Monday, May 31, 2010

“They hate him that rebuketh in the gate, and they abhor him that speaketh uprightly”
-Amos 5:10

Long Beach was again in our scope as Muslims ascended on the convention center for a meeting with the theme ‘Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention’ and for good measure the Jehovah's Witnesses were meeting with an English Convention on the flip side of the convention.

We stood next to the main entrance with banners raised and within 5 minutes of preaching against this religion, event security and Muslim security formed a line in front of us to keep the religious faithful at bay. The Lord had me publicly reproved them for having a prophet (sic) that at an old age was attracted to a 7 year old girl and married her then at age 9 he had sexual intercourse with her. That constitutes a ‘child molester’ therefore their prophet was a pedophile I echoed and we were hated for their own history. We continued to pound the fact if they do not believe in Jesus THE Christ as the ONLY begotten SON they believe in another Jesus. Everyone was reproved for banking on works for salvation and not the shed blood of Jesus and young Muslim women were told they would be killed by their own religion if they wore what they did in Long Beach in Iran with their pants and heels that clack.

Those that were wearing the full Muslim bling-bling were reproved for showing to much ‘eye lash’ as they seem to leave nothing for the imagination.

The police arrived in force, as at least 10 officers stood around and watched us from behind a police car as the angry Muslims and convention security tried to get us removed from the entrance. They were told that we were not breaking the law and there was noting they could do. Of course there were the Christians that were offended in our method as we were unloving and haters. Paul said “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” so we would be better off not loving our neighbor with truth and saying we all believe the same God.

Some of the Muslim men had to be escorted into the convention because they were livid on Free Speech and only one young man agreed that Muhammad was a pedophile and he was soon removed. We publicly challenged them all to defend their faith but none dared. I told the walkers going inside the conference that I do believe Muhammad saw something once again fulfilling the Bible;
“And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”

We hammered the Muslims by asking, “What exactly did Muhammad prophesies of to gain the title prophet?” as blank eyes pierced back in silence. I reminded them that their prophet according to their history had what they called seizures and often he would fall on the floor but as a Christian I said he had a demon that tossed him down while rolling on the floor. The mighty prophet (sic) was possessed with devils and used of the devil. They moved the flow of the crowd into another door away from us, so we shifted as well as the entourage of security.

I did not fly my anti-Muslim banner because it was stolen during the Obama’s inauguration, can you believe that a thief in Washington DC? Here is a picture of it (below) as I preached in front of a local mosque after their prayer service in Los Angeles…….sure do miss that banner.

Be advised, I gave a salty message because one day everything we did and said in Long Beach will be illegal nationwide, so I will work while it is still light as per John 9:4

On this youtube clip is Brother Alexey, a Street Preacher from Moscow, Russia, see him in action with his Christian T-Shirt Street Preaching.

Warning the STIFFNECKED generation

This is a picture of Brother Gene from Houston being faithful in his grid plowing the field which is a hard hat only area, being that the ground is beyond rocky and in need of heavy equipment to break before sowing seed.

This is Brother Mat from Wyoming showing his new banner, now that will get your attention, clear, with big font and to the point.