Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday we were off to San Diego again only this time we were going to the MECCA of gangland in the San Diego area. Chicano Park, not Chicago Park but Chicano Park. It was the Park's 40th Anniversary of ‘brown pride’ in Barrio Logan and the ongoing theme is “Reclaiming What’s Ours.” This was a big viva La Raza, Brown Power, and Chicano Power pep rally, which glorfied Zapata, Pancho Villa and Cesar Chavez among others. The park is located beneath the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, and to avoid Graffiti, the park is home to the country's largest collection of outdoor murals. There are over 100 murals around the park, one of the largest collections of outdoor murals in the world!

We stood on the main entrance with one banner raised as I wore a sandwich sign and held a Bible while holding an American flag with a NO-BULL-horn blasting full volume as police gather around and watched us. As a Hispanic myself I exhorted the crowd that we should “Thank the White European Christian Males that brought the Gospel to us, and took our land that we were not using anyway and they utilized it to be a global giant.” I was very thankful for the White European Christian Males, for without them I would likely had been passed out drunk on Tequila with a big sombrero over my head, next to a cactus in the middle of the desert with a stolen mule, poor, miserable and unsaved. So I took time to publicly thank and exhorted my kin to do the same.
I admonished my people to speak in English if they had something to say and if looks could kill we would have died 1000 times that was said, but what really moved these stiffnecked people was when I proclaimed this event was “Nothing more than a Mexican KKK rally” one could almost hear the snaps as they turned their heads towards us. Why would someone be proud of their skin color, as they had nothing to do with that, why not give credit to God, for He made them? Being proud of your brown skin and or last name is worldly as per 1 John 2:16

“For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world”

The brown berets walked/marched past us often as they are the Mexican version of the ‘black panthers’ and they were the official security for the prideful event, as I was looked upon as a Mex uncle Tom.

Maybe if I were bitter and an ingrate, I could join that klan. The land was not Mexico’s, and just whom did they take it from, the poor Indians? And the native Americans fought each other and taking it from each other and beyond that, IT WAS THE CREATORS and they stole it from Him. So we were there to retake that land/event for the kingdom of God.


These Aztecs walked by us and we continually warned the people that there are not many gods as these pagans believe. We echoed that there is only One God, One savior, not a sun god and a rain god and a corn god and if these Aztecs were looking for a virgin to sacrifice in their temple….HA……good luck in finding one within the county of San Diego in the year of our Lord 2010. This is a wicked religion, that gave human sacrifice of all ages to appease their gods and eventually God aborted them. Oh they gave us dagger eyes as we contended for the faith.

When we decided to leave, the crowd began to gather around us and making an Exodus from an event like this can get physical. The police quickly moved in and dispersed the mob so we were free to walk away.

We tried to drive back to Dodger Stadium and yoke up with others where Joel Osteen was speaking, and for the record, we were not going inside to get our ears tickled but we were going to stand outside rebuking his flock. But with traffic in Southern California we did not do the second leg as traffic from San Diego to my house was 3 hours, then we needed to drive into Los Angeles and traffic around the stadium would have got us there as the event started. Everyone thinks their city has traffic, not like California you don’t.

Sunday, Los Angeles had two large events, one in downtown and the other was in what is known as the Valley.

The downtown venue is called ‘Fiesta Broadway’ where over 20 blocks were closed to accommodate the expected 500,000 people to celebrate an early Cinco de Mayo. This year the event was moved north around city hall. Brother Joel headed this event and preached with a few others in Spanish as they stood in one location as the masses walked by them. Last year I gave out several cases of Bibles and hundreds of tracts, all with banners raised and TRUTH-horns blasting. Why be a missionary to Latin America, when you could just preach in downtown Los Angeles? This gig is Street Preacher friendly, as the Mexican people are open to the Gospel and are willing to stand in line to take Bible literature and LAPD gives one much liberty to stand in the middle of the street and proclaim the Name.

The second event was Jewish.

This venue was to celebrate 62 Years of Israel as a nation and it was held at Woodley Park in Encino. This festival had three stages, with over 250 booths and plenty of bodies to witness too. Brother Jacob who comes to our Bible Studies, a real Jew that believes in Jesus as the Christ, was so inspired by our boldness to preach Jesus in public. He went out and purchased the equipment and computer to make shirts and print banners and made me a special banner in Hebrew that Jesus is the Son of God and made us bold t-shirts in Hebrew that Jesus is the Son of God. So with these items we took it to those that need to hear this message. Mark and I stood on the main entrance into the park with banners raised as each car was witnessed to going into the park. Later we walked back to my van, placed the banners in the van, covered up our Christian shirts and walked into the event undercover. Before we walked into the event we passed by police, security, the bomb squad, police dogs, purchased our tickets and walked into a metal detector as in the airports, all this just to set foot on the grounds. We walked in the middle of the event and removed our undercover clothes exposing our bold Hebrew T-Shirts to all. We walked among the Jews and debated with some of the booths as small crowds gathered everywhere we stopped.

The Los Angles police followed us as we made ‘NO SMALL STIR’ within this event. We debated Jesus from the scriptures and I asked them continually “where is your animal sacrifice which Moses commands, as Jesus is my Lamb of God?” knowing they would respond, they have no temple. To which I replied, “Why……what did you do to anger your God that He would remove your holy temple…..AND…..give it to the Muslims?”

We admonished them that we were mere Gentile dogs saved by grace and if it were not for America as being the 500 pound guerilla, they would not have a nation. Every argument they had, we replied with Christianity. Some even shouted to get out of our park and we are not welcomed to which I replied that we were Christians not Muslims. We are commissioned to preach not to behead the infidels, for they have nothing to fear.

I had a nice interview with a reporter from Norway that saw the attention we were getting and had a few questions of religion in America. Then before we made our exodus, we were asked to debate a Rabbi on camera, and that we did. The debate was heated as many gathered around to hear and the police formed a circle around us and moved in to keep the angry Jews at bay. We were followed out of the park by several officers, for our own safety, for these people have a history of killing their prophets, killing their Messiah and today it is on record in heaven they wanted our blood too.
At the end of the day, we tasted the book of Acts; “disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God.”

To be filed under GOD’S TIMING:
We just happened to (winl0wink) walk right in front of the main stage flashing our shirts where the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the new police chief, The Chief Deputy Sheriff, members of the city counsel, and certain Jewish mucky-mucks sat looking on.