Friday, March 12, 2010

This week Brother Jed and Bob Bible have been staying at my house preaching on campuses in the Los Angeles area. Jed Smock has been preaching Monday-Friday on universities across America for over 35 years as his ministry is to college students, he is the founder of CMUSA to which I am a board member

Bro Jed instructing the students on holiness

Brother Mark, Doug and I joined Brother Jed on Wednesday at Fullerton State as Bob preached at USC. As we preached on campus there was a very professional looking film crew recording the preaching as a documentary was being made by a student for a class. They filmed for over 4 hours as I noticed the students were not very unruly, I later told Jed I believed it had to do with all the cameras around. There crowd grew as much as 150 and there were times during class it there was about 25 students. With campus preaching there is more time on Q & A and the topics are endless. Religion, abortion, death penalty, evolution, current events and such, be prepared to know and give an answer on campus.
Brother Jed has preached to the parents of these same students on these campuses, as this is where our future leaders will emerge…….oh Lord have mercy. The day before they were at Long Beach State and Bob led a student to the Lord as she came out to interview them for the university newspaper but found herself being questioned and ended up crying out to God after hearing the Good News. Today and Friday Jed will be at UCLA and Bob will preach at Riverside.

Next Week Bible Jim will be coming to my house for a few days as he and I will minister to other campuses here in the Los Angeles area, as he travels from Portland to Las Vegas.
Here are two websites to Bible Jim’s ministry