Tuesday, March 9, 2010


“…..he saw the calf, and the dancing……”

The Academy Awards the modern day golden calf has come and gone with anyone within the movie industry flaunting their stuff. On Highland and Sunset ( 1 ½ blocks way from the red carpet) every corner with banners and signs with bob Bible, JK, Onica, Mark and I using our megaphone. Because of the large presents of Christianity I must say they rearranged the limo route back to Hollywood Blvd and kept these black cars away from us. The amount of limousines that drove by us were much smaller compared to past years. I think the reason why the route was moved on the last minute was last year Sean Penn after receiving his award for ‘Milk’ referred to us in his speech as “those signs of hatred to the cars that drove in tonight” (see link below). It seemed the academy worked with LAPD for to relocate the
traffic if needed and that they did.

Sean Penn winning Best Actor for "Milk

I could not recognize those people that lowered the dark tinted windows and there was a few hands and fingers gestures from those the back seat. These people were reproved on the Hollywood lifestyle of fornication, marriage and divorce, sodomy, drug and alcohol
rehabs than suicide.
Here are a few youtube preach clips before the limo traffic backed up from our Brother Joel

Those standing around to see these Hollywood types got an ear full as well, one group of beLIEvers stood around me and prayed for me as one young girl stood there weeping after telling me that she is a ‘god ?>%$@# christian you son of a
*(&^~%!?}@ fat mother ?!!$#@#>! er’
Another guy that had a camera said the sidewalk action is better than any movie Hollywood can produce “and with no commercials” I added. The police did give us much liberty with our TRUTH-horns as at one point we had three blasting at the same time.
After the event was over on the sidewalk and just started inside the 95 million dollar Kodak theatre, I met a young man (Michael) I had preached too at a Manson concert last year (not once but twice in Anaheim and Pomona) so we talked again on the sidewalk and I later invited him to join us for dinner. He did join us and as usual eating with Street Preachers it was dog-pile on the heathen at the table, as he questioned us and we questioned him. I do pray for Michael as he does get around. For example meeting me three times in three different cities, he has talked with Street Preacher Jeremiah and Frank in Florida, John Duncan in Georgia and Gary Birdsong in North Carolina. He is going to school in California to be a veterinarian, he is a vegan, pagan, and he has many questions yet thinks he has answers too. He talked about how vindictive the God of the Bible is, as I reminded him of how ruthless and malicious pagan gods are. Murdering their own, eating their own, incest, etc. as anyone that is familiar with pagan gods knows these gods are callous. However Mike pointed out that his particular goddess is not brutal. Pray for him as this photo of he and I was sent to me while I witnessed to him at the Manson concert.



Nolan Cranford in The Streets of Charlotte, NC.
Here is a brother that had been inspired by our youtube preaching clips and made his own banner from a window shape then hand painted the letters on said banner (see clip below).
He lives in Oceanside CA. and spends his extra time standing out and will testify to vehicles driving by a busy intersection. He is joining Brothers Neil and Jeff in San Diego and will be coming to Los Angeles for Bible Study and preaching events.

“Hi Ruben
Thanks for everything tonight I had an awesome time with you guys. Could you tell I was super excited? I still am! Thanks for the books and the tee shirts! I am very blessed.
Thanks for the awesome night and look forward to future times with my new friends in Christ

"Hi Brother Ruben!
This past Saturday I’ve preached at the Cape Town Shame Parade. Here is the link to the video of our preach:

Are you still planning to come down to South Africa for the FIFA Soccer World Cup? I need to know this because I must apply for leave (from work) well in advance. If you do not come down then I will only apply for leave on those days when Cape Town host their games. If you do plan to come down I must apply for leave for the whole time you are here. If you do come down, is it possible for you to provide me with the exact dates that you plan to be here? Thanks!

Talking about the World Cup, the attached spreadsheet gives you the exact dates, times and venues of all the games. This is a more accurate schedule than the preliminary schedule I’ve sent you previously.
Looking forward to hear from you brother!
~ Renier"
"We preached in Daytona to the bikers this past weekend, and are planning to go back for spring break. ~ May God continue to bless you, as well, as you seek Him first and serve Him!
your bro, and a fellow laborer, a servant/life-slave of Jesus"
"dear brother you can see us on utube under stanthorpe street preacher australia we just got amongst 60000 people this weekend at an apple an grape festival got out thousands of tracts thanks for your encouragement we put up a gazzeboo tent sang praises to the lord and told sinners of there need of salvation praise god for you people amen


Testamony of Repentence Superbowl 2010

Testimony From Street Preaching

Official Street Preachers photos found in this book titled “Protest” from international photojournalist David Alexander Bjorkman who documents the anti-war protests and marches during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), from the inside using the Re-create 68 Alliance as his focal point and we did contend with these communist out there almost daily. Link below is a youtube clip with pictures from the book.
PROTEST! Re-create 68, Anarchy and Political Dissent at the DNC

Many Christians do not like to mix politics and religion, I say because they know neither of both for God is into politics. If He was not remove 1 and 2 Kings from the Bible.
“Here are the voices from the streets of the DNC”
This is the link to the book ‘Protest’ www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/391365

Here is another clip where I preached at an antiwar rally promoting Jesus the ‘Prince of Peace’ to these left wing socialist anti Americans in Los Angeles.
Right-wing religious lunatic Ruben Israel @ anti-war rally

Masaka Street Preacher run over by trailer
"Every day, for the past year, an evangelical preacher called Charles Maswedde took up his place on the streets of Masaka to spread the Gospel of Christ. Some converted to the Christian faith because of Maswedde while others paid no attention. Few people in Masaka thought that the popular pastor, known throughout the town, would be killed on the very street that he preached on Thursday morning......"

Brother Micah, the Insult-hurling Preacher, Returns to Boca
“Brother Micah is back. For those who aren't familiar with him, Micah Armstrong is a radical Christian preacher who travels to college campuses in the Southeast, preaching his beliefs and calling students porno-watchers and fornicators…..”

How to Make the Most of a Campus Preacher
“Brother Jed & Sister Cindy are notorious campus preachers and they were at the University of Arizona last week….”

Police investigating fight on Free Speech Lawn
“…..Another man, whom the crowd called “Brother Mark,” stepped into the circle that police had set up to protect Brother Micah from the spectators. A UP reporter witnessed a man punch “Brother Mark” after getting angry about something that was said……”

Fire-and-brimstone preacher was just speaking the truth
“…..You also said Shawn the Baptist continued to tell the UNM community, and not just homosexuals this time, that God abhorred them because they were sinners and that they were doomed to spend eternity in hell because of the way they lived their lives. Excuse me again, but that’s exactly what God said. Read your Bible…..”
5 street evangelists sue Richmond over free-speech rights
“Five street evangelists have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Richmond, claiming their civil rights were violated by police officers enforcing the city's noise and trespassing ordinances……”

Fed. investigation requested in FL shooting
“……These two young men, Tire Sifra and Steven Ocean, laid down their lives witnessing for Jesus Christ, and I think they need, number one, to be honored by the church," comments Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. "And secondly, we need to send a message that this kind of violence against Christians cannot be tolerated in our culture……."

The Street Preacher
“Do ya’ll have street preachers? Or is it just us folks in small towns? I have been to several large cities and have never seen them outside of the South so I am not sure if it is just something that we see or if there are street preachers in other areas……”

Campus preachers
“Someone was preaching in the open-air these last two days (at least) at ASU. He had a big sign that said things like "God is angry with sinners" on one side, and a list of sins for which people are going to hell on the other. He was reading from his Bible as a young man was screaming at him and cursing, telling him to "be nice", whatever that means……”

“Controversial” preacher returns to MTSU campus
“…..It was a typical spectacle – signs, raised voices and condemnation, from preachers and protesters alike. This semester, nothing changed. College students were still condemned as hell-bound sinners. Preachers were still condemned as narrow-minded bigots…..”

Visiting preachers create stir at fountain

“…..When preaching, Dees said he gives rapid-fire sermons..and when students pay attention, the preachers can make their points easier, which is what he said they desire….”

Dealing with Hate Preachers on Campus
“…..Hate preachers thrive on attention and publicity. They use provocative language in an attempt to ‘hook’ people. They frequently press charges and fund their homophobic campaigns by winning lawsuits…..”

Preach with love, not hate
“I had the displeasure of listening to a speaker on campus this week known by the name of “Brother Ross.” He is an amateur street preacher who is sharing his unique and controversial interpretation of the word of God…..”