Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last Saturday was the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards “to recognize outstanding performances by it’s members” at the Shrine auditorium in downtown Los Angeles and once again at this Hollywood event there was more makeup, colored hair or wigs, tummy tucks, liposuction, BOTOX, facelifts, hair transplants, silicone body parts, colored contacts lens at the Shrine than any five states combined.
This is the SAG website: http://www.sagawards.org/


Rod, Doug, Mark stood across from the Red Carpet with banners raised above the crowd. The black limos stopped as each celebrities walked out waved to the cheering crowd and had no choice but to notice the banners above the crowd. I was down the street with a sandwich sign, so they had ample chances to be reminded of the kingdom of God.

Then (yesterday) Sunday we preached at the 52nd annually Grammy Awards which was held at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, this is where the Lakers play basketball and after they win the NBA Championship they riot, burn part of the city, loot and vandalize to show the world that they are number 1.


Originally called the ‘Gramophone Awards but today it’s the ‘Grammys’ which award those in the music industry for categories like ‘Album of the year’, ‘Record of the year’, ‘Song of the year’, ‘Best New Artist of the year’, etc. and this year the Grammys were going to honor one of it’s dead. A perverted child molester, a known drug addict and a person who was a Muslim, Jehovah’s Witness and a Jew all in one.

This religiously confused person is none other than their music god aka Michael Jackson, pictured here in all it’s glory and splendor.

We once again had the privilege to stand outside the gates and preach to these untouchable idols. We stood at 3 locations, Doug stood where the limos turned unto the red carpet, Rod, Mark and Joel stood and preached to the crowd gawking towards red carpet, Dale and I stood at a main artery where limos were merging from 2 streets, while Jeff and Neil floated around all these locations as banners were lifted. The stories are endless as the Father used our vessels to convey a message to these lost souls. Black limos were lined up next to Dale and I for 2 hours, with many of these tinted windows rolled down as they took numerous pictures of us preaching at them. One Limo driver actually drove around the block just so that his passengers could retake pictures and film the preaching with their cell phones. Go figure, these people walk on a red carpet, where the world snaps photos of them, yet in their personal cameras and cell phones they have pictures of us?

Dale hoisted my ‘concert banner’ which reads “More Bible, Less MuSICK” and the flip side is a quote from Ecclesiastes “It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools” (Ecc.7:5). Again 2 TMZ cameras (aka: paparazzi) stood around us knowing that these music-gods will flare up around our banners and they want that one photo of an enraged musician popping out from a limo.

As I noticed a limo with black musicians inside I exhorted them on how they started out singing to Jesus in a Church choir and today a cross is nothing but jewelry on their neck. God has blessed almost every person in Staples Center with an amazing voice and a set of lungs, yet now as their father Lucifer, they have become prideful and coveting a god like status. At the end of the day the God of the Bible was proclaimed, sin exposed and the Name of Jesus given as the remedy as we hope someone will reap that harvest.

And the Award is:
…….for “Mocking The Street Preacher” awards this year the winner is……..the envelope please…….(drum roll)…….It’s a TIE…between, “Weird Al Yankovic” who screamed out from his limo window at Brother Neil….AND…… “Lady Gaga” who stuck her neck out her window and preached at me something like this, “.......YOU #$@!&”)* HATER, GOD DOES NOT HATE YOU STUPID ~!%$#$*%& AND HOW DARE YOU JUDGE **^%#$##@ YOU FAT $@!@^*%$# PIG, BESIDES I LOVE **^%$$#@$GOD TOO, YOU IGNORANT %^#$$$@#&*(9!!!! FAT **^&^%$#$$$ HOLE.........”
After the Grammys we have a Bible Study at my house and later that evening I checked my emails and noticed this one from a fellow Street Preacher back East who sent me this photo taken from inside a limo at the Grammys:

Subject: Is this you?
It kind of looks like you...especially the sign

It has been a few years since I'vepreached with you. We worked together outside the superbowl when itwas in Detroit. I think maybe your beard is a little more full than itwas back then. Anyway, this picture was sent out by Keith Ferrazzi toa little over 13,000 people on twitter about an hour ago. In case itis you in the picture, I thought you might like to know that you aregetting extra exposure over and above your direct audience. God blessyou and your work.
David LaPointe

Music and movies are a devilish dual

It is interesting how movies on television or films on the big screen can influence minds.
Movies today can throw your moral judgment off, let me give you a few examples. Most old gangster movies almost everyone rooted for law enforcement, cheered the good guys and hissed at the criminals like James Cagney or Edward Robinson who shot people and robbed banks. Yet now days that same people can watch the Sopranos (a mafia series) and feel for the bad guy, overlook murder, justify robbing, condone drugs and adultery then get emotional because of personal problems with these hooligans and actually feel sorry for the mobster.

judgment is skewed
I grew up with programs like ‘Adam 12’ and ‘Dragnet’ where you cheered for the good guys and hope they lock up the bad guys, yet today Hollywood can produce a movie where you enjoy seeing the bad guy outwit the police and out run the police. You might even applaud when a police car crashes while chasing criminals.
judgment is skewed
Movies do inspire people, I remember growing up with a movie called ‘Saturday Night Fever’ with John Travolta where he not only ushered in disco but what type of clothes to wear and what hairstyle would be the new trend……
judgment is skewed

…..then he did it again with “Urban Cowboy” as blue jeans, boots and the Western dance were the newest ‘in thing.’
judgment is skewed
Kids today wear the baggy paints and XXXlg shirts with the backwards cap not because they woke up one days saying I think this is cool or I’m going to wear my big brothers clothes. Most likely it was seen on a movie or a rapper on MTV as this medium will alter minds.
judgment is skewed
tattoos, ear piercing, big ear plugs, hairdos, hip fashion jewelry and the latest dance moves all come from musicians or actors and as cancer, this style spreads across the country because it’s cool.
judgment is skewed
Today’s biggest trend is vampires, there are movies, books, television series that swayed people to dress like a corpse, for this is the new craze. Not to mention the fact how they have been deprogrammed from a vampire that was once considered a monster which sucks the life out of innocent people and flees from light or a CROSS yet today’s vampire the viewer can be moved by emotions and get bewitched into a bloody vampire love story.
judgment is skewed
The film "Twilight" drew legions of simpletons from this Stephenie Meyer's vampire book series gone big screen, that generated an estimated $70.5 million in North American box-office receipts during its opening weekend and worldwide $131,018,129.
judgment is skewed
The sodomites have entered into the electronic campfire with vengeance with programs that are pro- homo, a known homosexual actor that is so funny we overlook their sin for a laugh. A viewer within time will justify and validate the sin of sodomy from an abomination into a alternative lifestyle.
judgment is skewed
Fashion whims are manipulated by homosexuals and TV addicts allowed them to set the new fad. For example the EMO craze:

Because of style based on music and TV these young boys are inspired to appear effeminate, this is the new vogue look, which glories in loneliness, depression, cutting themselves and entertaining suicide, all these symptoms are the heartbeat of those that umbrella themselves under the word ‘gay’.
judgment is skewed
Be that spiritual man that judges all things and start judging righteous judgment starting with under your roof as to what glorifies God or what is considered a friend of the world and unfruitful. For if you cannot control that small remote, you will not your house and if you cannot control your household maybe you need to start ministering more at home than from a pulpit or street corner.

John writes: “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house” these people from Hollywood or MTV do not “abide in the doctrine of Christ” as John writes?? YET YOU LET THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE BY WAY OF YOUR TELEVISION. You allow it to influence your wife, your children. Maybe you men need to stop touching the remote or your keyboard and get familiar with touching your wife again.

Now I am not indorsing anyone to break the TV, just use it as if Jesus was sitting next to you with a bowl of pop corn. There are two links below that might be edifying for the hallowed remote-cult, click and enjoy


“You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities” -Amos 3:2

The Father Is A Watchman - Part 1

The Father Is A Watchman - Part 2

Pray for us as we set our face towards Miami for the Super Bowl and New Orleans for Mardi Gras for this two week sortie and I will post out a report via your prayers, thank you.

THE UNKNOWN PREACHER (click on full screen) http://www.slide.com/r/p8Uhcr2n5j_NlT5nWpoEduBoohViMa6q?mail1=1

Sermon on the stump:
“….Marcus Pittman is a street preacher, which some might call a “gospel shouter.” Duke of Gloucester Street, among other places, is where he spreads his message to anyone within earshot. Not everyone is enthralled. His First Amendment right to freedom of religion and free expression is jarring to some…..”

Gospel preachers return to UA:
“The Gospel means ‘good news,’ but we have to show the bad news first,” independent minister Shawn David Holes said to a small crowd by Heritage Hill Tuesday. This week, Holes traveled with independent street preacher Jeff Rose and Orlando, Fla., schoolteacher Scott Smith to the UA campus to preach the gospel to college students and hand out complimentary gospel pamphlets to passers-by and students……”

Life in Haitian cathedral ruins?:
“….I must admit that this particular passage left me wondering about the precise meaning of the phrase, “calling out the Gospel.” Were these “judgment day” sermons by street preachers? People reading scripture? This is where I would have appreciated just a bit more content. What are people saying and doing, when it comes to voodoo faith and practice?.....”

Loving Ybor City - chickens, revelers, too:
While your article pointed out that "wild chickens run freely," (this has never been a problem and is, in fact, unique to our community), street preachers blare their message (can you say freedom of speech?), and parades have unruly drunks (not unlike Bayshore Boulevard), many Yborians feel these oddities are what make us so unique…..”

Free speech prevails in Conn. Case:
"……They said that his message was bothering them and asked [for] him to be arrested," Scruggs explains. "And so he eventually was arrested and then released because they could get no one essentially to press charges against him….."