as the Holy Ghost had their attention.

Here are two Preach Clips from the ‘Watchman For Christ’ as we deal with a very hot topic on campus and that is the sin of sodomy.



Later that night we split up into two groups as Mark and I stood outside the ‘SUNS’ basketball game and preached the SON of God at the ball-dolaters temple known as the U.S. Airways Center. With Jeremy, Josh, Caesar, Mario (a local Brother), and Grant preached on ‘Mills Street’ a hub for night life. The city police were very favorable to our banners and our method, even giving us liberty to use Truth-horns at will.

Saturday was the pre-race and the race track area was a literal RV village, with thousands of RV’s parked on what seemed to be a few hundred acres. There was a main artery that will lead you from the large parking area to the raceway, with booths on both sides and bodies everywhere. This place even had a large tent grocery store complete with shopping carts for the beer, ice and steaks to bar-b-queue. No doubt that crackers and macaroni and cheese were the big sellers that weekend.
In my humble opinion this was a Bubba Paradise.

Now if you never preached a NASCAR event please allow me to color this event for you. As in football one will find ‘Bowl Games’ to be the big games, like the Super Bowl, Sugar Bowl or the Rose Bowl, therefore I christen this event to be the ‘Trailer Park Bowl.’
Verily this is a white man’s sport with Bubba’s walking everywhere and these speed followers loved to drink beer and watch cars drive in circles. This race temple is filled with the roar of engines, the incense burnt at the alter was rubber, with the masses seated in their pews hoped for a pile up and a blood sacrifice to the race god, which will put any driver in instant god status if he died or was burnt

Even outside the temple those without a ticket were camped in the parking lot watching the race on television, to these devotees just being there is like a pilgrimage to MECCA.

We hoisted our banners at this human artery as the sheriff department drove by and gave us the thumbs-up and later more banners were raised in this area. I was soon confronted with someone from NASCAR that said we could not be within the raceway grounds and if we did not leave the Sheriff would be called. When I told her that the Sheriff department said nothing, this person just walked away. We were then confronted by the law and we were told we must leave the raceway or roll up the banners, I asked if the problem were the banners and I was told we could stay but the banners needed to go. Soon I was confronted by the main person in charge of Phoenix NASCAR and he told me we needed to leave and I said the Sheriff department told me we could stay. Soon this person was on the phone inquiring what to do with us, as the Sheriff department stood around us. After about 20 minutes I was told if we did not leave the race tract we would be arrested. I was told that pictures were taken and if we walked in the parking lot we would be arrested. I was told we would be escorted to our vehicle and escorted out of the parking lot.
We later stood outside the raceway with banners and preaching to the cars driving in with a truth-horn. I say BLOOD ON THAT PERSON’S HEAD THAT ORDERED US OUT of the race grounds on that Great Day.

Later that evening we preached at an ASU homecoming football game with much more liberty as we stood outside the gates of sun-devil stadium with banners raised high exhorting all to Jesus. I had the Phoenix police remove a drunk that was getting too close to my face and after the guy was pulled away I thanked the officers. I was asked by one of the officers if we were the same guys that preached Friday on campus? I said ‘yes’ and he said ‘Be safe out there.’ As we drove away this same drunk was convicted and needed to get the last word to me, so he came up to our SUV and tossed a full cup of beer inside the vehicle. This drunk does not HATE me, he did not HATE our message nor did he HATE our banners. He HATES JESUS.
After the game we preached Mill Street and due to MUCH sin on that street we had MUCH liberty.
“But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”

Again the Phoenix police stood watched us preaching on horseback, made several arrests as drunken students were tossed out of night’s clubs. During the night I spoke with a young man that looked convicted, so Caesar and I prayed for this lost soul as he had many questions. After we prayed for him he fled Mill Street.

Oh, one last low-light on the evening was I met Michael the Archangel in Phoenix. There was a guy that walked up to me and asked me if I knew him? I replied yes “you are a drunk” so he asked again and I replied the same. He then got in my face and said “if I were a Christian, I would know his name” and again I said “drunk” to which he began to cuss and tell me that he was Michael the Archangel.
So the next time you visit the Phoenix area and go to Mill Street just be advised that Michael is walking around in a young black man’s body, most likely drunk (wink) and has a potty mouth (wink-wink).

It was around 2AM when we walked away from Mill Street, Phoenix’s version of Bourbon Street.

Mill Avenue Nights: Saturday, November 13th 2010:
“Mill Avenue had a strange visit today from a belligerent set of street preachers led by Ruben Israel….”



Sunday, we arrived outside the race track and testified to the cars driving in the race way with our banners. The trip was a blessing, because I had a chance to meet and preach with Jeremy Jr. our next generation of Street Preachers from New Mexico

After the race started Mark and I drove back to Los Angeles as Jeremy and Grant headed out to preach at a Cardinals game. Sunday is not just an indoor Church day for Street Preachers as on this day there are many places to preach with a congregation of thousands in what’s known as the outdoor Church.

“I have preached righteousness in the great congregation: lo, I have not refrained my lips, O LORD, thou knowest” -Psalms 40:91

From Sister Vera in Key West