Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MARDI GRAS REPORT Once again we had Street Preachers from New York, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Oregon, Georgia and California fly in, bus in and drive in to preach at the largest free party in America. The weather was cold, which is good from our side of the tract because the colder, the more clothes stay on the sinner and if it rained the less drunks in the streets. God was merciful during carnival as He only rained water a couple of days rather than fire and brimstone.
We preached on the streets in three groups in the daytime; Group ‘A’ lead by Doug preached on Bourbon Street, Group ‘B’ lead by JK preached in Jackson Square and Group ‘C’ lead by myself preached the parade route and at night we all met on Bourbon Street together. You Street Preachers need to understand that when the sun goes down, your preaching can get dangerous, as the crowd that laughed or mocked you at noon will now punch you in the darkness. When Jesus said “men loved darkness rather than light” so take that pearl literal.
Every man that preached was used of God, moved of God, spoke with authority and had stories that will last them a lifetime as we took turns raising our voice like a trumpet as per Isaiah 58:1.

This is Brother Brian Cranford

He brought a megaphone repair kit with him knowing these tools for large crowds will need to be restored after a day on the town and that they did. He would daily repair and rewire horns to go back on line in those streets and I believed one day he repaired four horns. God bless his insight. Brother Brian was a utility player during Mardi Gras, he was a temporary lead man, camera man, worked security, held a banner and sandwich sign, preached and repaired our No-Bull horns.

Brother Grant was preaching on Canal Street where this older woman was upset with his message so she stood in front of him flicking her (well for lack of a better word) boogers at him and since that did not stop his preaching, she stuck her hand down the front of her paints, pulling out her used tampon and tossed it at him like a frisbee while she stomped off. Even the heathen standing around were speechless.

"I'd rather have people hate me with the knowledge that I tried to save them."
-Keith Green

“It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher.”

-George Whitefield

These photos were taken from Bourbon Street-Cam

To be filed under THE WILL OF GOD:
On Monday the day before ‘Fat Tuesday’ Brother Larry and I were driving around looking for a statue of the Virgin Mary so I can break it with a hammer on Ash Wednesday, more on that later. So after we went idol shopping I asked Larry to stop at Arby’s for a sandwich and noticed while I ate some employees ran out to the drive thru, then customers started to run outside. When the table next to us came in they told us that Drew Brees the quarterback for the World champion saints was at the drive thru so Larry and I walked out to his Cadillac SUV where at this point everyone had gone back inside Arby’s. Larry walked up to his window and gave him a tract and Drew lowered his passenger widow down thinking I wanted his autograph or a picture of him. I told Drew I do not want anything from him but rather wanted to give him something. I began to exhort him for about 30 seconds on how God gave him talent to play ball and how he needs to credit God as he sat there quietly listening. After my exhortation he thanked me and told me that he did trust in Jesus, we than walked away. The Bible teaches to “PREACH THE WORD IN SEASON AND OUT OF SEASON” and just when you think you are ready to enjoy a meal out of season, we were pulled from the bullpen to deliver a strike.

This ‘crumb from the masters table’ was for being faithful at the Super Bowl and for not being star stricken from celebrates which comes from preaching in Hollywood. Drew Brees is liken to almost god status in New Orleans for winning the Super Bowl and the Father set some time aside to prune him as per Revelation 3:19.

"Not called!" did you say? "Not heard the call," I think you should say. Put your ear down to the Bible, and hear Him bid you go and pull sinners out of the fire of sin. Put your ear down to the burdened, agonized heart of humanity, and listen to its pitiful wail for help. Go stand by the gates of hell, and hear the damned entreat you to go to their father's house and bid their brothers and sisters and servants and masters not come there. Then look Christ in the face -- whose mercy you have professed to obey -- and tell Him whether you will join heart and soul and body and circumstances in the march to publish His mercy to the world."
-William Booth, Founder of the Salvation Army

We spent hours on the streets, mainly from noon to past midnight daily and Fat Tuesday we were outdoors for almost 17 hours, if you feel compelled to join us for venue preaching. I say, COUNT THE COST. After almost a week of preaching in public, we do our annual rebuke the Bishop for being a blind guide leading the blind into the pit. So Wednesday at high noon we came for our sidewalk service.

Ash Wednesday, Mark and I stood in front of the oldest Catholic cathedral and waited for the Arch Bishop to walk out of the Church to publicly bless his sheep. New Orleans police also made a presents there with three police cars, one unmarked car and two small jeeps as uniform officers, undercover officers and someone from the city attorney office was out there. It was like a showdown, with two of us standing outside the saloon at noon for the face-off.. Most of the police were talking on the phone, texting or looking at paper work as Mark and I stood in front of St Louis Cathedral waiting. I waited till the service was over so I would not be arrested for disrupting a religious service. Then as the bells rung, out walked the Bishop with all of his bling, as I began to rebuke him from being a wicked Shepherd in trusting in ashes and not the Blood of Jesus. I then waved Brother Larry in as he carried a large cement statue of Mary as jaws hit the sidewalk when I pulled out a hammer. I preached that the First two commandments are No other gods and do not bow down to graven images as I hit the idol. We have not seen Mary therefore this is a false image of Mary AS I SMASHED HER FEET. I began to break the idol into pieces as the police held back the shocked onlookers. I stood before them with the head of Mary on one hand and a hammer in the other hand as I tapped this man made image over and over.
At this point most of the brethren began to admonish the Bishop at will but the police stood around Grant and I. After we were done the police moved in and asked Grant and I to walk towards the police cars, we were told that we were not going to be arrested but cited for a noise violation. This was only done because the Catholic Church pressured the police to do something about us. I asked one police officer why all the police nearby, he said “You.”

To see the idol busted click the link below.
The Last Word, MARDI GRAS:

Can we say “Iconoclasm”??......still don’t know, well goggle it and for the record I did not break the images on this Catholic Cathedral below (St. Martin, Utrecht) it was attacked in the 16th century with likeminded brethren who could swing a hammer like a carpenter.

"An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel
messenger shall be sent against him"
-Proverbs 17:11

Here is a report from Brother Scott that joined us from New York City:
To God be Glory, I've been saved for about 9 years, Street Preacher for about 8 years, but I never had the humbling experience of MARDI GRAS 2010. Our ministry is in New York City where alot of sin is manifested, so I had a idea on what to expect, as far as the large crowds, and wicked atmosphere. What was humbling to me was standing with Ruben, Larry, Kevin, Doug, just to name a few of the seventeen different street preachers that came out. The wisdom that God gives these men through suffering left me encouraged to do more for Christ. We fall short if we were to compare our suffering with scripture, but thank God we were counted worthy to suffer a "little" shame for his name. Seventeen Bold Street Preachers telling souls to REPENT OR PERISH. After being rebuked, A lady actual took out her tampon and threw it a one of the brothers. (Thank God, he dodged it) Bro Ruben can testify to that. Being that this is my First Mardi Gras I became a partaker of the perversion, being hated, cursed out, punched, bead hits, doused with beer etc. This experience is nothing compared to the fellowship I enjoyed being around these street preachers. I really learned some things, just by watching, they didn't even have to say alot. Christ said "Go" and thats a command. Preaching as Bro Larry Kiefer told me is our reasonable service. We need Bible Study but nobody should be "trained" to witness, all you need is the Holy Ghost. Just repentance towards God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. What I treasure is my experience with my brothers in Christ. I will never forget it, the jewels I learned just by being around these men of the cross. To God be the Glory
Bro. Scott
The cancer known as Mardi Gras has spread to other cities as Broth Dick and Zack preached in Mobile Alabama, Brother Jeremy and crew from New Mexico preached it in his state and San Diego had Christian resistance with Brother Neal

"Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men"
2 Cor.5:11

Mardi Gras 2010 street preacher shouts over crowd on Bourbon Street
“….The street preacher’s voice clearly rises above the mass of people, however, it is unclear where he is located. There were many banners that read “Jesus,” and “The Wages of Sin is Death,” when the crowd first assembled…..”

Say what? Beads twist message of street preachers
“…..and I noticed the unlikely set of beads around her neck. A laminated parody of the signs carried by the street preachers attracted to Mardi Gras - "Ask Me Why You Deserve Hell" complete with a finger-pointing hand surrounded by flames. The beads inclduded a red wooden cross and a tiny Holy Bible…”

Street Preachers Warn Mardi Gras Revelers “……Douglas Barry stood on Bourbon Street Tuesday holding a huge sign that warned those around him that they're at risk of eternal damnation. Barry is a member of Bible Believers, a Christian group that travels to large gatherings to preach…….”

Mardi Gras 3
Not only did I see lots of evil things down at Mardi Gras I saw lots of religious people. I guess we were not the only ones that had the idea of doing some evangelism at Mardi Gras. There were all kinds and manners of people doing different types of evangelism.

Fat Tuesday in the French Quarter
“…-- Street preachers - Mardi Gras draws a regular crowd of street ministers, from those who quietly pass out food and water to some who hold up crosses and signs about Sin and Hell at intersections. Party-goers often take great offense at these folks, and go out of their way to torment them or fight with them. No, the city can't "do anything about them." First Amendment…….”

If you are easily offended and can not preach where we go DO NOT GO BEYOND this point:

.................................This photo was sent to me.

Don’t be offended, we just see the outward, God sees beyond that as He sees their wicked heart and mind and that’s something worth being offended in and worthy of hellfire.
This is someone in my congregation and you wonder why we preach a hard message and if you think this picture is offensive, try reasoning with such. This perverted grandma had the gall to argue with me that she is a loving Christian and that I am turning people off from God……go figure????
This is a glimpse of my parishioners, this is the fields I must plow, THIS IS