Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Larry Keffer (Tampa) Larry Craft (New York) and I (Los Angeles) yoked up with fellow street preacher Petar Keseljevic from Norway to preach a message to our President. For he is unworthy to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, he is at WAR with the God of the Bible. He is at WAR with the unborn and the Christian forefathers of America, not to mention WARRING against the institution of male female marriage.
We had banners prepared for this cold event in Oslo and because we were preaching in a foreign country, I was contacted by Joel Thornton of the International Human Rights Group. He would be our legal counsel if we needed.
The Day of the Nobel Prize, Obama was at a Norwegian Castle where he had a photo opt with the king of Norway. We stood outside the castle by the media and hoisted our four banners and began to preach, within seconds we were surrounded by the media and police. I was told that we could stand with our signs but could not to go into the media area. I agreed and began to preach that JESUS CHRIST should be nominated to receive that Nobel Peace Prize for He is the Prince of Peace and I will pick up that award today on His behalf. The media and police were amazed with our method and message.
I noticed more armed police with full auto weapons, snipers on the roofs, a helicopter overhead, police dogs were on standby, even mounted police arrived and a Police SUV parked nearby watching us. We were soon confronted by a number of undercover officers that wanted to see our I.D. or passport. I was told that they had problems with one of our banners, because it had a swastika (see media photo below)

The banner was removed and confiscated, then they decided to remove all remaining banners and confiscating them also, I demanded my American flag which was atop my banner and it was given to me. The media seem to be restricted from filming this. I was soon told that we could not stand within the castle area and we needed to move, I asked where and I was told anywhere but there. We started to walk towards the street and I was confronted again by the same undercover office who was in charge that now told me that we could only stand on one side of the street and we were banned from city hall (where the award would be given) and the hotel (were Obama is to wave to the Norwegians from a window), and if we did show up we would be arrested without question. I asked would they rather I exercise my free speech in Amsterdam?
We later found out that this command came directly from the chief of Police himself.
We stood in an area assigned and preached to the crowds that gathered outside the castle and again we were confronted by armed police, now I note the word ‘armed’ because in Norway the police are never armed, so when we are surrounded by heavily armed police, by appearance we look to be an extremely radical group. The police again asked for I.D. or passport as more officers arrived around us. We were than confronted by two female officers that said we needed a permit for free speech. I argued that I am an American citizen and I wish to say sometime to my American President under your free speech law and if I needed permission than it is not free speech. We were moved and told due to the big commotion we made we were BANNED FROM DOWNTOWN OSLO FOR 24 HOURS. We were shown a map and told if we were found within the downtown area we would be arrested. Walking back to our vehicle we had police driving by us and when we were in the elevator at the underground parking, we had an officer with us to verify our exodus from Oslo.
We spent the rest of the day preaching in the streets of Oslo without difficulty as per Acts 28:31. “Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him”

We made the ABC news and the National News which is Norway’s CNN and here are a few articles written with photos of our banners: this ABC news clip, I was on the same front page picture as the Presidents caravan

This is a youtube clip from Oslo and the police that had our banners removed at the Kings castle and ends with a female officer telling us we were banned from the city for 24 hours.


The next day we preached with banners raised in downtown Oslo and later that evening there was an Obama/Hollywood concert which was open to the most privileged Norwegians and that only meant an invitation to any street preacher. We set up our banners next to the concert hall and walked towards the main doors preaching to all. We stood in a area not blocking the flow of foot traffic as many watched and listened, even the media took pictures of our presents as once again I had an American flag atop my banner. We were surrounded by armed police and soon confronted because of the disorder we were causing with our method of preaching. I was asked to move and said “No!” I was asked to walk away and I replied “No!” the officer called in more police. Again I was asked to move, and again I denied as Larry Keffer and I continued to tag-team preach with banners raised. I was told that I would be arrested if I did not move because I was causing fear and offending people, I asked “who have I offended?” and the officer said “him” he was offended. He gave me 10 seconds to move, I declined and after the ten seconds were up he moved my hand from the banner and told me I was arrested. They took my I.D. and soon removed Larry and I from the area and placed us into a waiting paddy wagon. This whole episode was filmed by an Norwegian, to view his clip click the link below:

Soon this Norwegian that filmed our arrest was arrested too. Larry Craft and Petar were arrested shortly after for no reason. We were hauled into a paddy wagon, taken to the Oslo police station and we were booked for not listening to a police officer. We were kept in separate cells and I was visited by a police attorney that told me we would be charged with a crime of not obeying a police officer and we could be held for two days in jail and fined $1,000.00 US dollars if I did not “sign ze papers” which I refused to sign anything and asked to speak to my Ambassador, as a US citizen I demand to speak to my Embassy.
This person spoke with all of us and we all answered the same way as per Matthew 10:19. We were visited again and were told ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED, ALL RECORDS OF THE ARREST WERE DESTROYED and that did not give me the right to preach like that again.
Sound familiar? “And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go”
-Acts 5:40
We were released after more than 8 hours in a cell and Brother Petar could not believe charges were dropped. Our banners were not released, so at this point we now have 6 banners with poles detained in just 2 days. Below is an email sent to us from the Norwegian camera man:

Nedenfor er det en liten statement jeg har skrevet, beklager den er skrevet på klossete engelsk:

On December 11, 2009, I was in Oslo outside Oslo Spektrum before the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.
I was filming with my video camera.
At appr. 7.15pm, four people with two signs arrived and started preaching.
They were standing near the street and was not in the way of the people arriving for the concert, and didn't seem to bother anyone.
Several police officers arrived a few minutes later and approached the two men holding the signs.
I went closer with my camera so I could record what was said.
First policeman#1 told the men the problem was they were shouting too loud.
Then they were told the content of the signs was the problem.
When asked if the police had received any complaints, policeman#1 said it was himself that had complained.
We were finally surrounded by at least six police, all of them armed as far as I can remember.
I was told two times to stop filming, when I asked what law that says I can't film I got no reply.
Policeman#2 shoved me once.
At no time did I resist physically in any way.
Finally the police removed the signs and took two of the men, both Americans, across the street to a police car and I followed them while filming.
A journalist also followed along with me and took pictures.
When I arrived at the car and stood quite close filming with my camera, policeman#2 shoved me once again and told me to move further away.
I backed a couple of meters while continuing to film.
Then policeman#1 walked up to me and asked me if I am Norwegian, I said yes, and then he told me to stop filming.
I refused, and then he removed the battery from my camera, he body-searched me when I said I didn't have an ID.
I asked him what reason he had to ask me for ID or search me, he said he didn't need to give any reasons.
When he found my creditcard in my pocket, he said he was arresting me for not telling him I had an ID.
I was put in the car with the two Americans and brought to the Police station.
I was not told specifically what I was charged with, and put in a cell 8pm.
Policeman#1 escorted me to the cell and implied once again the reason I was arrested was for not showing my ID.
After 30 minutes another policeman opened the small hatch in the cell door and told me there were several things that together could lead to a jail sentence of 6 months.
I told him I was never told to leave the area, I was just told to stop filming and none of the police explained to me what laws I was supposedly in violation of.
The same policeman returned after appr. one hour and said after much discussion they had come to the conclusion I would be released with no charges before midnight.
I was released 11.30pm.

Ole Kristian Sivertsen,
Norwegian citizen,
Wergelandsgate 2C

This is a clip taken about 4AM of us walking out of Oslo jail REJOICING we were persecuted:

After our release from jail, we rested in our room and returned back to the streets of Oslo, with more banners and proclaiming repentance with boldness. Many police vehicles drove by us and even waved to us, another person complained to the police of our manner and he was told we were not breaking the law. We had people around us always, because of our banner method and because we were Americans. People stood in line to speak to us as English is the known language. They would even push each other to ask us questions on politics and Bible. One night we went out, we did not leave the streets till after 4AM and even at that time we were asked not to leave by those around us. Most walk and walk and walk, so it is a street preachers dream and the club/bar/restaurant district is all action. These people are amused with Americans and will wait 20 minutes to ask you a question in English. The world speaks English except in America, go figure?

“Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds;
but the word of God is not bound”

After the arrest and jail time in Oslo, we had the liberty to preach and debate in public, I guess they figured that we are willing to be incarcerated for our faith and if for long term we would start our jail ministry in Norway. Remember the Apostle Paul used his citizenship when detained, its one thing to read it in Acts and think you understand it, yet quite another to taste and experience it AND SEE IT COME ALIVE. When the Bible says “Remember them that are in bonds” its not to witness just to the criminals and get them saved but to remember those jailed for the faith as per Colossians 4:18.

Oslo attempt to shut down preachers fail, 4 arrested, but charges dropped by authorities:
“Four Christian ministers who traveled to Oslo to deliver the message of Christ at the festivities surrounding the Nobel prizes were arrested over the weekend but then released after authorities decided to drop all charges……”

Oslo police chase Christians from Nobels:
“…….They brought banners with messages about abortion, change, homosexuality, and Old Testament Scriptures regarding the effects of wickedness upon any nation. One of the banners stated that Hitler was wrong for killing the Jews, and abortion is also wrong, Thornton said….”

Norwegian News:

A Big thank you to Joel Thornton who worked with us and pray that this arrest will assist him in bringing free speech to the European world.

Pray for Brother Petar as he has been arrested for preaching in public, as the Oslo police know him personally. He preaches alone and is a single guy married to the Lord. He owns a business and is very active in Norway and travels to the U.S. at least four times a year to preach with us. He makes his own banners and tee-shirts in Norway, so he is a one man band for the Lord. Pray for Brother Petar that he might have liberty to preach. “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you”

-2 Th3:1

I would highly recommend preaching in Norway, the street life is full of people as most walk. The time we were there the weather was below freezing and the crowds were still moving on the streets. It was dark before 4PM to after 9:30AM and the day time was mostly dark with clouds. Everyone speaks English and Lutheran is the primary Church, as with Americans most Norwegians believe they are saved. Speaking English is a benefit and speaking English with boldness is an instant crowd no matter what time of the day or night you preach. At one point I had people yelling at me asking questions from different languages, so I yelled back to the crowd, “Hey, we are in Norway…..PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH” and after a laugh, English it was.
This is a socialist country, with a police state, so count the cost.
Oslo is one of the most expensive places to live on earth, so if you go bring plenty of cash. A Mc Donald’s meal can cost $20.00 US dollars, a pizza can run you over $50.00 US dollars, a bottle of water is more than a few dollars, car rental, hotels will be pricey so be prepared to pull out lots of dead Presidents.
I was glad to know first hand that most Norwegians in the streets do not like Obama, only the youth thinks he is a good man.
Norwegians do not understand why we speak against masturbation and homosexually for this is taught in their public school at a young age and so most consider it just a way of life. The youth in Oslo considered Christianity as something ancient like the Vikings and Churches are nothing more than a museum, so we seemed to bring a pulse back to the lifeless Church out there.
I must say, this trip was like walking into a time capsule and taking a trip into the future. If we do not continue to fight for our rights on the sidewalk in America, we can soon be like Norway. True Christianity will not be inside of a building with a steeple but inside cell block. Most understand this and yet most will never experience this as we did and I only trust you will rise to the occasion if pushed. We have laws and rights today but if not preserved they will be aborted by the god of Political Correctness.

Street Preachers:
“I was shopping this morning and passed one of those slightly crazy street preachers who can't seem to decide whether they're damning you to hell or welcoming you to the flock……”

The Reader's Forum: Individual prayer not under attack:
“……..The casinos tried to ban him from preaching. The ACLU successfully intervened on behalf of Preacher Webber. Mr. Webber said, "The ACLU has been my guardian angel. They have been the ones that have provided the ability for me to stand on the street and talk to the people about Jesus Christ."……..”

Street preacher exonerated:
judge says the way he was handled was an abuse of power
The judge ruled six of the charges against Pawlowski were in violation of either his freedom of religion, or freedom of expression. Pawlowski was acquitted on two charges of using amplification without a permit, three of placing material on a street without a permit, and a highway charge of causing unnecessary noise from a vehicle

Yale Sudents take on a Street Preacher:
“…..For the past three days, Morrell has used Yale’s campus as the platform for his open-air preaching. A self-proclaimed born-again Christian, he has spent much of the past three days sermonizing about the “evils of sin” on Old Campus, Cross Campus and the section of Wall Street near Woodbridge Hall…..”

I fresh band of street preachers, offending the masses, will be hitting the streets soon. There will be a “unusual” anointing come on these “street preachers” unlike in the days of old time street preachers…..”

street preachers: good idea?
“…….One held a handmade sign that read—I kid you not— “TURN OR BURN!” He spoke into a bullhorn, warning the young people of God’s coming judgment and listing in vivid detail the sins that would lead them to an eternity burning in hell. The other man held an open Bible and vigorously debated anyone who disagreed with his companion’s portrayal of God….”

Angry Street Preachers:
“…..The other day when I was out doing some chores, there was a street preacher wearing one of those sandwich signs that said “Turn or Burn.” Yes, you read correctly, that’s what it said. He was passing out tracts. I stayed clear but was mesmerized by what I saw. First, what an unbelievably ineffective witness…..”

Yelling About Hell as the First Step Towards Conversion:
Out of Ur has a retrospective from a pastor about street-corner preachers who use bullhorns and vitriolic signs to get the message of Christ across to sinners. The kind of preachers who sincerely believe that anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint on anything is going to hell……”



From Mitch Metzger in the Philippines:

These are the first videos that have been uploaded by the GAYS THEMSELVES. We're busy preaching at another event right now so we haven't been able to upload OUR VERSIONS of the parade as we preached there. Stand by for few more days for EVERYONE to gets their videos uploaded...

Note: It's great to see our EVANGELISM SIGNS AS THE FOCUS IN THEIR VIDEOS!! Also, help keep your eyes open for international Gay website where our photos will probably pop up because of the MANY MEDIA and PHOTOGRAPHERS that were at the event. Sodomite Gay Pride Parade VIdeos submitted by homos:


From Zachary baxter in Atlanta:

the sore back that has troubled me for the last 3 weeks is finally over. praise God. in the last 4 days .I've preached and passed out tracts at the Marietta squares Christmas tree lighting and the arrival of Santa Claus on Thursday and I was there for about 3 hours in the cold and it was warm compared to the SEC football game in Atlanta on Saturday brother DC and i braved the at lest 8mph cold winds .thousands heard the word and DC and I left after about 2 hours and today Sunday was the falcons football game. with a lot's of people wearing mike Vick's old number 7 shirt in honor to him .upon his return to the dome with the opposing team. We spent 2hours warning the lost of judgement day and about Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, thanks for your prayers. Enclosed is a picture of me from Thursday at Marietta square


Pray for Brother Tony in Key West who is in jail, as I received this email regarding Tony while in Norway:
Tony Capo from Key West is haven't trouble getting the bail bonds to do their job in accepting the bond due to his street preaching. He was arrested while he was street preaching. The police stole his medicaid card and his pocket change after arresting and taking him in. So far we haven't found a bailman thats willing. So I'm looking for a bail man in Marathon for him.
Tony had two people accuse him of battery. Its his word against theirs so he was arrested earlier tonight (picture of Tony below).
Brother Frankie

This photo was taken on the streets of Oslo

Here is the complete set of the arrest in Oslo Norway for Preaching the God of the Bible