Monday, November 30, 2009


Last night was the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. This 81 year old parade is routed on Hollywood blvd and Sunset blvd with bands, floats and about 100 celebrities (many from soap operas or reality shows). We had two groups that preached this event, group 'A' walked the route and preached to the thousands on the sidewalk, while group 'B' set up at the end of the parade to preach to those within the parade, this way the entire parade was preached too. I was with group 'B' as I preached that God’s PRESENT to mankind was His Son. We stood next to the sidewalk as the Los Angeles police gave me much liberty using the TRUTH-horn with banners raised. We preached the crowds around us and I preached a personal message to everyone within the parade as I called them out by name. Now many of these people I have not heard of but took advantage of their names posted on the outside of the floats or vehicles they were riding in.
Here are a few names that I remembered exhorting, the grand marshal was Susan Lucci, singer Brian McKnight, Louis Gossett, Jr., Erik Estrada, Cindy Williams from Laverne & Shirley. AND now for the yearly HUM-BUG/anti-Christ award, this years winner goes to…….Montel Williams, for showing a public disregard to the name of Jesus.
With the biggest AMEN awards goes to in this order…… third place, Judge Greg Mathis who openly acknowledged Jesus as the Christ…… second place, Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, who raised his hands when he heard my preaching, even shouted out to Jesus, praising the Lord…….and the winner for this years AMEN award goes to……..DRUM ROLL……THE ENVELOPE PLEASE……..the six million dollar man, Lee Majors. He praised the Name of Jesus publicly from his convertible and someone within the car yelled back to me “And you do know that Jesus was not really born in December?”

On the Hollywood route everyone saw the banners, some took tracts and most heard the constant preaching that Frosty did not die for your sins, God never resurrected a gingerbread man from the dead and why do you know the names of the reindeer and not know the 10 Commandments. Someone in the crowd complained to the police because I warned the masses not to teach your children about santa claus. Parents were admonished not to LIE to their children and teach them santa, the easter bunny or the tooth fairy but as I said the police gave me much liberty to preach. The personal conversations were priceless and this was a result of the TRUTH-horn preaching. At the end of the event there was this one guy I witnessed to almost gave his heart to the Lord right there, my prayer is that the Father will have another reap our labor.

Well fellow Street Preachers it looks like next week the Lord will have me in Norway as the eyes of the world will be on Oslo. For Mr. Obama plans to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, President Barak Obama is awarded for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. AND the Nobel Committee has attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons (sic).
The Nobel Peace Prize has been called "the world's most prestigious prize". This Prize is awarded at a ceremony in the Oslo City Hall on December 10, the date on which Alfred Nobel died. The prize includes a medal, a personal diploma, and a large sum of prize money (currently 10 million Swedish crowns). The Peace Prize is one of five prizes that have been awarded annually since 1901 under the auspices of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm for outstanding contributions in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace.
Therefore as our wicked President will publicly glory in his wisdom and we will be outside preaching against what the God of the Bible says about this event as per Jeremiah 9:23-24. I will not only publicly nominate JESUS CHRIST for this award but will be willing to speak and pick the award up on His behalf.

KISS had a concert tour here in California and I remember preaching to these guys in the 80’s when ‘heavy metal’ was big and backward masking was the issue of the day but as in all things that the world considers hip, these trends will return. Withthatsaid, expect disco to be back in a few years.
The KISS concert was at Staples Center where the Lakers play ball and I drove there right after work to cover the event. I stood with my ‘warning banner’ hoisted and Jesus said “If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” Now I understand I am not using the verse in the right context but if I read it by the spirit and not the letter, as soon as I LIFTED UP my JESUS banner all those that passed by were entice to hear and see the God of the Bible proclaimed. Many good conversations on the sidewalk as most of these concert goers were passed their mid 40’s and that long hair they had in the eighties has since gone. L,A,P,D. stood behind me and watched for over 2 hours and that kept the music-dolaters at bay, with many of the concert goers are businessmen as we exchanged business cards after the conversations. Here is a blog where some heathen mention the preaching outside the concert and even took a photo.

The voice of my thoughts in my lonely teenage room.
“…..Made fun of the street preacher…….”

My theme that evening was “KISS the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him” –Psalms 2:12

Here is a youtuube clip as the Northern tribe preached this event:
KISS - Knights in Satans Service

Here is a testimony in Atlanta from someone that repented as a direct result of street preaching at concerts, this clip is a great deposition from someone removed from darkness into the light.
Marylin Manson Lost one
College Football on Saturday is a great way to utilize your weekend docket. Every campus/university nationwide has games with thousands of football-dolaters come to raise their hands screaming and worshipping in their sports-temple. This Saturday we preached at the Los Angeles coliseum where some 90,000 people came to watch USC vs UCLA . My recommendation is that you preach this event before the game because after the game you will be preaching at drunk, angry sinners at night.
I was told by someone walking into the game that I was like a bad accident on the freeway, people can not help but stop and look at me.
Here are a few preach clips on preaching at the pig-skin god





Good News on the News

keet the street preacher:
……Keet asked me if i was "aware of what Jesus had done for me" and was i honoring Him with my life. After a moment of assuring him that I was taught the Word of God and accepted Jesus as not only my Savior but my King... and was passing on the knowledge to my young daughter, Keet told me about his travels. turns out Keet has traveled all over the United states as a street preacher…..”

To protect and serve - or harass and arrest?:
“……They chose to stay and continue to share the gospel, and later that night, the same officer and some others showed up and arrested them. [They] put them in jail overnight for nothing other than telling people about Jesus……."

Street preacher has Lord and law on his side
“……According to court documents submitted by the foundation, Morrell attempted to preach, read a Bible, pray and sing hymns on the sidewalk outside four clubs and bars in New Haven and was told by police to leave all four locations or face arrest. Morrell stopped preaching and later filed the lawsuit……”

Arrested beach preachers suing town of Hampton:
“……..The lyrics — "He set me free, yes he set me free and he broke the bonds of prison for me" — were prophetic. The men were handcuffed and brought to Hampton police headquarters where arresting officer Matthew Kulesz is alleged to have asked them, "Where is your God now?"……..”


Angry Preachers or Gospel Musicians?
“……….Before I’d walked even a block from the festival, I bumped into a small crowd whose attention was fixed on two men speaking loudly to the bedraggled onlookers. One held a handmade sign that read—I kid you not— “TURN OR BURN!” He spoke into a bullhorn, warning the young people of God’s coming judgment and listing in vivid detail the sins that would lead them to an eternity burning in hell. The other man held an open Bible and vigorously debated anyone who disagreed with his companion’s portrayal of God…….”
The San Fran Street Preacher and an MLM Salesman:
“….Each day we would arrive from our hotel on a coach bus to the middle of beautiful downtown San Francisco for a short walk to our area of the convention. Each day without fail a man stood on the corner street preaching his voice into oblivion. He would scream so loud he was barely understandable and wave his hands in the air as he rebuked passer-bys and repeatedly called out “come to Jesus”….”
The Street Preacher outside Leonard Cohen's show:
"......There was a man on a pedestal with a megaphone outside the HP Pavilion, the indoor hockey arena for the San Jose Sharks, where Leonard Cohen played the final show of his lengthy come-back tour. (He is 75 years old, & was forced to hit the road again after fourteen years when his manager squandered millions.) The preacher started quoting Leonard Cohen, from the song "Closing Time":......: