Monday, October 19, 2009

For 25 years we have been preaching at this AIDS Walk event and I do not think one person has been cured of this disease with a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or dance-a-thon. Why raise money to stop a disease that can be stopped if they would listen to God?
AIDS is not airborne, its not from the drinking water, no one has had AIDS from certain eating habits, you wish to stop AIDS, we say DO NOT BE A HOMO…..STOP FORNICATION.
Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York are three major cities with largest scale of rallies and every year, the three cities would raise about 15 million dollars for AIDS prevention and treatment. Since 1985, the Los Angeles event has raised more than $63 million, yet no cure. We boldly proclaim the remedy in public. REPENT AND BELIEVE IN JESUS, FOR HIS BLOOD IS NOT HIV POSITIVE NOR TAINTED WITH AIDS, HIS BLOOD OFFERS ETERNAL LIFE.
These people desire a pill or a vaccine to bring a stop to this disease and for 25 years we have boldly given them solution. Jesus Christ coupled with fruit meet for repentance is the holy tonic.
For 25 years we have exhorted the walkers that they to are an ABOMINATION to God.

“He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD” Proverbs 17:15

These people, many Hollywood celebrities that walked passed us justify this lifestyle and rename this behavior. Funny thing is as they walk by us yelling “God is Love” with one hand pointing to themselves, the other hand is giving us the finger. Cussing, spitting and throwing bottled water at us, as we must reminded them that they were the gay-ones so at least act like it. This year we had two police cars around us with officers trying to keep the walking crowd from charging us.

God calls them ABOMINATION in the Old Testament and REPROBATE in the New Testament and I pointed out in the Old Testament those that committed such act would be stoned to death. However, we in the New Testament are commissioned to preach to them, we need not put them to death, for they themselves are DOING A FINE JOB AT THAT.

2009 Los Angeles AIDS Walk:
“,,,,,,,The best part of this event for me was laughing at these protesters. Honestly, this had nothing to do with them. It was a day where people came together to help raise money for AIDS research and last time I checked it’s a pandemic that afflicts both heterosexuals and homosexuals. I must admit that I stayed in this area because many of the walkers would become energetic as they passed and responded to these protesters. It was fascinating to witness….”

".....More interesting, however, was the anti-gay protests. As we rounded the first corner, a group of middle-aged white men (next to ten policmen) were holding up signs that denounced homosexuality, saying how it was a sin and that people should go read the Bible. People booed them, made hand gestures, and replied "[the Bible]'s too long!....”

Here is the blind leading the blind.

Watchmen warning the wicked of their wickedness
Brother Rod and Steven exhorting those that will
soon be falling into the pit
Brother Dick did an outstanding job quarterbacking SOPA again this year in Georgia.
There was teaching then preaching and preaching then teaching around the city of Atlanta, here are a few clips from their exploits:
SOAPA Preaching at Georgia Tech

Preachers preaching exactly the way they should be preaching at Georgia State
Also with Halloween coming up, I say don’t bury your head in the sand, do not run off and lock your door, leaving your porch light off. I say, ENGAGE. You door knockers should take full advantage of people coming to your door. This is a night that the average believe known within his local Church can make known his Christianity to his neighbors. Do your neighbors know you are even a Christian? Here is your chance to confess Jesus to your neighborhood. No need to ho out, they come to you, just open the door and pass out tracts, they want something give them a real TREAT and not a TRICK. Here in Los Angeles the brethren will be in Hollywood and Huntington Beach that evening, exhorting those that give place to the devil.

You want a Halloween story, here’s one:
Dead man slumped on balcony mistaken for Halloween decoration:
“A 75-year-old dead man sat decomposing on his Marina del Rey balcony for days because neighbors thought the body was part of a Halloween display and didn’t call police………”

During this unholy day I will be in Tampa/Miami/Key West preaching at an event called ‘fantasy fest’ where adults live out their sinful fantasies. Then after that event a number of us will be in Jamaica, preaching the Island and looking at real estate for an orphanage to build.

So this trip will take me out for two weeks before I return back to Los Angeles. Back to work and preaching the yearly sodomite parade in Palm Springs and we have a number of concerts in November in the L.A. area (KISS, Alice Cooper, Snoop Dog, Stryper, to name a few). Oh the life of a STREET PREACHER.

I’d like to step off my soapbox and leave you with this clip:
Brother Nolan the 6 year old preaching with his dad during a Halloween parade: