Tuesday, July 6, 2010


On Friday June 25th after the night preach in Gary Indiana, Brother Brian and I headed towards Chicago. In the morning we did some recon work for we had many places to preach that weekend and needed to scout the land. We stopped around 2PM and preached at union station where everyone comes out from the tall buildings and gets a train or subway away from the city.

This is a Street Preachers paradise, with hundreds of bodies everywhere walking right to the banner for hours. It was after 7PM when rush hour was over, the city has now trickled out but this preach artery is worth a trip to Chicago, it is liken to Grand Central Station in New York City.

Saturday we headed to downtown to preach the “Taste of Chicago” which is a like fishing in a barrel as the people streamed by all day long. We yoked up with Jack and Sandy from Wisconsin and two local Street Preachers, Brother Tim and Brother Will.
This is a nice event because the people do not hear about homosexuals or abortion but just the basic Gospel of Jesus Christ. I reminded people not to forget to pray before eating and to TASTE OF GOD, TASTE OF JESUS, TASTE OF THE HOLY GHOST AND TASTE THE BIBLE for it is good.

I continued, that Jesus said, if we taste of Him we would not hunger after another, IF we drink of Him we would not thirst after other religions. I also admonished believers saying, “I hate to bring this up at a food fest, however JESUS did say IF you are lukewarm He will VOMIT you out. Yes, Jesus Will up-chuck you from His kingdom, so either be on fire for God or cold as ice.

The police gave us much liberty, as we used TRUTH horns all day with banners raised.
One young man stood and listened to me preach and I later walked up to him and after we talked, he soon was holding our banner, preaching from the NO-BULL-horn and stayed with us till the end. This young black man gave his testimony and preached a good message of repentance.

Brother preaches at the taste!

Sunday was the sodomite parade where some 450,000 people come to promote sin and for those that do nothing about it, God considers them guilty too.

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD”
-Proverbs 17:15

The Chicago police were waiting for us as we set up our banners and had a brief meeting to keep everyone on the same page. We had two preachers only, with each preacher having his TRUTH HORN pointed away from each other. I stood on a 6 foot ladder as we had at least 10-12 banners flying all day. The crowds gathered around us, the police kept them at bay and the Word of God was proclaimed with all questions answered.

Everyone in the parade stopped in front of us, kissed each other and gave us the finger as we reproved everyone. Politicians, churches, judges, celebrities, even Brent Sopel raised the Stanley Cup in front of us as the crowd roared. After the 5 ½ hour preach the police escorted us to our vehicles and even thanked us for our stand, for without that thin blue line we would all have died.

Here is a Preach Clip of the Homosexual parade in the WINDY city:

Here is a blog that thinks we do it all wrong a pride parades and read the comments below, as to why the Church is going from Lukewarm to Cold.

Part 2: God, Bless the Street Preacher:

Monday we drove out to the South side of Chicago and preached at Louis Farrakhan’s Muslium University atop the mosque is a large rotating half moon and star, next to it the nation of Islam flag waving where they teach young students from preschool through college the religion of hate. ONLY IN AMERICA.

We lasted about 10 minutes on the campus before I was shoved by 6 angry Muslims and Brother Brian was physically escorted by two others as they broke the camera (see video clip below). Once we were thrown on the sidewalk, they would have killed us but there was too much traffic around F.U. to do something. They policed each other, yelling “not yet, not now” one of the bow-ties can be overheard saying “I want to know who that guy is….who sent him and where he is from” of course they were inquiring of me.

Several musliums came out recalling how many times I have come to their campus and they were not going to take it anymore. I was told the students ran to the windows to see what was happening, so even if we lasted minutes on campus, everyone knew Christians stopped by the campus. These gangsters with a bow-tie rule that small university, imagine what they will do when they take a whole city or state……GOD HAVE MERCY.

"The White Man is the Devil" The Muslims say!

After almost two weeks from home, the heathen were preached to; saints were encouraged and strengthen, with God honored as we made no small stir contending for the faith in public.

I was home for about a week and I am off to Virginia Beach for 6 days, this trip will be to train upcoming Street Preachers worldwide at our yearly SOPA convention. Pray that the Father brings more men willing to stand bold for the Lord as many people we will preach could literally be their Last Day on earth.


Street Preacher Dick from Atlanta gives a SHOUT-OUT on the Fourth of July:

"Zach, Greg, Ron and myself along with Kay, Joshua, Ami, Sarah and Greg's kids hit the 4th of July Parade route in Marietta, GA yesterday from 9:30-1:30 and returned to the Square from 6:30-10:00 pm for the second half. We raised the Lord's banners high above all the fuss and commotion. The message of repentance from sin and faith in our Lord and Savior was publically proclaimed to all. We walked the parade route before, during and after the official 4th of July Parade with banners raised wearing sandwich boards and preaching the Word as we walked along with Ron May carrying a large wooden cross.

The number of one-on-one witnessing opportunities was off the charts...we ran out of Gospel tracts twice...several conversations lasted over 30 minutes...we testified and boldly proclaimed the Truth of God and His requirements to many young people in their teens and twenties. Several of these young people were honestly seeking the Truth and admitted that they were not born again and did not know Jesus Christ in a personal way. They listened intently as we explained the Gospel under the leading and direction of the Holy Ghost. Many took tracts and said that they would read them when they got home. Many photographs were taken of the banners and sandwich board signs, people stopped to read the signs and talk amongst themselves...we only had one serious heckler who could not get enough and returned after his first triad to give us more of his mind about what we were doing...he said that I was demon possessed and that I needed to get born again myself...anyway, he harvest is truly plenteous but the laborers are few...


Street Preacher Mat gives a SHOUT-OUT from Cleveland:

Brother Ruben,
Just wanted to let you know that the 4th of July Parade in Parma, OH was covered! I hit the streets after my Bible study was over as the parade was winding down and passed out tracts and rebuked politicians. I brought along my German Shepherd with me since I am a one man band up here, i felt safer with her walking with me. Actually she really helped because people stopped to pet her and as they were petting her they got the Word preached to them and were given tracts. It was Cleveland Bible Believers first official event and yes i was kind of timid. More to come as the Catholic Church I used to belong to is having a carnival parade i think this week or next and tracts have been ordered on Mary Worship. The church is a block down from me so i will be close with my dog to rebuke the politicians in the parade and also pass out tracts that say Mary is the model Christian but her only command in the Bible was asking Jesus to keep the wine going during the wedding at Cana and that although she is blessed among women the only way to be saved is from Jesus The Christ. I will have my Bible handy also as it is a foreign book to the Roman Catholics where I will be reading Jeremiah 7:18 to any Catholics that stop to speak with me. Things are going well Brother and I pray you are doing well too. I included a Christian music video that you may like, its a great song. God Bless Brother!
Brother Matt Cleveland Bible Belie