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The first Labor Day was held in 1882 in New York City and by 1884 the United States made it a federal holiday that falls on the first Monday of September. It was a day the common man is reconized for his or her labor. Large cities host parades and barbecues everywhere, many consider the holiday a day of rest and most Americans celebrate the day as the symbolic end of summer. Then we find students and young adults viewing it as the last weekend for parties before returning to school and to the consumer it is a window to shop and buy during Labor Day Sales. Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons. NCAA teams usually play their first games the week before Labor Day, with the NFL traditionally playing their first game the Thursday following Labor Day and during this time the Navy switches from their white uniforms to their Navy blue uniforms.
But in the Big-Easy it is another reason to sin in public, hence they host ‘Southern Decadence’ in the French Quarter.

The field we plow is known as Bourbon Street and is a HARD-HAT area only

Heavy equipment needed, gloves and goggles needed, loud noises, flasing lights and beeping trucks everywhere for this is stoney ground. Large cranes, wheel loaders, dozers, generators, the sounds of diesel engines, jack hammers, pay loaders, backhoes and haulers are non stop. The ground must be broken, and cleared with trees removed, bolders crushed and large hard rocks exploded then removed, all before any seed planting or watering is done. This is not a flower box where one removes a weed or bedding a plant in potting soil and removing a snail or worm but a HARD HAT AREA.

This venue lives up to its name, as it is decadent and God hates the WORKER of iniquity. Anyone having trouble that a Holy God can destroy the world and His creation with water or rain down fire on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for sin, maybe they might consider coming next year to see why God hates sin. Come witness the debauchery first hand and remember what you see is just the appearance of their wickedness, not their heart nor their minds and this will give one a better 20/20 as to why a Holy God can and will annihilate both sin and sinner in eternal fire.

The weather was hot and humid as sodomites love the heat, which means less clothes to prance in and at night their perversion is more public. One can take this verse literally; “men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”

This year we had Street Preachers nationwide and beyond campaigning in this theater for one reason; “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” and THAT we did.
Brother Grant (OR), Jeremy (NM), Josh (NM), Larry (NY), Brian (NC), Buddy (NC), Cruz (NM), Larry (FL), Eddie (NM), Pat (NC), Tim (PA), Doug (FL), Jason (MO), Petar (Norway), with a few locals and myself (CA) that “made no small stir about that way.”

History of Decadence:

This perverted event mushroomed in August of 1972 on Barracks Street just outside of the French Quarter, where men had a going away party for a friend named Michael Evers who kept wanted out of the city because of the heat. The party began late that Sunday afternoon, with the expectation that the next day (Labor Day) would allow for recovery. Forty or fifty people drank and what began as a costume party is now a street celebration, and by 1981 the parade started from the Golden Lantern bar to the French Quarter streets. This event to date ranks among the city's top five most significant tourist events, as even the mayor has even welcomed the event with an Official Proclamation (follow the money trail).

“For the love of money is the root of all evil”

By 2004 this event was at its peak, making a positive economic impact on the City of New Orleans as they estimated at over $95 million that weekend alone and the following year (2005) Southern Decadence was officially canceled as a result of Hurricane Katrina and cancelled again in 2008 for Hurricane Gustav. Both hurricanes occurred at the eve of this event.

These photos were taken after Hurricane Katrina hit on the eve of Southern Decadence

The photo above was taken 6 months later as I walked those same streets with my Pro-Hurricane/God warned you banner

Wednesday night the brethren were out preaching on Bourbon Street and getting pushed around by the police as they were told they could be arrested for preaching, standing and wearig a sandwich sign. They were told to keep moving as this perticular officer drove behind them in a golf cart almost runinng into their heels.

Thursday night I arrived to New Orleans late and needed to pick up another brother at the airport by midnight so when I returned to the place we were staying I met the brothers that were out that night and heard that the police again threatened them on Bourbon Street where they were almost shut down with the threat of arrest.

Friday we were preaching at a local abortion clinic with a local pastor and what makes this building extremely wicked is because it was an old Church as now Muslims work inside and do security for the clinic. I also was on the phone with lawyer James Elsman having him ready in the bullpen as I was going to the clinic to meet with a detective (who had been assigned to us) to disscuss the harassment on Bourbon Street. He was busy trying to keep the angry Muslims from attacking us on the sidewalk, so he called in for back up and at least two police cruisers showed up to keep the peace. After things calmed down on the sidewalk, Jeremy and I went into his undercover car and discussed what happened on Bourbon Street complete with video clips. He said he would investagate and get the street officers on the same page as to our free speech rights.
Later that evening we had much liberty preaching in the French Quarter, we stood, walked and used mega phones at will as police moved anyone getting to close. I also had the local media contact me for interviews regarding free speech. Throughout the entire weekend we were never hindered by police but instead they arrested at least two sinners for assalt.

Saturday we preached the entire Bourbon Street not just the sodomite area, as we walked that death grid a number of times. The drunks and fornicators were admonished that they too will be in eternal fire with the homosexual. We Public Cryers see the fruit of a “God loves you just as you are” lie first hand as many that passed us on the street argued how much they were “loved” and that “God is love.”
God demands repentance from everyone not just homosexuals and the fact He requires repentance means He does not want you just the way you are. The fact that the Old Testament prophets preached REPENT, John the Baptist preached REPENT, Jesus first public message was REPENT, and we find the same REPENT theme preached in the Book of Acts, so the word REPENT was proclaimed on southern decadence not love.
Regarding “God is love” we contended with those very words day and night as God demonstrated His love for mankind by the cross and who will argue that? But the issue is do they love God and we asked how do they prove their love to God? The character of God is holy, just and righteous not just love as per 1Peter 4:18.

“And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

Sunday we preached around Saint Louis Cathedral and the Lord’s timing was perfect as just when a few Street Preachers were walking to Jackson Square the priests and the bishop walked by going into the Cathedral for Sunday service and did they get an ear full. This caused so much problems within the church, they called the police and code enforcement to measure the volume of the preaching. There were no arrests nor was anyone cited as we did not interrupt a religious service but utilized God’s perfect timing.
Sunday was also the decadence ‘pub’ parade as we reproved those in the parade, then walked behind the street parade into the French Quarter exhorting the crowd on the sidewalk of their unashamed sin.

Here is a great PREACH CLIP from Brian that has many parts:
A) walking into the valley of death
B) following a police car after the parade
C) standing in the middle of Bourbon Street
D) behind metal baracades for our own protection
E) up close reaction as light confronts darkness

At the end of the day the event heard our message, seen our banners and took tracts as our heavenly Father gave us a crumb from the Masters table with media coverage. We had great conversations due to the outdoor preaching, favor with the police with no one cited or arrested and decadence weekend is on record of having Christian resistance and those that die can not pled ignorance before God.

Brother Buddy puts out these two youtube clips
Bourbon Street New Orleans Southern Decadence 2010

Southern Decadence 2010 New Orleans

Brother Jeremy posts this one



Protestors swarm French Quarter for Decadence Festival
“…..And he said it's gotten worse in recent years.”Their numbers have grown every year, they're becoming louder, there’s more bullhorns,” Watermeier said. But this is not only a problem for the gay community. Bar owners here on Bourbon Street say their patrons, whether gay or straight, have been targets too….”

Southern Decadence Under Way On Bourbon St. As Locals, Businesses Want Action Against Protesters
“…..Members of a group known as the Bible Believers said they'll fill Bourbon Street daily during Southern Decadence. The group said it wants to hammer home its message. "I'm coming out of the closet New Orleans," said Bible Believer member Ruban Israel. ‘I'm in love with Jesus Christ, and his blood is not HIV positive. They have the freedom to be anything they want to. All we ask is for the same freedom to stand here and tell them they are an abomination before God.’………”

Southern Decadence Festival - New Orleans
CNN ireport
(click on photos)

Love of Christ Visits Gays in New Orleans
“…..Anyway, as you might imagine, whenever a certain number of gays are gathered in the same place, another contingent tends to show up: the Christian protesters, with their loving signs!.....”

Southern Decadence 2010 had the highest attendance since before Hurricane Katrina
“….The Christian protesters were outnumbered 100-to-1 and quickly disappeared to regroup in a nearby church on Dauphine Street. Not to be outdone, and learning from the best, the protesters were back with their own bullhorn to get their message across to the thousands of people on the street……”


“Assignment Editor,
This week Christian street preachers from across the U.S. are facing an unusual challenge at New Orleans’ annual Southern Decadence (aka Day of Decadence) event. They believe that the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) are not only turning a blind eye to an event they believe openly encourages public nudity, drinking, and lawlessness as a way of increasing tourist revenues – but this year they claim that there have been numerous incidents where the street preachers rights to freedom of speech are being openly challenged by NOPD officers at the event.

The protest is being organized by Bible Believers, a Christian street preaching organization long known for showing up at LGBT events with giant signs that read "Homo sex is sin!" and "Turn or burn!" Bible Believers are also known to use bullhorns to challenge passersby to "Repent" - a tactic that often puts them in contention with local noise ordnances. But they say that this is the first year they have run into confrontations with NOPD as they attempt to preach at the event.

“We are very proud of the diversity of the NOPD and their openness to LGBT rights to celebrate,” says long time activist Tammie Lie, “But we also don’t want them turning in to the Gay Gestapo and shutting down other people’s rights to freedom of speech as well.”

Bible Believers style of preaching is called "confrontational evangelism" - and they are known for attempting to work cooperatively with law enforcement as they practice their free speech rights at LGBT events. The organization is run by Ruben Israel. Mr. Israel and his organization have been a highly visible part of LGBT events all over the US. His group is known for the colorful (although to some distasteful) signs and use of amplified sound (Mr. Israel is quoted as calling his bullhorn his “No Bull Horn.) His group is also seen regularly at other events that they believe promote decadence like Key West’s Fantasy Fest, Mardi Gras, rock concerts, and even the Super Bowl. MR. ISRAEL IS ALSO WELL KNOWN FOR PREACHING AT SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA’S HARE KRISNA PARADE WHILE DRESSED IN A COW SUIT.

Quote by Colin Dupree, Editor of GMW – “Ruben Israel and his organization Bible Believers have been preaching at LGBT events for more than 20 years, and they have developed a relationship of respect with both law enforcement and LGBT organizations for keeping their preaching within respectful and cooperative parameters. These preachers are not like the Phelps group. Why some people would even say it isn’t a successful Gay Pride parade if Ruben and his group don’t show up. We hope that NOPD will recognize that Mr. Israel and Bible Believers have as much right to speak at Southern Decadence 2010 as anyone else.”

Southern Decadence itself was conceived as "a carnival, a celebration" intended to draw tourism to New Orleans during the slow business months. But a growing controversy has developed in recent years over charges that NOPD law enforcement are ignoring rising problems of public nudity, drinking and lawlessness that the event is drawing to the area because the city wants the financial boon that the event brings local tourism.

Main Event Description: Southern Decadence is the largest gay event in New Orleans. 2010 will be the 39th annual celebration. The street party runs around-the-clock, and the Southern Decadence circuit party dance events take place at night.

Dates: Southern Decadence runs from Sept. 1-6. Full information can be found on their website

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Contact information for Ruben Israel Bible Believers- Los Angeles chapter:
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Legal representation for Bible Believers:
The Law Offices of James Leonard Elsman
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This was my first time at Southern Decadence. I thought I had seen wicked people before, but nothing compares to this! It’s like all the sin in America washed into the Mississippi River and dumped out into the New Orleans Delta. Here are a few of the most memorable parts:
1) Amazing how many heterosexuals, especially Catholics, were there at a sodomy festival, and they were clueless as to why we thought there was anything wrong with the event.
2) Children were brought to the sodomy parade! God is getting the “Millstone Necklaces” ready for whoever brought the children to such an event.
3) The only “Christian” message these people have ever been told is “God loves you just the way you are, and He forgives everyone” (except street preachers, they’ll burn in hell!). The most wicked people honestly believe that God is perfectly fine with them, thanks in part to a neutered, lukewarm church.
4) Romans 1:32 came to mind often. These same people who cheered as the sodomy parade went by, were the same people who booed and flipped us off as we walked by.
5) Having to push our way through the packed crowd in the sodomite section of Bourbon Street reminded me of some people’s near-death experiences where as they are falling into hell, dozens of demons are grabbing them, clawing at them, cursing vile statements and tormenting them. It breaks my heart to think of what is in store for these unrepentant sinners.
6) It was a shame that it took the entire continental U.S. and one European country to find 15 men to stand up to this event, but praise God for brothers in Christ. Just 10 righteous people could have changed the fate of Sodom.
In conclusion, probably the best analogy that represents my time at Southern Decadence was something street preacher John McGlone once told me. He said that there is the Broad Road that leads to destruction, and the Narrow Path that leads to everlasting life, but the two aren’t always going in opposite directions. Every once in a while, God sends the narrow path right through the middle of the Broad Road. But when the two roads intersect, people on the Broad Road really hate it. We mess up their party and remind them of their eminent destruction. Our job is when the two roads intersect, to do everything we can to bring sinners onto the Narrow Path before the roads separate again for what might be the last time.
Thank you to all of the brothers and sisters who fought the good fight in New Orleans. I hope to see you all again next year!

Buddy, Hickory NC


On the morning of Sept 2, 2010 I made the 12 hour drive to New Orleans, a city that I had only seen on TV before. This is a short report of that trip. In my town of 2,500 we are a long way from Bourbon Street both in location and in the things that we let go on in our town. Thursday night was fellowship until bed at about 12am. Friday morning brought a great breakfast with 14 new friends. Later Friday morning, we found ourselves at an abortion clinic praying and standing firm for God and the unborn. At one time this was a church of God but after the flood it was closed and then became an abortion clinic. I pray these people find Christ before anymore babies are murdered.

Friday night found us on Bourbon Street at around 6pm. This was very nerve racking for the first three or four hours until I forgot about the days of being a cop and started thinking about souls and doing Gods work. On that first night on Bourbon I found that there are two parts of the bible that people want us to know and that is "Judge Not" and "MY" God loves everyone. These people are living a lie and it is up to us to bring the light to this dark place. By 1am we are back at our home base eating like kings again and talking about the night. Praise God for this night

Saturday morning we once again had a breakfast big enough for two men. I worked with other men on a project installing a tub and shower in a house as a donated effort. Lunch came and went and then dinner came and went as we worked on this project. At 6:30pm we made our way back to Bourbon Street for another night on the beer soaked streets. This night gave us a lot more people and a lot more drunks in the streets. As we preached and marched though the streets it was sometimes hard to see that point and I often asked myself if the risk was going to be worth the reward. But I saw lives get changed and souls open up in those dark, filthy streets of the Big Easy. In the end I had to leave on Sunday morning so I was not able to make the parade. On the way home I had 12 hours to tell myself all the reasons I would never go back. But as usual, by the time I got home God had told me that if he tells me to return next year I well be back. His will be done. God bless all of the brothers and sisters I met on this trip and I thank God for letting me serve him in the streets of New Orleans.