Friday, January 29, 2010

Report from South Africa

Hi Brother Ruben!

Below is my preach-report (+ pics) of the Stellenbosch Carnival that took place this past Saturday. I hope you enjoy it!
Bro Ivan and I had a GREAT time preaching at the Stellenbosch Carnival! We preached there the whole day from 9am till about 7:30pm. We did take a break somewhere in the afternoon for some refreshments and to change the banner for a sandwich-sign. The parade started at 10:30am, but the sidewalks began to fill up with students at 9am already. The traffic-cops closed the road for traffic and, as in previous years, we were able to preach to a captive audience for a whole 90 minutes before the parade actually begins! The students are forced to sit there to listen to us as they cannot afford to go away and lose their spot on the sidewalk! That was great!

A cop walked up to me and said: “I saw you here in previous years and I just want to thank you for your presence here! This town needs this!” When the parade started, we moved to the sidewalk ourselves and waited for the last float to pass us. We then jumped behind the last float and walked behind the procession. I took out my bull-horn and preached to the crowds on the sidewalks as we walked behind the floats. The whole town was just packed with people. As I preached I could see there were some faces in the crowds who nodded their heads in agreement to my preaching. One guy walked past me and tapped me on my shoulder and said: “Hey, I like your sign.” Someone tried to throw me with an object, but it missed and hit a cop’s car right next to me. A little girl was prompted by her parents to give me a R100 (13 USD). When she put the note in my hands I tried to give it back to her as I did not want to give the impression to those who saw us that I’m doing it for money. The little girl refused to take back the money and walked away. Two elderly ladies really got excited when they saw me preaching. They seemed to be really pleased to have a street-preacher there on this day. After the parade we continued to preach until around 2pm before we took a break for some refreshments. As we passed a pub on our way back to my flat one guy stood and flipped me off by showing me his middle finger with both of his hands. I answered: “Thank you! I know I am number 1!” This took the wind out of his sails and the student barked back: “I did not mean that you are number 1. I meant to say that you should f--- off!” The wind began to pick up as I reached my flat and I decided to put on my sandwich-sign and so we went back to town again. We came and stood in front of the pub again and preached to the drunken students sitting outside at the tables. One guy attempted to throw a plastic glass of water/beer at us, but right at that moment a big male student walked in front of us and the glass hit him in the face. That guy turned around and tried to identify the attacker but he was unable to trace the source of the attack because of the multitude and walked on. We then went and stood in a passage-way where all the students must walk through to get from town-to-campus and back. The time was now around 5pm and we could see that the students are getting drunker by the hour. I preached and warned the students about drunkenness and sexual immorality. When the students read my sign some would say: “I’m going to Heaven!” I would then preach back and say: “I am NOT convinced!” or “I don’t think so!” This would cause them to turn around and come back to me to reason with me. Other students would tell me frankly that they are going to hell. To those I would reply: “Thank you for being honest with me. But you should know that you can go to Heaven if you forsake your sins and surrender your life to Jesus Christ!” The students hanged around us like flies. Some were really convicted when I preached about drunkenness. Ivan told me afterwards that I controlled the students well. From time to time two students would ask me questions at the same time and then I would reply: “Only one at a time, please!” The students would then fight among themselves and quiet one another so that they can get a chance to speak with me. One guy walked past me with a t-shirt that says something about “Safe Sex”. When I saw that I preached at him: “There is no such thing as safe sex! Sleeping around is a sin and will lead your soul straight to hell! The Bible says ‘No drunkards and no fornicators will enter God’s Kingdom’! You have been warned! God is watching you! Repent and be a Christian for Heaven’s sake!” One guy accused me of making people scared. I replied: “That’s right! I hope people will get so scared that they repent right now and turn to Jesus! It is about time that people start fearing God! The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom!” One female student tried to argue with me about my confrontational approach. She told me that she is also preaching the Gospel. I answered: “No, you are not. I am the one preaching the Gospel right now. You are just hanging around a bunch of your worldly friends trying to have a good time.” She tried to discourage me of being so confrontational. I showed her from the Scriptures that I’m preaching exactly as the people in the Bible did. She got so frustrated at being unable to answer me that she burst into tears while her boy-friend pulled her away. One guy threw me with a burning cigarette, but it just bounced off my sandwich-sign. Another guy walked up to me and held out his cell phone to me and said: “Is this you?” I looked at his cell phone and saw a video of me preaching on the Strand-beach! I said: “Yes, that’s me!” He answered: “Cool!” and with that he walked away. Around 7pm we could see that the students began to get really nasty and aggressive because of their drunkenness. Bro Ivan told me afterwards that he thought that a fight was going to break out at any time. One sober guy walked up to me and said: “You know, you two guys are the most powerful people in the whole town! It takes a lot of courage to stand here and take all this abuse. I saw you earlier today preaching behind the floats. You are really making the students think! They are talking about you! Keep up the good work!”

Around 7:30pm we packed up and went to eat a pizza. At the restaurant a male-student and his girlfriend stared at me. It looked like they wanted to talk and so I initiated the conversation by saying “hi” and then they began to talk. They were very sincere and sounded very interested in why I’m preaching open-air and what this is all about. After giving them the Gospel the guy said that he would like to talk to me again and so I gave him my email-address before I left the restaurant. Even the Manager of the restaurant came up to us as we were eating and said that he saw us preaching on the streets. He said that the students really need to hear this kind of preaching in order for them to wake up. He encouraged us that we should continue with the good work. So all-in-all it was a GREAT day! The LORD really blessed us all the way!
Praise His Name
Renier Van Rooyen

Report from France

Uncle Reuben, Just wanted to send you a letter of encouragement because you are an encouragement to me this week. I found you on youtube this week preaching in Washington and finally made it to your site today. AMEN and AMEN,
I hope I have the privilege to meet you this side of heaven, I am from Florida.
I myself have this noble calling as a street preacher for the past 23 years and 20 of those years I been preaching in France, I came here as a missionary in 1990. I preach 2 to 3 times a week use tracts signs and cry aloud all in French.
God is good and I live by faith alone and working with my hands, I have had a lot of trials, Divorce, Cancer, etc. But by God's grace my banner is still in waving.
Do pray for my ministry, I just want to be more devoted to my work like you and go that extra mile in 2010. Pray that God would send me faithful soldiers that are not ashamed and that we could do more big cities here in France. Pray also for new supporters in 2010. I resigned in 2006 from the home mission due to marital problems that are now worked out I was re married last year to a Christian girl.
Be sure to visit my site
I just moved to Lourdes France the largest Catholic shrine in the world. I preach faithfully here and within 50km of my town.
God bless,
bro. Brad Roberts
1 Cor 15:58

Report from the Czech Rpublic

I was preaching yesterday against tibetian buddhist convention in Brno, Czech republic. It was supposed to be big gathering of devil's followers this time led by norwegian lama Ole Nydahl. Coming to the location with two sisters from Germany with my handmade banner saying Jesus or Hell, John 3:16, i was immediatelly approached by their security, we started to give out tracts which i made day before. One tract simply quoted John 10:10-13, the other tract was my personal testimony of ex-new age looser. I also had a bull horn that i borrowed from a brother who works for Salvation Army.These buddhist didn't show a single bit of tolerance as they quickly resorted to violence when i started to give tracts to people coming to the building. When i wanted to call police one security guy stole my mobile. So i shouted to one of the sisters to call the police. She did so. But before police managed to arrive the security violently led me away while other hateful buddha followers assisted. That security guy still had my mobile so i followed him but as long as i followed him he kept going more and more away from the location. I decided to give up on my mobile and keep preaching as many people were just coming. When the guy noticed that i stopped following him, he turned back. It was quite chaotic at that moment as many buddhist were yelling at me. Their main message was that they didn't want me there, while my message to them was that there is no enlightment for sinners besides trusting Jesus Christ as one's personal Saviour. I told them they are fools in God's eyes no matter how smart they think they are in their own eyse and the eyes of the world. One muscular buddhist got offended and with using the most vulgar language he told me to leave or he will beat me up. I kept standing there trying to communicate some thruths to him. As the enemy of the true and only Light he started to tear my truth horn from my shoulders. I hold the belt of the truth horn only in one hand but he, even using his full force of both hands, couldn't open my fist in which i holded the truth horn. I don't eat much these days and my weight is 80 kilograms. He started panicking noticing he cannot open my fist so he called for help. When i noticed it is Lord who was giving me the strenght i just relaxed and enjoyed the moment. Finally he got my truth horn and his next attack was on my banner. Thank you Lord Jesus. He had to destroy the rubber on which my banner hold around my neck. He took it and left.When police came i had to explain to them my constitutional rights while they were telling me that my freedom ends where freedom of the others starts - very common saying.Police helped me to get my truth horn back and banner back and also told me i can preach from a parking lot. So i did hwile watched by buddhist security. All that time sisters managed to give away some tracts and engage in a conversation with one follower who after the conevrsation changed his mind and didn't go to that gathering. Praise the Lord!I also had the privilige to share my personal testimony with one buddhist, who was very curious how one can obtain the mercy and be clean before God without sitting days in lotos position. Others were warned. But answered with ridicule.

preaching in the Czech Republic is a true adventure. Yesterday (Sunday) morning i stood in front of a catholic church with my handmade banner which was as simple as it could get: "Jesus or hell, John 3:16".I arrived at the location at a just time when one mass finished and another was about to start so i could briefly preach to all people flowing from the doors and then to people gathering for the mass.In my message i just pointed out the obvious faults of the catholic doctrine - idolatry, false view of Mary - mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, purgatory lie....These "good small town people" quickly resorted to verbal attacks. The first one was an old man in a white snow robe, probably the priest, who started to push his finger into my board and was yelling at me, telling me i should go away with that American .....blasphemy... was probably the word he used.Later on another "good old man" with a support of other attenders of that mass started to push me away from my spot, down towards the icy stairs in front of the church while screaming: "Get out of here, get out of here." As all countryside was covered in ice i had much to do to hold the railing of the stairs in order not to fly from the stairs and land on my only head for the time being. That was a moment for another hater of Jesus Christ and His Word (of course they didn't hate me) who grabbed my sign and pulled it over my head. With a great pain in my heart i saw him tearing my banner apart!That was enough. First time in my ministry it was me who called the police.Police came but was afraid to go to the church and disturb the mass although i suggested the offender of my civil rights and a thief at the same time might leave. Poor police guys didn't know what battle they are in. I tried to be a patient and polite towards them reminding myself that not more than something like two years and half ago i was as ignorant as they were. When the mass was over the hostile catholic man appeared in the doors so i showed him to the police guys. He took us to a garbage bin where he threw my banner.He accused me of being mentally sick, saying i was in a mental hospital and that they know me from the pope's visit in Brno. (it is true about the pope's visit but i was never in a mental hospital as a patient although i am proud to be seen as a crazy by the eyes of this sick world!!!!) I cannot describe in words what he said about my banner. But he said to the police that next time i might come with a gun and that they have children there. (If only he would know what the real weapon is!!!)I learned that in order to achieve something with the police and the law system here in my country i have to claim a damage and ask for a compensation.So i asked 5 dollars for my banner. (it is approximately one hour salary here). The guy refused to pay so i will have to go to court. Dear brothers, pray for me, please, as i have no supporters here. Also pray that God would provide a way for me so i could run this business. And also that God would give me a brother i could work with.
In Christ's love

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