Sunday, November 22, 2009


Returned home this evening from preaching at the “American Music Awards” in downtown Los Angeles at the new Nokia Theatre where God had our banners inches on the edge of the sidewalk next to the incoming black limos that drove. We were about 25 yards from the Red Carpet as sinners like Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Whitney Houston, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg Paula Abdul, etc had the kingdom of God in their face. The police gave us much liberty to shine our light into the dark tinted windows as things only heated as we rebuked the Snoop Dog disciples. The paparazzi and T MZ stood around us as we were the action before the Red Carpet as yelling and cameras would come out of the limos pointing towards us. At the end of the day the music world was reproved and the Book of Psalms was exalted, Jesus the remedy to the yearly musicdolatry.


Halloween has come and gone and was celebrated by many on the streets in America, a few made time to rebuke this devilish event, making no small stir publicly. As these photos were taken from websites that considered our method of preaching hateful as we brought life to a night of death

In Key West Halloween was coupled with ‘fantasy fest’ which made Mardi Gras look like a bunch of choir boys compared to this night event and as the Bible says “where sin abounded, grace did much more abound” and that “grace” we had. We preached the streets with much liberty and walked the parade route before the parade (as per the photo above) and after the parade, walking behind the last float. We were in the parade, walking in the middle of the street, banners held high TRUTH-horn blasting. We had one confirmed salvation as a man placed a knee on the street and gave his heart to the Lord (video coming) with many life changing conversations.
To be filed under ‘video clips are worth 10,000 words’ this gives you a better 20/20 of the streets.


Key West Preaching:

Key West Preaching:

Bible Believers West Virginia Halloween Preach:

Preaching at Athens Ohio halloween wicked fest

Brother Craig in Salem, Mass:


Preacher Provokes Students:
“……Bourgault, better known as Brother Matt, held a large sign that read, “God Abhors Homosexuality. Repent or Perish Sodomites” on the front, and “God is angry with the wicked everyday,” on the back. Bourgault, A full-time, self-proclaimed “campus avenger,” has spent the last 10 years spreading his message from one college campus to the next. He tells students to accept his lord, or be lost eternally to Hell. “I’m trying to pull others out and bring them to the cross of Christ,” he told The Lumberjack. “Leave sin and live a life under God…….”

Inflammatory preacher draws student crowd:
“…..Smock is the latest in a series of inflammatory preachers to draw crowds on campus this semester.”

There's no quieting street preachers' loud calls to repent in Ybor City:
“The preacher stands under a "ONE WAY" sign at the corner of 16th Street and Seventh Avenue, proclaiming there is only one way to heaven…….”

Street preacher condemns students
“…..Many students were offended by Morrell’s preaching, reporting he said horrible things to minority students and claimed that he would disown his baby if it were gay. Some even claimed that Morell was a con-artist hoping to spark a fight and catch it on tape so that he could sue the university……”

Opinions conflict on Front Campus:
“…..With such strong language being spewed left and right, people responded with anger. A few students exploded into rage at Smock's interpretation of Christianity. Pages of well-read Bibles rustled as they scrambled to find the verses to counter Smock's condemnations of lesbians, hypocrites, partiers, liars and others who did not practice as he did……”

Town hall meeting attendance low
“…….The topics discussed ranged from issues such as the gender identity bill and the incident involving the preacher on campus, to food prices, campus safety, budget cuts and student participation…..”

Other ways to be a good person
“……Many students feel these preachers are out of line and out of touch with their self-proclaimed Christian faith. Some are confused as to why these people are yelling that most are condemned to hell when it is supposed to be God’s job to judge. Some are confused as to why the messages coming from the free speech area feels like hate speech…..”

New law to silence noise makers:
Street preachers, touts and those who promote or sell anything by shouting are some of the people put on notice by a new environmental regulation set to come into force on Sunday…..”

For campus preachers, time is up:
“If the clock outside Woodburn Hall felt guilty, I wouldn’t blame it. During the years, it has endured its fair share of condemnation. Generations of street preachers have stood at its base, proclaiming the sins of IU students….”

Controversial Preacher Visits Missouri State:

Street preacher condemns students:
“…..Many students were offended by Morrell’s preaching, reporting he said horrible things to minority students and claimed that he would disown his baby if it were gay. Some even claimed that Morell was a con-artist hoping to spark a fight and catch it on tape so that he could sue the university…..”

Mall preachers in court battle:
“…..The men have represented themselves in court, claiming the by-laws are invalid because they breach their constitutional rights. A lawyer for the Council told the court any constitutional challenge would be better heard by a higher court…..”

Play depicting Jesus as gay packs church:
“…..Don Stewart of Riverside got on a bullhorn and shouted at those going into the performance: "Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? Can anyone in that church come out and explain it to me in God's words?" Stewart, an electrical contractor who described himself as belonging to a community of street preachers, accused the church's pastor of teaching a faulty doctrine "that's going to lead them to hell."…….”

Pastor Billy Ball; can’t stop homosexuality:

“Once a year, Billy Ball and several God-fearing men venture to Midtown Atlanta to spread the good word. Inflammatory signs in hand, the men stand at 10th Street and Piedmont Drive and try to communicate with pedestrians and motorists in the gay-friendly neighborhood. During Pride weekend, they warned gay festival-goers that their three options are hell, AIDS or salvation…..”

Saving souls in St Ann:
“…….However, there was one fellow who stood out in the crowd. That might have been because he was standing in the middle of the street shouting, "Repent! Repent and be born again, oh ye heathen!"….”

Man charged with battery on street preachers in Downtown DeLand makes plea agreement:
“I should have never touched nobody, Justin Eiland said in May, after he was charged with disorderly conduct and battery after a confrontation with Downtown DeLand street preachers……”

Inflammatory preacher draws student crowd:
“…..He travels to universities across the country “teaching on the fear of the Lord, the chastening of the Lord and what it means to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ……”

Controversial campus circuit preacher, Brother Micah Armstrong, plans to continue to spread his message at UNC Charlotte:
“Micah Armstrong, better known around campus as Brother Micah, is one of many open-air preachers to visit campus each semester. His rhetoric tends to draw emotional responses from his statements such as most girls on this campus dress like a whore” and “smoking cigarettes will lead to having sex with animals……”

To preach or not to preach on the corner?
Evangelism is one of the scariest words in the Christian dictionary (the lexicon we carry around to communicate spiritual things). We think of the raggle-taggle bearded man on the street corner whose body is littered with cardboard signs that say, “REPENT!” and whose mouth spits out scripture and warning of coming hell…..”

Street Preachers and Me:
“…..As I left the building where I work, I immediately could hear someone appearing to be shouting at the top of her lungs about a block away. My first thought was "street preachers"! They sometimes take up a position on one of the main street corners downtown around noon so as to have the biggest audience possible……”

Flip Benham: 'Richard Bartholomew has the Spiritual Depth of a Pie Tin'
“…..Benham is annoyed at a short blog entry I did concerning Operation Save America’s protest against a Muslim group holding a open-air prayer meeting at the Capitol in Washington DC. He goes on to explain the true spiritual depths of the event. Benham’s denunciation comes in the wake of a rebuke from the Official Street Preachers I received in February…..”

Why Street Preachers Make Me Sick
“If you notice, the majority of the crowds that surround these types of street preachers consist of two types of people. First, there are the people who are against Christianity. The fact that a particular street preacher is using the “God hates” method of evangelism only fuels their dislike for God and Christianity. The second group consists of other misinformed believers…..”

From Brother Demetrius in San Diego:
Brother Ruben,
Halloween night in the Gas-lamp was as every year lots of drunks and sparsely dressed women. Mark Thomas, Bob West and myself spent about 3.5 hours downtown.

We set-up shop on Fifth avenue and F st. during our time out there we gave bookmarks to the revelers and began preaching and teaching. I was mostly coming from Galatians 5:16-21 lusts of the flesh. During my time out there we had a few back and forths with people questioning why we are out here on the "devils holiday" and our response was what better day to be out here. Some stated that we were in costumes which my response was this is not "fakies but for realsies and this is your chancey." I had the opportunity to have a brief debate with an atheist. When he was asked if God does not exist then why is there a need for atheist to refute God's existence. He walked away. Women that were dressed as witches I asked why did they choose that costume? Women that were scantily dressed I asked if their mother knew they were walking around like that. I received many looks of conviction with that one. SDPD was very supportive, many stated their appreciation for us. What surprised me the most was that three people willing read from the Bible aloud at my request without mockery.

There was lots of plowing and seed planting that night and by the Grace of God I pray that a soul was saved.
Peace in Christ
Isaiah 61:1
From Jesse Morrell:
Preachers have the opportunity of preaching to the masses both before and after a parade. Before a parade the streets are empty while multitudes of spectators line the streets in anticipation for the parade. This provides the perfect opportunity of marching through the streets with a banner and bullhorn preaching the Gospel. After the parade you have the same opportunity. I am always excited when the opportunity to preach at a parade arrives. This is my third parade this semester that I have been in!
Little Nolan is a young boy, age six, that says he was born again a few weeks ago. He is very zealous for evangelism and is always asking his father if he can go out with him. He joined us on this Halloween parade. Some of those on the sidewalks were upset that we would have such a small boy preaching the Gospel. Yet these same parents brought their sons to the parade dressed up as devils and their daughters dressed up as witches! They would have preferred that little Nolan was dressed up as Harry Potter than have him being a follower of Jesus Christ! I praise God that he is raising up the younger generation.

The Halloween parade took place in “Little Five Points” Atlanta which is a demonic place to begin with. One of the stores is a huge skull, with its mouth as the entrance way to the store. This area caters to the gothic culture. Here is a house of “vampires” which shows you the type of area this really is. I was very pleased to be able to bring the light to this dark area.
After the very last float hit the streets, we jumped into the parade. Marching through the streets with our signs, banners, and bullhorns, THOUSANDS heard and read the Gospel message! This crowd was very hostile. At one point there was hundreds of people al booing us at the same time. Some of them were throwing their beer cans at us. Some of the sinners even made their own signs out of cardboard to protest us. If your Gospel message does not have any opposition from the world, you have to ask yourself if you really have the Gospel message.

Ruben Israel