Sunday, August 15, 2010


Staples Center was a great watering hole this week, as we preached a ‘Lady (sic) GaGa” concert Wednesday and Thursday night, then on Friday we preached the “American Idol” at the same venue. On Saturday evening we were in Hollywood preaching at the Billy Idol concert which I was surprised he was still alive, as we preached in front of his concerts since the early-80’s.

This week Brother Mark and I preached at 5 concerts in 4 days, as we cautioned the throngs of music-dolatry at the local watering hole.

“It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools” –Ecc.7:5

We preached at Staples Center (where the Lakers play basketball) at the Lady (sic) GaGa concert. Now if you had never been or seen a ‘Lady GaGa’ concert, allow me to give you a 20/20. It would be as if a Homo parade was on Halloween night, and clashed into a Rocky Horror picture show then invited all those people that craw into a Denny’s restaurant at 3AM.
That is what goes to the GaGa concert.
For the record, I saw NO LADY at the concert but I do think there was a crack hoe convention next to the Staples Center because most of the girls walking around the venue looked like whores (see Bible for details).
There were people walking around with beer cans in their hair, dressed in yellow caution tape and wigs with extra long eye lashes and thick makeup that seemed to be the norm…..and the women dressed funny too.
Countless parents trying to be their kids best friend take their young children to this concert where they were more offended at our preaching than the direct sin all around them. These parents have allowed music singers to train up their offspring and we will no doubt see their children in a few years at homo parades, Spring Break and Mardi Gras.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” -Proverbs 22:6

Banners were raised, preaching was nonstop at a main artery, tracts were taken and after one conversation I did give away one Bible. LAPD stood behind us watching as a few complained but we had much liberty as all that passed by either heard, saw or was handed tracts.

To be filed under Preaching in Los Angeles:
As a result of out loud preaching, that provokes smaller conversations, to which the Lord had me spend time with one Paul Mitchell the millionaire hair product guy on the sidewalk. Only in L.A. what a fishing hole

At the American Idol event wooing fans were reminded that God’s first two of the Ten Commandments were NO IDOLS and we would ask “just where are you going tonight” as the crowd responds “American Idol” we replied NO IDOLS. This group of people were young and old, so I exhorted the parents not to allow Hollywood to baby sit their children. How it was Sesame Street yesterday, American Idol today and tomorrow it will be an ‘R’ rated movie and the older people were admonished not to waste unproductive time watching TV. One person spent some time with me and after he was encouraged to confess Jesus and our method he walked off, then stood by the will-call area and started to preach at the bodies walking around. After his inspired outburst, he left Staples Center. That evening the crowds were exhorted to more Bible and less TV, as one person was so moved by Brother Marks preaching that this sinner stood next to Mark trying to drown out the preaching with howling. And as clockwork, his zeal was overpowered with inspiration as he soon walked off.

Was a twofer, I preached a Billy Idol in Hollywood while Mark covered a Latin rap group at Honda Center (where the Anaheim Ducks play hockey).
I could not believe I was preaching at Billy Idol again, I had preached outside his concerts in the early-eighties and I surprised he is still around. It should have been senior citizen night as the handicap section was beyond filled, I recommend the next time they have Billy Idol in Hollywood that it be coupled with a Benny Hinn healing service to assist those aged Idol fans. Oh, I also recommend they give away a tube of Ben-Gay to every ticket holder because in the morning those poor souls are going to be barely moving. Forget the chains, spiked collars, tats and colored hair of the eighties, it was bald guys, wheeling oxygen tanks and walking with canes, I think the only thing they had in common with the mid-80’s was, they still smoke marijuana. I hoisted my banner at the main gate and started to preach and within minutes I was in a conversation with this older guy who had a number of questions and after we talked he thanked me and walked off. I finished preaching by 9PM and as I walked back to my vehicle I noticed this same guy walking on the sidewalk and I said “What are you doing outside the concert, I thought you would be inside already” he replied “after we talked I went to my car and prayed.” That night I gave another Bible away to another person I spend time with, he was thankful and I pray that God give the increase on both these souls. This event was at the Hollywood Palladium which is on Sunset Blvd. near Vine and this venue is mainly standing room only but before they could come inside the theater they stood outside on the sidewalk for over a block, then they had to walk by me. It was great, I was asked by security to move but I declined, then I was asked by an undercover officer to move and I declined, later a mucky muck from the Palladium asked if I could move and I again refused, I was told that they would call L.A.P.D. but no black and white ever came.

Newspapers can be a tool for Street Preachers

Check your local big city newspaper, the weekend edition mainly on Sundays and with that issue a Street Preacher can find local events to preach at, besides just a street corner. Within that newspaper there is a religious section where you can find what religious heretic to preach at on the weekend. What religious convention is in town, what guru is speaking where, where is new age meeting will be, also what church is homo friendly and Sunday mornings you can stand in front of these churches, temples, shrines, convention centers or places of worship and rebuke these false religions.

One can find a section on politics and there you can find what politician is coming to your city to speak and many of these buildings they use are close to the sidewalk. So you can preach to their followers/voters and maybe even be on the news the next day. To promote what God thinks about issues in our country and remind everyone that every President puts his hand on George Washington’s King James Bible.

Within this same publication you can find book signings or hot spots to preach in the city and who is renting the convention center or where a march, rally or fest will be. Check out the movie section and preach to those going in and coming out of the theater. One can find where the night club scene is and it is best to do these hits around midnight. All these venues are next to the public sidewalk, which gives you license to stand and exercise your Free Speech and Religious Freedom.

In the 1980’s before the home computers and internet, we would subscribe to every newsletter, magazines, leaflets, and flyers from religious, new age, politics, tickets for sports and concerts, homosexual agenda, cults, porno info, DNC, RNC, atheist meeting and more. This information was sent to P.O. boxes in three different county’s as we kept a close watch on what was coming into Los Angeles maybe better than the mayor. Then we preached at these same venues, but not before we sent someone inside to get more newsletter material.

In the local edition of the newspaper, one can read of murders in a certain section of the city and maybe get compelled to go and preach a message of thou shalt not commit murder or covet your neighbor’s things to this grid. Reprove that area for drugs, alcohol, stealing, fornication and abortion as only Jesus can set them free.

Use today’s News Paper to make the NEWS tomorrow. There are events that are what I call a media frenzy and IF you raise your banner and preach what God says about that subject at hand, you might get what I call “extra credit” which is a photo or an interview for that same newspaper or the evening TV news. Newspapers can be a great tool and for maximum benefit one must know how to that tool.

Good News on the News

I use the weekend edition to locate concerts, the paper will give you a detailed schedule Monday to Sunday on concerts and artist (sic) in the city and county. From hard rock, jazz, rap, country, contemporary, pop rock, blues, reggae, radio station concerts and classical as these events start by 7PM in stadiums, convention centers, halls and small clubs that are Street Preacher friendly.

I preached my first concert at the Hollywood Palladium in 1980 and I remember that night as I raised my banner and began reading from the Bible. I heard screams all around me and someone grabbed my Bible and they began to burn the pages with lighters. I was engulfed with people that tried to pull down my banner and put their cigarettes out on me, then they ripped up every tract I had. This was done on the sidewalk under the street lights no telling what would have happened in the dark parking lot. Since then I preached at hundreds of concerts from heavy metal, punk, pop, hip hop, jazz, rap and Christian.

IF you say that you work and can not make time to preach, well these concerts are in the evenings and over the years I have worked in the day time, then after work change my clothes in my work van and drive from the work site to the concert and preach. If you can’t preach a college campus in the daytime, consider the evening shift and preach to the nightlife.
Get your local weekend newspaper hunt for concerts and GO.

We await our next concert and that would be on Monday August 30th at the Long Beach Arena for “Slayer” as many will argue with us that they are a Christian band because they sing a song called “Jesus Saves”……yeah right.


I remember as a young lad back in the 80’s when ‘backward masking’ was the talk of the town within the Christian community. Pastors would teach their congregation about hearing these demonic voices and hidden messages when albums were played backwards. I never gave this much attention and I’m sure there is some truth to it. But I say what these bands sing with the record going forward at the right speed should be enough to provoke a Christian to stand outside their concerts.
How many sermons are preached against the evils of music from the pulpits of America and just how many ministers minister at these events to the ears that actually need that message?

Since our culture loves its music then Go there are preach from Psalms, these are songs that were holy before a Holy God.

Keep us in prayer as we head into the lion’s den for two days or better known as San Francisco regarding the latest Prop 8 court ruling as we plan on promoting and debating what a Holy God thinks about same sex marriage.

“What therefore God hath joined together (male and female)
, let not man put asunder” -Mark 10:9

Southeast Open Air Preacher’s Association

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