Saturday, March 20, 2010


This past Monday Jim Webber (aka) Bible Jim drove from Oregon to Los Angeles in route to Las Vegas, so he stayed at my house for a couple days. He joined us for our weekly Bible Study on Monday night at my home as we meet to study the Bible verse by verse. This is not a speed reading course by any means, it is geared mainly for Street Preacher type or those with teeth to chew, because no milk will be served here. It had taken us 10 years just to plow the four gospels as every verse is examined and open for debate or discussion as per 2 Corinthians 3:17. Everyone can participate at any time, just make sure you know what you are talking about, for it is this marketplace of thought. This is where you will get the most difficult questions asked, as iron sharpens iron every Monday night.

We fellowship in homes as the early Churches did, in fact those home meeting were considered Church (Romans 16:5, 1 Corinthians 16:19, Philemon 1:2, etc) before the large castle cathedrals or mega churches that spews only religion to a dead people.
We meet on Monday nights because we can not meet on Saturdays or Sundays, for being a group of active members we are preaching in public somewhere in the country on those days and so we meet on a off night. The night consists of a business meeting with testimony from the past week, upcoming preaches, updates on Street Preachers arrested or cited, prayer and scripture reading, so the meeting could last at least 3 hours.

We decided to go to Long Beach State on Tuesday since Bible Jim was in town and that we did.
Brother Neil (San Diego) and Mark, met at my house as we drove to the Long Beach campus. Once there we ‘clocked in’ by hoisting the banners in a good student artery and raising the voice, coupled with pointing the finger as per Isaiah 13:2.

“LIFT YE UP A BANNER upon the high mountain, EXALT the VOICE unto them, SHAKE THE HAND, that they may go into the gates of the nobles”

Got to love that verse.

Bible Jim Preaching on campus in Portland OR. as students surround him

The day was good as we took turns preaching and everyone had smaller conversations around them as the topics and questions were all over the board. Brother Neil had a young gal who acknowledged to being a witch and talked to Neil but seemed to be in a daze or bewitched by demons with that glossy eyed look. I overheard one of Mark’s conversations where masturbation is normal and even considered healthy, as Mark defended God’s standard. These are topics the modern day Church do not dare address, lest they lose membership. Bible Jim spent most of the day answering questions regarding our method of preaching. As I spend much time rebuking the believers and exposing those that do not believe in the Jesus of the Bible. One Muslim told me that I should be thankful for the campus police standing by or he would, well……lets just say……act like a real Muslim when confronted with an infidel.

I had one girl both reading scripture and cussing at the same time, then came by later just to blow cigarette smoke in my face, another female student sobbed and screamed at me very loud for preaching out loud. Another girl was very concerned with our style and came back after her class with her Bible in hand. She tried to tell me we were wrong, our approach does more harm than good and everything seem to rotate around her feeling or what she thinks. Now just before she pointed out that God was not in this approach a young male student walked in and thanked us for coming to their campus as he was working the crowd that gathered around us to share the gospel. He told the young girl to stop arguing with me and open that Bible to unbelievers standing around. He said he missed class just to witness as the field was ripe. WHAT TIMING OF GOD, I think this girls jaw hit the grass when God moved this young man to walk into the heated debate with clarity.
At the end of the day, Jesus THE Christ was preached as the Holy Ghost reproved the campus, in fact there were students talking about last week when Jed and Bobby were on campus, for figure….I thought no one listen to us?????

Here is a clip from Brother Neil from LB State (Rated R)

Everyday God has men Street Preaching on campus to those students that one day will run our nation, as this is the first time many of these students ever been away from home and I think most parents would thank God, He has sent these preachers to proclaim holiness.

Vintage photo of Bible Jim preaching in 1970

Vintage footage of Street Preachers in New Orleans
This is Brother Paul interviewing Street Preachers during Mardi Gras 15
years ago. Brother Paul has been faithfully preaching on Bourbon Street for decades and here are a few clips of Paul interviewing a few brothers you might recognize:

Brother Frank and Kevin being interviewed by Brother Paul

Brother Paul interviewing Brother Al from Texas and a small clip of Paul street preaching with his digital cross

Brother Paul interviewing Brother Gino from New York city