Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Super Bowl

Another year, another city, another Super Bowl. This year Miami hosted the event where the eyes of our nation looked upon these little gods in a uniform that run around. We publicly thanked our God for not forsaking us but dying for us as these living idols with a number on their shirt will leave them to another city or there is no guarantee that the entire team will not uproot one day to another city. Whereas our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Before we went to the football temple on Sunday to reprove the parishioners we spent Saturday and into the night on South Beach. I notified the Miami police department that we were again coming to town and they might receive many complaints and that they did but the police gave us much liberty on South Beach with banners, truth horns and the right to walk or stand at will.

The preaching on South Beach was loud and clear which provoked priceless conversations on the side. There were many Christians out there proclaiming their faith with Bible raised, signs lifted and tracts given.
One highlight on South Beach was Stella a young woman we met about a year ago while preaching in that area. She was a homeless girl on drugs, selling her body and had a lot of questions about our preaching. A few of us spend some time with her and she gave her heart to the Lord that night. Well, almost a year later Stella came back to South Beach hoping to find us and that she did. She saw the banners in the middle of the street and tapped me on the shoulder asking “do you remember me?” and I replied “YES.” She is now a Christian involved in a local Church in Miami and is considering going to Haiti to assist those people since she was once homeless herself. We talked, we hugged and we rejoiced together as I saw another reap our harvest from the streets and the Father gave growth. Here is a youtube clip with Dick and Vera praying with her on March 27 2009

Since the Bible says to “Preach the Gospel to EVERY CREATURE” we decided before we left that a few of us will make no small stir at the sodomite area on the rear of Ocean Drive….and that we did.

“neither let the mighty man glory in his might” -Jer.9:23

On Sunday we came to the hallowed pigskin temple to not allow “the mighty man to glory in his might” but to “let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD” as per Jeremiah 9:24.


In all my years at preaching this event I have never witnessed so many believers out there professing their faith, at some entrances if a person walked ten yards there was another Christian with a different method that promotes the same Jesus. I remember just two decades ago when at this event there would only be two or three of us preaching at the gates but God is moving.
My message was simple and repeated often, because 75% of the people going into the stadium were from New Orleans and chanted themselves into a frenzy of “Who Dat…..Who Dat.” So I responded that this is exactly what Jesus will say to you on that Great Day. “Who Dat….who are you…..I never knew you….I don’t recognize you….Who Dat?” as I quoted from Matthew 7:21-23.

Things not only were physical on the field but outside the gates as Brother Jesse had a couple of sport nuts confronting him to his face which provoked other some people to defend Jess, and they jumped in and beat the mocker up for what he said about God. The police broke up the fight with a warning as they both walked away. The dazed mocker came back to talk with Jess and I with blood dripping from his forehead and face as he seemed to be very bitter with God and the beating seem to claim him down.
Later another sinner kept hitting my mega-phone as the police yanked him off my face then arrested him for assault and battery. I was told if I did not press charges on him the officers would because they witnessed the crime in person.

To be filed under BLUE FLAME of Hell

People walked around the stadium with signs reading “Tickets” as wanting to buy tickets or others walked around with posters or signs of their teams or a particular player but this Street Preacher groupie waited for us and staged himself around us with this sign mocking Jesus.

Super Bowl fans throng South Beach
“…..A few yards away, a preacher tried to save souls, but his chant of "God fire!" was met with bellows of "Who dat?"……”

Super Bowl Weekend: Singing, Smooching and a Whole Lotta Sweating
“…..Meanwhile, shouting street preachers warn us all we’re going to hell for our sinful ways. My take: They're probably just bitter because they're not on the list…..”

Super bowl Halftime Show
“…..At least six street preachers had installed themselves on either side of a main entrance, holding confrontational signs and announcing their beliefs with megaphones. I have never witnessed street preaching at this volume and tenacity. These guys were not screwing around. They were angry…..”

Street preachers cheering for God outside stadium
“…..As thousands of fans began the trek north on closed-off Dale Mabry toward Raymond James Stadium, they were bombarded by street preachers and witnessers for religions. Adjacent to the stadium were rows of street preachers, some using microphones, decrying hell and urging folks toward Heaven. One man wearing a sandwich board that read "God is angry with you," yelled out, "Anyone want a ticket to heaven?"……..”