Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ohio and West Virginia Street Preach report

On Thursday June 17th, I yoked up with our Bible Believers chapter in West Virginia.
On Friday, Pastor Larry, Brother Ray and I drove from Parkersburg to downtown Columbus and preached at a very conservative event. We preached in front of the ‘Bold and Fresh’ tour with Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly and IF this is who the spokesperson for the right wing…….GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA.
A cult member Mormon and a sexual perverted Roman Catholic is our only hope?
Now Beck and I have had issues in the past as per this link on his website:

Where In The World Is Ruben Israel?

We preached outside the convention center with banner in hand and my other and waving the Mormon hallowed underwear, for IF this is the best we have……VERILY WE DESERVE BARRACK OBAMA. How do we expect God to hear our prayers and heal our land IF we can not cry out to the right God? I publicly challenged Glen Beck to a debate as he will debate politics, sports and current events but can he contend for the faith?
The crowd was warned that most going to the event were in favor of the traditional marriage between male and female as ordained by God, but how many of those people were considering going to the sodomite parade on Saturday and reprove it as these people walk the streets of Columbus?

At the end of the day, the venue was exhorted to be a Christian Patriot not just a Flag-waver.
On Saturday, we drove back to Columbus to preach against the SHAME parade, where we met a young man named Mat from Cleveland who was influenced by our youtube clips and now is ready to publicly stand for the God of the Bible against sin. We also had a local Russian Church that contacted Pastor Larry and joined us. We lined the sidewalk with banners, signs, Bibles and TRUTH-horns blasting at the beginning of the parade. We preached at everyone prancing within the parade and after the last float, we jumped on the street and followed the parade.
Yes, we walked the parade.

We walk behind a police car and even had the ‘dykes on bikes’ ride next to us as a moving barricade keeping the sodomites at bay. The once cheering crowd turned into an angry mob when they saw the banners and heard the preaching. They yelled “This is our day” and “get the *%#@*^$#>” out of our parade.”

The Columbus police gave us MUCH LIBERTY, as not only did we preach on the sidewalk, we walked the entire route proclaiming Jesus the remedy from sin. One lowlight, but expected with this group that demands tolerance, the sodomites slit one of my tires. Praise the Lord, it was only one and when I returned the rental, I was upgraded from a standard car to a premium car.

Did you know that the motto for the state of Ohio is?
"With God All Things Are Possible" the great state of Ohio is one of five states with the word "God" in their mottos and for the record, right after the ptide parade in downtown Columbus the streets were reopened to traffic as if nothing had happened.

Sunday I was asked to speak at an active Church in Parkersburg West Virginia at both the morning and evening service and after my teaching Sunday morning, Pastor Larry walked up and gave an alter-call and Mat from Cleveland stepped forward to confirm his identity in Christ. It was a blessing as we rejoiced with heavenly cherubs. You can read his email to me below:

Brother Ruben,
First I want to let you know how thankful i am that i was able to see you and meet you in person. I really enjoyed the event and am happy to be a part of Bible Believers, it was an honor preaching next to you and walking that evil parade with you. You probably will be back this way eventually right???? Cant wait to preach with you again!

Back in October of 2008 I was bored on youtube and typed in "street preachers" just to see some videos with people arguing and fighting pretty much... Boy did that change my life! I was long haired, really into satanic type music but not a satanist, just your everyday product of the Roman Catholic Church, Biblically illiterate and doing whatever. The first video I saw was Ruben, Larry, and Ray from W.Va at the New Orleans Decadence walking through the streets with Ruben yelling "Im in love with a man Jesus Christ whose blood is NOT HIV positive, but whose blood gives me eternal life!" followed by many "shame on yous!" I was like, wow these guys got guts! And Rubens use of comedy is what got me hooked and before long I have seen all of Preacher717s videos, the drive bys, the Mons Venus preaches, the sodomite rebukes, the psychic rebukes, you name it. After a little while i noticed that it wasnt the use of comedy anymore, but his message that was sticking in my head of reading and studying the Bible. Next thing you know I was thinking it was cool to read and study the Bible because I saw how cool of a person Ruben is and how tough of a man of God he is, willing to stand up to even the Hell's Angels in the name of Jesus Christ. I wanted to be like Ruben who to me is the definition of a real man. I wanted to be a man of God, it became much cooler to me than the weirdos in the music i was listening to with painted faces and upside down crosses, an it takes much more balls to be a man of God. I became fascinated with the Bible, reading it almost daily, studying it and feeling it is what God was calling me to do, and weeding out certain music and bad influences. Finally after admiring Ruben for a long while I contacted him in January of 2010 telling him that I would like to one day meet him and how he inspired me. It was great talking to him on the phone and then I heard he would be in the area in June for the Columbus Sodomite Parade. I am not going to lie, i was extremely nervous, but I wanted to show Ruben that I was for real and I had a strong desire to stand up for God against these wicked homosexual parades that do nothing but shove sin down God's throat.

June came and I made the two hour drive to Columbus and there I met Ruben, Brother Ray and Brother Larry. I felt at ease right away as I knew these were the men of God i admired and that God lead me to go meet to serve Him. I was given a sign that said "Homosex is Sin" on one side and "Homosex is a threat to national security" on the other. Right away it caused a stir. I stood next to Ruben as the wicked floats went by with nudity, homosexual activity right in front of their own children on the floats. They were parading "homo parents", democrats, buddhists for gays, everything against the Will of God and everything natural. We were accused of being fascists, hateful and sinful. We planted the seeds as they pranced by (see youtube) and after the last float passed Ruben without hesitation grabbed the bull horn stand and dashed into the street and we followed the parade route and marched 2.5 miles for the Lord, rebuking their sinful prideful parade, raising our banners "ruining their moment". I remember seeing everyone yelling at us, rushing to yell in our faces and throwing stuff as we marched for the Father in a sea of sin, which sadly looked like a preview of Hell. I looked at Ruben and I said, "This is what Jesus must have seen as He was walking the Via Dolorosa to Calvary, and He still had compassion for these people and He was getting treated 1000 times worse than us!" Ruben said "this is living the Bible". And he was right. I feel so blessed to have gotten to live a bit of the Bible, it kills sitting in a pew doing nothing, and once you taste living that small part of the Bible, you want more and I definitely will be out there doing for God again. The next day at the church Ruben gave a sermon at I was Saved thanks to Pastor Larry and to Ruben for being the man that through his street preaching and videos provoked me to give my life back to God.

Just think for anyone reading this wondering about God, or going out there for God, the Spirit lead me to this from Preacher717s Youtube Channel. That weekend changed my life. It was an awesome adventure that I received from the Lord for heeding His voice to follow Him. I met new friends in Ruben, Ray and Larry that I consider Brothers in Christ. Even though Ruben's tire was slashed we had an awesome weekend. I strongly encourage anyone that is seeing Ruben's videos or has a small desire to serve God and take a stand for God, to follow where the Spirit is leading you. I looked into it and ended up changing my life and becoming saved and meeting some great new friends. Thank you Brother Ruben for being my role model and the person that is responsible for me serving the Lord today and forever.
Brother Mat, now Street Preacher Mat is now our Bible Believers Cleveland Ohio chapter and has now noticed churches and buildings he was thinking of preaching in front of in the Cleveland area. Great to see FRUTH bearing FRUIT.

After the weekend, we preached on the streets of Athens Ohio, and exhorted saints on a Christian radio station and were invited to speak at a Baptist college to a filled room of students ripe to work the fields. This trip was a blessing as the sodomites knew we were coming as per this ‘Press Release’ from 'Gay Media Wire'

Look out Columbus, someone is coming to rain on your parade!

For more than 20 years, Ruben Israel, a Los Angeles based street preacher, has been a highly visible figure at LGBT events, particularly for his presence at annual Gay Pride Parades. For years, Ruben and his group, Official Street Preachers (which claims chapters in 38 states) have stood on the sidewalk along the parade route to preach at the event with large signs and banners with Biblical passages – and as the parade passes he exhorts parade goers to “Repent!” of their sins over a bullhorn. (Ruben calls this his “No Bull Horn”). To Ruben’s statement, he is telling it to parade goers straight as it is written in the Bible.

Now, after more than 20 years of standing on the street corner and having the parade pass him by, Ruben is attempting to join and march this Saturday in Columbus, Ohio's parade as a registered participant – and event organizers are refusing him admission because they do not approve of the message he is trying to spread.

Ruben’s attempt to join the Columbus, Ohio event follows similar efforts he made to join Chicago, San Diego, and Utah gay pride parade. In Chicago , event organizers refused to allow him to join the parade as a registered participant, even though, like in San Diego, and many other cities - he had been a long time and highly visible part of the parade with his preaching along the parade route. (He is also known for preaching outside events like the Super Bowl, Earth Day, Florida's Fantasy Fest, Mardi Gras, rock concerts, and many other locations.) The refusal of Chicago Pride to allow Ruben to participate led to an intense debate in the local news media and on web blogs, with his efforts even garnering support from within the gay community.

EDITOR NOTE: For a fascinating world tour Google "Where in the world is Ruben Israel." Ruben’s believes that the refusal of Columbus, Ohio Pride to allow him to participate exposes the hypocrisy of the gay community.

EDITOR NOTE: Official Street Preachers have been an extremely colorful group at LGBT events. For many years they have shown up in every major city protesting at Gay Pride parades and other LGBT events with large banners that read "Homo Sex is Sin" and "Turn or Burn!" They have run into problems at events many times for their use of megaphones (amplified sound) and banner slogans that are often perceived as offensive by event participants. RUBEN ISRAEL IS ALSO KNOWN FOR PROTESTING HARE KRISHNA PARADES WHILE DRESSED AS A COW. Mr. Israel and his preaching organization, while often controversial, have long maintained a relationship with law enforcement authorities and event organizers to help promote public safety while practicing their free speech rights.

Columbus Pride Information
(614) 299-7764
(614) 930-2265
Stonewall Columbus
1160 N High St
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Statement sent in (none recorded sender) "Ruben Israel has been known for preaching against gay pride parades nationwide and will be out during Columbus pride. This is not the Phelps group from Kansas. Mr. Israel has some 58 chapters of Street Preachers and active hate Churches nationwide. These anti-gays use large banners or sandwich signs and have been known to work with law enforcement."

EDITOR NOTE: Official Street Preachers does work with local law enforcement agencies to help maintain a peaceful and orderly presence a LGBT events, although, they are unfortunately frequently verbally and physically assaulted by parade attendees.

GMW interviewed Ruben Israel and received this response:
"Be advised Columbus, they come to rain on your parade, you can visit our website at

GMW interviewed Ruben Israel, regarding his method and message and he said:
“The bible warns against homosexuality as an abomination and warns against pride too. With this ilk they are drunken in both and we plan on being as bold as they are. We plan on exercising our Free Speech and our Freedom of Religion on Saturday in Columbus .”
Mr. Ruben stated he will have attorneys and video documentation of his parade presence to help ensure a peaceful and non-violent exchange.

Contact information for Official Street Preachers

Ruben Israel

Gay Media Wire distributes news alerts to radio, television, and print news media that are of significant interest to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and supportive communities. If you have a news topic that you believe impacts LGBT interests, please send your release to All press releases from Gay Media Wire are public access documents that may be posted and reprinted without permission.
On Thursday, I returned my rent a car at the airport and Street Preacher Brian from North Carolina picked me up and as we set our faces towards Chicago for four days. I booked a hotel room in Gary Indiana Thursday night and I heard how bad that city was and guess what?
I say, add 50% to those stories. It is an understatement if I say that some 60% of the houses and buildings were boarded up or abandoned and it looks as if everyone just removed themselves from this once steel mill city, government included. Crime is high, drug use is off the charts and every police car that passed by us while preaching on the streets looked like they were used in a demolition derby. To say this is a violent city that needs the LORD is an understatement. We preached after 11PM around the projects and at the end of the night, a person stepped out from the dark streets to rededicate his life to the Lord.
After 30 years of public preaching, I’ve preached the ghettos of New Orleans (ninth ward), South side of Chicago, Harlem and South central Los Angeles, but Gary surpassed them all.

Here is a preach clip from Gary Indiana


Email from Wyoming:
Dear Ruben

The gay pride parade preaching went well. I was much bolder this year than last year. A team of 4 of us anointed the parade route at 12 different places with vegetable oil after praying over the oil. Because we obeyed The Lord God and did this, the presence of God was much stronger then last year.

I introduced this project to the church I attend several times. They had an opportunity to pray over the oil, to distribute the oil onto the parade route and attend the preaching at the parade. They did none of these things. So, the next morning I was asked to share about the preaching at the parade, so I did. At the end of my testimony, I told them that because they did not participate in any of the above activities that they are luke warm and Jesus vomits out the luke warm. I then said, "I rebuke you." Needless to say it got a lot of attention. The pastor's wife got up and said that I was judging and condemning and her husband agreed with her. One person walked out of the church. As I walked to my car after the service, a man came up to me and said that he appreciated my word of rebuke for him. He had it all announced to him but he did nothing. He accepted my rebuke. Now, I am in hot water with the pastor, but The Lord God has not corrected me. What do you say?

Matt Murray

Preaching in Santa Fe New Mexico with Street Preachers Jeremy and Josh

Preaching in San Francisco with Street Preachers Kevin, Steve and Bill

Preaching in Tampa Florida with Street Preacher Larry

Preaching from Brazil with Street Preacher Bill

Other sodomite’s parades were preached to that same weekend in New York City, Cleveland, upstate New York and Portland to name a few. Also I will post the report from preaching the sodomite parade in Chicago in a few days