Monday, January 11, 2010

My Preach Schedule, if interested in yoking up, do contact:
Ruben Israel
Here are some events I have done for many years and will be doing,

some dates have 2 events happening as I will know later which event
the Lord will have me do as more updates will be added.

Golden Globe Awards Sunday Jan.17 Beverly Hills 5PM
MLK Parade Jan.18 South Central Los Angeles 10:15AM
NAACP Awards Jan.26 3P Shrine
Grammy Awards Staples Center Jan.31 5PM
SAG Awards Jan. 23, 2010 Shrine 5PM
Super Bowl Miami Feb 5-7
Mardi Gras New Orleans Feb 12-18
Academy Awards Sunday, March 7,
Pac-10 tournament Staples Center March 10-13
Stop the War Los Angeles March 20
Salt Lake City Mormon Convention April 2-4

Phoenix sodomite parade April 17-18
Long Beach Grand Prix April 16-18
Nation of Israel 62 years old fest Westwood CA. April 18
Fiesta Broadway Los Angeles downtown April 25
Kentucky Derby/Memphis in May April 30-May 3
Las Vegas April sodomite parade 30-May1
Long Beach sodomite parade May 15-16
Salt Lake City sodomite parade June 5-6
Albuquerque sodomite parade June 11-12
Hollywood sodomite parade June 11-13
Columbus Ohio sodomite parade June 19
Chicago sodomite parade June 27
San Diego sodomite parade July 17
Anaheim Baseball All-star Game Tuesday, July 13

Out of country preaches I am considering in 2010:
South Africa

These preaches are not counting college campuses, beach or street events, NBA Playoff Games, local concerts, Pro-Baseball Games, any peace, political and religious rally or march. Not to mention a event or two that flies me into Washington DC or New York for a weekend each year.
When I am not preaching, I do have a life, with family and I do make tents to support myself.

Think you have a busy Calendar? Me too, but seek FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD.