Tuesday, July 27, 2010

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God” -1Corinthians 1:18



The theater: New Mexico.
The brethren from Roswell preached at a concert event called ‘Mayhem Festival’ in Albuquerque, located at the Journal Pavilion. After the banners were raised. they were asked by event security to leave and as is custom, they asked for the police.
As Street Preachers we all know how often we are told that where we are standing is private property even the very public sidewalk is considered private property. So to verify, we asked for law enforcement to confirm.
And this is where the problem started, as it was not a few deputies that showed up but a legion of demons. One particular sheriff made no bones about what he thought, he did not like the banners and he was the law. He proclaimed he was an atheist and did not believe in this Jesus. He even asked the crowd “if they wanted the Street Preachers moved” to which the delight of the mob they roared “YESSsssss.” This only added fuel to the burning god hater behind the badge. At one point as he was escorting the brothers out beyond the public sidewalk said to the camera guy, “Are you a homo? you keep filming me.” Brother Jeremy was cuffed but not arrested nor cited for he never broke the law.
During this outburst the deputies demanded to shut that camera off, yet the brothers persisted, the cameras were eventually shut down and only God knows what would have been said without a camera. This was nothing more than a verbal Rodney King.

Here is the youtube link:

Well, the story does not end there. The news media in Albuquerque picked up the youtube link and it made the local KRQE 13 news that day. I then received an email from KRQE and the Albuquerque Journal newspaper for an interview, so I gave them Brother Jeremy’s information and he is keeping the story burning. Another Albuquerque news station ran with the story as KOAT 7 exposed the sheriff’s eruption and by this time it was all over the News world as CNN contacted me from New York to get permission for the youtube clip. Then on Monday I received a email from a Bernalillo County Detective Internal Affairs Unit that will be doing an investigation on this officer on this 18-year veteran deputy as they wanted the unedited version of the video clip…….well what was on youtube was the unedited version minus a minute of preaching to the crowds.
At this point we are considering all options with our attorneys on the matter

WorldNetDaily had this as top story:
On-duty sheriff deputy to Christians: 'There is no Jesus!'

Below are the emails mentioned:

Good evening,
Hi I am a reporter with KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque, N.M. We ran a story about the Bernalillo County Sheriff Deputy (titled Albuquerque police on Youtube) getting into a shouting match with some of your followers at the Pavillion on July 17th. We would like to hear from you or some of your followers about what happened that day.
Send me an email or call me at 505-362-****.
Thank You,
Crystal Gutierrez,
KRQE News 13

My name is Juan Carlos Rodriguez and I'm a reporter at the Albuquerque Journal newspaper. I was wondering if you could provide me with a phone number for whoever heads up your street preacher group here in Albuquerque? I am trying to get in touch with them regarding the recent incident during which a Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office deputy made some comments at a rock concert. I want to do an interview.
My phone number is 823-****, please get back to me as soon as you can, if possible, so I can get to work on the story. Or you can email me, that might be faster.
Thank you very much
Juan Carlos

Dear Sir,
I am trying to determine if your organization, Watchman for Christ, was the organization that video taped Deputies at the Mayhem Festival on July 17, 2010. We are conducting an internal affairs investigation reference the incident and are requesting a copy from your original file.
Could you please advise.
Thank you for your assistance,
Detective P. Sanchez
Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office
Internal Affairs Unit
CNN would like permission to show the video posted on the below link on all CNN platforms, including distribution to affiliates, worldwide on all media in perpetuity. Can you please let me know if we may have permission to show this?
Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Andrea Frey
CNN - Manager, Rights & Clearances
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-275-****
Fax: 212-275-****
Cell: 917-886-****
Email: ****************

Here are the Brethren from New Mexico


Brother Greg arrested at a park in Easton Pennsylvania all while the song ‘GOD Bless the US is being played at the park

Brother Bill arrested for Street Preaching in Santa Cruz CA.

Young Street Preacher Noland preaches at a sports event

Brother Pat preaches in Charlotte, NC

Brother Kevin Preaching at a concert in Northern California

Young Preachers gets pushed by angry sodomite in the Twin City



Brother Ruben you made the “Israel My Glory” magazine, it a two page article with as many pictures of you preaching in Salt Lake City at the LDS conference with a “Jesus Warned Against False Teachers” banner in one hand and the other hand waving the Mormon underwear. The article is titled “Blessed Are The Intolerant” and it is very positive, here is a link to the magazine

Hi Ruben, Thank You so much for allowing me to interview you at LA Pride over the last few years. The documentary, “A Matter of Opinion” is coming along very well, and we hope to have it completed by the end of the year. The footage of you has really caught the eye of my director, Ryan James Yezak of MTV Networks, and he has been hyperfocused on us doing a sit down interview with you. Would you have any time available following the parade where we could interview you in your normal street clothes in a more private environment? I think a relaxed sit-down interview is a very compelling way to deliver your message. What do you think? Would you be able to give one of us a call today?
Jordan Roberts

I'm not that old (just turned 31) and don't have many years in Open
Air Ministry (only a little over 1 year now) and I used to see your
ministry, actually, as MEAN and HATEFUL!
Now, being in this ministry for just over a year, I see WHY we need to
preach hard and strong and at times harsh.
I also have watched your videos and it's pretty evident you have a
concern, a genuine concern, for sinners.
I was wrong and am learning as I go; I have, though, learned to keep
quiet even when I think i am "right" due to the fact that many times
God has shown me to be WRONG!
I love your Ministry.... and it's because I have partaken of what yuo
do, and have been on the frontlines getting death threats and hate
mail and having to look over my shoulder at church service.

Hi Ruben
My name is Andrew La Rue, and I am a 15 year old preacher from Hoytville, Ohio, and I love watching your videos they really encourage me to get out there and spread the gospel. For it says in the Matthew 28:19 "GO ye into ALL the World and preach the gospel." I just got done talking to Larry, and I asked for your phone number but he told me you dont give it out, so I was wondering if I could have your number because I am very looking foward to talking to you, I'm not going to make fun of you, I just want to talk, and get advice, and basically just have fellowship. I do understand if thats not possible, but hopfully we can find some way to meet or talk sometime. Thank You, God Bless You,
Andrew La Rue

Bro Israel,
I have a Youtube friend who needs fellowship with men and women of God who are not bogged down in churchianity like most, but are serious about obeying Jesus, doing things according the Scripture, and preaching. DO you know of any such brethren in Bristol PA?
This young mans' name is Raphael, and he is lonely as Elijah was in the cave I think!! I told him I would help him, but you are the only one who travels and may know of real brethren in PA near Bristol. Thanks, BRO!
Tom Briggs

ruben you fat pig i hope you die from a heart attack in your living room, i hope you grab your chest and as you fall to the ground you pull down curtains that wrap around your face and gag you and you hit your head with the curtain rod. then i hope you fall on a glass table and cut your body into pieces and bleed to death while dogs eat your face, all while your stove bursts into flames and burn your house down, because i do not believe in god nor hell but i do think you deserve to burn in fire.

Ruben - I've seen you at various Pride parades in Chicago but never knew you were the youngest of five children.
So am I.
I'm sure you realize that the biological determination of homosexuality is influenced by birth order and that statistically you are more naturally predisposed to being gay than your siblings.
The only "choice" in the matter is whether to openly live as a gay man or choose to lead a disguised life.
While I recognize your right to preach your hatred, I don't condone it and I'll tell you why.
The venomous message you and others recite plants the seed of violence against LGBT people. It promotes the vilification, exclusion, and estrangement of a vulnerable, ostracized, and marginalized population. You and others are, in a very real sense, directly responsible for violence committed against gay people as well as suicides of far too many people.
I often lament the "Five P's" who cause inordinate harm to our communities: Parents, Pals, Preachers, Principals, and Police.
I would ask that you modify your message in order to help prevent the greatest tragedy in our society; the abandonment and disowning of gay children by parents.
Surely even you don't condone that?
~ Bob

Praise the Lord Bro. Ruben, Thanks again for the heads up with Larry Craft. I learned so much from him, it was a wonderful fellowship. Just wanted you to check out some pictures that I found of us on Flickr.com
We preached the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, The Dyke March and the Pride Parade in the city, I'm going to email you a couple of more
Scott NY

I am interested in doing some street preaching, or whatever your "application" on your page was. I have never done it before, but I know first hand what this world has to offer, and I don't want to see others giving in to the wickedness of it. I want to help save souls, but I barely have the training or confidence to do it.
I would like to know more information if you have it.
Thanks. Jerre

Brother Rueben, I just wanted to say hello,and I think you are you doing a wonderful thing. If you are ever in Wisconsin I would like to meet you. Please continue to do the Lord's work.
Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Reverend Thomas Theama

Bro. Ruben,
At this years Buffalo gay pride parade, we made a new sign (Gen.13:13) that was seen by everyone in and on the floats. It makes a clear statement to young and old that God ain't smiling on their wicked display of "pride".
We preached at the beginning and end of the parade route. They think we're "holier than thou" so we kept it simple for them. All have sinned (you and me and everyone except Christ) We all need a saviour, Jesus is the only one. John 14:6
No one truely cares for you or died for you except the Lord Jesus Christ.
God bless you,
Mark Sasse

Brother what do I have to do to join your organization? if you are ever in our area Please let me know.

Hi Brother Ruben, It was a joy to have the opportunity to get to meet you and learn some valuable lessons from your years of experience ,Thank You for all you do for the Kingdom of God and the sacrifices you make for the Gospel, I look forward to seeing you again soon Please Pray for us and we will also be Praying for you all; Also do you know where I can get some buttons like the one on your site that says "You Have been Rebuked by a Streetpreacher". God Bless you My Friend :
Brother Frank Long

Hello Brother Ruben,
I met you this past week at the Soapa Conference. I was the guy who spoke about the benefits of putting videos on youtube etc. I got those points form other street preachers. Anyway, you mentioned that you would send some shirts etc to me. Please send me a few. I will keep some and give them away. I wear XL but I could use some that are large as well. It doesn't matter which shirts but I would like to have one that says....ask me why you deserve hell. I have been making my own shirts and banners and I think Kevin sent me some shirts a while back but I am trying to get to the point where I am wearing "back tracts" every day. I would appreciate anything you can send me. Blessings to you brother.

were u guys located? how can i work with you

I am from the greater Milwaukee area. I live in Merton, WI and do not travel too much. Hope your days in Virginia Beach were full of glory.
-Les Moore

Hello brother,
My name is Louise and I came across your site as I was looking up information on where we would be able to preach the gospel without being stopped. My husband and I are just in the beginning stages as we aren't really fully aware of our rights. We have already been removed from an event that we were at this past week in Ocala, Florida.
We are just looking for some information of places and events where we can go that is legal and we are not breaking the laws where we can share the gospel.
ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
In Christ's love and service,

Hi Brother Ruben!
Thank you for the report! I enjoyed the 2 videos of you preaching at the Chicago Sodomite Parade and at that Muslim-college. That part was funny where you preached to the sodomites that maybe they should get real “men” to help them carry their sign!
I really like your good use of humour to get the point across!
God bless you, brother!

I am SO PROUD of YOU RUBEN. Dennis

"You will be in our prayers, and may God continually make you a bold witness for the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! 2 Timothy 1:13"

Your anti gay protest provoked a riot that got me shot and my best friend killed. The seventeen year old boy that ran a box cutter down my tongue wore your button and i'll never forget it. Your bible says god hates no man, yet your signs says "that god hates you."
i'd like to stress to you that i'm indeed not gay i was simply supporting a friend and what i believe is just. But now i'm able to put my self in their shoes. I used to be a Christian, but people like you changed that for me.
Please DO not discard this as hate mail, because unlike you and what ever god you think you're pleasing, i havn't the capacity to hate i simply want you to understand what you are causing. Jesus would not do what you are doing.


Hello Ruben,
I found your openairpreachers website, and I was wondering... do you guys know anyone from your connections in the Columbus, OH area? I'm looking for good fellowship with adamant Christians for my fiance and I. We've recently stepped out of the institutionalized church buildings because I felt led astray by some of them(many reasons I won't get into right now). But we're looking for a house church or some type of fellowship, and I would also love to be taught how to preach(if it's my calling), or at least evangelize in some form to get the gospel out there. Us being only Christians for about 6 months(because we were false converts for about a year before that) is making it difficult though. We don't wish to be on our own and want fellowship, but only with Christians who can truly help to lead us and teach us correctly...
Hope to hear from you,
Thanks and God Bless

Would you be kind enough to refer me to a Louisville based church or group of people who could host a peaceful protest against an internet radio station onsite at their studio? This radio station spreads filth and sacrilegious messages to listeners and targets a youthful demographic. They broadcast on sunday's. Please let me know who in Louisville is capable of performing the services similar to what you do.....
God bless. Jay.

Greetings from Orlando FL! This is Steven Henry just writing to encourage you and to let you know that we've been praying for you! Let's keep growing in hunger and thirst for His Word and in boldness in declaring it!
your bro and a fellow laborer,
a servant/life-slave of Jesus, SH

I want to know why you preach like you do. I believe that we as Christians are called to love one another and not judge others. Since God is the judge, why is it your duty to point out specific sins and tell people they are going to hell for them? We are to preach salvation and tell others the GOOD NEWS. Don't you think that if you showed love to others, you would reach more people? Your signs at venues and outings just make people angry and do not show God's love at all. They just show God's judgment and do not portray God as forgiving and loving.

Hey, Ruben. We met at the Mardi Gras and introduced myself as a fellow street minister that ran into you on youtube… I saw the video of you asking the fortune teller that if she knew that you were coming, why didn’t she have the cops waiting…??
Anyhow, since the Mardi Gras, we are taking it to the streets of Cincinnati. We were going to set up our haler to begin preaching but once we studied the city sound ordinances, we decided to skip using amplification until we further understand the law in this area.
Obviously you are more than qualified to offer insight in this area. What have you learned about the use of a bullhorn in some cities? If the police shut you down in your bullhorn use, are they violating your constitutional rights? Or are you REALLY in violation of a sound ordinance? I know that I have a right to preach in public. If I’m asked to stop preaching (bare-throat), what course of action would you suggest? Do you use the Alliance Defense Fund? Have you ever obtained a permit to use a bullhorn?
Thanks in advance for your help. God Bless…

Good day sir.My name is Eugen i am from Romania and i am 23 years old.Today i was watching on google for street preachers and i had no ideea that there is someone out there that does what you do.I just wanted to encourage you in what you do and to let you know that there is someone on the other side of the globe praying for you.I respect you and if i ever come to your country i would love to participate with you in your work.God bless you and may He watch over you in everything you do.

Oh my god...you are bat sh** insane. God is a messenger of love, not hate. So, if you are a messenger of god and are preaching against gays, then you'd better not be eating shellfish and all of your clothes better not be of more than one fabric. Cause GUESS WHAT??? Those two "sins" are from the same book of the Bible as the verse about man not lying with a man as he lies with a woman. So, next time you get the Red Lobster special, remember that it's an abomination against your God. News flash - Jesus and God love sinners cause if you're alive on this planet, you're a sinner.

Hi, there, brother in Christ. I recently came across your website, and since it states Copyright 2008, I don't know how outdated this is, but anyways...

bro. ruben, i just got the friends of Isreal mag. and noticed you were in it let
me know ill send you the article and picture if you want, hope alls going well
will (chicago)

I am Shiju Thimas, i am born again Christian from India.I got ths website from www.officialstreetpreachers.com . I live in Westland MI,48185. Can you please give me contact of any Street Preachers in detriot so that I can contact him. I will like to do this ministry.
God Bless you,

i street preach go door to door with bibles. i wanna work with you guys how can i do thAt




Man headbutts street preacher in DeLand
“….Street preachers from a local church are getting into increasingly aggressive confrontations with people coming in and out of downtown bars and restaurants. This past weekend, Deland Police arrested a 20-year-old man on simple battery charges. He's accused of head butting one of the church members after the two argued about the street preachers message. The blow was caught on video by someone with a cell phone camera…..”

Don't let a few spoil the fun for the rest at Bele Chere
“…..This leaves the street preachers who spew their hate from behind the falsely interpreted protection of the First Amendment. Asheville police, please do your job and give me hope I can walk down the street without being assaulted by any of these hooligans…..”

Conservative Charlotte church blasts anti-gay street preachers
CHARLOTTE — The way two local churches reacted to anti-gay street preaching group Operation Save America’s presence at worship services Sunday couldn’t have been more different, as the anti-gay Central Church of God strongly denounced the group while the gay-friendly Myers Park Baptist Church welcomed them……”

Police drop charge against Workington street preacher
“……Mr McAlpine, 42, of Yeowartville, was charged with a public order offence for a comment he made to a passer-by. Police this week dropped the case, insisting that they were committed to upholding the right of freedom of speech…….”

Guest essay: Is a gospel gauntlet proper?
“….As a Christian, evangelist and ordained minister who has proclaimed the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 20 years, I too have practiced street preaching……”

The street preacher
“Chris Bell stands along Walnut Avenue in front of Wal-Mart most days of the week, Bible in hand, during rush hour. Cars and trucks drive by, most with windows closed, and see a man preaching. Most don’t hear what he’s saying. He gathers no congregation, mostly just honks from passing drivers and the occasional sneer or jeer…….”

Walking the Hill Cumorah gauntlet
“….Loud, sometimes boisterous preachers lined both sides of the entrance from the parking lot to the pageant across Route 21 — a kind of gauntlet attendees had to walk past in order to experience the pageant, which concluded its annual run Saturday night…..”

Bubba pulpit works wonders for arrested street preacher
“…..Lowery, 49, was arrested last week by Lakeland police on charges of violating a noise ordinance while he was preaching at an intersection with a microphone and two large amplifiers. Officers said he refused to turn down the volume….”

Men jailed for being on public sidewalk
“Two men who are members of Gideons International, the Christian organization that is famous for, among other ministries, placing Bibles in motels and giving them to children, have been arrested after trying to hand out Bibles on a public sidewalk in Florida, according to a law firm….”

Mesa street preacher's corner now silent
“…..Robert "Diz-Z" Disbrow may not have met the people who honked their horns and waved at him for years as they drove by at Stapley Drive and Main Street, but clearly he moved them with his antics and his dedication……”

Preach Bible, get arrested
“…..A Christian street preacher has been arrested in Britain, accusing of telling a woman that homosexuality is a sin, and alarms are being raised that such actions soon are coming to the United States. The case in Britain involves 42-year-old Baptist Dale McAlpine, who was preaching in the Workington section of Cumbria, England, recently when he was arrested and charged with using abusive language under the 1986 Public Order Act, which originally was written to deal with abusive soccer fans…..”

Ruben Israel, named with the likes of Ted Haggard, Copeland, Hinn, TD Jakes, Pat Robertson and the pope:

Street Preacher Back at It
“LAKELAND Anthony Lowery was already back at his roadside pulpit Friday, just three days after his arrest for being too loud in delivering the gospel. Lowery has become a familiar presence to drivers and residents near Memorial Boulevard over the nine years he has been preaching there……”

Preacher's toe touches school lawn, he gets arrested
“A New Jersey judge has dismissed a criminal case against a volunteer who was preaching the Gospel on public property in front of the Edison, N.J., High School when his toe inadvertently brushed the grass and he was arrested……”

Pride parade
Protesters of the parade were also present. A small group of men held up signs, many with religious references, denouncing homosexuality. One man wore a sign that read “The blood of Jesus was not HIV.”

Mary Glasspool Consecrated in Los Angeles
“……every attendee of the consecration ceremony had to walk past the protesters as a sort of anti-gay and anti-woman gauntlet. The protesters seemed equally agitated that the bishops being consecrated were women as much as the fact that one was a lesbian. One harangued the gentle crowd with demands that the women grow out their hair long and be subservient to their husbands, “as the Bible commands.” But clearly, it was Rev. Glasspool’s consecration that drew the most condemnation. “A Bishop must be a man married to his wife, not a lesbian to a woman,” he shouted to no one who listened…..”

Alarm over street preacher’s arrest:
“….Dale McAlpine, 42, was arrested in his home town of Workington, in Cumbria, last month after he mentioned homosexuality as one of a number of sins listed in the Bible, alongside idolatry, blasphemy, fornication, and drunkenness. He said he refrained from speaking about homosexuality in his sermon but when a passerby enquired on the issue, told her it was a sin…..”


Street Preachers Against Mormonism
“…..Let me be honest, the Official Street Preacher website could easily be satire, and my exhausted human brain is unable to pick up on the sarcasm (I'm 90% sure it's sarcasm, but we all know there are people who are mentally ill enough to mean everything this guy says on the page... It's kind of like someone watching or reading the Onion News Network for the first time thinking…..”

Gay-Bashing Preachers Bedevil Florida City
The fact that Super Bowl XLIII was played in Tampa on Feb. 1 only heightened this year’s fervor for notorious traveling street preachers…..”

Understanding Bible Jim’s preaching
“…….The Bible tells us to go out and preach the gospel to the world, but I don’t go out and talk to complete strangers about Jesus and what he did for them. The people preaching on campus really are just following what they think is the right way. Isn’t that the point of freedom in America? We all know that they aren’t forcing anything on any of us……”